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A past gens mega thread is something that is planned for the near future; there won’t be individual threads for every OM. So, to answer your question, no.

However, if you’re referring to a specific OM that is based on a particular generation like let’s say Gen 2 with abilities, that is fine to submit.
Thanks for the quick response. I'll wait until the past gens thread then!
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– You need to have at least 20 posts in the Other Metagames forum before you can submit. Use that time to become familiar with our community!
Does this include 1v1 and ZU?
Does this include 1v1 and ZU?
This is a very late response, but generally, 1v1 and ZU are independent OMs, so they have separate communities as a result. You’re welcome to participate in those forums, but generally, posts in this specific section, not 1v1 and ZU, will be best.
This thread should be used for simple questions that need relatively simple answers, those kinds of questions rarely lead to meaningful conversation. If you were considering posting in a thread to ask "How can I use Eternamax Eternatus?" or making a new thread to ask "Where can I play OMs?" I'd recommend asking those questions here instead. For simple questions related to Smogon ask here. For in-game help/info check the Orange Islands subforum. This section is for competitive discussion only.

When posting in this thread, please follow these guidelines:
  • Make sure your question is relevant to Other Metagames.
  • Use the search feature to check if the question has been answered before.
  • Quote the question you are answering to help keep things organized.
  • Do not answer a question if you are unsure.
  • Your answers should contain at least a brief explanation, even if it was the simplest of questions.
Is it allowed to talk about metronome battles?

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