Official Pizza Topping Tier List

lol drcossack tier. glad I randomly came back here and actually got a joke.

Bell peppers are great though, and should not be ranked amongst the lowly anchovies. Onions would be in my Top or S tier for sure, love them on everything.
I know I was blasted due to my earlier post on this, but can we consider Shrimp Garlic on mid-tier. It sounds gimmicky, but they really tastes good. Kinda rare though but if you find one, try it!


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Actually Canadian Bacon is closer to Ham than Bacon. It's called "Pork Roll" or "Taylor Ham" in New Jersey because they insist on being different than everyone else. I hate this state...


A lot of people are dismissing Bacon as gimmicky and the least strong flavor of the meats, but I strongly disagree there.

Finally, who else agrees: the more grease that drips out the back of your FOLDED pizza slice, the better the pizza is?
After the success of a Chocolate and cheese sandwich that I had the other day, I considered chocolate on a pizza.
Was it Good? No
Was it Great?

no, it was fucking appalling. Never Eaten Tier!!!!
I tried something kind of interesting and inventive yesterday. Some people dismiss it as a gimmick, and you definitely won't see it too often, but Fried Calimari on a pizza is simply amazing. I was skeptical because if it's overcooked, it can be kind of rubbery, but calimari pizza was sosososososo good.

I'd recommend a thin crust, not too greasy, good amount of sauce, and put some crushed red pepper and some grated parmesean on there to accompany the fried calimari.

If you don't like calimari, don't dismiss this combination because if you obviously don't like calimari by itself, you won't like it on a pizza. But if you like it on its own, I seriously recommend you try it on your pizza sometime.
Anchovies need to be suspect tested. They're a highly specialised choice, and tricky to use properly, but can pay off well. The temptation is to spam them, but like any choice item, it's best not to go overboard.

Anchovy, capers and onions/chili create a strong, puttanesca-esque core that's tough to beat.

Sweetcorn is often overlooked in pizza-building. It partners well with chicken, supporting with crucial sweetness and a little bit of crunch. One layer is normally enough to ensure maximum effectiveness. Mid-tier, for sure.

It can also act as a wild card on the rarely-seen BBQ pizza, which normally runs chicken, ground beef, pepperoni/sausage and BBQ sauce, with a nominal vegetable. Normally you'd see onions or possibly bell peppers in this slot, but try running sweetcorn to max out the sweet flavours.


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bell peppers are S-tier. the crunch of putting the green ones on raw is undeniable, and the ability to balance the fennel in Italian sausage is incredible. the added bit of sweetness that comes from roasting the red ones and putting them on is rivaled only by the saltiness of pepperoni. the easiest standard pizza (ie. ≤ 3 ingredients) has to be pepperoni, roasted/sauteed red bell peppers and caramelized red onion (also an S-tier topping). using this as a base, it is IMPOSSIBLE to fuck up, add whatever you want and it's still going to be amazing.

speaking of bell peppers and vegetables in general, a good rule of thumb: if it's green, put it on raw. if it's not green, saute/roast it first for maximum flavor.

Italian sausage is ok IN EXTREME MODERATION but is severely overrated. adding any more than "a little" will result in tasting nothing (NOTHING) but fennel seed. properly seasoned ground beef rivals Italian sausage on a pizza, you guys are kidding yourselves.

olives are also a great staple, salty with a flavor that complements any pizza.
anchovies are vastly underrated, you (BAN ME PLEASE)s are crazy.
mushrooms are, without a doubt, the worst pizza topping ever. they turn the texture of the cheese from "stretchy but firm" to "disgusting and semi-solid," like semen or something. remember: you can't spell "mushroom" without "mush."
roasted garlic is high-tier. the roasting takes away the bite that raw garlic has.
pineapple: also vastly underrated and the only reason pizza with barbecue sauce was ever invented. the sweetness of the pineapple balances out the saltiness of pepperoni and ham in a way nothing else can, and lends a wonderful complement to the spiciness of toppings such as jalapeño and crushed red pepper.
spinach is excellent and also very healthy!
basil, somehow not mentioned, always very delicious.

but obviously the most important thing is making sure the toppings complement each other. as a pizza aficionado, I've come to the conclusion that just about ANYTHING can be put on a pizza with the right support.

some good pizza topping combinations:
1. pepperoni/red onion/red bell pepper/grilled chicken/spinach/roasted garlic
2. pineapple/green onion/smoked alligator sausage/jalapeño
3. basil/black olives/artichoke hearts/shrimp



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Egg. You guys think I'm joking? Seriously, try it. Spinach+Ham+Egg is a cracking (ha ha ha... get it?) combinataion on pizza. Could be really quite effective in the lower tiers.


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I thought we established that the best low tier pizza is Pineapple+Jalapeno+Garlic

Chill Murray

get well soon jacoby..
The standard pizza that we will be assuming that the toppings are placed on will be a thick crust, red sauce, and mozzarella cheese pizza.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, back the fuck up kid. Thick crust? A regular pie is always thin crust, unless you're from Chicago. The rest of your tier list is shitty, too, but asking a Californian to put together a Pizza Topping Tier list is like asking an American to put together a Cheese Tier list.

I guess that leaves someone from a place that actually knows how to make pizza to make the tier list, right? FUCK THAT WE'RE DOING A POWER RANKING!

1. Mushrooms
2. Sausage
3. Bell Peppers
4. Eggplant
5. Bacon
6. Pepperoncini
7. Sun Dried Tomatoes
8. Black Olives
9. Pepperoni
10. Spinach
11. Chicken
12. Onions
13. Jalapeños

9001. Pineapple
9002. Green Olives
9003. Extra Cheese

Unranked: Anchovies

This list assumes that you are only getting the one topping on the pizza (thin crust, marinara, mix of parmigiana and mozzarella cheese). Of course, combinations will alter the relative value of each topping (sausage, pepper, and onion combining to make one of the GOAT pies).


Banned deucer.
You guys banned Ham + Pineapple? Wow. Go on and ban everything else that's good. (Except pepperoni, which is awful and should not be ranked so high. More proof that no one here can tier).

I know people are saying bacon is gimmicky, and it is. However, the Canadian variant needs to be high tier.
Red and yellow bell peppers are amazing when paired with Chicken. Chicken and Mushroom is pretty good too. If you want something more edgy, some places offer Chicken Tikka which adds a lot of flavour. And I guess this isnt really a topping but basil pesto also tastes pretty good.

Also anyone who thinks pepperoni isnt S-tier is wrong

Chill Murray

get well soon jacoby..
Pepperoni tastes good, but adds way too much grease to the pizza. That grease is what made me rank pepperoni so low.


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Chill, you of all people should know the greasier the pizza, the better!

Also Pineapple should never be on pizza. Ever. Pizza is not a dessert or meant to be sweet in the slightest, so stop tainting it with fruit.

Chicken is pretty bland too, but it's great on a BBQ pizza (different discussion altogether)

Chilly I think you're underranking Onions and Spinach just a tad, probably because you personally don't like them. I realize you are assuming all of these as single entities, which makes the Onions a little more understandable, but Spinach? Spinach is a fantastic standalone topping on a good slice of New York pizza.

Also I challenge those of you who are dismissing Anchovies without trying them to at least give them a whirl in a controlled setting. You don't have to order an entire Anchovy pizza, but order some on the side and test them out. I can promise at least half of you (if not more) will change your view of Anchovies. You may not LOVE them, but you won't be so quick to blow them off instantly.

Finally, Margherita pizza isn't a topping, but damn is it good.
Spinach is great by itself but on a pizza... times are changing I guess Iv'e never seen a guy willingly order spinach on a pizza or any other green veggie. But I guess the guys I know are just "low tier" or have normal tastebuds.
Anything Canadian is banned for being way too terrible.
Nevermind my Canadian opinion is banned for being way too terrible. Dam.


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A regular pie is always thin crust, unless you're from Chicago.
Naw, mere thick crust is not the same thing as deep dish.

Scale of crust thickness
Thin Crust-----Thick Crust----------------------------------------Deep Dish

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