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hm so I am bored and I found my copy of Emerald, so I decided to why not let's Nuzlocke this! I don't do fanfic shit like Lolcat does because that's pretty gay, but I do try to make it fairly interesting!

So I boot up my game and come to the familiar site of me, sitting in a truck. Great fucking parents. I decide to name myself Link, because Link is just awesome. Cue the annoying first 15 minutes of every Pokemon game. When I get to Birch being chased around, I have an important decision to make: Torchic, Treecko, or Mudkip? Torchic is very strong and reasonably bulky, Treecko is really fucking fast and has a nice learnset but is quite frail, and Mudkip is bulky with awful speed but a decent set of moves. I decide to go with Treecko, because it's always nice to have something really fast early on in the game, and I faintly remember the first gym being a type that is weak to Grass. Nickname him Hipster because I can

Now, for my other members. I don't know anything about Emerald since it's been so long since I've played it, so I decide to play that one by ear. I set off to find May and encounter a Poocheyena. No Poke Balls yet, so I kill it and move on. After a little bit I level up and score Absorb. The May battle goes off without a hitch. I go back and get my Poke Balls and my PokeDex and set off on a Grand Adventure(tm)! The first Pokemon that I run into is...another Poocheyena...! I am full of mixed emotions! I decide to catch it, because you really need a backup, but I think that I'll drop it sooner rather than later...still give him a sweet nickname: Bizness.

First Pokemon in Petalburg Forest is...a Taillow! Awesome! This definitely gives me something that I can USE. Covers up Treecko's Bug weakness and gives me another fast powerhouse to plow through shit. Won't be helpful vs. the Petalburg gym, though, but it will for sure be a worthy addition to the team. Taillow is christened Oosa. It comes with Peck / Quick Attack, so I don't have to do the whole switch-for-experience thing. Treecko has Absorb now, too, so things are looking up! I continue to go on through the forest and meet some Team Whatever dick. Taillow is a little underleveled for this still, so I let Treecko get in a bit.

I arrive in Petalburg City and look around the houses. I score a Quick Claw (how useful with my two fast, frail Pokemon...) and HM01: CUT! At this point Treecko is around level 13 and Taillow is at 11 or so. I want to go out to the East and battle some trainers to level myself up a tad. I end up with 12 on Taillow and 15 on Treecko. Now it's time to go to the first gym!

Hipster (Treecko) - Level 15
Oosa (Taillow) - Level 12
Bizness (Poochyena) - Level 6

My plan here is to sail through with Treecko. If Treecko goes down, I'm pretty screwed. I come armed with an X-Defend that I found, a couple Oran Berries, and 3 Potions that I'd acquired through various means. I plow through the 3 preliminary trainer's Geodudes easily with Absorb and am feeling pretty confident going into Roxanne. Her first two Geodudes are smashed just like the weak dudes. It can't be this easy...oh yeah, she has one more Pokemon left...


Nosepass shouldn't be too hard -- he's weak to Grass! TREECKO, USE ABSORB! Oh...what's this...1/5th damage? Oh, at least Nosepass is an offensive pussy...oh wait he can almost 2HKO me with Rock Tomb...shit. I think I'm fucked here, so I get in a couple Absorbs and swap to Bizness, who survives with 1 HP. Sorry buddy, but it's time to die. I sacrificed Bizness to get off a Potion on Hipster. Hipster comes in and lands another Absorb. Two more and he should be down...oh motherfucker. Nosepass used a Potion. At this point I need to use my X-DEFEND, which tones down the damage Nosepass is doing. Now it's a battle between me alternately Absorbing and healing. Nosepass starts Tackling, and Absorb is practically healing all of the damage I take. After Roxanne uses about 3 Potions, Nosepass goes down and I get my badge! YEAH!! Treecko levels up and evolves into Grovyle. Fuck yeah.

Hipster (Grovyle) - Level 16
Oosa (Taillow) - Level 12
Actual updates will probably begin next week, so here's a teaser with my current team.


Arietta (F) - Level 30
Gentle Nature - Torrent
- Crunch
- Headbutt
- Surf
- Ice Fang
I couldn't believe my luck when I got a female starter, and Arietta has proved herself time and again to be an absolute powerhouse. Even with her meh special attack, Surf one-shots damn near everything that doesn't resist it.

Bishop (M) - Level 33
Calm Nature - Insomnia
- Air Slash
- Uproar
- Confusion
- Hypnosis
FUCK YEAH NOCTOWL. Oh my God, this thing is actually amazing. Massive HP, great special defence, reasonable offense, and has positively shit all over Morty and Chuck. As a Hoothoot, his offense was pretty terrible, but still managed to hold his own as part of the team, thanks to Hypnosis, and Reflect (later ditched for Air Slash). FUCK YEAH NOCTOWL!

Aegis (M) - Level 29
Bashful Nature - Sturdy
- Rock Throw
- Strength
- Magnitude
- Rock Polish
Geodude has a bit of a reputation for making the first half of Johto piss easy. True to form, Aegis has comfortably dealt with huge threats to the team such as Bugsy's Scyther and the dreaded Miltank. Admittedly, he's slowing down now, but is still an invaluable physical tank on the team, even taking super effective hits like a champ.

Buggo (M) - Level 29
Naughty Nature - CompoundEyes
- Psybeam
- Silver Wind
- Gust
- Sleep Powder
The second of my three flying sleepers, Buggo is my go-to Pokémon when I need a sleep, just because of CompoundEyes Sleep Powder. It's just so reliable. Would you believe this guy almost soloed Sprout Tower as a freshly caught Caterpie? It's no secret that I love Butterfree, always have. While his attacks are a little weak, I trust Buggo to be a boss.

Teacup Pig (M) - Level 30
Modest Nature - Serene Grace
- Wish
- Charm
- Extrasensory
- Yawn
Yes, you're reading that right. Modest with Serene Grace. Jackpot. Teacup Pig is pretty bulky, and Wish makes him the team healer, which is fantastic. My only complaint is his limited offense - I do find myself switching him out frequently since he only has one offensive move, and it doesn't even get STAB! I've got a Shiny Stone all ready for him, just not sure when to use it yet.

Electron (N) - Level 31
Rash Nature - Sturdy
- Thundershock
- Magnet Bomb
- Thunder Wave
- Sonicboom
OH MY GOD SO MUCH SPECIAL ATTACK. Seriously, 94 at level 31. That's crazy man. Hasn't participated in many major battles, but soloed both sea routes, and is always ready to come in to bulldoze through something. His time will come in the late game, I'm sure...
Bad Ass, yeah, Roxanne's Nosepass gets me every time after breezing through all those Geodudes x____x

Ritter, those are magnificent, 'nuff said.

SoS, I love your name choices - TEACUP PIG! <3 I'd really like to steal some of your luck with natures too!
Bad Ass, yeah, Roxanne's Nosepass gets me every time after breezing through all those Geodudes x____x
So true. And since I was using the "no Pokémon at a higher level than the gym leader" rule, Torchic wasn't allowed to evolve before facing her. She was so much harder than Chuck.

Anyway, here's an update! My planned schedule for updating is sporadic.

Earlier posts are here! And here!
Too Lazy to post an Update, but feel i should at least post my Team so far in my White Nuzlocke. Currently in Cold Storage training for Clay:


Simipour (Blink) Lv.28
(M) Brave Nature

Blink is my savior, he was hte only thing that managed to stop a rampaging Lillipup that managed 4 Work Ups against Chili (I regret letting it set up). Now that I'm reaching further in the game, his weakness is starting to show, but coverage is showing to be a BOSS! After Skyla, he will rock with Acrobatics (and finally losing cut).

Lilligant (Daisy) Lv.28
(F) Impish Nature
Sleep Powder
Leech Seed
Quiver Dance
Giga Drain

Did not want to use Daisy, but I was running out of options for Elesa. My Sandile died right before I fought the gym (Curse you, N), and I remember her being a positive pain without a she had to do. One X Defend, Sleep Powder Galore (of which 70% missed, i might add), and QDing up to +6...I won, to say =P Keeping her on team for Sleep Powder and Leech Seed.

Scraggy (Komodo) Lv.29
(M) ??? Nature (Too lazy to check game)
Shed Skin
Work Up
Brick Break
Faint Attack

BULKY BULKY BULKY! This thing is Bulky. With Eviolite, I just run through opponents and don't look back. He has perfect Neutral coverage, and can take a hit should i need to heal someone else up to par. Definately a team player.

Maractus (Helga) Lv.26
(F) Rash Nature
Needle Arm
Giga Drain
Pin Missle

My LVP, and really only on the team due to the fact she's a rare catch. Once I get someone better, I'ma probably replace her.

Tranquil (Booby) Lv.31
(F) Serious Nature
Big Pecks
Work Up
Air Cutter
Quick Attack

MVP easily. This thing just rocked Lenora and Burgh with relative ease. Against big opponents, all it takes is one work Up, Quick Attack did the rest. After i reached Nimbasa, I got both the Soothe Bell and the Return TM...and haven't slowed down yet. This thing OHKO's pretty much anything lower leveled (except Audino/resisters), and don't see any plans to remove this gal.

Solosis (Flubber) Lv.25
(M) Calm Nature
Magic Guard
Thunder Wave
Light Screen

Flubber's a rather new addition, and originally was caught to be death fodder against Elesa so Booby could rule, but managed to live. Noticing it's high special attack, and knowing it only gets higher, I decided to train him. Hasn't battled yet (XP Share ftw), but I'm sure he'll be a big player on my team soon. Oh yeah, Magic guard's bound to be useful.

Gell (Solosis F) Lv.19
Forgot Nickname (Ducklett M) Lv.24
Dodger (Herdier M) Lv.24
Fluffee (Cottonee F) Lv.26 (Yes, In-game Trade)
Bambi (Deerling F) Lv.26

Johnson (Snivy M) Lv.10
Katie (Patrat F) Lv.11
Forgot TO Nickname (Lillipup M) Lv.8
Korin (Woobat M) Lv.17
Marsh (Sandile M) Lv.20

White's harder than i thought.
Here's the update on my Fire Red Nuzlocke run. I've been having some difficulties as of late in trying to get episodes uploaded in a timely and efficient manner due to my spring semester of college (as well as an internship) starting up tomorrow as well as some technical difficulties with episodes 5 and 6. Episode 5 had to have the rest of Route 3 (where I left off with my previous update) cut out due to corrupted capture footage, so unfortunately you won't get to see me capture a new Pidgey off of Route 3 (as I said before, the Pidgey I initially had inadvertantly broke my rules because of a memory slip on my part, so I released it to be fair) as well as a Zubat from a brief trek into Mt. Moon before where that episode begins... as well as Beauty the Metapod finally evolving into a Butterfree. Episode 6 ran into some technical problems while I was editing it that delayed it a bit, but I finally got it working right and now it's uploaded. It might be a while before my next update since, as I mentioned, I'm going back to class and an internship starting tomorrow and my time's going to be severely limited, but also because I recently got a hold of Sony Vegas Pro and I've been toying around with it, and I'll likely start using it over Pinnacle Studio to produce my future Nuzlocke episodes.

My Rules Video
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Started a new Emerald Nuzlocke :P
Heres the rules:
1. Any pokemons that faint are counted as dead.
2. I must catch the first pokemon i see on the route, unless i have already caught it or its the evlved form of a pokemon on my party(EG if i have wurmple, i can catch silcoon or cascoon).
3. Can only buy healing items.
4. Must sell all revives and mail items.
5. Can only buy Pokeballs, Great Balls and Ultra balls.
6. Can only catch 1 legend(for the regis, i can catch the pokemons required, but not use them unless they were the first pokemon i saw on that route.
7. Can only use how many pokemons that gym is using.(EG when i go up against the 2nd i can only use 2 pokemons).
8. No doubling up on types. (EG if i have a Tailow(flying, normal) and a Whismur(normal) that is illegal).
9. Cant use gift pokemons and no trading(Start is excluded from the gift pokemon section).
10. Can only use 1 pure type pokemon(pokemons that evolve into dual types are not included in the pure type category).

It all began one summers day, it was a day like any other, until......the accident.
Hello my Name is Cody Jameson and this is my story of happiness and despair, what i lost and what i gained with this.....curse.
This is a tale of a hero and a villiain.
This is the tale of a............Nuzlocker.......
*insert dramatic music here*
I must defend Hoenn from the Likes of Team Magma and Team Aqua.
I must break this curse.
I must became the champion.
I must defeat legendaries to reach my goals.
I cant lose.
I can never give up.
I can never say never.
Why you ask?
Its because........I am a nuzlocker.
*insert dramatic music and random fight scenes here*
And i wont lose.....

Chapter 1
The Accident

"Nurse what's his condition?" The doctor asked as they ran the young man on the girdle through the hall.
"He was in the back of a moving truck when they got in the accident, his around the age of 16 and has several broken bones and internal bleeding just about everywhere" the young nurse said while she rammed it through doors.
"He was in the back? Whose good idea was that?" The doctor asked astonished some idiot would do that.
"His stepmothers, they were on their way to Littleroot town when they attacked the truck, we still don’t know why" The nurse said, taking him to the surgery room.
"Damnit, let’s hope we can save him in time" The doctor said as he pulled on plastic gloves and put on the mask and grabbed the surgical tools and started the operation.
After half an hour of surgery nothing had changed.
"Damnit, we're losing him Birch" The assistant said as the heartbeat started accelerating.
"Damnit, i don’t want to do this, but i must" The Doctor said, running over to his briefcase and pulling out a syringe.
"What are you doing Birch, that is experimental, who knows the side effects" The assistant said grabbing his arm.
"Well i have to do something or we will lose him" Birch said through gritted teeth as the assistant let go reluctantly and Birch injected the formula into the boy and his heartbeat started to slow down.
"Birch we did it" the assistant said with relief as the boys condition stabilised.
"Not let we haven’t, we still need to finish the operation" Birch said as he continued, filed with dread as to what the Nuzlocke Formula would do to the boy.......
1 Hour of surgery later, the boy was basically good as new.
"That boy looks familiar, but where have I seen him" He thought as he walked towards the young boy's stepmother.
"Ah you must Karin Jackson, my name is Doctor Birch, I am the head of this hospital and the regions head researcher in Pokémon" He said shaking her hand.
"Yes, now how is he?" She asked anxiously.
"Well after about half an hour of surgery, his condition didn’t improve" He said as she started looking grim.
"Oh no, no, no he didn’t die, we ran out of options, so I injected him with an experimental Medicine, called the Nuzlocke Formula, your son here was the first test subject, and i must say it was a success, of only we knew who made it" Birch said as Karin sighed with relief, but then looked incredibly pissed.
"And who gave you permission to inject that into my son?" She asked, furious they did it without acknowledging the mother first.
"Well considering it was an emergency, and we thought you would want your son alive, we thought you wouldn’t mind, plus if you didn’t put him on the back of that truck, none of this would've happened and another thing your only the stepmother not his real mother, so we would have to consult the father who isn’t here, so don’t get high and mighty with me" Birch snarled, pissed that this women dared try to have a go at him.
"Well his father is currently in his gym where he needs to be" She said snarling back, but then looking depressed "He doesn’t even know yet.....How will I tell him" She asked looking heartbroken.
"Tell him the truth; also his father wouldn't be Normal Jameson, would he?" Birch asked curiously.
"Yes......Why?" She asked, trying to size the doctor up.
"Well that boy just seems familiar, and me and Norman go way back.....I owe him big time for a lot of things" Birch said trailing off "Including my life, he and me have a bond that made us brothers, even though we didn’t share the same blood, and if this is his son, then I want to know" Birch said, glaring at the women.
".......Yes" She admitted as she sat down, her head in her hands.
"What happened to Kaitlin? He asked, concerned about the boys birth mother.
"No one knows, she just disappeared" Karin said, doing a motion that displays disappearing into thin air "She was declared dead and that’s how come i married Norman" She said sounding very sad.
"Why do you sound sad about her disappearance?" Birch asked, confused that the step mother misses the birth mother.
"Because me and her were good friends.....Sisters even, basically a you and Norman" She said grinning at some old memories.
"How come i have never met you before?" He asked, sitting down next to her.
"Because I never had the time to meet any of her friends, she always wanted to introduce me to you guys, but something always came up" She said shrugging.
"Doctor another patient is waiting" A nurse said, as Birch nods and tells Karin that she can see the boy in a few hours and leaves the sad stepmother alone to her thoughts.
A few hours later.
The nurse looked the young man covered in plaster and felt sorry for him. “It is all that stupid step-mothers fault, if she didn’t put him in the back of that truck” The nurse thought furiously, as she changed his IV drip, muttering curse words under her breath and leaves, still muttering as she bumps through Karin as she enters and glares daggers at her and goes down the hall and mutters something into a phone like device.
“Cody honey, you awake?” Karin asks the little boy as she hears a muffled yes through the plaster and she tries to hold back tears.
“You know I didn’t mean for this to happen right, you know I love you” She says, trying, but failing to hold back tears.
“I know mum” Cody said, muffled by the plaster and Karin just breaks down into tears and Cody tries to warn her about the man in blue behind, but is too late as a sword is stabbed through her chest and she falls to the ground, dead with tears still coming out.
The man approaches Cody and smirks, blood still dripping from the sword.
“That crash should’ve killed you, but oh well, die!” The man shouts, just as Birch comes in and stops, as if time was frozen with fear on his face.
“Team Aqua” Birch shouts with a snarl on his and lunges at the grunt, making him jump back and drop the sword in surprise and Birch slams him through the wall and into the nearby room, punching the grunt and knocking him unconscious.
“Security, we have a breach, nurse check on Cody” Birch shouts as the security guards run over and detain the grunt until the authorities arrived and went to check on Karin and saw she was way beyond dead and cursed under his breath and saw that Cody had been hit by a knockout dart just as the assassin killed his step-mum.
Birch picks up the sword, after putting plastic gloves on of course and went over the security cameras.
“Hmm the cameras capture everything that happened, those bastards think they’re untouchable do they? Well I hope the authorities can change that, now if you need me I need to check on Cody” Birch says as the young nurse from earlier ran up to him.
“Dad are you ok? I heard that someone died and, and” She said and stopped as she cried.
“It’s ok May, just a Team Aqua grunt breaking in, apparently he was sent to kill Cody and Karin…..He succeed on killing Karin” Birch said as they walked towards Cody’s room.
“Hey you know, Cody’s your age, maybe you can help him get over his step-mothers murder in front of his eyes trauma, if he has any that is” Birch said and May just nods and they both walk into the room to see Cody asleep.
“Ok May you stay here, I need a minute” Birch says as he walks over to the nurse who bumped into Karin and May walks over to Cody and sees his good eye open suddenly, which startled her and made her jump back.
“What do you want?” Cody asked, clearly still pissed and sad about his step-mums death.
“Well I heard you were my age, and decided to visit you, is that so bad?” May asks, still in her nurse’s outfit and Cody’s one eye size’s her up.
“You’re 6’3, with a small, light agile build, with brown hair reaching you middle back, with brown eyes, a green bandana, with that white nurses outfit with the red cross on it, but underneath you’re wearing a red shirt with a green, plastic like skirt which practically melds with your shirt, along with black and white sneaks, you also have some average sized cleaverage” Cody said, getting it all right, but infuriates May.
“Don’t look at my breasts” She says with venom in her voice.
“Hey, I needed to look over everything I saw to get a good look of you, you don’t want me to look at you, then leave” He says with even more venom then May just did, which made her shiver and she just storms out of the room, leaving Cody to his thoughts as her dad ran after her.
It was months later and the only people Cody saw were the nurses, Doctor Birch and the cleaning crew. Apparently no one, not even Birch, knew how to contact his dad, because his dad was away on business from the gym. But all Cody really did was stew and turn bitter, and once he was out he decided he would head on a journey and kill every last member of Team Aqua to avenge his step-mums death and also because he had no-where to go.
Cody felt a sigh of relief as the last of the plaster was cut off.
“There you go Cody, that’s the last of it” Birch said taking the last piece off and putting it in the trash can that May was holding, and hiding behind so Cody wouldn’t look at her.
“Thank you Doc” Cody said standing up to reveal his height, which May secretly really wanted to know.
He stretched for a minute and wobbled on his legs, but was steady and reveal he was 6’6, with a light, but heavily muscled build, with a scar across his cheek, and across his leg.
“You will be ready to go once we organise some clothes” Birch said leaving Cody, with May close behind, not wanting to be left alone with Cody and they left Cody with his new-found freedom of being able to walk again, after so long of being on his butt, all he did was walk around for the next hour as Birch sent May back in.
“Here are your clothes” She said dully as she dumped them on the bed and left Cody taken back by her rudeness, but recovers and puts the black jeans on first, followed by the grey sneakers and was about to put on his shirt when May walked back in and saw his bare, heavily muscled chest, with a lone scar stretching from one end of it to the other and she just stared at him.
“What? You can stare at me and but I can’t at you, you’re such a hypocrite May” Cody says, shaking his head and putting his shirt on.
“Yes, problem?” She asked with an eyebrow raised and Cody just sighs.
“What do you want?” Cody asked, stripping the bed and putting it with the gown.
“Well dad said he had to run a few errands, so I am in charge of you while he is gone, but he asked me to give you this” She says handing him a letter.
“And this is?” Cody asked, trailing off and motioning her to continue explaining.
“I don’t know, my father just said give it to you, now take it” She demanded, practically throwing it at him.
“Temper, Temper” Cody said wagging his finger like the naughty, naughty gesture and opens the letter as May just storms out of the room.
It reads:
Dear Cody
If you’re reading this, that means I have failed at protecting you from the virus known as the "Nuzlocke formula" made and created by Kanto Champion Red 2 years ago, he created it so he can be the only one with Pokémon’s. It can and will kill anyone Pokémon’s the nuzlocker get, instead of them fainting. He has gone insane from being alone and has created the crime syndicates, Team Magma and Aqua, to do his dirty work in Hoenn, while Team Galactic is doing evil in Sinnoh and Team Plasma in the Unova. But he crushed Team Rocket in Kanto, so he decided to recreate it in Johto, so he rules over Kanto with an Iron Fist. The only way you can beat him is to crush the other leagues, now do and so and make me proud.
Sincerely Kaitlin Jameson
Cody just sat down in disbelief as May came back in.
"What’s amatter?" She asks sitting down next to Cody.
"This is from my birth mum" Cody said, still not believing it.
"Really?" May asked and curiously looked over Cody’s shoulder, her cheek brushing past Cody’s and she blushes.
"Sorry" she says quickly, but before Cody can say anything else and they all hear a blood curdling scream.
"That was the Doc" Cody said, jumping up and running out the door, leaving May behind with the letter and she just pockets it and gives chase.....
(lolz first chapter, 2,271 words and dont even have my first pokemon yet :P)​

Chapter 2
The Point Of No Return

Cody ran out of the hospital and ran towards the nearby alley and saw Birch being attacked by a massive Zigzagoon, about 3 metres long and 1.3 metres tall. Cody’s Jaw dropped at the sheer size of the thing and saw it flinging the Doc around.
Birch saw Cody and shouted at him, but the Zigzagoon roared at the same time so Cody didn’t hear.
"WHAT?" Cody shouted at the Doc as the Zigzagoon tackle the trash bins behind him, barely missing the doc.
"IN MY BAG THERES THREE POKEBALLS, CHOOSE ONE AND BATTLE THIS THING" Birch shouted as he barely jumped over the next attack, as Cody ran over to the docs bag and grabbed the pokéball on the right.
"Please let this be a good Pokémon" Cody thought, throwing his arm back.
"Go whatever is in this pokéball, Ready for Battle" Cody shouted throwing the pokéball and out popped....A Mudkip?
"Mud, Mud Kip" The Mudkip shouted joyfully, happy to be out of the pokéball.
"Good work, now commanded it to use tackle, quickly" Birch shouted as he was cornered and the Zigzagoon grinned and lunged forth but was stopped by the Mudkip.
"Good work......Skipper, now use Tackle again" Cody commanded as the Mudkip did so, completely pissing off the Zigzagoon and it lunges at Skipper and sent it flying.
Behind Cody a huge crowd was gathering as May pushed her way through and saw Cody had her dad's Mudkip and was fighting a huge Zigzagoon, and her dad was near the alley.
"DAD!" She shouts out and runs to him, as Skipper and the Zigzagoon crashed together and she helps her dad over to the crowd as Skipper easily holds its own against the giant Zigzagoon.
"Now finish this, use tackle and send it into the trashcans" Cody commanded as Skipper nodded and shouted a quick war cry and ran full speed at the Zigzagoon and hit it straight on in the chest, sending it flying into the trashcans, and it being quickly crushed to death by the heavy trash bins falling on it and it screams one last time and then all goes silent.
Then the air is filled with cheers, as Cody struggles to work out what just happened, as May ran over and hugged him.
"Thanks for saving my dad" She said as the crowd whoot, cheer and do that annoying sound when something cute happens.
"Dude this is so going on YouTube" a random guy from the crowd shouts.
A news reporter comes out randomly and starts poking the microphone in Cody’s face.
"How does it feel to be a hero?" The reporter asked Cody who’s still stunned from all the noise.
"Ummmmm good I guess I don’t feel much different" Cody said shrugging his shoulders and the crowd cheer.
"Wow he is kind, nice, handsome and modest. His the complete package" The reporter says, facing the cameraman "And this was live feed, from the front of Littleroot Town Hospital" The reporter finishes, someone yells cut and they leave and so does the crowd once the Police and hospital security start moving everyone out.
Cody then realises that May is still hugging him.
"Ummm May, personal space" Cody says, giving her a light shove.
"Oh wait" She said, stopping the hug and blushing "It’s just that you saved my dad’s life and all" she added, still blushing.
"Yes Cody, you did, you know you're just like your father, always getting me out of messes, keep that Mudkip as your reward you deserve it" Birch says, going through his bag "Also take this" Birch said, giving him a weird red device.
"Umm what is this?" Cody asks, confused about the little red device.
"It’s a Pokédex; it’s basically a handheld technological encyclopaedia. And you will need this too" Birch says giving him a little bottle.
"Umm thanks guys" Cody said, and then suddenly realises he doesn’t have the letter "Ummm May, please tell me you have the letter" Cody said, hoping for a yes.
"Why yes i do have it, you left it when you heard my dad’s scream" May said, pulling it out of her pocket and handing it to Cody.
"Oh yeah, before i forget, don’t forget to pick up your stuff at the front desk" Birch says, patting him on the back and heading back inside "Oh and if i didn’t already say this, thank you for saving me from that oversized Zigzagoon, too bad it died, i would've liked to study how it got that big" Birch said with a chuckle and headed back inside the hospital, leaving the two teenagers outside.
'This is where i say goodbye i guess" Cody said, turning to face May.
"Guess so" She said glumly.
"You could ask your dad for a pokemon you know" Cody said, trying to cheer her up.
"Ok i will, meet me on route 103, we will have a battle there" May said, giving him a kiss on the cheek
"Consider that my thanks" she says and walking off to the hospital blushing and leaving Cody red hot and he leaves for Oldale Town, after collecting his shoes and backpack from the officer, and his wallet.

And leaves to Route 101, but stops at the house he was meant to move to and sees another letter from his birth-mum.
He picks it up and sits down, turns the TV and sees his dad on the TV, apparently he only just learned of his wife’s death and his sons hospitalisation and broke down into tears, Cody turns the TV off, unable to bear watching his dad cry and opened the letter, it read:
Dear Cody
If you have found this, then you have decided to take the Nuzlocke head-on, instead of cowering like a coward, i hoped Norman and Karin would raise you well and it seems my hopes were correct, now you should find you father, i am sure he has vital info for your journey.
Sincerely Kaitlin Jameson (aka Mum)
PS-Look in the inside the envelope
Confused Cody looked inside and pulled out a wad of cash, $3000 dollars’ worth to be precise.
"Wow, thanks mum" Cody said with a sincere grin and puts it in his wallet and headed out to Route 101

Chapter 2 is up :P
Showsni, nice work on the funny strips..will follow your updates. ^^
^^ This.

So I've decided to do a Nuzlocke myself. I'm going to use Pearl for it.

  1. I can only catch the first Pokémon I see. If I already have it, I can go for the next.
  2. I can use healing items and Pokémon Centres whenever I like.
  3. If something dies, I release it instantly.
  4. And a little rule I made up myself: If someone dies, I am NOT allowed, under any circumstances, to catch that Pokémon again, even if it's on another Route.
  5. If my first encounter on a Route is a Pokémon that is considered dead by me, I can NOT catch any Pokémon on that Route.

After watching a special about the Red Gyarados hidden in the Lake Of Rage, I went downstairs. My mother told my that E-40, as I have named my rival, was looking for me. I went over to his house, to see what he wanted from me.

As I was about to enter the door, E-40 bumped into me on his way out. Then he went back inside, because he forgot something. I followed him inside, to find out he was upstairs. He packed his Bag and Journal, and he went outside. As I left town, and headed north, he was already waiting for me.

He told me he also saw the special about the Red Gyarados, and wanted to find out if there was a Red Gyarados in Lake Verity. As we entered Lake Verity, we saw to people. An old man, and a young girl. They talked for a little bit, and left. E-40 quickly noticed that they had left a briefcase. As I remembered that my mom told me that I shouldn't go into the tall grass, I tried to tell him that we shouldn't do anything with the briefcase. E-40 told me it would be allright, because we wouldn't be in the tall grass all that long. As soon we entered the grass, we were attacked by 2 Level 2 Starly's. We opened the briefcase and saw three Poké Balls. We both took one Poké Ball, and released the Pokémon that was inside it.

Find out next time which Pokémon we decided to take!
lolz i did 2 chapters with like 3000 words all together, and i havent even left littleroot town XD
Anyway edited my post and put chapters 1 and 2 up, working on chapter 3 :P
Also on my way to the 4th gym in the game
Just popped to say hey. I'm currently doing a White Nuzlocke, which technically failed at Elesa's gym, but I decided to continue. I just wanted to tell you about that really funny moment, when my Dewott survived Lenora's Watchog's Retaliate at 1 HP. I laughed pretty hard, mostly from relief...
I started a Leaf Green Nuzlocke yesterday. I may update every now and then. :P

When a Pokemon faints, it goes in the "DEAD" box
I may only catch the first Pokemon encountered in the area
If the first Pokemon found is the same as one that is still alive, I may search some more
If a Pokemon faints and I have a Rare Candy, I may revive it, only if used immediately

Oh, and of course, these rules go out the window in the event of a shiny Pokemon

I've explored a bit of Mt. Moon and here's my progress:
Chives - Lv16 Ivysaur
Czeck - Lv14 Pidgey
Buggles - Lv12 Beedrill
Cramette - Lv14 Geodude

Metro - Lv9 Spearow
Tube - Lv9 Spearow

I swear my game has something against level 9 Spearows... they both died to hax. Metro by crit hax and Tube by Clefairy's Doubleslap... hitting four times O.O
Part 1: The Chase

I liked Johto. Its inhabitants were considerably less zany than those in Kanto, and they actually seemed to accept me without looking at me like I was a bad smell. Strange experience for me.

After everything in Kanto, I sent my Pokémon back to Professor Rowan in Sinnoh. I didn't want to look suspicious by carrying around a bunch of powerful Pokémon all the time. Granted, I had a brief TV spell as champion, but as I quickly gave it up, nobody recognised me. Johto citizens don't watch much TV anyway. I was living just over the Kanto border, in New Bark Town, a place where fledgling trainers came and received their starting Pokémon from Professor Elm. He was a nice guy, just a bit scatterbrained sometimes. Poor guy seemed overworked too. As for me, I worked at the Pokémart in Cherrygrove City, meaning that I regularly travelled between the two places without a Pokémon of my own. It was alright though, I was given an allowance of Repels by work to compensate. And like I'm ever going to be threatened by a level 2 Sentret. Come on now.

I had a simple little life in New Bark, and I liked it.

I should've expected that it wouldn't stay that way. Why, oh why, oh why, did I answer Elm's phone call that morning? "Y'ello?"

"Joshua, my friend, could you come to the lab? I need a favour."

"Elm, you have six grad students running around, all desperate for extra credit. I highly doubt you need me."

"They're all working on a research project, I just need someone to courier something for me! I'll make it worth your while..." Being a great lover of rewards, and wanting to help Elm, I gave in. He did look very thin lately, and there were rumours his wife was leaving him.

Outside the lab, I saw something much more significant than I realised at the time - a red-headed boy, staring in through the window.

Elm charged me with heading out to Route 30, to Mr. Pokémon's house. What kind of psycho you have to be to name yourself after these creatures I don't know, but I wasn't keen to find out. Nor was I keen to have to use more of my Repel allowance, I was running thin.

"Ah, but you won't need Repels! You can borrow a Pokémon to get there and back." I froze, remembering my curse. The Nuzlocke curse. If I took this Pokémon, it could very easily die. How would I explain that to Elm? My cover would be broken, and Johto would turn on me as Kanto had. Then again, it was only two routes, full of weak, level 2 Pidgeys and Sentrets. And I admit, I missed having the warm feeling of a Pokémon in its ball on your belt. Again, I gave in.

"Alright then. I'll take the water type - Totodile, right?"

"Good choice! This Pokémon is very energetic! Now then..." Oh no... "You can help me even further here - I'd like to see what happens when a Pokémon walks around in the field with its trainer. How they interact et cetera. So would you let Totodile here out of the ball?"

Phew. I thought I was getting myself into more pain there. I pushed the button on Totodile's ball, releasing her i
nto the lab. She danced happily, jumping up and clicking her heels. "She's a very Gentle Totodile, you'll find. Enjoy her company!" called Elm as we left. I took Totodile's hand, mostly to make sure she didn't run off anywhere. Elm would kill me. He didn't show it much, but he was a very stressed guy.

The journey to Mr. Pokémon's House passed without incident. Totodile took down a few Sentrets here and there, and seemed ecstatic every time she levelled up. I couldn't help but be happy for her too, and we developed an odd sort of celebration dance every time she won. I prayed Elm's research on this wouldn't get published.

Mr. Pokémon's House offered a familiar face to me, and one I was very happy to see. "Rowan!" I exclaimed in surprise.

"Joshua, what're you doing here?" he asked as he shook my hand.

"Elm sent me to pick something up."

"Ah, that. It's just another mundane Pokémon egg if you ask me, but Herman over there..."


"... Oh, so THAT's why he lives all the way out here?"

"God, I hope so. You're training again?" The professor raised his eyebrow, and I felt guilty. Though what I had done wrong, I had no idea.

"No, no, Elm just lent me the Totodile to get out here safely."

"I assume you haven't told him."

"Of course not, no."

"YOU, BOY!" Mr. Pokémon interrupted us, brandishing the egg. "THIS EGG! LOOK AT IT! IT MUST CONTAIN A FABULOUSLY RARE POKÉMON!" He shook it furiously, as if eager to crack it open and feast on its contents. I quickly snatched it. This man was insane.

"I'll be taking this back to Elm then... See you later Professor. Get that guy some medication..." I slipped the egg in my backpack, and sprinted down Route 30, carrying Totodile like a football under my arm. Herman Pokémon had creeped me out beyond belief.

"J-J-JOSHUA! OH MY! THERE'S AN EMERGENCY! HELP! GET BACK HERE!" Elm bellowed down the phone at me. I'd actually missed his call while I was sprinting to Cherrygrove. What could've happened?

"HEY! Out of the way." A red-haired boy. An obnoxious one at that. "Hmph, get that weak Pokémon from Elm?"

"Fuck off."

"Pfft, how weak are you! I can't believe he gave one to someone so weak as you!"

"Excuse me? You don't even know who I am? Why do you think I'm weak?"

"Just look at you! All tired and out of breath!"

"You judge based on appearances? Wow, you're an asshole. And I just sprinted from a crazy guy's house on Route 30. I think you'd be the same way."

"Enough of this, battle me now! Go Chikorita!" He threw a ball, and a green quadruped with a leaf on its forehead appeared. At this point I was a little suspicious. Wouldn't Elm have asked this guy to take part in his out-of-the-ball research? It didn't matter though, and with a few Scratch attacks, Chikorita was on the ropes, on the verge of collapse.

"That's enough, Totodile. We're done here. We win."


"... Boy, you better be talking to yourself. I just trounced you. Your Chikorita didn't even get off an attack. And I expect now you'll say you let me win, you took pity on me. And to that I say, bullshit sir. We're out of here." As I tried to walk past, he bumped into me, and his Trainer ID fell to the ground. I saw his name. Silver. He didn't seem pleased about this, picked up his card, and ran. Strange guy. What a dick.

On return to the lab, I saw it in complete disarray. A broken window, overturned bookcases, a potted plant urinated in. What the hell happened here?

"That's him! Get him! HA! Criminal always returns to the scene of the crime," was what I heard as I was grabbed by two burly detectives.

"He's got the stolen Pokémon too boss. Stupidest criminal ever."

"LET HIM GO!" Elm erupted with the angriest shout I'd ever heard. He really didn't need this. "I told you the stolen Pokémon was a Chikorita, not a Totodile! That is Joshua, a friend of mine who I sent on an errand, and he was in Mr. Pokémon's house at the time of the theft! Or do you want to question the testimony of Professor Rowan?" I'd never seen Elm lose his temper like this. It was sort of scary. Totodile agreed, clutching my leg and hiding. I patted her on the head. But wait, a Chikorita had been stolen? Silver... The red-head who used a Chikorita against me... Surely not. Suddenly I was very thankful I'd stopped before Totodile could really finish it.

"Was the thief red-headed?"

"Yes... How did you know?"

"I battled a trainer like that in Cherrygrove. He had a Chikorita. But if he was a thief, then... That means he's afflicted by the Nuzlocke curse." I bit my tongue to stop myself from adding "too". "His Pokémon might die."

After that, things happened pretty fast. The police left to chase Silver, and I was going after him too. I had to stop him, to warn him of the consequences of what he'd done. I gave the Pokémon Egg to Elm as requested, and tore off into the night on Route 29, with the Totodile by my side. She wanted to come, and Elm had let me keep her, since she was so attached to me.

"In that case, I'd like to name her."

"By all means."

"Arietta. Let's go."
So i'm halfway through my white nuzlocke and i'm doing fairly well
Typhoon the marshtomp
Ironhide the escavlier (MVP)
Chaos the gigalith
Blitzen the archen

(insert useless pokes here)

Inferno the darmakua
anubis the timburr
ice-t the vanillite
Mr.Krabs the dwebble

in need more pokes, any recomendations?
I believe I already did this in SS . I cuaght a pidgey in I believe the 1st route, and beat the game (defeated lance) with raikou LV. 47 (didnt use him much but called him zap!), shiny gyrados LV. 49 (leviathan), feraligatr LV. 51 (gojira) and Pidgiot LV. 52 (rodan) and graveler LV. 43(rock). Both pidgey and graveler were the first pokemon i found in an area. I used the pokemon center 8 times and when graveler died at the elite four i didnt use/revive him and same with raikou at lance. I didnt lose anyone else and I used i believe 21 healing items in all and no revives. Did this count?

The team:

Feraligatr lv. 51
stats: Hp: 154 attack: 159 Defense:131 Sp. atk: 98 Sp. def: 97 Speed: 79
-ice fang

more later
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