NO-Weather Ubers Tournament - Round 1

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NO-Weather Ubers Tournament

Artwork by Juicy Fruit from the Artwork for Tournaments Thread!

Weather is a dominating factor in the Ubers metagame—that's a given. With forces such as Groudon and Kyogre controlling the match, and even Tyranitar's ability to set up Garchomp, Excadrill, and similar offensive threats, there's no denying that statement. It's hard to imagine what a metagame without weather would be like, and questions such as "Would people still run Thunder on Palkia?" or "Would Reshiram still be a major offensive threat without sun?" would be pulled out; however, in this tournament, we aim to explore how influential weather is in the metagame.

Tournament Rules:
-BW2 Ubers (Smogon's tiering list reigns supreme)
-6v6 Singles
-Best of Three
-Weather is BANNED (More on this later)

-Wifi Battle
-Species Clause
-Sleep Clause
-Timer Clause
-Evasion Clause
-OHKO Clause

You cannot use any Pokemon with a weather-inducing ability or any weather-inducing moves. This means you cannot use Groudon or Kyogre, and Ninetales with Drought, Politoed with Drizzle, Tyranitar with Sand Stream, Hippowdon with Sand Stream, Abomasnow with Snow Warning, etc. However, you may use a Pokemon that has another ability available (e.g. Ninetales with Flash Fire, Politoed with Damp).

Battles are to be played on Pokemon Showdown!, but if both players agree, battles can occur on Pokemon Online. However, Smogon's tiering rules apply no matter where the battle is held.

  1. Pocket
  2. Hantsuki
  3. Sujiro Kifuja
  4. .Robert
  5. Pedrock
  6. Pkrs
  7. Focus
  8. MikeDecIsHere
  10. Kennen
  11. Xx Coren37
  12. Yehom
  13. dragonboy52
  14. A l e x a n d e r
  15. davidness
  16. Living Things
  17. Seco453
  18. lijero13ss
  19. Rydro
  20. Furry
  21. SoulWind
  22. Anno nyme
  23. Kojes
  24. LuckOverSkill
  25. Cristal
  26. nightcore
  27. blarajan
  28. Zaker
  29. WDFAmatt
  30. Brap
  31. T-Dogg
  32. pokebasket
  33. Metal Bagon
  34. Myzozoa
  35. bro fist
  36. Metroid78
  37. PDC
  38. Hawkstar
  39. shartruce2
  40. Steven Snype
  41. ThisMysteriousGuy
  42. dragonuser
  43. Iconic
  44. Dr Ciel
  45. TheStarRapper
  46. Emix
  47. DarkLoïc
  48. Melee Mewtwo
  49. SilentRevolver
  50. Lavos Spawn
  51. Sayonara
  52. ZoroDark
  53. Princess Bri
  54. V0x
  55. -PkmTrainerBlue-
  56. Jimbon
  57. Turnip123
  58. alexwolf
  59. HSA
  60. relaunched
  61. Rosario
  62. AuraRayquaza
  63. Hyperbeem
  64. Afonso97
  65. King
  66. Alice
  67. FelixMinamimoto
  68. Brotom
  69. Orichalcos Owl
  70. SehtZiBritannia
  71. Dude24
Round 1:
Kennen vs soviet
DarkLoïc vs Dr Ciel
Xx Coren37 vs shartruce2
Lavos Spawn vs King
T-Dogg vs lijero13ss
Yehom vs Living Things
Poppy vs V0x
Pkrs vs .Robert vs Alice
Myzozoa vs Jimbon
dragonuser vs Dude24
Metal Bagon vs Turnip123
ThisMysteriousGuy vs FelixMinamimoto
Brotom vs Princess Bri
Orichalcos Owl vs Pedrock
ZoroDark vs TheStarRapper
blarajan vs SoulWind
Hyperbeem vs Sujiro Kifuja
Hantsuki vs SehtZiBritannia
bro fist vs Sayonara
dragonboy52 vs Rydro
Seco453 vs AuraRayquaza
SilentRevolver vs WDFAmatt
LuckOverSkill vs -PkmTrainerBlue-
Iconic vs MikeDecIsHere
pokebasket vs Steven Snype
A l e x a n d e r vs Cristal
davidness vs Melee Mewtwo
Brap vs Kojes
Pocket vs relaunched
nightcore vs Anno nyme
Focus vs Furry

Please get your matches done by midnight, October 28th. People that don't make contact within the next 4 days will be subbed out of their matches.
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