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the fact that in game 1 he was able to bully the shit out of a RENEKTON just goes to show how good he is on that champ

i mean monte was saying how renekton is the typical pick into shen, then shield picks renekton and blaze instalocks shen right after that. thats some serious confidence there.

thoughts on who will win blue vs blaze? if i had to guess i'd say 2-1 for blaze but mehhhhh. their solo laners are a bit stronger imo but i think the pawn v ambition matchup is gonna be really telling
yeah i have no clue how flame was able to force a renekton into popping ult and then still managed to out-duel him

then in game 2 shen is unbanned, blaze picks thresh and then shields opts for renekton

i feel like save just doesn't play shen and that's a huge problem

i'm predicting a blaze 2-1 just because neo blaze looks so strong but blue could always pull out some surprises

as long as blaze respects the power of pawn's niche champion picks and cheonju's rumble, flame / ambition / emperor should be able to carry


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ughh I need to catch up on WCG vods im so behind. Ive only seen like the first handful of matches. BS POKEMON AND WORK.

I still need to watch SKT1 losing and now blaze vs shield


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Why exactly is Renekton even supposed to be good against Shen, other than being one of 115 other champions that can out-push Shen.
Is he supposed to bully Shen? Shen has a ranged spell, his dash is on a shorter cooldown, and Renekton's inability to harass under turret almost ensures he can't stop Shen from farming. Shen has similar base stats and is also manaless, so no advantage to the croc there. Renekton scales too poorly to be satisfied with a farm-off.
I'm not high elo (silver v) but i do play renekton a lot. I think the thing about the Renekton v Shen matchup is that Renekton is a lot stronger than shen early. Yes Renekton has a longer cooldowns but as soon as Renekton hits level 3, he can sustain with his q and easily bully shen with his combo. This way shen will get zoned and will either be forced to cs with his q or fight renekton and lose cs. outpushing shen is also a big thing since renekton can push fast so that if shen ults, shen loses his tower. also i find that if i know that a champion outscales me around mid game on renekton, ill usually build hydra so i can trade with them better. thats just my understanding of the matchup
is CTU looking stronger or weaker than they were last season with Riris on AD?

at the moment i'm going to call either CJ Blaze or SG Blue for winning Champions but i haven't seen SKT2 in action yet and there are so many wildcards this tournament it's nearly impossible to call
they play a much more tight, disciplined game but their players are not as good in the laning phase anymore. also they play nervous when behind

i think blaze have a real shot at being the first ever two-time champion, but it's hard to rule out frost (made every semi-final so far and they surely have the solution to their woes with maknoon) and skt t1

blue's weaknesses are coming out against blaze right now, it looks like if blaze play smart they will go to wcg. spirit is bengi-lite but you can't be bengi-lite when you want to tank for your team
update on qualifiers, copypasted from team liquid

Offline Qualifier Seeded Teams (6)
  • Round of 16 Summer - Samsung Blue, Jin Air Stealths, LG-IM #2
  • NLB Platinum League - Must Study Hard, Team NB, VTG Raon

Through Online Qualifier
  • KT Rolster Arrow, Mook, 경찰은룰루맛몰라, 양학하러왔습니다 and Team OP
  • Alienware, Xenics Storm, SKT T1 #2, Incredible Miracle and Alienware Rangers
no prime teams :( and apdo's team came from behind to beat ctu actually, i forgot to mention i was only referring to game 1


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i'm rewatching game 3 of blaze v blue and wondering why, when spirit's jarvan is the designated tank, he decided to go for double dorans into tier 1 boots and then invest in an oracle at 12 minutes. like how much more do you want to delay your ancient golem

edit: and now mobis lol


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CJ blaze back to their spring glory?

Barely watching SKT1 vs Samsung blue right now, should be caught up sometime this weekend haha.

also @ what mre said, im not sure why either. renekton cant do anything as soon as shen gets sunfire /shrug.

@ year of the ox - nothing reals stops shen from farming safely, just low elo players being bad
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blue and blaze both look super strong

neo blaze makes me very happy and in general i'm just glad to see ambition playing up to par again after two incredibly disappointing seasons

really well played by both teams, i'm looking forward to them playing in champions winter
remlabmez as far as early laning goes, renekton should have the advantage, but i agree shen will be able to farm safely under turret and that player skill is a more important factor than the lane matchup itself


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