League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

Yay Galio free week.

Went 5/0/3 in a 20 minute stomp that ended with four of the opposing team quitting before they could surrender.

Then went 0/6/4 in a 20 minute stomp that ended with three people on my team raqequitting before 15 minutes. I was 0/1/4 before anyone quit. :(
If you want a pretty hard Leblanc counter play Cass. To beat Leblanc you pretty much have to dominate her before she gets to 6 and Cass can do that. The range on her Q will keep you at a safe distance from everything except Distortion-> Sigil which is a pretty mana intensive and inefficient way of harrassing, and a good jungler will gank leblanc while her distortion is down. Otherwise just keep trying to land Q's on her, and if you can throw in some E's and you should be able to harrass her out of lane or at least deny her CS. Her lane will pretty much always be pushed so she won't really be able to gank. The only thing you have to actually be careful of is her Ethereal chain, if you can dodge the slow delayed skill shot, worst case scenario against Leblanc she won't get fed at all of off you.
A good LeBlanc can just trade harass with you though. LeBlanc can beat Karthus and therefore she can beat Cass - the only reason she would lose is if she takes too many E's to the face.

Regi has a new LeBlanc guide out on Solomid and he says that leblanc has no weaknesses. This isn't 100% true - I'd say that she's about 50/50 against a good Morgana or Sion.

I would say at this moment that the only way to definitively beat a LeBlanc is with a strong jungler who can apply some huge early pressure, like Lee Sin, Shaco, Maokai, or Rammus. LB doesn't really give a shit about Udyr/Skarner.


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Morgana takes a steaming dump all over LeBlanc's face.

The only thing I saw on Thorns' picture is that he died twice to bots. :o
Gawd. I swear, I am mentally retarded. I really wanna try Galio, but every week he's free, I get distracted by Rammus, Cassiopeia, or Karma. And I ALWAYS say that I'll play him next week. Now I'm going on vacation tomorrow morning. Not that thats (Double That) a bad thing. Its just he's only free like 6 times a season.

EDIT: Sion can hold his own in lane against Morg. When she snares you, turn on your shield, stun her. By then the snare should be over and you effectively, did a MINIMUM of 300 damage in counter-harass.

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Me: "I can solo top or support"
Random: "me and corki go solo top"


Queue dodged that...anyone here down for a game right now? tad?


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"Morgana takes a steaming dump all over every AP mid in the game's face."


or kennen, not really vlad either because morgana isn't actually a threat to kill anyone that's smart and he's so bad early that even most idiots know they can't be aggressive... and since he's manaless and sustainable he doesn't really have a problem using spells to push back so his tower doesn't eat half the minions
we got our ass beat by an AD sion jungle who was 14/2 by the end of the game even though i killed him mid at level 3

because other lanes keep overextending and losing lane

even though i crushed the enemy middle and ganked bot like 5 times

in general AD characters carry harder than APs do and sion especially is a great counter to leblanc if he gets farmed
Just lost a game where we were down by like 12 kills at about 20 minutes but then clawed back and won a couple team fights in a row to get a slight lead and take down the first inhib. We eventually lost because Nid was too heavy for anyone to carry. Our Talon was like 16/11/10 and our Kennen was about 16/8/15 while I was about 6/9/19 as Galio but Nid went 5/17/12. HOW DO YOU DIE 17 TIMES? I felt like I was dying almost constantly and I only died 9 times. INSANE. Our Udyr sucked too and didn't gank a single time despite both top and bot being over extended. There was also one point where he was killing wolves while minions were beating on the mid inhib turret.
I'm trying to learn AD carry bot as of now since none of my friends play that role. I own: Tristana, Vayne, and Ezreal. As a sort of background, I used to play mid as Annie, Zilean, or Gragas. I've played DotA, albeit as support, so I have some last hitting ability. Not the best, but enough to get by in this level 20ish range. Naturally though, especially as I have time during the winter, I come asking for advice!

Do you guys have any general pointers for ADs?

I'm primarily playing with Alistar, so I'm thinking that I'll have to be aggressive. Which ones lane with him well? I know Tristana does for sure.

Knowing that my support is Alistar, which lane compositions can I afford to go aggressive on? Which ones do I have to sit back, farm, and realize that I can't outlane the other team

Any advice for how to position myself in teamfights? If anything, I've realized from the following:

1) As both Ezreal and Tristana, I tend not to get jumped on when we teamfight in lane. I can kite with Ezreal or use my superior range with Tristana. If/When they do finally jump on me, I melt fast.

2) I always die with Tristana when we teamfight in the Jungle. I can't seem to be in the right place in the jungle.

3) When I watched Chaox's stream earlier today, I've realized that my Tristana is much, much more passive in a teamfight. When do I know to jump in or save my rocket jump for when we're losing a fight?

Thanks guys in advanced!


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When you play with an Alistar as Tristana, you generally want to go in on level 2 because that's when your damage output is the greatest. Don't go in vs someone that has hard cc (Taric/Leona/other Alistar if blind pick) because that'll end up with you taking a lot of damage. Try to go in vs other carries that can't deal too much damage at low levels (aka not Graves). After the initial level 2 trade, you should come out slightly ahead and make them lose cs at the tower. Once you hit 6, burst them down again with your ult + Ignite this time.

Not too much experience as Ezreal, though you should only engage when you have clear shots for your Q, also at level 2.

Vayne hurts like a bitch, just go in whenever you think you'll win the trade. The key is knowing how much damage output you can do in comparison to the other pair.

In the jungle, you generally want to stay back and use your superior mobility to traverse walls/whatnot when you're in danger. What most people don't realize is that as an AD carry, you want to hit the highest priority target you can without putting yourself in danger. If this means you can only hit the tank, then hit the tank. You're probably melting fast because you're getting hit by aoe in the tight spaces in the jungle. Just learn to position yourself better.

You generally don't want to jump in as Tristana because that puts yourself in danger. Only Rocket Jump if it'll kill a high damaging target and there's not one left that can burst you down (aka if only tanks/tanky dps are alive then you're fine) because you want the cooldown to be reset.
This sucks. They changed the rotation to a bunch of 450/1350 IP champs and Alistar without any warning. I was having fun with Ezreal ;/

and victor is added in the champ page on your profile. dodgy patch imo

edit: wha da fack, you can unlock him through that apparently. Haven't tried it but button works so far
edit2: nvm~!
nope you can't, right after clicking on the "purchase with ip" button it tells you the purchase cannot be completed.

edit: and i do have 6300+

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