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These four oras teams have been public for a pretty long time now, but I figured I'd do an official / formal writeup explaining what I was thinking when I made the choices that I made

:xerneas: :latios-mega: :chansey: :yveltal: :scizor-mega: :aerodactyl-mega:

This is just a super standard 2014 style ph team. It uses a simple bp chain to pass subs into a soul dew latios. I find it kinda struggles vs spikestacks because of the single defog on sciz, but its main goal is to force these kind of teams into playing the short game where they usually can't contest a boosted latios. The biggest and most useful change I can think about on this team is replacing the yvel with ate kyu-b, and I think that synergizes better with the moonblast xern. Moonblast xern helps a lot with a ditto mu vs subpassers, as you can just sit back and break their sub when they pass to a sweeper so your yvel has an easier time knocking or pursuiting. Oblivion wing on latios is for outhealing if you get cursed (or if you need to pass a sub last second and you're under curse) and you heal up a TON when spamming obliv at like +2 or +4. Iron head is a free slot on yvel, you can just switch it to any old move that hits a common wg. I have it set to iron head bc i feel like people usually switch in audis or xerns vs this, but you can just as easily switch to sacred fire or leaf blade etc. Lum on yvel is for taking a spore vs gengar, and you can just pursuit or knock them for a near guaranteed ko.

:kyogre-primal: :salamence-mega: :deoxys-speed: :aerodactyl-mega: :electrode: :groudon-primal:

This team really really relies on playing the long game and picking off defoggers with aero. Tspikes or just toxic in general are pretty much your wincond, and your goal is to get everything toxic'd and outtoxic their aromatherapies. Because of your toxic wincond, I decided to run 2 different sacred fire users since that strat usually gets smashed by sciz or steelix or whatever busted steel they're using. Running tri-wg really helps you with the -atespeed and ohko mu. As for the actual team choices, I chose mence over ray because it's faster and more physically bulky. Double resisting uturns is really useful vs the scizor mu, which again is the one thing that stops this team in its tracks. Water shuriken is to break gengar subs and threaten aero since they both take a TON if it gets more than like 3 hits. Gear grind is just another filler move, you can switch it to whatever move threatens the WGs that you think is the worst for this team. This is probably the worst team out of the bunch, but like the 2nd most fun to use.

:landorus-therian: :drapion: :kyogre-primal: :diancie-mega: :latios-mega: :giratina:

I think this is one of my favorite teams that I've ever built because it shows the potential of an offensive tri-wg team. Imo this team is just super consistent and its main goal is just to get latios in to start spamming super high powered mold moves (like that one cb ray team i made a while ago, if anyone still has that paste send it to me please i miss that team). As for the exact team choices, lando is run as a pretty hard counter vs most hugepower mmx, as they usually don't run ice moves and barely ever run water moves unless it's the 2 mmx combo set. Drapion is heavily spdef invested to help the gengar / latios mu, you could change the set around to run lum > shed shell so you have a better chance if you get spored but then you lose vs aero pretty hard. In the end your aero mu doesn't matter too much because you're running tri wg but using lum shouldn't be completely disregarded. Kyogre is a similar set to the one on the mence team but it runs a more offensive EV spread to hit molds under sub / hit aero pretty hard. Diancie is pretty much required because of the kyurem / deo-s matchup, and it smacks both of those mons pretty hard (which is great bc they threaten lando, latios, and tina).

:mewtwo-mega-y: :mewtwo-mega-x: :mewtwo-mega-x: :kyurem-black: :arceus-flying: :deoxys-speed:

This team is absolutely incredible and it's by far the strongest offensive idea I've ever built around. This just absolutely ABUSES the fact that most of the non-wg meta dies to the kyu-b + deo-s offensive core. As soon as you get one or two mons down, you can usually just go in and clain another couple w/ sheer cold or espeeds or even more moves from the mewtwos. The wg here is completely your choice, I just chose arc since most special attackers don't really have much to hit it. This team is absolutely a blast to use, and I think overall i'm like 15-2 with it in roomtours / challenges, etc. Most of the time you're just playing to score an early KO in the first three turns, and it's incredibly consistent in doing so. The kyurem set is kinda wack and honestly I wouldn't blame you if you wanted to change to a more standard set or like sd > thousand arrows, but overall it performs pretty well. The only thing that would make this team better is a consistent rocks setter, so take that as you will if you decide to change it up.

Usually most of my strange choices on teams have a pretty solid purpose, so I hope this post kind of dispels (probably fact-based) rumors that I build without keeping certain strats in mind. Usually I'm a pretty deliberate builder, but my best teams tend to be ones that I experiment with a lot and they just kinda stick. At the moment I have a pretty long list of ideas and mons that I want to make work in the format, but it'll probably be a while until i decide to make another one of these teamdump and description posts, since I'm a very very slow builder.

mons on my radar for the future:
:zekrom: :bisharp: :garchomp-mega: :zapdos: :venusaur-mega: :pidgeot: :shuckle: :sceptile-mega:
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WrathoftheLeopard I like your teams. The only thing I didn't quite understand was the combination of Spore and Choice Band on your Mold Breaker Groudon-Primal. I think probably just sticking to attacking moves makes more sense on a set like that because it's only a 1/3 chance that using Spore will be any better than a normal hard switch, and that is assuming they don't have any counterplay. Maybe that is just on the set in case you lose your item I'm not sure. But some other options might be Extreme Speed, Trick, Sucker Punch, Pursuit, or Fusion Bolt.

Groudon-Primal @ Choice Band
Ability: Turboblaze
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Thousand Arrows
- V-create
- Spore ---> Extreme Speed / Trick / Sucker Punch / Pursuit / Fusion Bolt
- U-turn
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OM Leader
I am stepping down from the ORAS Hackmons leadership position.

dramlamb will be appointed as the new official ORAS Hackmons Leader. She has proven to be a well-known expert who has shown significant amounts of dedication towards developing the ORAS metagame. Not only does she have years worth of past experience and the amount of it exceeding everyone else, she has gone above and beyond participating as one of the heads of its VR and presenting thousands of ORAS sample sets for the metagame in Old Shark. Albeit the Pokemon are lower level in an attempt to create her own ORAS Random Battle Hackmons metagame where each set was made in an attempt to be as effective as possible. On top of all this she's spent lots of time continuously guiding newer players through the metagame and giving off great feedback on those player's sets, teams, and/or plays. Everything she's done for the metagame leading up till now shows she has the knowledge and the willpower to lead this metagame further into the future. She could not have been any more deserving of this position.

There will also be a leader appointed for BW Hackmons.

Although a newer player, WrathoftheLeopard has shown plenty of determination and an open mind when it comes to building, playing or managing resources for the format. He's already running an accepted VR, showcasing plenty of well-received "mini-RMTs", and continuously taking numerous efforts to learn more about the format he's contributing to. Despite being newer he's clearly shown to have plenty of good knowledge about the metagame, carries the passion to continue developing it, and is willing to cooperate with other users to have the metagame's resources turn out as their best.

Congratulations to both of these people.
Gen 7 noms so that people can look down on me even more even tho i play like every gen good except 4 smh

:emboar: Emboar UR -> C-

Yes, Emboar. I'm referring to this set.

Emboar @ Iapapa Berry
Ability: Innards Out
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Lonely Nature
IVs: 0 Def / 0 SpD
- Shell Smash
- V-create
- Close Combat
- Sunsteel Strike / Photon Geyser

An offensive Innards Out is usually seen as a Choice Scarf, but Emboar uses Shell Smash with two Defense-lowering STABs to tear through the opponent, and it can outspeed base 150s after a Smash even with an Attack-boosting nature. If they try revenge killing Emboar, they die. Emboar also has 110 HP so it can kill MMX too. Like you're gonna tell me this is worse than non-WG Palkia, a Pokemon with absolutely no reason to be used ever, cause it's Emboar? If I was really nomming this where I wanted it to go, it would be higher than C-, but no one's gonna accept Emboar

:raticate-alola: Alolan Raticate C+ -> UR

This is ranked? What does it do outside of WG? Like I want to be stimulated with the genius set that caused this to be ranked over non-WG Arceus. No seriously wtf is this, it's not even WG the stuff that Rat does can't be taken advantage of without WG.

:arceus: Arceus C -> B-

You're telling me this is Aegiblade level? The same Aegiblade with lower defenses than Spinda? The same Aegiblade who has so much trouble setting up? Arceus has the capability of running Turboblaze and Magic Bounce and still be great but apparently those sets are so bad they were ranked below non-WG Rat. Turboblaze Arceus is actually great, Boomburst hits incredibly hard and with Ghost Judgment is improof and has no resistances outside of Bisharp, who can't even Spectral Thief it. I implore you to try it.

Yeah I know these are minor but who cares, give some love to Emboar :altaria:
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RSE Hackmons Viability Ranking

Hello! When looking back on the previous Viability Ranking, it was very outdated and full of errors that I couldn't correct in one session. I started over, and with the help of fellow council member dramlamb, put together a new and updated Viability Ranking. And so, the Gen 3 council presents you with Gen 3 Hackmons Viability Ranking 2.0!

S Rank
These Pokemon define the metagame, and every good team should have at least one of them. Their presence commands every team to answer them.

:groudon: Groudon
:kyogre: Kyogre

:latias: Latias
:latios: Latios

A Rank
These Pokemon have a high impact on the metagame and should be prepared for. They are common threats and important parts of the metagame.

:wobbuffet: Wobbuffet
:deoxys-attack: Deoxys-Attack
:rayquaza: Rayquaza

:ninjask: Ninjask
:skarmory: Skarmory
:dugtrio: Dugtrio
:mewtwo: Mewtwo

:slaking: Slaking
:lugia: Lugia
:banette: Banette

B Rank
While not as powerful or influential as the S and A ranks, these Pokemon still hold a strong place in the metagame.

:metagross: Metagross
:lanturn: Lanturn
:kingdra: Kingdra

:gengar: Gengar
:aerodactyl: Aerodactyl
:victreebel: Victreebel
:kabutops: Kabutops

:heracross: Heracross
:blissey: Blissey
:shiftry: Shiftry
:registeel: Registeel
:electrode: Electrode

C Rank
These Pokemon are rarer picks in the metagame, but hold solid niches that distinguish themselves from other Pokemon.

:raikou: Raikou
:tyranitar: Tyranitar
:deoxys-speed: Deoxys-Speed
:porygon2: Porygon2
:ho-oh: Ho-Oh

D Rank
These Pokemon are obscure picks that are rarely seen in the metagame, but do have real reasons to be used occasionally.

:dusclops: Dusclops
:jumpluff: Jumpluff
:regice: Regice
:flygon: Flygon
Following in supreeee’s footsteps, I would like to offer someone a position on the BW council. manu 11 provided a lot of advice for the first version of the VR and has given me countless team inspirations and suggestions. Still being more knowledgable than me about this meta, I would like them to be part of the decision making and resource creation that drives it forwards.
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I was playing around with gen 3 debug and found a small addendum to how abilities work. In Gen 3, Pokemon with only one ability are normally forced into the first slot, but also have the -----/None ability in their second slot. This probably only matters for Slaking. You can observe this in vanilla using PKHex's batch editor (Tools -> Data -> Batch Editor) to set the ability slot. I haven't tested it in link battles, but I assume the game doesn't correct the ability there since it survives through PC usage and saving.
I was playing around with gen 3 debug and found a small addendum to how abilities work. In Gen 3, Pokemon with only one ability are normally forced into the first slot, but also have the -----/None ability in their second slot. This probably only matters for Slaking. You can observe this in vanilla using PKHex's batch editor (Tools -> Data -> Batch Editor) to set the ability slot. I haven't tested it in link battles, but I assume the game doesn't correct the ability there since it survives through PC usage and saving.
Wow very interesting. Yea that definitely matters. Thanks for the heads up.
So...yeah I have some words to say about Gen 3.

:slaking: Slaking :slaking:

So as you can see, before I said Slaking wasn't going to change, because deep inside I really didn't want it to be better. But it was more than better, Slaking was absolutely bonkers and turned Gen 3 from one of my favorite metagames into a complete disaster. The entire metagame now revolves around preventing Ninjask from passing Substitute and Speed boosts into Belly Drum Slaking, which can now eliminate many of its former counters, mainly Skarmory, Registeel, and other Steel-types, with Spore. If it gets even one chance, Slaking can sweep no matter what, save for specific counters such as Aggron, which can be eliminated via the usage of Groudon or Kyogre. This introduces a lot of vital guesswork and undermines the inclusive aspect of Gen 3 that made it so appealing. The diversity of the meta had been entirely killed because of a stupid clause.

:latias: The Future :latios:

What will happen? Well, all teams now revolve around Slaking, Rock- and Steel-types are big now, Groudon's usage increased, Sleep Talk is used more...

OK, I'm just gonna get to the point. If we're actually, 100% implementing this, then I don't want to play this metagame anymore. That's right, if this is what the metagame becomes, I'm going to step down as the Tier Leader, and stop playing Gen 3 altogether. Knowing the Hackmons community, if I don't implement this, then I'm going to be breaking some sort of Hackmons inside rule and Ransei will banish me forever. I really just don't want this to become a part of the metagame, because it ruins what was once a land of creativity, one where you could use whatever you wanted with no repercussions at all, one with complete balance and no dominating force of the metagame, one where every Yin had its Yang. If we could just skip this, and go back to what we had before, I would really appreciate it. But if we can't, then at some point, I'm just going to call it quits.

Please, let me go back to the Gen 3 meta I had before. It's all I would ever want.

EDIT: I'm gonna clarify some things.

If I really end up stepping down, dramlamb will immediately be promoted to Tier Leader and can do whatever she wants with the tier. Also, I'm not quitting right now. I'm staying, in case people actually hear me out and I get to keep this meta. That's all. :swablu:
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BW Pure Hackmons Role Compendium! Enjoy!

Support Move Users

Wish: :blissey: :chansey: :giratina: :lugia:

Curse: :dusclops: :froslass: :gengar: :giratina: :giratina-origin:


Shadow Tag: :gengar: :giratina: :latios: :lugia:

Pursuit: :drapion: :escavalier: :giratina: :scizor: :weavile:

Choice Users

Choice Scarf: :arceus: :blissey: :chansey: :deoxys-speed: :mewtwo:

Choice Band: :groudon: :regigigas: :slaking:

Choice Specs: :palkia: :reshiram:

Priority Users

Fake Out: :arceus: :meloetta-pirouette: :regigigas: :slaking:

Extreme Speed: :arceus: :meloetta-pirouette: :regigigas: :slaking:

Shadow Sneak: :giratina-origin: :regigigas: :slaking:

Prankster: :arceus: :gengar: :giratina: :giratina-origin: :groudon: :landorus-therian: :lugia:
:rayquaza: :registeel: :skarmory:

Setup Sweepers

Shell Smash: :deoxys-attack: :dialga: :gengar: :ho-oh: :kyurem-black: :kyurem-white: :latias: :latios: :meloetta-pirouette: :mewtwo: :palkia: :rayquaza: :terrakion: :thundurus-therian:

Belly Drum: :meloetta-pirouette: :regigigas: :slaking:

Shift Gear: :ho-oh: :kyurem-black: :regigigas: :slaking:


Offensive: :aerodactyl: :arceus: :deoxys-speed:

Defensive: :electrode: :escavalier: :genesect: :giratina: :jolteon:


Drizzle: :kyogre: :registeel:

Rain Abusers: :palkia: :thundurus-therian:

Sand Stream: :aerodactyl: :regirock: :rhyperior: :terrakion:

Sand Abusers: :aerodactyl: :groudon: :registeel: :skarmory:

Drought: :latias: :regirock:

Sun Abusers: :groudon: :ho-oh: :reshiram:

Snow Warning: :regice:

Hail Abusers: :froslass: :kyurem-white: :mamoswine:

Other Abilities

Wonder Guard: :arceus: :deoxys-speed: :dialga: :drapion: :electrode: :escavalier: :genesect: :jirachi: :jolteon: :mewtwo: :palkia:
:regigigas: :scizor: :slaking: :spiritomb: :swampert:

No Guard: :arceus: :deoxys-speed: :electrode: :jolteon:

Mold Breaker: :aerodactyl: :deoxys-attack: :deoxys-speed: :dialga: :gengar: :giratina: :giratina-origin: :kyurem-black: :kyurem-white: :latios: :meloetta-pirouette: :mewtwo: :palkia: :rayquaza: :regigigas: :terrakion: :thundurus-therian:

Scrappy: :arceus: :giratina-origin: :regigigas: :slaking: :terrakion:

Huge Power: :arceus: :deoxys-attack: :meloetta-pirouette: :regigigas: :slaking:

Magic Bounce: :giratina: :giratina-origin: :lugia: :regice: :registeel: :skarmory:

Magic Guard: :aerodactyl: :giratina: :ho-oh: :lugia:
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Mono in PH, Gen 6 Edition

We're going back to Gen 6, where there are no moldy moves, so Psychic doesn't win all the time! Yay! And instead of just listing all the possible threats, I'll talk about the types how I want to talk about them. So let's start!


The first thing I thought of was :audino-mega:, which does Audino things. Pairing it up with :arceus: with a fast support set could be really good for Normal balances, but you could also use :meloetta: to completely wall all special attackers, except for the patented Bug Buzz :kyogre-primal: of course. As for offensive threats, Mold Breaker :slaking: or :regigigas: after being passed a Substitute by :arceus: was deadly, as you can click BD and then start sweeping easily. Spore or Dark Void on :arceus: would really help to set up Substitutes, and its item should be :leftovers: too. You could also potentially run Prankster :arceus: to outspeed other Pranksters, in which case Spore would be nice since most Pranksters run :leftovers:, but Dark Void is an option to hit :venusaur-mega:. No Guard :lopunny-mega: could be nice too as Normal struggles against Drain Punch :mewtwo-mega-x: without :meloetta:, since Drain Punch :mewtwo-mega-x: usually run Gear Grind to hit :audino-mega:. It could also make for a nice Huge Power because of its speed tier, outspeeding base 130s like :mewtwo-mega-x: and :gengar-mega:. Fur Coat :pyroar: is also a neat option to fight against -ate users, but I wouldn't recommend it because of :pyroar:'s bad stats. Here's my take on Normal:


:volcarona: is necessary, otherwise your team loses to Huge Power Thousand Arrows. It's much better this gen than in Gen 7, because there are no Moldy Moves to take advantage of its lesser bulk. Fire needs 3 Wonder Guards this gen, unlike Normal which doesn't have to run 3 WGs; it's just beneficial. :groudon-primal: is the next Wonder Guard that should be employed, because it switches into Flying- and Rock-type attacks. Finally, the third Wonder Guard should be :reshiram: or :volcanion:, as they both switch in to Water-type moves for the pair. They're very similar, but I prefer :reshiram: because Dragon-type moves are run much less than Electric-type moves on Huge Power users. :groudon-primal: could also serve as the main Turboblaze user for obvious reasons. Turboblaze :reshiram: could also be run. Fire doesn't have the fastest mons, so Prankster :groudon-primal: or :chandelure: could help out, and pass Substitute for Turboblaze :groudon-primal: or :reshiram:. There's much less of a selection of viable Pokemon this time due to the loss of Innards Out. Here's my take on Fire:


Water lost :greninja-ash: in Gen 6 but gained the solidity of Wonder Guards, which really helps it. :gyarados: and :swampert-mega: form a perfect combo except for Freeze-Dry, which :empoleon: and :volcanion: can handle. They also come with a Grass neutrality to aid :swampert-mega: after :gyarados: sets up. Mold Breaker :kyogre-primal: is also a potent offensive Pokemon, capable of feats such as cleanly OHKOing :arceus: with Steam Eruption at +2. With the loss of :greninja-ash:, Water has also suffered from a lack of fast Pokemon. Prankster :kyogre-primal: could help out, but Water does prefer a defensive approach. Magic Bounce :kyogre-primal: could also be nice, to pass Wishes and such. Here's my take on Water:


:electrode: is a great Wonder Guard, for obvious reasons. It should be paired with :galvantula:, as it is the only Electric-type Wonder Guard that can switch into Thousand Arrows. Electric has many fast Pokemon, so a Teravolt lead such as :manectric-mega: could be useful. You could also use a Shell Smash Teravolt user, like :zekrom: or :manectric-mega:. You could also get creative with Imposter-proofing, with mons like :magnezone: and :dedenne:. Speaking of Imposter, it's useful to Electric because their best form of cleaning is :choice-specs: :manectric-mega:. Here's my take on Electric:


Wonder Guard :ferrothorn: is necessary because of Grass's high abundance of weaknesses. It is best paired with Wonder Guard :ludicolo:, as it has a Fire and Fighting neutrality, and walls many forms of Huge Power as well. :sceptile-mega: can be played as a No Guard or a Mold Breaker, as :ludicolo: is able to stop most priority users dead in their tracks, and if it can't then :ferrothorn: can. The only real thing that can beat them both is a Fire move + unresisted priority like Extreme Speed or Shadow Sneak on a Mold Breaker, or :xerneas:. No Guard and Mold Breaker beat these respectively. Grass generally has an awful matchup against :xerneas:, :genesect:, and similar Pokemon. Because of Grass's bad matchup against several offensive Pokemon, Prankster or :custap-berry: Endure are useful tactics. Here's my take on Grass:


Ice is another type who needs 3 Wonder Guards. :lapras: is able to cover the most weaknesses in a single Wonder Guard, having a neutrality to both Fire- and Steel-type moves. Sadly, there is no Pokemon who can cover both Rock- and Fighting-type attacks, so we must use two different Wonder Guards to cover each of these weaknesses. :mamoswine: is the only Ice-type Pokemon with a neutrality to Rock, and as for Fighting, :froslass: is the best choice due to its Ghost-type allowing it to escape Shadow Tag without :shed-shell:. :kyurem-black: uses Refrigerate like it did before. :kyurem-white: is by far the best Turboblaze user on Ice, thanks to its humongous Special Attack stat. Here's my take on Ice:


:lucario-mega: is a great Wonder Guard with a neutrality to all of Fighting's weaknesses. It can run a :xerneas:-style set with Flash Cannon, Freeze Dry, and Flame Plate Judgment. :mewtwo-mega-x: can also accompany :lucario-mega: as a Wonder Guard, and its role can vary from attacker to Substitute passer. :mewtwo-mega-x: can also be used as a Huge Power, a Mold Breaker, and as any other roles it could have done before. :lopunny-mega: can also be used as a No Guard, as it outspeeds :mewtwo-mega-x: and can use Sheer Cold on it. Stealth Rock is also valuable to break :focus-sash: so that :mewtwo-mega-x: can break more easily. Seeing as how Fighting also makes usage of :focus-sash:, a Magic Guard :focus-sash: Defog user could be a good idea. Here's my take on Fighting:


Poison has a natural weakness to Ground, so Wonder Guard :beedrill-mega: comes up immediately. :drapion: is also a very solid Wonder Guard, being able to Pursuit :gengar-mega: and stop it from sweeping. :venusaur-mega: is very useful to give :gengar-mega: and :beedrill-mega: setup opportunities, and also abuses Prankster Spore with its own Grass-type. It also provides a secondary Ground neutrality. :gengar-mega: is the best Mold Breaker available because it can self-improof. :crobat: could potentially act as a Fissure immunity with Magic Bounce or Mold Breaker to ward off No Guard users with Fissure. Here's my take on Poison:


Wonder Guard :groudon-primal: and Wonder Guard :swampert-mega: perfectly cover each others weaknesses. While :swampert-mega: is a powerful tool against opposing Huge Power, Wonder Guard :landorus-therian: can completely wall Huge Power. I wouldn't recommend it very much because Ground already has a good matchup against Huge Power. Ground isn't especially fast, so a Prankster user, like :steelix-mega:, :groudon-primal:, or :torterra: could really help out for fast Spores or Substitutes. Because Ground is slower than usual, Thunder Wave Pokemon could help out a lot for speed control. Aerilate :landorus-therian: is an alternative set for speed control. Drought is a possible tactic to increase the power of Fire-type moves on the team. :groudon-primal: and :garchomp-mega: are some good Mold Breakers. Here's my take on Ground:


Flying definitely got worse due to Sheer Cold's lack of immunities, rending :articuno: unfit as a glue to the team. Due to Flying's heavy difficulty with No Guard, it needs 3 Wonder Guards. One of these should be :landorus-therian:, because of Flying's issues with Huge Power and Electric-type moves. :gyarados: should be next to handle the Ice matchup, and alongside it should be :skarmory: or :ho-oh: to round off the Ice immunities. Shadow Tag :aerodactyl-mega: with :choice-band: could serve to trap and eliminate many Pokemon, or it can just use a standard Perish trapping set with :aerodactylite:. :rayquaza-mega: is the strongest Mold Breaker user, due to its incredibly high offensive stats. It can also run Aerilate well. A Magic Bounce user like :ho-oh: or :lugia: could work wonders. Here's my take on Flying:


The first thing I thought of was :latios-mega: using Mold Breaker to effortlessly sweep. :mewtwo-mega-x: can be used as a Huge Power or a Mold Breaker, but Wonder Guard gives a Bug and Dark neutrality, and the Ghost neutrality can be covered up by :meloetta: or :hoopa-unbound:. Speaking of :meloetta:, it gives the team a counter to :gengar-mega:, one of the largest threats to Psychic. Improofing Mega Latios can be a difficult task, but it is possible. Some examples include :choice-scarf: :deoxys-speed:, Pixilate :mewtwo-mega-x:, and Prankster Spore. :mewtwo-mega-x: can also run Refrigerate to revenge kill :gengar-mega:, but your team should have a :meloetta:. Prankster :celebi: could be run for a Magic Bounce immunity. Here's my take on Psychic:


Wonder Guard :genesect: is Bug's strongest tool, able to run a Smash WG set with Flash Cannon, Freeze Dry, and Flame Plate Judgment. :volcarona: is the best choice alongside Genesect because it resists Fire and has the rarest weaknesses of the available Pokemon that can do so. However, if you don't like the 4x Stealth Rock weakness, :surskit: is another option who also has rare weaknesses. Bug is very weak to hazards, so a Magic Guard Defog user like :beedrill-mega: or :volcarona: would really help. Two Defoggers are recommended. For a Mold Breaker, :beedrill-mega: and :pinsir-mega: sound like the best choices. Speaking of :pinsir-mega:, it can run Aerilate to revenge kill. :beedrill-mega: can run Huge Power with U-turn and 3 coverage moves. Here's my take on Bug:


:aerodactyl-mega: is the strongest Pokemon on Rock. It can run Huge Power, Mold Breaker, Shadow Tag, and more. It also has a Flying-type for Fissure. As for the Wonder Guard core, :shuckle: and :relicanth: complement each other perfectly. :diancie-mega: helps out with Rock's weakness to Shell Smash Mold Breaker users, being able to fire off strong Pixilate Extreme Speeds. While I normally wouldn't resort to cheap strategies such as Minimize + Baton Pass, Rock is such a bad type that it needs cheap strategies to work out. Here's my take on Rock:


Wonder Guard :sableye-mega: absorbs both Ghost- and Dark-type attacks in one. It can be paired with any other Ghost-type Wonder Guard, such as :dusclops:, :banette-mega:, or :hoopa:. Wonder Guard :gengar-mega: is not advised due to its Fissure weakness, however if you are planning to run 3 Wonder Guards I recommend it. Speaking of :gengar-mega:, it is an excellent user of Mold Breaker, and can self-improof. This is big, as improofing it with other Pokemon is a large challenge. Ghost does not have powerful revenge killers, so Imposter :drifblim: with a :choice-scarf: is recommended. :giratina: with Prankster or Magic Bounce is also useful, for obvious reasons. Fur Coat :doublade: could also be useful to wall Huge Power. Here's my take on Ghost:


:palkia: is the best Wonder Guard available, and :dialga: pairs with it and also walls :xerneas:. Aerilate :rayquaza-mega: is great for speed control on Dragon. No Guard or Mold Breaker :sceptile-mega: is useful for Spore and sweep. If you don't want :dialga:'s Fissure weakness, you can run Wonder Guard :kyurem-black:, though it gets defeated by :xerneas:. If you do run :kyurem-black:, make sure to run :dialga: as a third Wonder Guard or run :iron-plate: :giratina: with Imposter. :latios-mega: could run Dragon/Fire/Grass coverage and have :altaria-mega: improof it. Here's my take on Dragon:


Wonder Guard :drapion: covers for all of Dark's weaknesses, only having a weakness to Ground. :sableye-mega: picks up the Ground weakness with a sole weakness to Fairy while being able to run :safety-goggles: or :sablenite: instead of :shed-shell: due to its Ghost typing. This strong Wonder Guard core rids the need of 3 Wonder Guards, which allows for more variety in the team. :gyarados-mega: could prove useful, with different abilities such as Magic Bounce, Mold Breaker, Poison Heal, or even Infiltrator. A Prankster user, such as :umbreon:, :yveltal:, or :darkrai: would be very useful as no Dark-type Pokemon rises above 125 Speed. :yveltal: could also run Aerilate or Imposter for speed control. Here's my take on Dark:


Steel is an incredibly slow type, and it has not yet gotten the wonders of Imposter :solgaleo:, so :excadrill: will have to do. :scizor-mega: is the prime Wonder Guard because it resists two of Steel's weaknesses. :dialga: and :heatran: both have Fire neutralities to help out :scizor-mega:. :doublade: could be used as a strong physical wall against Huge Power with Fur Coat. :steelix-mega: could also work and run abilities other than Fur Coat. :aegislash: could be a Prankster user with Curse. :metagross-mega: can be an effective Wonder Guard or Mold Breaker, abusing Shell Smash on both sets. :genesect: could be a Smash WG as well. Here's my take on Steel:


The fearful :xerneas: resides here, using offensive and defensive sets with power. :mawile-mega: is the secondary Wonder Guard, and while it carries a weakness to Fissure, it has perfect synergy with :xerneas: and is one of the few Wonder Guards to wall :latios-mega:. You can't get rid of a Fissure weakness, as the only Steel neutrality without a Fissure weakness is :azumarill:, and the only Poison neutralities have Fissure weaknesses. :whimsicott: with Prankster or Fur Coat could use Spore without being scared of Magic Bounce. :diancie-mega: is useful because the fastest Fairy-type is :whimsicott:. Imposter :wigglytuff: is useful because of the aforementioned Speed issues. Here's my take on Fairy:

That's everything! Too bad I spent my whole day doing this, now I expect loves and not measly ass likes like I got last time after 3 days of grueling work
I am also submitting a Gen 7 sample:

:manectric-mega::rayquaza-mega::gengar-mega::audino-mega::cresselia::rayquaza-mega: MManectric Bulky Offense

Mega Manectric with No Guard is incredibly powerful and capitalizes on the recent usage of Water-type Wonder Guards with Zap Cannon. It is improofed fully by Magic Bounce Mega Rayquaza, which doesn't mind paralysis thanks to Aromatherapy. It is also a great Wishpasser, and can restore the Focus Sashes of Mega Manectric and Mega Gengar with its high 105 HP stat, as well as heal up the other Mega Rayquaza. Magic Guard Mega Gengar is just a really powerful Pokemon in general and gives defense against Innards Out, and is easy to improof with Mega Audino, Meloetta, or Yveltal. This team uses Magic Coat Mega Audino to do so, ensuring that it cannot be Taunted. Cresselia counters Mega Mewtwo X with Will-O-Wisp, and sets Stealth Rock as well. Originally Mega Slowbro was in this slot and it improofed Aerilate Mega Rayquaza better, but it had a lot of other problems, so I changed it. The other Mega Rayquaza is Aerilate, which is a great tool this generation because of the amount of MMX and Shell Smash users. Sunsteel Strike breaks would-be walls like Mega Audino.
:rs/slaking:Generation 3 No Ability VR:rs/slaking:

This is the new VR. I decided to make this alone, though any input will be appreciated. There will be Pokepastes explaining the sets here too. Pokemon are ordered by viability within their subranks. This meta has not had much experience yet so it won't have that many mons. However there will be frequent changes. I'll update it as I go.

S Rank

S1 Rank
:ninjask: Ninjask

:slaking: Slaking

A Rank

A1 Rank
:kyogre: Kyogre
:gengar: Gengar

A2 Rank
:tyranitar: Tyranitar

:groudon: Groudon
:rayquaza: Rayquaza

B Rank

B1 Rank
:aggron: Aggron

:tentacruel: Tentacruel

B2 Rank
:skarmory: Skarmory

:celebi: Celebi

C Rank

C1 Rank
:mewtwo: Mewtwo

:deoxys-attack: Deoxys-Attack

C2 Rank
:quagsire: Quagsire

D Rank

D1 Rank
:kabutops: Kabutops
:gyarados: Gyarados

D2 Rank
:aerodactyl: Aerodactyl
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:kyurem: 100th Post! :kyurem:
Hello friends, welcome to my 100th Smogon post! Today I will be updating the BW Pure Hackmons Sample Teams.​

For the record Funbot’s team is mostly still fine. I would personally make a few changes but best just to leave it. Hower, (sorry Ransei) but the current sand team isn’t that great.

The new teams - click (Spiritomb sprite is used over the grainy and out of line Pokestar Spirit sprite for neatness):

:slaking: :meloetta-pirouette: :skarmory: :swampert: :giratina-origin: :spiritomb:
Dual Belly Drum BO by WrathoftheLeopard

:spiritomb: :electrode: :chansey: :skarmory: :gengar: :groudon:
Dual WG and Chansey Balance by WrathoftheLeopard and some input from BahamutLagoon

:deoxys-speed: :spiritomb: :giratina: :registeel: :latios: :groudon:
Deoxys-S Spikestack by manu 11 and WrathoftheLeopard

:rhyperior: :lugia: :terrakion: :spiritomb: :groudon: :jirachi:
Rhyperior Sand Balance by manu 11

:registeel: :giratina: :palkia: :thundurus-therian: :genesect: :rayquaza:
Storm of the Gods by WrathoftheLeopard, input from manu 11 and dramlamb

:regice: :arceus: :kyurem-white: :spiritomb: :giratina: :froslass:
Hail Balance by Cold Shower
Every Gen 3 sample should be taken down, and for now, I'm adding this new one:

:ninjask::slaking::slaking::slaking::gengar::kyogre: Kyogre HO

Here are some other, non-sample teams that you can play around with, though they may become samples one day:

:aerodactyl::aggron::gengar::groudon::slaking::slaking: Double Rock Offense

:ninjask::shedinja::slaking::slaking::slaking::banette: Shedinja HO

:ninjask::slaking::kyogre::slaking::poliwrath::skarmory: Poliwrath Offense

If you guys have any samples for the No Ability meta, submit them now; I'll probably accept them. Bye! :altaria:
EDIT: Tagging Ransei to make this change
EDIT 2: Sample has a Truant Slaking, change to this: Tagging Ransei again.
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