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What day should we fight the Ender Dragon?

  • Sat, Dec 15

    Votes: 42 33.9%
  • Sun, Dec 16

    Votes: 28 22.6%
  • Sat, Dec 22

    Votes: 47 37.9%
  • Sun, Dec 23

    Votes: 36 29.0%
  • Sat, Dec 29

    Votes: 48 38.7%
  • Sun, Dec 30

    Votes: 72 58.1%

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RIP Robert Paulson
Loyal Canine
Forever Alone​

We found the poor dog inside of the spawn ravine that was covered up. We tried to bring him up, but he got stuck in a wall and died. So now the question remains. Who left that poor dog there to die?
So I went to the Jungle today (-1369, 1791) to look for a cool location to build my temple in, and I noticed someone has already been there.

Wolfhound, if you see this, tell me if you're okay with:

a) me setting up a Nether Portal to the Jungle for quicker access
b) me venturing deeper into the Jungle and building a temple there, both above ground and underground. I have something in mind already, but if you wanna build something there yourself, I don't wanna interfere with it.
I say we burn Shinryu and Buffalo Wings for their crimes of being huge jerqs (which is totally one of the rules!).
But then why haven't we banned HolyChipmunk yet? :P (lol, jk HC, you may be a jerk, but you're too cool for banning)

Luckily someone framed the inside of spawn with netherack, so burning is no prob.
rotom, he will probably be fine with it but id pm him just incase and fyi, the jungles on an island, a fairly big one.
What can I say, I'm a cat lover, dogs can go to hell XD

Gonna have to find time to log on one of these days, haven't been on in forever.
I updated the server to 1.2.4. Also but the correct end world back up (edit2: ok it really is back up now :) )
:) have fun!
Thanks so much Ben! I can't wait to finish up my endfarm, it should make an excellent alternative to the blaze farm for xp farming when it's done. I'll make it open to everyone else as well :)

Also coloured planks woo I have so much planned ;)

Rocket Grunt

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is a Top Artist
you guys down to get some ooze sauce rolling tonight?
i havent played a full on game in a long while mannnnnn
Let's play a game: how many iron golems can you find!

Later that night there was a wicked party though and we just had to be part of it.

Nether Portal to Wolfies Jungle is set up.

Just follow the way to the Nether Fortress, it splits up before the entrance and goes into a pretty long 3x3 hallway. The Portal at the end leads to Wolfies Jungle Island.

The area you see when you leave the Portal is where my Jungle Temple is going to be.
Already replied to Veed about it in a message, but I'm giving up my former testificate ranch and all the items there due to internet troubles and upcoming exams. Whoever wants to can finish it or take it down.
Okay, the above ground part of my Temple of the Rising Sun is finished.
It's pretty small because of the limited space, but the underground part is going to be massive and will probably take a long time, so here is part 1:

(Hidden Entrance is already installed and somewhat visible in the picture)

Inside the little gold chamber is water flowing down. Thanks Porydan for the last 3 Gold Blocks I needed! :)

I'm satisfied with it, and it gives away a little bit what the underground part will look like.

edit: in case you're worried about the lava within the jungle - all calculated exactly. it won't ignite anything.

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