Monthly Art Contest 3!!!

filth090 - Looking really good, I especially like the scratched feel, and the way the little arms look like thumbs. It seems kind of enlongated height-wise, but maybe that's just me.

HellaHellaStyle - The scene reminded me of the TV shows that my grandparents watch all the time. A really creative idea, and very well executed.

Victus Inferi - It's really cool and demented... then you read the description at the bottom. That alone makes it so good in so many ways. The picture itself looks clean, but the fingers on Dusknoir seem strangely paper-like. Perhaps you could try to give them more dimension? I can't wait to see this finished.

EDIT: Shinxe - Grotesque and so, so cool. I love how well you used the odd color scheme. Definitely one of my favorites so far.

I wasn't really planning on making an entry to this at first. However, I was at my friends house the other day, and while I was staring into their pretty large saltwater aquarium, I saw a jellyfish (jellyfish polyps had come in on her live rock and were taking over, but she doesn't know how to get them out) attack and "eat" one of the many fry of the large pair of Maroon Clownfish she had in the tank. The mother fish (I assume) was furious, and kept pecking at it, but to no avail. I thought it was kind of sad, funny, and neat at the same time, and I found myself mindlessly doodling the scene during driver's ed, just with a different cast...

Lineart lineart lineart!

The picture is really dark and the camera wasn't able to take a clear shot of the more distant Pokemon, but I'm posting this anyways so other artists can catch any errors I've made before I paint (I WILL find some way to scan it when it's done, somehow.) Lastly, I have high hopes for the amazing art that will be submitted this time! If you can make art, please enter this contest! (Yilx, please try D:)

Lumineon, you silly fish, you can't to anything to Tentacruel...

@VictusInferi: That's pretty awesome-sauce

@Kassidy: TENTACRUEL IS WICKED COOL! Kudos to you, my friend. Can't wait to see the finished piece!

@DoranDragon: O I didn't know you wanted a Noctowl O____O I shall see what I can do. PM me and let me know what you want it to look like and what you want in the word bubble.


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Oh no I leave for Italy next Friday and I should be packing and not even online at all but OH GOD why do you keep choosing FUN THEMES. 8C

Well expect a pic I guess :x


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Actually quick question: When you say two colors, does that include the full value scale for those colors? I'm not clear on what you mean by 'transitional' colors and don't want to assume so before I go ahead and do it.
Actually quick question: When you say two colors, does that include the full value scale for those colors? I'm not clear on what you mean by 'transitional' colors and don't want to assume so before I go ahead and do it.
Yeah, I guess it does include the full scale. Transitional colors meaning, let's say if someone's choosing a soft yellow and a deep red, if they want to, they can use whatever shade of orange in between so that the colors flow better, but again in minimal amounts. But don't worry, the judges will try to give everyone as much feedback as possible to make sure they grasp the theme.

@Victus Inferi: I really like your entry and the style is sooo intriguing, but I think it lacks depth. That can be fixed by determining a light source and then adding shading to the ground and on the sides of the Dusclops in respect to the light. Other than that, I dig it a lot.


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That's enough procrastinating for me... see you all in August! :B I can't wait to come back and see everybody else's entries. It's a really fun theme this time!

I hope I followed it decently enough!

WAIT WAIT Doran Dragon don't give up on me yet. ;^;

Sorry I put clothes on your Noctowl because most of the judges are clothed. Huhuhu.

Now that I've dropped out of my judging position, my Toxicroak caricature no longer goes in the judging roster. I'd be willing to do Bucky and pkmn Trainer Zach's, if they'll let me.

Sorry for not contributing to the thread. I no longer have influence. I respectfully bow out. v_v
Sceptallistic, I would LOVE you to do one for me! My favorite Pokémon is Espeon, so that's the one that I want to represent me! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!! :D
Oooooooooooooooo this theme is looooooovely.

I would love to participate. Got a shitload of art to do for other obligations though so I don't think I'll be able to... :(

Looking forward to seeing more entries.

In case this helps anyone: your entry must be 2 contrasting/extreme opposite colors. Not more than 2.

Edit: Shinxe's is a great example
I drew some lineart

I'm pretty happy with it. It's going to be hard to colour though, I think I'll just go with a black and white colour scheme since that works well with Krow and it'll look nice with white lightning contrasting with Krow and the dark cityscape.
@Doran Dragon: I'M NOT A HE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I ought to burst through your computer screen and strangle you!

@Shinxe: You my friend have truly grasped the theme. Excellent work.

@Suntt123: Pretty impressive. I can't wait to see the final piece. Make sure you work the shadows and light source accordingly and it'll be great!

@Binary Solo: I dig it already! :D
Shinxe, yet again, you are my favourite so far, I love the colours you used. BinarySolo, you're line art is awesome, can't wait to see the final piece :)
@Yilx: You certainly are! Just make sure you stick to the Pokemon that are official. I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

@Medical Meccania: As long as it meets the size requirements, you should be alright ^__^

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