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my god if you don't have an iced tea for me when i
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Woohoo!!! You brought it back to liiiffe!!!!! I'm not dead, just on hiatus, ya dig? I might enter something if I get around to it.

P.S. You should probably change the OP where it says to PM me lol.

Edit: OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG SHINXE IS GONNA JUUDDGGEEE!!!!!!!!! I always wanted Shinxe to be a judge. <3
She's alive! I didn't know necromancy had been invented yet...

Anyhow, the standard has been set incredibly high thus far, I look forward to seeing more! :)
Did you not already ask?

Hi bucky!
I thought you died as well. Glad to see this proven untrue. :D
Participate, I dare you?
yeah he already asked

we're gonna hold out to see if anyone with more 'qualifications' (like an art badge or something idk) steps up, but yeah if nobody else applies you two will get in

also I'm gonna be away in march for like two weeks starting on the 11th

I'll try to submit something before then, and I'll be back before deadline so yeah


Thats bull.
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Finished my entry =D

A Most (Pain) Split Personality Gengar

I know its not the greatest bit of art but I've been rushed for time ^^; Also If you're having trouble interpreting how this fits into the theme I was going for contrasting personalities i.e. A Split personality pokemon, and Gengar fitted my pun well :3
Wow. Just... wow. It is beautiful. Cliche things, if done extremely well, can still be good. Here, icepick has provided us with a supreme example of that

hnng hopefully i can shade and make a good enough background. D:

edit: ok finished to the extent i feel i will be able to.

they're doing the fusion dance, hopefully you can tell. :/
Rough draft..
still need to do some things, like make the mountain not come right out of the ice and fix the trail up..

Sorry for the weird trees, I was trying something new :P
Conflict in:
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