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snitches get stitches
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most streamers (who you can find on the league of legends portal on twitch.tv) stream well into the early hours of the morning, while korean competitive events typically start at around 5:00-6:00 AM EST

the closest thing to smogon for the LoL scene is probably the league of legends subreddit tbh

other quality websites that put out good content are teamliquid (where thorns writes), esports central (where I write), cloth5, gosugamers, and many many more - but these are almost entirely esports related and are not noob-friendly

if you are learning the game still and want to find an instructive streamer, i highly recommend voyboy or scarra

youtube user fiss mortune also regularly uploads full games from popular streamers to youtube and can be watched whenever
Thanks! might spend some money on skins but there's not many I like
samsung blue just 2-0d skt t1

every time a samsung/mvp team has won a pre-season tournament, they have gone on to win the following season. see MVP winning club masters then champions spring.

keep your eyes peeled, i've said samsung blue are a top 5 team before but they are looking more and more like the best right now
pawn is freakin' incredible
i can see why he changed his name from wonsuck/wonseok - he's completely changed as a player, he took the opposite route of players like faker and gbm and just worked on improving his strengths rather than patching up his weaknesses. absolutely monstrous player


(Virtual Circus Kareoky Act)
Wait Thorns you're a writer for tl? Same handle? Never seen a 'thorns' being creddited for an article (although I haven't looked that hard)
Wait Thorns you're a writer for tl? Same handle? Never seen a 'thorns' being creddited for an article (although I haven't looked that hard)
his reddit handle and his TL name is manisier

if by that you mean they're both shitty cesspools that used to be quality until they got invaded by mouthbreathing white people then yeah

anyway i'm really looking forward to the outcome of the ogn winter qualifiers. two teams that you should look forward to are skt t1 2 (super stacked team) and apdo's team
wait which team is apdo's? i'm familiar with marin's team but i didn't realize that apdo had one too
the xerath rework on PBE right now will go down in history as the greatest rework in the history of reworks

unless i'm missing something from like before season 2
gold 5 series: first game, fb as jax, then get another kill. the rest of the team feeds 13 kills before 12 minutes. we lose :) :) :) :)

second game, going even in lane, no deaths or kills score is 0/9 we lose

im 200% fucking percent done
youre right i wasnt

third game: enemy twitch is fed 15 kills by our ezreal and wukong support. they then claimed they were trolling me after losing because i picked top as third pick rather than letting the last pick have it. they were duo.

i'm usually not one to blame teams but i won lane in every fucking one of these games come the fuck on i did not deserve these garbage teams in my series
i hate solo queue too

stuck at 0 LP in plat I and all i want to do is play ad carry

but i'm too nice in champ select and i end up with these garbage duo lanes and usually a garbage mid laner and i've been the only one in the game to win my lane for the last three games

u guys think u have it bad xDD i've been from silver 4 to 5 then up to 1 for awhile, same thing for gold, same thing for plat, then plat 1 now and then back down to plat 3 then back up to plat 1 only to still be at 12 lp after 8 games xD

Metal Sonic

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I am convinced Gold 1 is no different to Bronze/Silver. Plenty of trolls and people who get <25 cs by 10mins

In the past I did this behaviour, like afk-ing for the first 5 - 10 minutes then farm late game and carry my team. This was while I was in Gold & Platinum. Also I'm pretty sure my opponents rarely expect that!

Apparently it was annoying and I stopped that.

Do any of you all personally know a friend who is in challenger rank? Or are any of you guys here in challenger?

Metal Sonic

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Isn't ipl the guy who's really good at pokemon battling too? Wow!

Do you think that they will able to get challenger rank sometime soon? Or get kicked down by unluck/poor teammates/poor play?

also revive just in on my nub alt

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Thanks! might spend some money on skins but there's not many I like
To be honest this is a good thing... I have a lot of skins and I really like them and some of them in particular add a lot to my experience with a given champion, but if you don't like skins you aren't spending money on them. You don't need a skin if you don't like any skins for that champ, go spend the money on something else. =)

Metal Sonic: I think jeb knows ppl in Challenger maybe? ipl and US are low-mid D1, I think. It's hard to climb in D1 because there's such a disparity but they've improved A LOT over time so keep the dream alive~
apdo's team is 양학하러왔습니다

translates to "We Came To Slay The Peasants" which is a badass name but everyone calls it apdo's team. bracket stage for qualifiers:

17th October 2013 19:00 KST

Group A: KT Rolster A vs. Lovelife
Group B: Mook vs. Prime Sentinel
Group C: CTU vs. 양학하러왔습니다
Group D: 쌈마사카 vs. 경찰은룰루맛몰라
Group E: Team OP vs. Xenics Blast

18th October 2013 19:00 KST

Group F: Alienware vs. Sirius Altair
Group G: Xenics Storm vs. 러키러키
Group H: Alienware Rangers vs. IN Gaming S
Group I: FOR N GUYS vs. SK Telecom T1 #2
Group J: Incredible Miracle vs. Prime Optimus

my thoughts follow

a: should be a roll by kta, they've been on and off but they're settling in with ssumday in the top lane and riris' champion pool is massive now
b: difficult to call, mook has looked really good against teams like jin air but prime sentinel has an incredible coaching lineup
c: one of the biggest matches of the bracket stage, ctu has more experience but apdo's team has apdo
d: kind of disappointing that neither of these teams are _really_ champions potential, i'd rather see them mixed round a little
e: paragon is back on team op, xenics blast is still not looking like the best team but we'll see if manyreason improved in the offseason

f: highlight match of day 2 for sure, both have gotten good results in amateur circuits and they have a lot of potential
g: new storm lineup is really stacked, this should be a roll
h: alienware's b team isn't really that good but neither is in gaming s, i wouldn't expect too much
i: complete roll by team marin
j: super interesting match, i think it will be a roll either way. i WANT optimus to win so we see mkp again, and they have a good shot since IM is really weak right now

the insane part is that only two of these teams are going to be in champions. just shows you how ridiculously stacked korea is when it comes to talent

seeded teams:

SK Telecom T1 #1: still recovering from worlds, but they have time to catch up to the other teams who have been practising against good opposition instead of shitty worlds teams
KT Bullets: i'm not convinced honestly, they had so long to play against korean teams while worlds was happening and from what i've seen they haven't improved
Samsung Galaxy Ozone: expecting nothing from them, they've regressed to relying on imp to carry, just like the old days
CJ Entus Frost: really, REALLY excited to see how they incorporate maknoon into the team, but honestly i am skeptical
Jin Air Falcons: reapered's mid lane is probably the weakest of his three commonly played positions, but roar back on AD is good and his new jungler is pretty good too
CJ Entus Blaze: tipping them as the strongest team out of the gate, 'neo blaze' is steadily improving as cpt jack and baeme undergo secret training, while emperor adjusts to lustboy as a support and ambition expands his champion pool
NaJin White Shield: pretty happy with their improvement but they are not a championship team until nofe stops being chinese and zefa stops being inconsistent
NaJin Black Sword: they looked good at worlds but they haven't had any quality practice until recently, and they looked mediocre in WCG qualifiers (though it's clear that no team really wants to go to WCG other than samsung blue given the sacrifice of quality practice)

qualified teams:

Samsung Galaxy Blue: watch these guys, they demolished skt t1 (albeit an skt t1 that wasn't trying too hard) and wonseok has improved so much in mid lane. deft meshes with his new support chunyang a lot better than he did with flahm
Jin Air Stealths: i'd put these guys on shield's level at the moment, which is to say 'pretty good' but once again, inconsistency
LG-IM #2: they looked good last season but they've fallen off the radar recently, didn't play much good opposition in the qualifiers so who knows how they'll do
Must Study Hard, Team NB and Virtual Throne Gaming Raon: finally in champions, they're a solid bunch of rookies but they won't win champions
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is CTU looking stronger or weaker than they were last season with Riris on AD?

at the moment i'm going to call either CJ Blaze or SG Blue for winning Champions but i haven't seen SKT2 in action yet and there are so many wildcards this tournament it's nearly impossible to call

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