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RU Claydol has been completed, and can be removed from the list.

Also, I just did an amateur check for RU Ludicolo. (Might as well mention it while I'm here!)

RU Archeops has been completed too.

Komodo, add this stuff to the list:

RU Porygon-Z (+2)
Uber Latios (Dewless) (+2)
VGC 2012 Bronzong 1/2
Stamped check on UU Dusclops 2/2
RU Kangaskan 2/2

Also, as Jellicent was saying, it would be helpful if the OP was updated so that it would be known to send applications to bojangles and Great Sage for the time being. I applied about a week ago, and I was very confused about this; I didn't know I had to send it to Great Sage until I read a VM somewhere.
UU Machamp is ready for GP checks. It took so looooong. I don't have time to do my daily gp checks D:

Edit: lols wth... this is the first time I'm having difficulty trying to find an analysis to check. >.>
Good job GP checkers! Official and non-official alike! :)

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