Obligatory "I can RNG now" Giveaway (Over. Mods, please lock.)

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Haha A e t h e r, I thought your old giveaway was re-opened, or you used the same title again O.o
Anyways, nice giveaway ^^
hey mate if you need someone to distribute i can help for sure!
I am able to trade late at night for people who want them!
I can use files. i could even put it in a GTS distro for 1day only (with only reshiram in there) for people to have (depends if you want everyone to have it or not)
But i can distibute to whom ever you like :)
let me know and i can give you my email to send the file
Congratulations, what a nice first RNG ^^
Looks like someone is in dire need of a distributor ;) I can distribute. It's just a .pkm file right? Then I can clone through ir-GTS for you and trade it to other people. The only thing is I don't have a lot of time today but I'm surely able to trade almost all day tomorrow. My timezone is GMT+2 which will help distributing it to other European Smogoners ;) Just lemme know ^^
@everyone: Thanks for the congratulations :)

It seems that pkm files are no longer permitted on Smogon? I have requested more information from a moderator; the giveaway will be on hold until I get a reply and can determine the best way to proceed.
Update again:

Giveaway has restarted! And... is maybe sort of over? I'll need to hear back from potential distributors before people can start receiving things, but I'll be able to distribute in about thirteen hours if IR-GTS wants to be nice and let me get more clones. I'll probably up the winners to 25 if all of my distributors give me the okay.
i would love one since i got white i cant get reshiram
but by any chance do u have a DS distributor that can send it?
and really nice RNG, how did you RNG in pokemon black and white?
So everybody that wants one can contact me if they're online in 4/5 hours (have to go to school now). I'll be online allmost the full day (except for dinner). Will also be distributing it in the weekends for ya.
Hey i noticed an empty spot on number "01" I was wondering if there was any point in hoping that there's still one left? =D lol
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