League of Legends: Let's Talk About uhhh??

seeing as my blue vs. shield finals prediction with shield winning isn't going to pan out, i'm going to be rooting for OMG since they beat shield



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damnit najin shield, you were the chosen one....i should have known all the signs of the most inconsistent team have been there for a while, closely followed by kta
high plat is that one place where everyones either trying so hard to get diamond or they're not trying at all because they hit diamond and keep losing still


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Can't play due to the horrible wi-fi I have.
The worst thing I realised by playing with 500+ ping, is that I'm still doing better than the majority of my mates, because they share an incredible talent at being absent from the location where they should be at a given time.
I always found it really scary, how some players are just unable to understand the flow of a moba, and are like, farming golems, when the remaining part of the team is trying to push for objectives.
it's time to theorycraft potential korean line-ups if the move to one team per org is passed

from what i've observed, here are the tentative rosters

cj entus
shy / daydream / flame / emperor / madlife

on paper, this could be one of the strongest teams heading into 2015. however, cj has actually posted a recruitment post on inven, so not all of these positions will be set in place. jungle, mid and ad specifically are unconvincing. i doubt flame would be too keen on mid lane, and though he can play it, his ego might not allow him to.

other candidates: coco mid? score ad?

sk telecom t1
impact / swift / faker / bang / wolf

impact and faker are two players that skt will not let go of. moving the t1 s bot lane over is a good choice since they're actually on the strong side in korea as a duo. swift has been in talks with skt since he left frost, so he's a likely candidate over bengi who is a shitter

other candidates: marin will almost certainly sub, bengi might too. deft ad? piccaboo support?

kt rolster

ssumday / prime / nagne / arrow / hachani

they won ogn and now they're going to be the worst team in korea, which is really sad. i would guess that jungle and mid are tentative, since those two players came from ktb. samsung is almost certainly kicking one of their junglers after worlds, probably spirit. you can expect kt to buy up whichever jungler gets kicked

other candidates: limit sub, score sub?

jin air greenwings

trace / chaser / fly / cptjack / chei

i don't see much reason for jin air to change their stealths line-up, but apparently ambition might join jack on jin air after he's kicked from cj. i'm not convinced that he's a better player than fly but he might just get some confidence if he switches over

other candidates: radar sub? xd sub?

najin e-mfire

save / watch / ggoong / ohq / gorilla

ohq is the biggest young ad talent in korea right now, and he'll have a safe spot on najin. i seriously wonder whether save and watch will have starting positions after their worlds performance, but najin might know something i don't. there'sa lot of bench talent for najin at any rate. expect to see some players from sword or shield go to china/sea/na

other candidates: duke top (sub at the very least), lee sub

samsung galaxy

acorn / dandy / dade / imp / mata

heart is going to retire after worlds, but the roster is going to come down to who impresses samsung's coaches more. samsung's management believes imp is the best ad carry in the world, so i doubt deft will get a starting spot. at any rate, samsung will have the most stacked bench in korea. piccaboo might leave the bench to go play overseas

other candidates: looper sub, pawn sub, deft sub
So apparently Twisted Treeline has the new jungle items AND the old ones on PBE.

Not sure whether it was intended, but playing with bots as Master Yi sporting Greg's Special Lantern and 5 stacks of X-man claws from the Slayer enchantment while dunking Vilemaw was totally worth it.


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Hello friends, it is I, zombie matty back from the dead. I finally got League and would like to play with some people I sort of recognize

IGN: perf3kt

Freely add me, I will support or Top

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