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oh my gosh you found me
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whistle said:
public service announcement: please use placeholders for threads and respect them. But stop placeholdering threads unless you are actively grammar checking them. saying "I'll check this when I get a chance, placeholder" is pretty dumb.
public service announcement 2: Please do not do GP checks on an analysis where the OP hasn't implemented the GP check above you, unless you're "working on top of it." Instead, either stamp the check above you or contact the OP to implement the check. Just ignoring checks above you is pretty dumb.
Can I just add to that service announcement and say:

Please don't change your analyses to the Copyediting tag with [GP 0/2] in the title until it is COMPLETELY WRITTEN AND READY FOR GP CHECKS. This is really annoying for GP members who think its ready to be checked. Just leave the tag as "Copyediting (QC 3/3)" or whatever. Thanks.
It would be helpful if everybody posted here when they need an analysis checked as well, because it's annoying when this thread isn't up to date because I don't know what's going on.
UU Gallade is ready for GP checks :D

and Magmortar is uploaded

Sorry for the double post :/

EDIT: I just realised sirndpt blocked my double post by ~40 seconds ._.

EDIT 2: Alternatively, use Copyediting Name (Not ready for GP) as it will also let GPers know that it's not ready for checks. This will make things easier :)

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