Handicapable Mafia - GAME OVER - 3rd Floor Patients and a few others win!

I have an idea! How about everyone who doesn't have 4 words bolded in their role PMs can vote DLE, and everyone who does can vote Crux/bearsfan092, since I have not seen a single village PM that didn't have exactly that number. If all true village PMs have exactly 4 bolded words, then the decision is easy, and we stick with DLE as our leader.

It's obvious that the mafia have safe claims OR that Crux is an insane inspector. (get it, insane? we're all insane? oh yeah so funny!!) For now I'm voting bearsfan092, since I think it's not only possible, but LIKELY that both DLE and Crux are villagers.

vote bearsfan092
[22:39] <askaninjask> ok, let's dissect crux's flavor section
[22:39] <askaninjask> of his PM
[22:39] <askaninjask> Schizophrenia means you often suffer from hallucinations and delusions. However, you compensate for that by having incredible deductive powers, and, prior to being admitted, you did your best to help local law enforcement solve some cases. To hear you tell the story, you played a crucial part in breaking four different cases, though others would disagree about the accuracy of that.
[22:39] <askaninjask> firstly, he has hallucinations and delusions
[22:39] <askaninjask> (that's a big hint there)
[22:39] <chenn> lol
[22:39] <askaninjask> secondly, instead of actually solving cases, people think he constantly gets them wrong
[22:39] <askaninjask> (that's a REALLY big hint)
[22:40] <askaninjask> he's an insane inspector -_-
[22:40] <chenn> but what's weird is that dle admits he's neutral
[22:40] <chenn> or mafia
[22:40] <askaninjask> ?
[22:40] <askaninjask> when
[22:40] <chenn> he was like 'yeah i give up, want sheet access bears?'
[22:40] <askaninjask> i thought that was just him being angry
[22:40] <askaninjask> and thinking that he's already lost
[22:40] <chenn> oh
[22:40] <chenn> i dunno
[22:40] <askaninjask> trollish reply != mafia
[22:41] <tas> i thought he was just trolling
[22:41] <tas> since that's most of what he does
Posted on Day 1:

I had two people claim the same role name, as well, but decided to sort that out tonight instead of today
Just wondering, whatever happened to this? Surely if this plan of his went ahead then we should have another confirmed mafioso. Unless this other guy has a role that's less of a threat to us than bearsfan's role ...

EDIT: OK, I think I'm starting to figure this whole thing out, and right now I think the best thing to do is lynch bearsfan092 OK fuck it I still don't know.
I think it's too dangerous to keep da letter el alive if he's mafia because he has pretty much everybody's role pm so I'm going to say

lynch da letter el
I think it's too dangerous to keep da letter el alive if he's mafia because he has pretty much everybody's role pm so I'm going to say
If (emphasis on if) he's mafia and he has pretty much everyone's role PM, what's stopping him from giving that info to all his mafia teammates? Even if we lynch him, the mafia still has all our info.
I would have thought daletterel would use the syringe against bearsfan, but I suppose that the double claimer works too.

As much as I hate to say it, I agree with aska

Lynch Bearsfan092


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First off
Vote Da Letter El
Crux keeps on yelling at me that he's not insane. And since we're in no danger of dale getting lynched, might as well keep this vote. When Eep un-afk's and says that there are no paranoid/insane inspectors, then we know who to target. Also, you guys remember how he gave info to bearsfan right? Yeah.... that's kind of a tell.


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disregard that PENIS you DOWNSERS crux didn't know the MOTHERBALLSIN difference between inCEST and paraNIGERIANPROSTITUTE and that inBREEDING gives you TWO TWITCH FLAIL results

also lol @ a SPHEAL night of through DICKductions
thorough u mean? LOL hosts have downs bruhs

his role pm PMS states 'according to YOUTITS' you solved casey ANTHONY IS GUILTY. could easily be inBRED

DERP bearsfan092



i want it...
Nope. We should lynch DaLetterEl. He is clearly mafia by his actions or if he is a wolf then he is far more dangerous than a used up LPV. Wildeep just confirmed that I am not insane or paranoid, so we can be certain Dale is mafia or at the very least a foe.

Basically bearfan092 is not a threat he is a used up LPV, DaLetterEl is far more dangerous as he claimed hooker (which is a role he presumably actually has, and with the info he has can stop the bg etc) and if he is a wolf he likely has a kill which he intends to use against the village, as seen through his action by giving the sheet to the mafia (although in all likelihood he is probably mafia).

Village has probably lost this game due to claimhappiness but we definitely wont win by lynching bearsfan092 now that he is useless, DaLetterEl is a greater threat, and now that we know I'm not insane we can lynch him without fear of him being village.

As to the issue with the bold in my pm, I hate this argument, and I know the counter that is coming, but I'm not fucking stupid (as I hope some will attest to... or not billy and aska are in this game) and i know how to fake... Blame the hosts or something, that is my real role pm taken straight from the pm daenym sent me.

In summary, Lynch Da Letter El

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