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This is where I post updates for my HG Nuzlocke.

All standard rules plus...

-Gift Pokemon may be received, but must be boxed and never used during the run.
-Togepi is a gift Pokemon.
-Game Corner Pokemon are not gift Pokemon. However, as per restriction, I can only get one Pokemon at each Game Corner.
-Legendaries fall into the same boat as gift Pokemon.
-Sudowoodo, Snorlax, and the Red Gyarados fall into the same boat as legendaries.
-My Pokemon must not be higher leveled than the next Gym Leader/Champion's highest leveled Pokemon.

AHHHHH!!!.........I'm shrinking!

Elm talks to me. "Hi, what's your name?" I call myself Nuzlock (stupid 7-character limit), since that is what I am here to do. Oh, he has a Pokemon for me? How nice. I guess I'll take Cyndaquil. Oh, a nickname? What about Smogon? Yeah.


Smogon the lv. 5 Cyndaquil
Nature: Quiet <----(fail)

All right! I have no Pokeballs, so the first Pokemon I see, I will have to come back and catch. I see... a Pidgey. All right! I go to Cherrygrove now. Oh look! The guide gentelman! OOH! Running Shoes!

I proceed to see which Pokemon I have to catch in Route 30...

I encounter a level 3 Caterpie.

*kills it*

*5 Pidgey and 10 Caterpie later*

Oh, Mr. Pokemon's house! You want me to take this piece of crap egg back to Elm? Certainly! *cough* derp *cough*

Oh, a red-haired boy! I will battle him!

*proceeds to 2HKO his Totodile*

That was easy.

*heads back to lab*

The police guy gives me the opportunity to name that red-haired dude. I think I'll call him DRDEK.

Lyra teaches my character how to catch Pokemon. Whatever.

*5 million Sentret later*

*catches a lv. 2 Pidgey*


Aeolus the lv. 2 Pidgey
Bashful Nature

On to Route 30!

*catches a Caterpie*


Oglemi the lv. 3 Caterpie
Rash Nature
-String Shot

Let's defeat all the trainers in Routes 30 and 31 with Smogon!

*does so*

Holy crap! Oglemi is evolving! Oglemi evolved into Butterfree.

Now let's see what we get on Route 31, since before I only encountered Pidgeys and Caterpies.

*10 Caterpie later*

A wild Bellsprout appeared!

*catches it*


Great Sage the lv.3 Bellsprout
-Vine Whip

That's great. Maybe it'll be a Cut slave...

Let's go to Sprout Tower!

*Wild Rattata appeared!*


Bloo the lv. 4 Ratatta
-Quick Attack

Another HM slave... Great.

*Solos tower with Oglemi.*

Oglemi is evolving again! Oglemi is now a Butterfree!

I head into the Gym...

Trainer 1: Easy solo for Smogon
Trainer 2: Easy solo for Smogon

Falkner: I lead with Oglemi as he leads with Pidgey. Easy 2HKO as Oglemi takes 3 damdge from Tackle. Then I switch to Smogon for some Ember spamming. Pidgeotto comes in, takes a few Embers, Gusts me a few times, Roosts a few times, and is now on super low HP. That was Falkner's mistake, because he should have Roosted earlier. I Quick Attack for the KO. Then Smogon evolves. :)

Badges: 1
Team Members: 5
Deaths: 0

From MVP to LVP:


Smogon the lv. 14 Quilava
-Quick Attack

Could have soloed Falkner. Too bad...


Oglemi the lv. 10 Butterfree
-String Shot

Soloed Sprout Tower, took down Falkner's Pidgey. Last run my Butterfree took 11 damage from Falkner's Pidgeotto's Gust. 11 damage from a super-effective attack. That's insane.


Bloo the lv. 4 Ratatta
-Quick Attack
-Rock Smash

HM slave... sigh...


Great Sage the lv. 3 Bellsprout
-Vine Whip

Ratatta is a better HM slave even...


Aeolus the lv. 2 Pidgey

Didn't train him at all. sigh. At least he's a good Fly slave.

On to Route 32!

...Wait what do you mean I have to pick up that egg? Screw that egg, it's a gift Pokemon...Fine, I'll take it, if only for the Everstone later...

Time to head out to Route 32! I first have to do something...

*uses Repel*

Oh wow, I only need one Repel for this Route? Great! Time to get that Old Rod and catch myself a future powerhouse!

*Wild Magikarp appeared!*

Oglemi Sleeps it, then knoks it down to yellow health. Pokeball is thrown, Magikarp is caught!


tennisace the lv. 10 Magikarp

On to finish Route 32!

*a couple of trainers later...*

Union Cave! Yay for Geodude!

*Wild Sandshrew appeared!*

Fuck this game.

I go through Union Cave, which has the most underleveled Pokemon ever. Then I go through Route 33 and to Azalea.

Kurt wants me to help him in Slowpoke Well? OK then.

You broke your back? There's a ladder goddamnit!

*Fishes up Vader the Goldeen*

Nice HM slave...

*solos TR Grunts (TR derps from now on) with Oglemi*

-Proton leads with Zubat. Oglemi OHKOs with Confusion.
-Proton sends out Koffing. Oglemi OHKOs with Confusion.

Wow. That was easy.

Time to grind in the gym.

tennisace is Level 16, Oglemi 14, Smogon 17. Let's go.

-Bugsy leads with Scyther. I lead with tennisace.
-tennisace takes a U-Turn and Tackles Metapod.
-Switch to Smogon as Metapod tackles.
-Switch back to tennisace as Kakuna comes out.
-Switch to Oglemi, who takes a Poison Sting.
-Switch back to tennisace.
-Scyther comes out.
-Smogon takes a U-Turn on the way in.
-Smogon takes another U-Turn.
-tennisace levels up.
-Smogon levels up.
-Hive Badge get!

Current Team (MVP to LVP):


Smogon the lv. 18 Quilava
-Quick Attack

Could have soloed Bugsy if I felt like letting it.


Oglemi the lv. 14 Butterfree
-String Shot

Completely beast. Took down all those TR derps.

tennisace the lv. 17 Magikarp

Taking attacks and doing nothing like a true derp would.


Bloo the lv. 4 Ratatta
-Quick Attack
-Rock Smash

HM slave... sigh...


Aeolus the lv. 2 Pidgey

Didn't train him at all. sigh. At least he's a good Fly slave.

Vader the lv. 10 Goldeen
(stupid moveset)

Another HM slave. At least more useful Pokemon are coming.

From now on, I will just summarize what happens each chapter since I'm too lazy to write.

-Exits Azalea Gym.
-Runs into Rival DRDEK.
-Oglemi OHKOs Gastly.
-Oglemi OHKOs Zubat.
-Oglemi Sleeps Croconaw.
-Proceed to 8HKO.
-That was easy.
-Goes into Ilex Forest.
-Catches Paras.
-Annoying Farfetch'd thing...
-Gets Cut, teaches Cut to Bloo.
-Gets through Ilex after teaching Smogon Headbutt.
-Gets TM12 Taunt.
-Wild Abra appeared the moment I step into the grass on Route 34.
-Sleeps and catches it.
-Names it Alaka.
-Goes into the Daycare.
-Lyra's Grandma is just perverted...
-Checks PC.
-Withdraws Alaka, who is holding a TwistedSpoon (5% chance), is male, and has a Bold nature.
-But first, on to the Goldenrod Game Corner!
-10 minutes later, I have King S the Dratini.
-Goes into Gym.
-Defeats lackeys.
-Challenges Whitney.

The challenger stares down Whitney, and throws his Pokeball. Out comes a Quilava. Whitney sends out her Clefairy. Smogon the Quilava 2HKOs Clefairy with Ember as Clefairy decides to DoubleSlap for 8 Damage. Then the challenger switches to his Butterfree, Oglemi. Whitney sends out her Miltank, which does massive damage with Rollout. Oglemi launches some powder filled with narcotics, but the cow Miltank eats its Lum Berry. Miltank then tries another Rollout, which is aimed at tennisace the Magikarp. It then tries another one, but misses. It then decides to start Stomping. After a while of going back and forth and healing, Challenger Nuzlock decides he can stall no longer, and heals Oglemi. He then switches to his prepared death fodder, Haunter the Unown, for a free switch-in. Haunter is obliterated by a Stomp, and Nuzlock mourns his death. However, it did not die for nothing. Oglemi comes in, tanks a Rollout, and puts Whitney's cow into a drug-induced coma. He then switches to King S the Dratini. King S has a secret ace-Dragon Rage. Dragon Rage 2HKOs Miltank, which fails to wake up, at Whitney's dismay. The second Dragon Rage takes the cow down and out. Whitney cries at her own defeat, but finally she decides to give Nuzlock the Plain Badge, and TM45 Attract, which is useless. Nuzlock buries Haunter in his PC and moves on.

-Starts in Goldenrod.
-Realizes I didn't catch anything Route 33.
-Headbutts a tree.
-Lv. 4 Heracross appears.
-Welcome to the team PK Gaming!
-Enters the Bug Catching Contest.
-Steps into grass.
-Finds a Scyther.
-Rather redundant with Heracross, but welcome to the team Philip7086!
-Waters and catches Jimera the Sudowoodo.
-Boxes Jimera because he is one of the "Overworld Pokemon", which I have banned.
-Time to grind for Morty.
-tennisace is a bitch to grind.
-Buys the TM for Swords Dance at Game Corner.
-Teaches it to Philip7086.
-Challenges Morty

The challenger Nuzlock stares down Morty, as he sends out Gastly. Philip7086 is sent out, and immediately uses Agility and 3 Swords Dances as Gastly pitifully Licks away. Nuzlock uses a Super Potion, followed by a Paralyz Heal, then Pursuits Gastly to death. Gengar appears. Pursuit OHKOs. Haunter appears. Pursuit OHKOs. Haunter appears. Pursuit OHKOs. Morty appears. Pursuit OHKOs. (loljk) FOG BADGE GET!!!

-Exits Ecruteak to the west.
-Makes it through Route 38.
-Makes it through Route 39.
-This girl gives me a call.
-A guy gave her something...
-It was a Thunderstone, which she gave to me!
-But first, the Lighthouse!
-Finishes Lighthouse.
-Grinds, and evolves tennisace. (Finally!)
-On to Route 40!
-Wild Tentacruel.
-Many near-death experiences.
-Screw this...
-Puts Alaka in the lead position.
-Alaka is level 28 at the end of the route, everyone else is ~level 23.
-Time to grind Philip7086.
-Easily beats gym trainers.
-Challenges Chuck.
-Rock Slide OHKOs Philip7086.
-Challenges Chuck again.

The challenger Nuzlock faces down the leader, Chuck. Chuck chucks down his Primape's Pokeball, as Nuzlock sends out Alaka. Alaka lets loose a terrifying Psybeam at Primape, who faints in one hit. Then the challenger switches out to his Scyther, Philip7086. Scyther dances with his Swords once, getting hit by a ridiculously weak Focus Punch from Poliwrath. It then proceeds to 2HKO with Wing Attack. As a last resort, Poliwrath launches a Surf, but it does not KO Scyther, as Wing Attack KOs Poliwrath. STORM BADGE GET!!!

-Leaves Cianwood.
-Flies on Aeolus to Olivine.
-Delivers the medicine.
-Unlocked Safari Zone.
-Went through Route 47 and 48.
-Gets to the Safari Zone.
-Goes back to Olivine.
-Everyone is now lv. 26.
-Challenges Jasmine.

The challenger Nuzlock faces down the leader, Jasmine. Jasmine tosses out a Magnemite, which is promptly OHKOed by PK Gaming's Brick Break. The next Magnemite also meets the same fate. Then Steelix comes out as Nuzlock swaps to Smogon, who launches a Fire Blast, which melts the iron snake, reforming it into a more pure form of iron with all the hematite removed. (Technically if you remove the hematite there'd be nothing left, but whatever.) Steelix is OHKOed and forged into a sword, with which Nuzlocke kills Jasmine with (lol jk). MINERAL BADGE GET!!!

(Next chapter, something WILL die.)

-Flies to Ecruteak.
-Gets out Vader.
-Surfs to Mahogany.
-Sees Suicune,and that weird Eusine guy.
-Battles some ridiculously weak trainers.
-Goes up Route 43.
-Catches a Girafarig.
-Goes into the Lake of Rage.
-Catches RGB the Shiny Gyarados, who is my first encounter in Lake of Rage, so I don't need to box him.
-I do anyways, because tennisace has EVs. (Suck on his lime cock!)
-Meets Lance.
-Goes into the Rocket Hideout.
-Triggers an alarm.
-Disables the alarms.
-WTF??? The wild Geodude and Koffing traps are lv. 21, and the grunts' Pokemon are levels 17-20 lol.
-Geodude blows himself up on PK Gaming.
-Time to run from more wild encounters, I don't want anyone to die.
-Goes into the lower floor.
-Gets the two passwords from two different Team Rocket Grunts Derps. (really?)
-Goes into Petrel's office.
-Gets the password to the Electrode room via Murkrow.
-Beats up Petrel with Alaka.
-Enters the Electrode room, only to be ambushed by Ariana and a Derp.
-Level 40 Dragonite? Oh, fine...
-Catches an Electrode, faints the rest.
-Gets through Gym.

Before I summarize my challenge of Pryce, I would like you to know that death will happen soon. If you do not wish to see that death, close this hide tag.

The challenger Nuzlock faces down the leader, Pryce. Nuzlock releases his Scyther, Philip7086. Pryce, having heard of what happened to Morty, sends out Seel and whispers to it. Nuzlock overhears, "...Once you get it up, die." He orders Philip7086 to set up on the helpless Seel, 2 Swords Dances should suffice. Seel then sets up Hail, and Philip7086 Swords Dances. Seel then uses Rest, healing off the 6% it took from Hail damage. (It's only Water-type) Philip7086 proceeds to annihilate both Seel and Dewgong with Wing Attack, but fails to take out Piloswine as it eats a Blizzard.

Hail is still up.

Piloswine has Snow Cloak.

Wing Attack missed...

And Philip7086 fell to Blizzard.

PK Gaming came in and revenged his fellow Bug-type.

If I had grinded a little more, it would have OHKOed that Piloswine...

Forgive me Philip7086...


Philip7086 the Scyther
Caught: Chapter 4
Defeated: Morty, Chuck's Poliwrath
Died: Chapter 8, at Level 25
Died because: Wing Attack missed.

EDIT: Now that I do the calcs, it seems that Philip7086 had a 35% chance of OHKOing...

EDIT 2: NVM, the calc assumes Technician...

-Got a call about Team Rocket.
-Thought I would try to replace Philip7086.
-Pulled out aesoft the Magnemite.
-Gave it the EXP Share.
-Time to dominate some Rockets!
-Sneaks into Radio Tower.
-Oh come on, DRDEK...
-At least the Grunt Derp gave aesoft EXP.
-Beats up all the Grunts.
-Comes to Petrel.
-Koffing comes out. Alaka OHKOs.
-Rinse and repeat 4 more times.
-Rinse and repeat, except now with a Weezing instead of a Koffing.
-Gets the Basement Key.
-Finds the Director.
-Gets up to Petrel.
-Alaka sweeps him.
-PK Gaming is brought down to 8 HP with a crit from Ariana. (Pretty good because it has a Mild nature.)
-Switches in Alaka into Arbok.
-I forgot it had Crunch.
-That Bold nature sure helped.
-Alaka hangs on with 11 HP.
-Time to heal.
-Challenges Archer.
-PK Gaming OHKOs Houndour.
-Alaka OHKOs Weezing.
-tennisace Intimidates Houndoom.
-Houndoom is 4HKOed by Dragon Rage...
-Faint Attack crits...
-tennisace lives with 6 HP.
-tennisace lands the finishing blow.
-Goes through Route 44.
-Gets to the Ice Path.
-Catches ItsARandom the Swinub.
-Gets HM07 Waterfall.
-tennisace finally gets a Physical STAB.
-Gets to the Strength puzzle.
-I remembered my last HG run.
-Solves the Strength puzzle.
-Exits into Blackthorn.
-Now everyone is Level 40.
-Enters Clair's Gym.
-tennisace proceeds to own her lackeys.
-Challenges Clair.

The challenger and the leader square off...

Next chapter.

Wait, what do you mean I can't do that? Well, too bad. Besides, you don't want to see deaths in consecutive episodes, right?


tennisace the lv. 40 Gyarados-Route 32 (I repeled the rest of the route.)
PK Gaming the lv. 40 Heracross-Route 33 <-----(How lucky am I?)
Alaka the lv. 40 Kadabra-Route 34
Smogon the lv. 40 Typhlosion-New Bark Town
King S the lv. 40 Dragonair-Goldenrod Game Corner
Rotating between:
-ItsARandom the lv. 40 Piloswine-Ice Path
-aesoft the lv. 40 Magneton-Route 39

Badges: 7
Deaths: 2

HM Slaves and useless shit.

Haunter the lv. 5 Unown-healfodder in Whitney battle
Philip7086 the lv. 25 Scyther-Snow Cloak. MEH.

Nickname theme:
Sorry I haven't had time to update folks. But it's coming.

However, I'm on my way to the Elite 4 without a single death. Feraligatr/Togekiss/Noctowl/Butterfree/Magnezone/Mamoswine. Golem was boxed, as I knew its endgame performance would be subpar compared to Mamoswine.
Part 2: To Violet City!

(Double posting like a boss. I'm in the mood to write.)

I immediately regretted heading out onto Route 29 at night, it was dark as hell itself. Arietta didn't seem to mind it as much as I did, perhaps she was just eager for adventure. Given my previous exploits, I was slightly less confident. Still, Silver had to be stopped before it was too late, so I really had no say in the matter. Fortunately, I started out lucky on this journey, as a red light peered out at me from the trees. I recognised this as a Hoothoot using Foresight. Could it light our way? Of course! With no trouble, Arietta subdued it, and Bishop the Hoothoot, our living torch, was added to the team.

Of course, this description does not nearly do the calm owl Pokémon justice, but we'll get to that.

My first instinct was to check Route 46, to the north. The cliff wall was sheer, so there was no way Silver could get anywhere if he'd come through, but it never hurts to check. He could always be camping. He wasn't, of course, otherwise this would be incredibly short, but I did capture a rather bashful Geodude, who I named Aegis. Not a wasted trip at any rate. Cherrygrove City proved fruitless for information too. Nobody had so much as seen Silver, even when he'd battled me earlier. It was almost as though he didn't exist. It was at this point I decided Violet City was my next best bet. It was a hub of activity, and there was a Pokémon Gym - a likely draw for Silver.

So, in the morning, we set out, catching a small Caterpie named Buggo along the way. I thought it wouldn't be useful to me, but one look at those hilariously disproportionate eyes, and I was totally sold on him. Naughty bastard.

The team continued to grow strong, with Arietta, Bishop, and Aegis quickly reaching level 10 before Violet City. I didn't want to train Buggo yet, as I was still nervous about using switch training with a freshly caught team, even if Aegis could withstand any attack that life threw at him. His time came though, in the Sprout Tower.

I'd heard in Violet's Pokémon Centre that a red-headed boy had been seen entering the Tower about half an hour ago. My heart skipped a beat, was the quest over already? Hell no, but you knew that already.

Sprout Tower is a strange monument in Violet City. The Sages who inhabit it have devoted their lives to learning the way of the Bellsprout. That said, it's made for a remarkably strong structure. It's like a willow tree, that bends in the wind, but never breaks, aided by the counterbalancing middle beam. It's a genius piece of old engineering, and many architects make regular pilgrimages. However, I have no interest in that sort of thing. What I was interested in was the thieving visitor on his way to the top. Knowing that all trainers in this area used Bellsprout as their main Pokémon, I decided to give Buggo a trial run. It worked out well, he handled every Vine Whip that came his way like it was nothing, and Tackled his foes into submission. I was proud of him. Such a tiny caterpillar, such a wrecking ball. By the end, he'd even evolved into a Butterfree, making him the de facto strongest member of the team.

It taught me never to underestimate my Pokémon, I'll never fully know what they're capable of.

Anyway, at the top of the Tower, we ran into Silver, who had apparently just handed the Elder Sage a punishing curb-stomp battle.

"Your battle style... Ruthless. Unfeeling. Uncaring. You seem to care nothing for your Pokémon, as though they are merely your tools. I promise you boy, this attitude will get you nowhere."

"Shut up, weakling!" And with that, Silver struck the old man across the face, and he fell to the floor. "I have no use for people like you! Now hand over the move!"

"HEY!" I couldn't stand to see him disrespecting this old man so much. It was despicable. "Show some respect! You're coming back to New Bark with me, Silver. We have much to discuss."

"You again? The weakling I flattened in Cherrygrove? YOU'RE going to make me come back? HA!" What was wrong with this guy? Not only had I been the one to flatten him, he was obviously deranged. I couldn't let him escape, and sprinted for him, ready to tackle him. But in a blink, he had looted the Sage's robes for something, and leapt out the window, rappelling down the Tower with an Escape Rope. Now I'm sorry, but I was NOT about to try some shit like that. By the time I could run down the stairs, he would be halfway to Azalea Town no doubt. I groaned. Nothing I could do.

The Sage was fine by the way, he was just in shock from being struck so forcefully, and promptly mugged. "That boy... He was afflicted by the Nuzlocke curse, wasn't he..." I nodded.

"Like me. But I've got to stop him. He's a thief, and has no idea what he's doing."

"Then please... Take this. You'll need it, the HM for Rock Smash. But you can't use it without Falkner's Gym Badge."

"Falkner? This City's gym leader? No thanks, I don't do Gyms. I'm not out for that sort of thing any more."

"I'm afraid there's no choice, you need the Zephyr Badge's authorisation to use it... And if Silver already has it, then..." I saw his logic. I was trapped. To continue chasing Silver, I would need to take the Pokémon Gym Challenge, so that I was authorised to use Hidden Machines in the Johto region. Of course, this raised the question of why I couldn't use my badges from Sinnoh or Kanto, but as I later found out, they were region-locked. What a brilliant move.

I booked a match with Falkner for the next day, so that we had time to prepare - I wasn't about to lose another Pokémon, even if it meant Silver gained a sizeable lead. I'd travel through nights if I had to.

I needn't have worried though, Aegis swept through Falkner's bird Pokémon without breaking a sweat. But there was one more distraction for me in Violet City.

*ring ring, ring ring*


"Joshua! Professor Elm here. It's as we suspected - the Egg was nothing all that special."

"Good to know it was a waste of time for all involved."

"Well, maybe not! I have no use for it, but would you like to take it then? It contains a rare Pokémon you might get use out of."

"Really now? Well, you have my interest..."

(Yes, I know that the Elder gives you Flash. Artistic license!)
Well thanks for being sooo helpful guys /sarcasm

Anyways at relic castle, when will team plasma learn scrafty owns all
team thus far:
Typhoon the swampert
Dante the scrafty (MVP) :D
Blitzen the archeops
Spectre the co(BAN ME PLEASE)rigus

Chaos sadly died to a crit ice beam from brycen </3
Sorry about the double post but no one is posting so w/e

at Victory road

Typhoon the swampert
Dante the scrafty
Blitzen the archeops
IronHide the escaviler
Jose the throh
Chomper the dieno

So should i keep deino or just train the other 5
Actual help would be nice this time
Sorry about the double post but no one is posting so w/e

at Victory road

Typhoon the swampert
Dante the scrafty
Blitzen the archeops
IronHide the escaviler
Jose the throh
Chomper the dieno

So should i keep deino or just train the other 5
Actual help would be nice this time
Is that a typo or something? Because that doesnt naturally occur in B/W not without trading or transfering(which I believe is against nuzlocke rules).
I say train all 6.
Just beat the second gym in my nuzlocke run of emerald.
The Team -
Raymond/Combusken - lv18 - Male (Littleroot Town)
Tori/Poochyena - lv16 - Female (Route 104)
Skye/Wingull - lv16 - Female (Route 110)
Stanley/Geodude - lv16 - Male (Granite Cave)
Harris/Nincada - lv16 - Male (Route 116)
Lilly/Lombre - lv16 - Female (Route 102)
Lois/Magikarp - lv11 - Female (Route 106)
Alice/Beautifly - lv13 - Female (Petalburg Woods as Wurmple) (Took a crit from a wild Aron's Metal Claw in Granite Cave) :@
Trudy/Whismur - lv15 - Female (Rusturf Tunnel) (Wasn't paying attention and accidently sent her in against Brawly's Makuhita.... it never stood a chance) :'(
3rd Badge is MINE!!! :D
The Team -
Harris/Ninjask - lv20 EVOOOLVED :D (wanted both him and shedinja, but can't as they would both be from Route 116...)
Raymond/Combusken lv22
Lois/Gyarados - lv20 EVOOOOOOOLVED!!!!! (so.... much... grinding...)
Lilly/Lombre - lv21
Stanley/Geodude - lv23
Kandi/Poochyena - lv13 (Route 117)
EMPTY... :(
Graveyard -
Alice/Beautifly - lv13
Trudy/Whismur - lv15
Tori/Poochyena - lv17 (...damn crits.)
Skye/Wingull - lv20 (In Wattson's gym, it battled against a volbeat, until.... Volbeat used....shock wave... :( )
Is that a typo or something? Because that doesnt naturally occur in B/W not without trading or transfering(which I believe is against nuzlocke rules).
I say train all 6.
I borrowed my little brothers action replay

Anyway thanks for the help- i think i will train dieno, zwelios hits like a truck on steroids so it all good

Yes I am low-life degenerate hacking scum

EDIT: Route 10 is now nothing more than a mass of broken Audino corpses
Showsni, i must say, your nuzlocke is brilliant! It is very funny, my favourite part was the "i did not hit her, i did not! .. Oh hai may"
that reference is genius, keep up the good work!

Also aopsuser yours is fantastic if only for the fact that you made tennisace a magikarp lol
His team fully leveled, QWAZ walked slowly towards the the elite 4s door, He pushed it open with one mighty push and cried thunderesly
"Come at me elite bro, cause its clobberin' time

If you cant tell im about to destroy the elite four AWWWWWWWWWWW YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH
That feel when I start a Soul Silver nuzlocke and the very first Pokemon I catch (not including starter) is a careful shiny Wooper! First shiny since I got Ruby years ago, yew!
I started a Nuzelock on Pokemon Silver and am about to challenge the first gym.

Trainer Name: X-Treme
Pokemon (in Party): PsnTrolol(Kakuna), Blade Hair(Chikorita), SexyAndINo(Pidgy)
RIP: Rat(Rattatt)

-I cannot use the PC
-I can only catch the first pkmn in a route, unless it is a repeat
-If a pkmn faints, then i put in the PC and never use it again
-If a pkmn faints in the most trolled situation, I am allowed to decide if it can be used again
(I had a Kakuna with +5 defense against a Hoothoot that was poisoned. When it had 2 HP left, it got a crit and killed my Kakuna. I was so pissed, that I just granted Kakuna a "resurrection")
-I must nickname all my pokemon

-Creamed my rival
-Got to top of Sprout Tower and got Flash.
-About to challenge Flying Type Gym, which kind of sucks as all my guys are weak to it besides pidgey, whose defenses are shit anyway.
Marble101 said:
-If a pkmn faints in the most trolled situation, I am allowed to decide if it can be used again
(I had a Kakuna with +5 defense against a Hoothoot that was poisoned. When it had 2 HP left, it got a crit and killed my Kakuna. I was so pissed, that I just granted Kakuna a "resurrection")
Really? Come on. Crits are part of the game.
Ok, new Nuzlocke. Been a while since I attempted one, and I've never finished one. Anyways, rules are standard, and I'm playing Emerald.

I've made it to Petalburg City so far.

Current Team List:


Gulia the Mudkip
Lv. 7
Nature: Docile

Currently the best team member, and will be a key member to come.

Sundavr the Poochyena
Lv. 5
Nature: Careful

Going to be replaced as soon as I get a better Pokemon. What better means is variable.

Hvitr the Ralts
Lv. 5
Nature: MODEST

I cannot believe I got this one. He's a definite part of my final team, what with being one of the better Special attackers in the game, and having a Modest nature too boot!


Thelduin the Wurmple
Lv. 2-Lv.5

Died while helping Hvitr to gain XP. It was a bad way to go...
-If a pkmn faints in the most trolled situation, I am allowed to decide if it can be used again
(I had a Kakuna with +5 defense against a Hoothoot that was poisoned. When it had 2 HP left, it got a crit and killed my Kakuna. I was so pissed, that I just granted Kakuna a "resurrection")
I've got to agree with AOPSUser, and I've even mentioned it a few times in the videos I'm doing for my own Nuzlocke Challenge. Crits are where the 'unpredictability' part of Nuzlocke difficulty comes into play. I've lost two Pokemon in my own challenge due to crits that I felt were bs, but I just mourned their deaths and then moved on.

Speaking of my own Nuzlocke Challenge for Fire Red, I finally have some progress I can speak of. I apologize for not having any updates (and that I only have one new episode of my challenge to offer you) but now that I've started my Spring semester of college and have classes as well as an internship, my free time is pretty much nonexistant on weekdays now except for the two hours I have when I wake up before I have to leave, and I usually spend those with my girlfriend. Anyway, episode 7 is my newest update after needing a few different days to ultimately get everything recorded. I had my own "trolled situation" that cost me a Pokemon while I was grinding (luckily, I record my grinding sessions just in case of something like this even if I don't show the grinding in the video) but I pushed on to beat my rival in Cerulean City and clear through Nugget Bridge (except for the guy at the end that gives you the prize). My entire team at the moment, however (except for my Ivysaur) is part-Flying, which isn't going to make things easy for me moving forward, but it's the hand I was dealt and I just have to accept it.

My Rules Video
Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7 <----- NEW
Well the elite four were piss easy so should i go to beat alder or make new game? If i make a new game which starter should i hack (not mudkip or unova starters)

Typhoon lv.53
brick brake

hi jump kick
rock slide
rock clime

storm throw
rock slide
bulk up

Iron hide
swords dance
iron head
false swipe
SUMMARY: slow and stady wins the race

Dragon pulse
Body slam
Work up

Blitzen was murdered by n's arceopse's stone edge RIP
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