If you could have any pet from any game, what would it be and why?

Hey guys, it's me, making another opinion based firebot thread.

Today's topic: if you could have any pet from any video game, what would it be, and why?

Try to make it an animal / creature, not something stupid like "ooh I would have Link as a pet". Yes, this means you can have the Wampa from Lego
Star Wars. They can be pokemon, of course.

Please try to explain as I am curious as to why you chose such a pet.
When you really think about it there are many options, I had trouble choosing myself, but in the end I made a decision.

I think I would have a Crimson Loftwing from the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Why? I just think it would be awesome to have a flying, huge, and red bird. Also the fact that it is summoned by a simple whistle is cool.

And maybe epic music will play when you ride it like in the game......

So what's your favorite?


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I would have Link as a pet.

But srsly, I'd take Poochyena from the Pokman games cause he is cute ^__________^ also he is a dark type and is probably evil but I'd do my darnedest to change him into a real bro dog. Maybe I could train him to talk like Brian from family guy, he already says his name so that's not too much of a stretch right????
Um, I would like a Chocobo please. Would be crazy ass fun to ride one in the afternoon speeding out in the wilderness, seems like an intelligent animal and fun to play with and doesn't need much to keep it happy and well.


On the other hand, a dratini would also be cool to have.

uhmm prob an altaria (or some kind of dragon flying mon because lets be honest those things are balla) because it has clouds for wings. thats pretty cool lol ^__^

edit: a pianta. id have cool shades a pimp shirt whenever i feel like it. also its like a walking trampoline.
(Obscure game mythology:) A Roc because it lays eggs and its eggs hatch every other pet available in that game including Unicorns and vampiric dinosaurs. [/LOOPHOLE]


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Uhh, I would love to have Epona from Ocarina of Time. Play my ocarina and Epona shows up wherever I am? D'awww. <3


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Plaid winged purple strong fast metal soft dinosaur.

I can use Super Scribblenauts as my game, right?
Oh yea, who would I have as a pet? Well, while there are many, many options...

(Paarthurnax, for those who don't know)
Why? Oh, I don't know.
1. He's a fucking DRAGON
2. We all could just sit there and listen to him speak all day
3. He'll teach me how to breath fire.

And the list goes on...
Either Espeon (been my favorite eeveelution since it came out, not to mention accurate weather prediction), a chocobo (best land mount ever), or a dragon (flying is fun I heard).

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