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Obsessive Collecting Disorder

#366. Caylee (Clamperl) ()
OT: John | ID No.: 09623 | Gender: ♀
Nature: Calm | Ability: Shell Armor | Type: Water
Location: Unity Tower
Hidden Power: N/A
IV: 31/31/31/31/31/31
EV: UT | Level: 1
Moves: Whirlpool | Iron Defense | Substitute | Surf

Format Belongs to Buckert.

Nice! ^^ Great GA dude. But please Quote this post if you are going to use my format for a trade thread or something, and then copy the Clamperl. (I've quoted and edited your first post)

Edit: I've removed the quote, so you can quote this post for the format. :)
Amazing GA, and quite selfless of you to make it available to everyone! I'd love my grubby paws firmly around one of these beauties, please!
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