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Go for it. Stickies aren't bad if it keeps spammy shit down and consolidating stickies is a good idea.


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Ok we're back! Many apologies about the delay, but we now have a good schedule! Here's how it'll work:

Today, just after the Smog #15 release, we start a new contest. This contest will continue until approximately the content deadline for the Smog.

Then a new contest will start, which will continue until the release date of the Smog. This process will repeat - we should have two MACs covered in each issue of the Smog (not the next one though) with this new order.

So, here's the theme:


This Month's Theme: Smeargle's Studio

Interpret Smeargle's Studio in art form, perhaps drawing the people or the studio itself or both or something else!
You can also draw a specific artist, in Pokémon form or otherwise.

Plus points for: Creativity, humour.


Also I'd like the judges to post here so I know they aren't dead.
Nice, Sunt!

are we allowed to posts WIPs?

EDIT: ok pretty just sketch work with some ink now but you can get the basic idea:

I basically decided to go with a scene of a room in Smeargle Studio housing the more iconic/well-known artists here. Not that the other artists here don't matter, everybody contributing offers something great to the table but trying to represent er'body on one piece of paper would be a pain in the ass. It's not that hard to figure out who some people are :P


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i'll take a wild guess and say i may be shelmet.... if not i guess i have too much unwarranted self importance! haha

anyways that looks pretty neat so far
Oh ya, this looks awesome. Since I don't know how to use digital painting that well, may I use pencil crayon or pen? Also, can I use your jarardo nuzlocke dude for my drawing Jarardo? I'm going to be featuring each of the artists in it (including me as ferroseed of course).
That's you alright, Nasty! lol thanks for the feed back so far!
I just felt it was the best way to show Rocket Grunt while still acknowledging his prestige in the studio. In hindsight, maybe I should have made him a Drowzee since he's sleeping and he's obviously a fan of that mon but, I just went with his current avatar. I used the same reasoning to draw Nastyjungle as a shelmet as opposed to the first brainstormed budew. WITH INK THERE IS NO GOING BACK 0_o

Oh yeah, sure go ahead and use him! I'm interested in how this is gonna turn out seeing a new face around here.

yeah just had to finish this before going to rest. :P
I hope you all enjoy it and I'm eager to see everyone else's entries!
This was a super fun theme, Alch and I hope the MAC keeps on stridin'!
Shinx is Shinxe. I'm not being a troll. There is a guy called Shinxe so we make him look like a shinx. Well, I'm making him an intimidating shinx chasing tyranitar around the room.

Edit: Here it is!

I don't know how to do digital art so I had to colour this on my own. I still think it looks good though. The shinx is Shinxe, Tyranitar is Chou Toshio, The pokemon trainer is none other than Jarardo Martino himself, Elgyem is obviously Alchemator, The rainbow paint muk is Dogfish44, and the shelmet is Nastyjungle. Oh ya, and the Ferrothorn is me! Think I should have made me a beartic though. Also, the title, Smeargles studio is made up of a fire, water, and grass core!
OMG! I've been waiting so long for MAC to start back up! YAY!

So when I saw this theme I thought to myself, "What is it about smeargle studios that makes it so fantastic?". The people! Honestly, I just love the atmosphere of this forum, everybody is so supportive! Anyway enough gushing, onto my picture.

There are a lot of things I would change but I'm too tired and it's too late! I didn't mean to put me first in the lineup (so as punishmendt i made myself look as derpy as possible) and I wish the Tyranitar was a stronger character but whatever. My apologies if you are not in this picture! In my original sketch, I had Elgyem in the background like he was standing watch but I realized I wanted it to be sorta like a postcard and he was throwing off the composition. I was gonna add shinxe and Kinnaes but I hadn't seen them post in so long I didn't know if they were still around!

tl;dr Here's a picture

Jarando I love all the personality in each of your characters!

Chou Toshio

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Jarardo's alch interpretation is the awesomest thing I've seen in the last month. (Awesome work too though Sentret--Fate octo has so much expression!)

Chou Toshio

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OMG icepick that's amazing...

Holy shit, it's hilarious because you imitated their respective art styles so well!

edit: someone needs to create a feature that lets me like individual posts!!!!! >:(


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lmao icepick you are the best

as i scrolled down the picture the depiction of yourself licking a pink luvdisc just made my day

so unexpected, so funny
Why isn't Yilx Meloetta js

But amazing work everyone. I don't really have anything to say that other people haven't so I guess I'll just end here.
After seeing all of these AMAZING pieces of art, I'm starting to feel like a newbie artist.... And the thing is that I like to just use markers for the colouring. Ughh... Newb alert.
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