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Offensive Coverage Calculator (for sweepers)
Defensive Coverage Calculator (for walls)

Damage Calculator (1v1)

Do you ever wish you could see how much damage a Pokemon can do to every Pokemon in a tier with one moveset? Do you want to be able to see exactly which Pokemon can avoid being 2HKOed by CB Haxorus at a glance? Or which UU Pokemon is the safest switch-in to a +2 Nasty Plot Azelf?

This calculator includes every currently uploaded Smogon set. Pick your attacker, tweak the Nature/EVs/moves/etc to fit your needs, and click "Go!" to see a table with the damage output against every set of every Pokemon on the site (in the tiers you select). This should be especially useful for people writing analyses or considering an offensive set's viability: you just put the set in and immediately see how it fares against the established metagame.

Virtually every relevant item, ability, and (viable) move is included. You'll notice, for example, that RestTalk Gyarados has [Intimidate] next to his name. This means that calculation takes into account that Haxorus will be at -1 if Gyarados switches in. If you scrolled further down, you'd find another RestTalk Gyarados entry without [Intimidate], showing the (higher) damage Haxorus would do if it switched into Gyarados instead, avoiding the -1. The same is true for things like Air Balloon and Multiscale; there's an entry for the Pokemon with the balloon and another one for when it's popped.

The sets are pulled straight from Smogon's analyses using a separate script I will run manually whenever I notice there's been some new stuff uploaded. At the moment, most of the sets onsite are geared towards OU, but once all the UU and Ubers stuff can be uploaded, the calculator will take into account which tier each set was meant for.

There's one major problem with this program: it does not work on Internet Explorer. I used this project to familiarize myself with JavaScript, and I wrote most of it while I was on vacation with virtually no internet. By the time I learned that IE has stricter standards, most of the work was already done, and I'm not really keen on going back and rewriting everything to conform to a browser that I never use. It works on Firefox, Chrome, and Opera, and for now that's good enough for me.

If you have any questions, or if you notice anything wrong/missing, be sure to let me know. There's obviously a lot of possible combinations here, meaning it would be impossible for me to test everything on my own, so there's almost certainly a few things I missed.

UPDATE: The "All vs One" defensive calculator is now up as well! It works essentially the same way, except the obvious difference that you're now customizing the defender instead. Check it out!

UPDATE AGAIN: I've added a 1v1 version of the calculator so you can tweak both the attacker and the target to get the calculation exactly right. Check it out!


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it does not work on Internet Explorer.

this is too amazing. Now I won't need to open an excel file to run damage calcs. or forget something that walls me. I need to go make a team now

EDIT: would there be a way to add more Pokemon in one window for easier comparison and stuff?
Boss shit.

I put in Zwelious, slapped a Choice Band on it, gave it +6, OHKOd everything but Physically defensive Quagsire.
Wow, this is amazing. I am enjoying this consistent flow of high quality programs being contributed.

Edit: Er, where is Shell Smash?


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would there be a way to add more Pokemon in one window for easier comparison and stuff?
That would indeed be awesome, and shouldn't be too hard. The only real trouble is running out of screen space. I'll see what I can do.

Er, where is Shell Smash?
Only damaging moves will show up on the sets, but you can easily simulate a Shell Smash by changing your attacker's boosts from +0 to +2.

Everyone else: Thanks, glad you like it!
at the risk of sounding like I'm trolling, Seismic Toss and Night Shade aren't implemented :P

it sounds silly, but I might like to see how a Blissey's Seismic Toss might fare VS Ice Beam or Flamethrower as an attacking option.
Nice job Honko :)

Edit: Honkalculator XD

Edit2: Wow, the only Pokemon not 2HKOed by NP Thundurus is SpDef Quagsire.


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Honko, this is pure win! Hopefully you can find a way to get that All vs. One damage calculator up, but regardless, this is a great tool for people writing analyses or team building!


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Comprehensive list of all the pokemon on Smogon that cannot be 2hkoed by CB Rampardos (with headsmash, outrage, eq, zen headbutt):
Groudon (Support) Outrage 36.38 - 42.82% Head Smash 33.66 - 39.85%
Hippowdon (Physical Wall) Outrage 39.28 - 46.42% Head Smash 36.66 - 43.33%
Modest Choice Specs Solar Power Charizard, after being baton passed a Nasty Plot, with the moveset
- Fire Blast
- Solar Beam
- HP Ice
- Focus Blast
0HKO's everything in the game after stealth rock :D


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Hey you posted it!
Excellent job Honko, it was a pleasure to test out the Honkalculator!

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