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It's been two months. Is the thread open yet?
No, because of all the pet mods already. When some die out then they will let people give out more suggestions
I believe a lot of Pet Mods are still active right now, so I don't think it would be appropriate to reopen yet. I'm no admin or moderator but I do believe what I and The Main Mon has been saying.

I think it is best idea to check what aren't done yet as a Pet Mod before the submission thread re-open, like finding a way to make it stand out among the flows of many Pet Mods.


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At long last, Pet Mod Submissions are open once again! Please be sure to read over the rules at the first post in the thread before posting, and only ever post here if your idea is finalized. If you wan't a place where you can share an idea and work on it before submitting, please do so in the Workshop. Furthermore, if your post isn't a pet mod submission, do not post it. This thread is exclusively for people to submit their mods and mods to approve or decline them.

That is all, enjoy!
Pet Mod Concept:
This mod will make Ubers suited for NatDex OU.
Explanation: Ubers will get nerfs that makes them more suited for NatDex OU. Those nerfs will depend on the Pokémon itself and there are certain rules made for them.
Mythicals must keep their BST of 600. Also the changes that are made to them, have to fit their main trade as a mythical.
e.g. Techno Blast must be a viable option on Genesect, Landorus-I has to have a weather/terrain related playstyle etc.
The BST must be the same, when the Pokémon is part of a group like starters or legendary trios.
e.g. Something Like Urshifu-RS has to loose the same amount of stats life Urshifu-SS.
Megas must have 100 BST more than their base form. However, changes that can make the base form worse won't be accepted.
e.g. Meaning that Mega-Alakazam cannot loose Nasty Plot and Mega-Blastoise cannot loose Shell Smash.
Box Legendaries have their BST decreased to 570 and their forms would have a BST of 600. Custom Elements are allowed, rules depend and limitations on the slate and Pokémon in question.
e.g. Palkia would get a BST of 570, while something like Necrozma-Dusk-Mane gets a 600 BST
In addition to that, banned abilities, moves, items and other mechanics will be adjusted for NatDex OU play.

Miscellaneous: This mod would be led by a council. The idea for the first slate exists already and people can sub new ideas for future slates, just like in M4A.
Slate 1: Come as you are
:ss/genesect: :ss/shaymin-sky: :ss/landorus:

Thanks for reading! Feedback is highly appreciated!
Weather Wars
Do you remember the good old days of Gen 5, when infinite weather reigned supreme? Its presence made for some very unique teambuilding and play, and what I and many others consider to be the most fun OU metagame of all time, especially in late BW2 once everything had been balanced out. Weather Wars aims to recapture some of that magic by rebalancing Gen 8 OU in a world where field conditions summoned by abilities continued to last indefinitely.

As mentioned above, Weather Wars is a Gen 8-based mod that revolves around a mechanical change where field conditions summoned by abilities last until they’re cleared or replaced, like they did prior to Gen 6. This includes Drizzle, Drought, Sand Stream, and Snow Warning like in the past, but also Sand Spit and the four terrain Surge abilities. This will obviously break some mons, but Weather Wars will adhere to the Gen 8 OU ruleset and banlist, and that’s where the Pet Mod part of things comes into play.

The primary objective of Weather Wars is to balance out the metagame by nerfing or reworking Pokemon, Moves, and Abilities that become problematic under infinite weather or terrain, while ensuring that they remain viable. Regular slates will focus on a handful of these at a time, alongside useless weather or terrain-related features that could really use a buff. The secondary objective of the mod is to have teams based around any weather be equally viable while also allowing weatherless teams to remain strong, which will definitely require some buffs to certain archetypes (*cough* Hail *cough*). As such, there will also be occasional free-for-all slates in which you can modify Pokemon in order to fill a designated hole in the meta. Once these two objectives have been satisfied, the mod will be complete, though it may still need some tweaks as the meta further develops.

In regards to the management side of things, I’ll be leading the mod alone, at least initially. It is slate-based and will follow the generic Submissions -> Voting -> Discussion system. Each slate will fall into one of two categories: Standard or Free-For-All. Standard slates will focus on a few (typically four, but possibly more or less depending on the situation) Pokemon, moves, or abilities at a time. In most cases they will have to retain certain elements of themselves, which will be specified on a case-by-case basis. As long as you operate within that, you can modify a slate’s subjects however you want, as long as the result is balanced and doesn’t involve any completely original custom elements (ie custom moves or abilities that are not products of the mod). Standard slates will follow a modified version of the Lyd voting system, with three points worth of self votes for the first sub and one additional point for each additional sub. Free-For-All slates will be far rarer and likely for Pokemon-only, focussing on a very generic role such as something as simple as “Hail abuser”. They will use a simpler voting system, with each user having 6 identically-valued votes and up to 3 self votes.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk
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Pet Mod Name: Monothreat World
Pet Mod Concept: Expending upon the eighteen micro metagames of Monothreat, a Monotype OM, to allow higher diversity while keeping the biggest threats in check.
Explanation: See over there for details about Monothreat, but I'd advise to not get the council of Monothreat directly involved for the Pet Mod. In short, the Monothreat is about two players using Monotype teams of one matched type (i.e. Ice vs Ice), not against different types (i.e. no Ice vs Dragon or Ice vs Steel), effectively making 18 different micro metagames, one for each type. It follows the same ban list of the Sword and Shield Monotype.
No Mega Evolution, No Z-Moves and No Dynamax + Gigantamax. No new major battle gimmicks either. Conversion into traditional Fakémon, moves and Abilities are allowed, more details below.

Fakémon (custom Pokémon) can be created, or you can just straight up buff a Pokémon that is in need to have a place in any compatible metagame. D-ranked Pokémon or unranked Pokémon, provided that they are not A-ranked or S-ranked in the other metagame if dual-typed, will get priority for buffs. You can import from another Pet Mod, but creating your own is highly encouraged. Fusion Evolution as a represented Pet Mod is not recommended due to much higher power level.
  • For example, while Urshifu Single Strike is D-ranked in Fighting, it cannot be buffed since it is already S-ranked in Dark.
  • Nerfing Pokémon, even if it would result an unban, is not allowed, barring very exceptional slates once we are done with the 18 types.
  • On the other hand, buffing Mantine is fine, since it is C-ranked in Flying and D-ranked in Water.
Signature Moves, even if Legendary/Mythical only, can be distributed, but you have to make it sense in flavor and not make your submission overpowered. Same goes for Signature Abilities.

Custom Moves and Abilities can be created, but only as clone of existing Moves and Abilities (as in, functionally similar but allowed to have different type, affected stat and category), and I recommend to only do it if there is a really missing piece in a type. Only one Custom Move and one Custom Ability per submission. Obviously, custom Types are not allowed.

Pokémon normally not allowed in Sword and Shield can be nominated (and modified), but they are considered as standard submission in this case. This will focus on only Sword and Shield, as the inevitable new entry might put a wrench on the progress, be it the DP remakes or a whole new generation. Or Let's Go Johto. Who knows!
  • As such, Pokémon added by later games will be ignored, but can be nominated for the SwSh Gen 8 metagames.
Focus on what the type metagame might benefit for more variation without drastically shifting the playstyles. For example, in the Fighting-type metagame, both Hawlucha and Galarian Zapdos are both S-ranked thanks to their Flying-typing, so an Electric / Fighting type might help making it easier to deal with them. Likewise, we only have one ranked Special Attacker in the form of Keldeo, so having another one (preferably with a different secondary type) will be a fun thing to do!

We have the right to veto anything that is deemed too powerful for voting phase, as well as giving warning beforehand.

Voting phase is handled differently, separated into two voting plates: One for the submissions, and one for simply buffed Pokémon already in Sword and Shield. The amount of winners per slate depends on how many ranked Pokémon there already have, which means the more there are, the less winners will be determined.
  • High count of ranked Pokémon: Up to three addition winners.
  • Low count of ranked Pokémon: Up to six addition winners.
  • Up to three buffed Pokémon as winners regardless of ranked count.
  • Voting Rules: Simply vote for up to six different submissions (or more if we get a lot), and up to two self-vote per user. Voting order does not matters.
And overall, we do not need another Magearna. This means a Pokémon with an excellent offensive and defensive typing, a powerful Ability and great stat distribution. We try not to let any of that happens unless they happens to have a very noticeable weakness to exploit.

Make sure to check the Submission Rules and Sample, Monotype SS ban list and the Monothreat Viability Ranking before doing anything.

Pokémon: (Name of the Pokémon)
Variant: (Specify if it is a returning Pokémon not in Sword and Shield, a buffed Pokémon, a Fakémon, a Regional Variant / Regional Evolution, a new evolution of an official Pokémon, or other mainline forms. If it is a new evolution, please specify what official Pokémon evolves into, to allow for Eviolite compatibility shall it is winning.)
Type: (Can be single typed or dual typed. Custom Types are not allowed.)
Abilities: (Try not to use powerful Abilities like Magic Bounce, Huge Power or Intrepid Sword unless your Pokémon is not 100% built around it and without being already powerful. Shadow Tag is banned from Monothreat, so keep this in mind.)
Base Stats: (Maximum Base Stat Total is 600 BST, but don't aim for it if your submission already have great movepool, abilities and type at once. Extreme min-maxing is also discouraged.)
Movepool: (If a regional form / evolution of a Pokémon, specify on what it gains, and in regional forms' case, what it loses. If a whole new Pokémon, you only need to list usable moves, or moves it can make great use of its Ability.)
Custom Elements: (List the custom Moves and / or Ability here. All have to be a clone of any existing Move and Ability, and no more than one Custom Move and one Custom Ability per each, but they can be distributed later on in special slates.)
Competitive Use: (Point out the competitive use and flaws it would theoretically have. Attacking and defending calculations are greatly recommended for believability.)

Type: Type 1 | Type 2
Abilities: Ability 1 / Ability 2 | Hidden Ability
Base Stats: HP / Atk / Def / SpA / SpD / Spe | BST
Custom Elements:
Competitive Use:

Miscellaneous: No council atm, since Monothreat micro metas would be easy to learn with small amount of threats and Pokémon pool per type to considerate. Experimentation takes priority.

Pet Mod Name: RBY CAP
Pet Mod Concept: A metagame where the CAP Project is applied to an RBY setting for the purpose of researching the RBY OU metagame.
Explanation: This Pet Mod will go through long, detailed slates dedicated to making a Pokemon set up to succeed in RBY OU. Nothing about the base game will be changed, nor will these be quick like The Pokedex Redone. Each slate will be akin to CAP, but optimized for RBY: concept, threat discussion, stats/typing, learnset, counters, and finally, playtesting. There should be a review prior to playtesting.
Miscellaneous: This will be led by a council: Petuuuuhhh, Plague von Karma, Enigami, and pacattacc.
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A Golden Waddle Dee

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I know I already submitted New Meta, but I subbed this because I like it better. (Sorry that I didn’t tell you ViZar and kakaks)

(Banner by me)
Do you wish that more branch evolutions existed for a wider variety of Pokémon to use competitively? Or do you wish that more branched evolutions existed in general? If you have one of both of those wishes, then Branched Potential is definitely for you! In this Pet Mod, we will create a branched evolution for every Pokémon in the National Dex.
As said above, the community will try to make a branched evolution for every Pokémon with or without an evolution. This Pet Mod will also be in the National Dex format because of the wider variety of Pokémon. Since that is really all I can say about it, I’ll move onto the rules.
Rules & Explanation
Remember, every single Non-Legendary Pokémon can have a branched evolution. There may be some special slates where weak legendaries get new evolutions, though.​
  • Types :eevee:
    • The new branched evolution must keep the original evolution’s primary typing.​
    • You are also allowed to remove the original Pokémon’s secondary typing.​
    • Also, this is just a note, but keep some flavor in mind when giving a new type.​
  • Abilities :slowpoke: :slowpoke-galar:
    • You must keep two (or one, it depends) of the original evolution’s abilities, and if a ability is going to change, it’s most likely it’s Hidden Ability.​
    • Also, keep some flavor in mind as well while giving new abilities.​
  • Stats :ralts:
    • The new branched evolution’s BST must equal the original evolution’s BST.​
    • When you make the branched evolution’s stats, do whatever you’d like! (Add and Subtract stats from OG evolution, etc.) You may not boost an stat that is above 150, but you can always switch stats.
    • If you wish to make a new branched evolution for a one staged or two staged Pokémon, they get a boost in their BST, depending on their existing BST.
    • 530 to 600 BST - 0+
      525 to 500 BST - 30+
      499 to 480 BST - 45+
      479 to 465 BST - 60+
      464 to 455 BST - 70+
      454 to 440 BST - 95+
      439 to 400 BST - 105+
      399 to 300 BST - 145+
      299 to 250 BST - 230+
    • If you make a Mega for the new branched evolution, just remember to add the +100 stat boost.
    • Also, please don min/max your submissions!
  • Moves :clamperl:
    • If you want to have new moves, you must subtract some from the existing evolution. You can +/- up to 20 moves.
    • If you add a new typing to a single typed Pokémon, you can add 10 free moves.
  • Miscellaneous :snorunt:
    • If the original evolution has a Mega Evolution, the new branched evolution can get one as well. This rule goes for Z-Moves as well.
    • The weight for the new branched evolution must be +/- 30 kg.
    • The height for the new branched evolution must be +/- 2m.
  • Pokémon that cannot have a new branched evolution :nincada:
    • Oddish, Poliwag, Slowpoke, Slowpoke-Galar, Exeggcute, Cubone, Koffing, Eevee, Pichu, Tyrouge, Wurmple, Ralts, Nincada, Snorunt, Clamperl, Burmy, Mime Jr., Rockruff, Applin, Toxel
Now that the rules are finished, here is a submission template and sample for you!
:pokemon: or if you want to use big sprites, use this link. (Click on sprites and choose the fourth option)

New Moves:
Removed Moves:

Competitive Description:

(If you add a Mega, just add it in a hide in your submission.)

Name: Charivern

Weight: 98 kg
Abilities: Blaze / Reckless
Stats: 78 / 109 / 85 / 84 / 78 / 100 (Swapped Physical Stats with Special Stats)

New Moves: Draco Meteor, Close Combat, Iron Head (3)
Removed Moves: Fling, Fury Cutter, Mud-Slap (3)
Flavor/Design: Imagine Mega-Charizard X looking like a regular Charizard.

Competitive Description: DD Sweeper.

You are also allowed to submit up to the limit of new branched evolutions you can make in a slate. (For example, if there was a slate where four Pokémon are featured, you can have up to 4 submissions.)
- The submission phase will usually last for 5 days. Use that time to submit the best submissions you can!
- The voting phase lasts for 5 days as well. Vote for the submissions you think are good!
- The discussion phase will last for 1 day. Discuss about the winners and what you think about them!
You can vote up to 5 people’s submissions. If you want to vote yourself, you must not vote yourself in 1st place.
And now, for the voting template:
:venusaur: - Person 1, Person 2, Person 3, Person 4, Person 5
:charizard: - Person 2, Person 3, Person 1, Person 5, Person 4
:blastoise: - Person 3, Person 1, Person 2, Person 4, Person 5

I am the Impostor
Looking for council members! DM me if you’d like to be in council. Must have competitive experience IG.

Thanks for reading this post, and have a good day! :)​
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:glastrier: :spectrier:
Pet Mod Name: Steed For Speed (Name WIP)
Pet Mod Concept: In this Pet Mod, we will be creating Rider-style Pokemon fusions. i.e. A slate where we use horse-style mons crossed with Medival-inspired pokemon to make a cavalier.
Explanation: In each Slate, Me/The Council would pick a theme (see example above) or pick a certain pokemon to make a Rider pokemon from. They would all be usable in Gen 8 Natdex OU, which is also the format for the Pet Mod. It is possible that we would have a different way than how they did with Calyrex's Rider forms, which I believe were "quarter non-hp base stats and add them to the horse." I have yet to decide.
Miscellaneous: This will probably be run by a council, since Idk how to code on smogon yet :P, otherwise, that's all!

(Side Note: I had this idea back when subs were closed, so it has been in my brain for a while)
:sm/jynx::sm/electabuzz::sm/magmar: -> :sm/magmortar::sm/electivire::sm/unown-question:
Pet Mod Name: Missing Links
Pet Mod Concept: It's probably just me, but one thing I absolutely hate that Game Freak does is establish two or more Pokémon as counterparts of each other, then proceed to abandon that later by only giving one of them an evolution, Mega Evolution, Regional form, or whatever.
Explanation: In this National Dex OU-based Pet Mod, we fill in the unfinished pairs by introducing new Regional forms, evolutions, Mega Evolutions, prevolutions, and stat buffs. Each slate would give a few Pokémon that would need these additions. Rules would vary based on the type of addition the Pokémon needs. Simple custom elements, like clones of moves/abilities, moves/abilities with very simple effects, and stuff like flavor items, would be allowed.
Butterfree was a counterpart to Beedrill in Gens 1-5, but didn't receive a Mega Evolution in Gen 6, so the mod would add a Mega Evolution
Arcanine was a counterpart to Ninetales in Gens 1-6, but didn't receive a Regional form in Gen 7, so the mod would add a Regional form
Jynx was a counterpart to Magmar & Electabuzz in Gens 1-3 but didn't receive an evolution in Gen 4, so the mod would add an evolution
The Bellsprout line was a counterpart to the Oddish line in Gen 1, but they didn't receive a split evolution in Gen 2, so the mod would add a split evolution
Skarmory was a counterpart to Mantine in Gens 2-3, but didn't receive a prevolution in Gen 4, so the mod would add a prevolution
Dustox is a counterpart to Beautifly via evolution line, but didn't receive a +10 stat boost in Gen 6, so the mod would add +10 to its BST

- Pet Mod would be run by a council, which would currently just be me right now
- National Dex OU-based, but the main focus of the mod is flavor, though submitters can still make their subs OU-viable
- Due to the simplicity of the mod and because there wouldn't be that many slates, it would likely be fully playable very quickly
Pet Mod Name: Super Smash Mons
Pet Mod Concept: A mod where we create Pokemon that represent Smash Bros. Characters! Similar to Crossover Chaos except we can add any character we like regardless of whether they originate from a video game or not. Players may submit ideas for additions to Super Smash Mons, and would essentially be Smash Bros except in a turn based format.

Example User Submission:

Type: Normal
Ability: Power-Up(This Pokemon can either: Dynamax for a turn, gain the Flying Type in for the rest of the battle, gain Ice type in place for the rest of the battle, gain the Fire type for the rest of the battle, or transform into Cat Mario(another submission possibility). The secondary type is the only one that changes, in other words, Mario will always be Normal/[Type]

Learned Moves: High Jump Kick, Blaze Kick, (etc you get the idea)

Like this, we would add one Pokemon for each character in the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster except for the Pokemon who are already in the game, who will be added as they are currently in the mainline Pokemon games. Afterwards, submissions for custom characters who are not already on the Ultimate Roster, for example Mickey Mouse, would open.

- I don't know how to code this into Dragon Heaven, so I would probably need help with that :D
:honchkrow:Micrometa Mafia :murkrow:
Pet Mod Concept: We will attempt to create a micrometa of adjusted Pokemon while randomly selected people will attempt to sneak in an unhealthy addition to the meta.

  • Prior to the slate, people will sign up to participate in the next slate.
  • Slate themes will be the usual slate themes for any micrometa (walls, wallbreakers, speed control, etc.)
  • Based on the number of signups, "saboteurs" will be randomly selected (probably a 3:1 ratio of normal participants to saboteurs). They will be privately assigned to submit something with a trait detrimental to a micro meta, such as a high stat or an oversaturated type. They will know who the other saboteurs are.
  • Submissions will continue as normal; participants will submit adjusted existing Pokemon (think The Pokedex Redone level of things except the name will stay the same) to fit the slate theme
  • I will not be vetoing anything for balance reasons. It is up to the participants of the slate to encourage balance and/or use the voting system to eliminate broken submissions.
  • This mod will be based on Gen 8 mechanics
  • "Adjusted" Pokemon must:
    • Keep at least one of its original types (unless it only has one type)
    • Keep at least one of its original abilities (unless it only has one ability)
    • Add/remove moves based on how the type is changed
    • ±5 useful moves (flavor moves not included)
    • Maximum ±20 change in each stat, maximum ±10 BST
  • No custom elements

  • Vote for the top three submissions in any order. Each vote is worth one point.
  • Along with the vote for submissions, there will be a vote to eliminate the "saboteur". Participants will vote for one less the amount of saboteurs (if there are 2 sabouteurs, vote for 1 user to eliminate; if there are 3, vote 2; if there is 1, vote 1). If more than half of the participants vote for a user, they will be "eliminated" and all their submissions that round will be vetoed. You may abstain from this vote. Non-participants may not cast an elimination vote.
  • During the voting period, you may also sign up for the next slate (just end the post with "in"). In order to sign up, you must cast a submission vote. You can also vote while not signing up for the next slate.
  • The two submissions with the highest amount of votes wins. If the submission of a saboteur wins, then that sucks (Pokemon submitted by saboteurs will be labeled "-Saboteur" as a trophy of your achievement. Maybe we can recolor them if we're fancy enough). If not, hooray, a healthy meta.
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Pet Mod Concept:
Making Fakemons based on abstract concepts (such as "Pain", "Exhaustion", or "Viciousness"), for use in a metagame consisting of these Fakemons exclusively.


At the beginning of each slate, the council will decide on 2 to 3 concepts that participants can submit Fakemons for.


Participants may submit up to 2 Fakemons for each concept. Each Fakemon may have one custom ability or move, but this is not required. The standard OU banlist will be used.


Participants will vote for their three favorite submissions for each concept, in order. Participants may vote for one of their own submissions per slate, and cannot give it their first vote.

Since I have a tenuous-at-best grasp on balance, the mod will be run by a council. Feel free to message me if you want to be part of the council.

Current council members:
:gastrodon-east: Me
:dracozolt: kakaks
:obstagoon: Paulluxx
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At long last, the first few new mods to be added are here! First, let's get the denied ones out of the way:

Ultimate Forms
Are you tired of Gigantmax and Megs forms, well here is a new thing for you. It’s called an ultimate form, it uses the Z-crystal mechanic of having that specific crystal to use the Z-move. But it gets a upgraded sprite, a new or upgraded ability, a new typing or secondary typing, a specific move on the Pokémon gets special effects, and each Pokémon gets +150 in there stat total. You can put them anywhere you want, so at least you make simple fun sets or complicated sets for the Pokémon. There are bans for the moves and abilities that can be used like Huge Power, Wonder Guard and Burn Up, But here’s a Pokémon that I have set up already.

Umbreon: Typing: Dark/Ghost, move with effect: Dark Pulse(has a 30% chance to paralyze opponent and becomes super effective against normal types), Ability: Wailing Appearance(basically lowers this Pokémon speed by one when entering the battlefield to boost special attack by two), and +50 in Special Attack, +30 in Physical Defense, +50 in HP, and +20 in Speed

Submission Template
Pokémon Getting the Ultimate Form:
New Type:
New Ability (Can be a Custom Ability too):
Move getting the Special Effect:
New special Effect:
*And legendary Pokémon can not get Ultimate Forms. maybe the UB (if people make them too overpower) can't get the forms too. but the Regi's and the lower trios and mythicals can, along with Pseudo and regular Pokémon*

This might have Slates. But I do not know for the time how they will be implemented
View attachment 317647
This feels rather too chaotic and unbalanced for a Pet Mod, as well as the fact you aren't quite experienced yet to elad a mod of your own, so I'll have to reject this one.

Pet Mod Name: Super Smash Mons
Pet Mod Concept: A mod where we create Pokemon that represent Smash Bros. Characters! Similar to Crossover Chaos except we can add any character we like regardless of whether they originate from a video game or not. Players may submit ideas for additions to Super Smash Mons, and would essentially be Smash Bros except in a turn based format.

Example User Submission:

Type: Normal
Ability: Power-Up(This Pokemon can either: Dynamax for a turn, gain the Flying Type in for the rest of the battle, gain Ice type in place for the rest of the battle, gain the Fire type for the rest of the battle, or transform into Cat Mario(another submission possibility). The secondary type is the only one that changes, in other words, Mario will always be Normal/[Type]

Learned Moves: High Jump Kick, Blaze Kick, (etc you get the idea)

Like this, we would add one Pokemon for each character in the Smash Bros. Ultimate roster except for the Pokemon who are already in the game, who will be added as they are currently in the mainline Pokemon games. Afterwards, submissions for custom characters who are not already on the Ultimate Roster, for example Mickey Mouse, would open.

- I don't know how to code this into Dragon Heaven, so I would probably need help with that :D
This is rather simillar to Crossover Chaos. Anything that could've been done by this mod can just be submitted to Crossover Chaos instead, thus the Mods have decided to reject it.

:glastrier: :spectrier:
Pet Mod Name: Steed For Speed (Name WIP)
Pet Mod Concept: In this Pet Mod, we will be creating Rider-style Pokemon fusions. i.e. A slate where we use horse-style mons crossed with Medival-inspired pokemon to make a cavalier.
Explanation: In each Slate, Me/The Council would pick a theme (see example above) or pick a certain pokemon to make a Rider pokemon from. They would all be usable in Gen 8 Natdex OU, which is also the format for the Pet Mod. It is possible that we would have a different way than how they did with Calyrex's Rider forms, which I believe were "quarter non-hp base stats and add them to the horse." I have yet to decide.
Miscellaneous: This will probably be run by a council, since Idk how to code on smogon yet :P, otherwise, that's all!

(Side Note: I had this idea back when subs were closed, so it has been in my brain for a while)
This feels rather simillar to the Fusion Evolution mods. As such the Moderators have decided to reject it as well. If you polish out the concept a bit more to not be so much of a combination of the two mons, maybe it could've been considered. I recommend polishing out the idea in the Pet Mods Workshop!

Now for what you're all here for, the newly approved mods are...

(the name is in all caps and must be referred to in all caps)

I'm sure many of you reading are already familiar with Roulettemons, but for those who aren't, Roulettemons is a mod where the Pokemon that get put in are generated randomly, with the community voting in said Pokemon so nothing unbalanced gets in. Their moves, typings, and abilities are all pulled from the abilities that already exist. EXTREME ROULETTEMONS is a spinoff takes things a step further and doesn't just generate the Pokemon, but also uses RNG alongside community help to determine a brand new type chart with 10 new types, 120 new abilities, 112 new moves, and a few new items as well.
The order of the slates will be as follows...

Randomizing the Type Chart
The type chart is the very first thing that will be randomized. I'll give out five options for type charts with colors as the placeholders for the types' names, and they will be voted on, with only the most voted winning. The way I'll be randomizing this will be by getting half a table that randomly generates numbers from 1-36, with 1-6 meaning strong matchup, 31-35 meaning weak matchup, and 36 meaning the target is immune. The other half of this table will be found just by flipping the first half so if a type resists another, they'll be super effective against it as well. There will be nine regular types, plus a tenth neutral type that has only one losing matchup and zero winning matchups. Things like immunities to status and weather are given to exactly one type and are given randomly. In addition, I'll be manually giving a winning matchup to types that don't have any against the type with the least losing matchups relative to their winning matchups, and vice versa. It might sound kind of complicated, but all that matters is that you can see the end result, and an example of the results of the following is below...
View attachment 317945

Naming the Types
This is where the community involvement really begins. The community gets to name all of the ten types instead of their placeholder names. A user has to submit an entire type chart so that people who want cohesiveness through their types aren't screwed over, and whichever user's submission get the most votes will win. The names can make sense, like if a Scissors-type is super effective against a Paper-type, or they can be completely nonsensical, like if the Beaver-type is super effective against the Awesome-type. That's up for the community to decide.

Getting the Moves
Up until this point, I've yet to mention that I'm going to have people sort of "sign up" for the earlier parts of this mod. This is because I don't erally have a great way of generating moves, abilities, or items. Everyone who asks me to be involved will be given a few pairs of moves to try and fuse together sort of akin to how Fusion Evolution does abilities. The moves will be assigned types already, and they'll likely have to make a specific number of their moves either physical, special, or status, but everything else is entirely on the user: name, base power, secondary effect, other additions like whether it's a punch or sound move, and so on. This will end when we have 112 moves, with there being 10 of each type, plus 12 universally-learned moves, ten of which are of the neutral type and two of which are special and give every Pokemon workable STAB. These 112 moves will include everything, with each type having three physical, special, and status moves, plus one wild card. Also note that if there aren't enough healing moves or aren't any hazard removing moves, I'll step in and add some of those manually.

Getting the Abilities
This stage will be very similar to the last one, but there will be 120 abilities that will be evenly spread across the people who have shown interest. This works identically to Fusion Evolution's ability combining process, once again with randomly generated ability pairings. The reason this comes after the moves is that the moves will be how we determine things like new weathers. Some abilities like Prankster and Thick Fat can't be translated to a random type chart perfectly, and in cases like this, I will generate a random type for the user to work with.

Getting the Items
For this one, the people participating will be combining the secondary effect of a random move and the effect of an ability. This one doesn't have a set number in mind because having a set number here is not as important but I'll likely give out 2-4 to each person depending on how many people are involved. I will ask for people who make these to be a bit more careful than with moves and abilities because especially broken abilities can't be balanced out by being given to bad Pokemon, so no "this item doubles the user's attack" or anything too centralizing.

Setting the Power Level
This will be the first time getting actual Pokemon will be involved. For the first slate, I'll generate 10 Pokemon from all of our new resources. This will work similarly to traditional Roulettemons slates, except the five that get the most votes will be put into the metagame to set the power level. This slate will be entirely discussion-based minus the voting period and people are free to jump in at this point. The ideal purpose of this is to aim for the perfect middle of the pack, although if people want something a little more broken then that would be fine.

Getting 20 More Pokemon
After we have the main five, we'll add 20 more to those five while keeping balance in mind. People are allowed to submit sprites for these Pokemon as well, just like with the original. This will take up the bulk of the mod's lifespan and will work identically to how the original Roulettemons worked, so I'll mention a few changes to the Pokemon themselves here. In Roulettemons, the Pokemon were set to a BST of 600, but I'm going to be broadening that so we can get any Pokemon with a BST from 485 to 540, as well as 570 and 600. Since I can't exactly use the old random name generator, I'm going to tell people the typings of the Pokemon that will be involved in the next slate in advance, and I'll allow one person to name each on a first come first serve basis. I will be giving a name to the last one of these so I can still be involved, but don't get any priority. All moves in this are supposed to be viable, and there's way less, so instead of each Pokemon learning 20 good and 20 bad moves, they'll just learn 20 of the total moves + the universal TMs.

The Last Main Slate
This will also be identical to what was done in the original Roulettemons. People will be allowed to submit any Pokemon they felt should have been voted in from an earlier slate, or they can submit things that they feel weren't balanced at the time, but could make for interesting or useful additions to the meta now. In this slate we'll aim to add 2-5 Pokemon, making the final number of Pokemon between 27 and 30.

Optional Balance Slates
Because this is a small metagame, it's going to suck even more if a Pokemon ends up not being very good. I will use a random mega generator to give any Pokemon that may end up being bad a nice boost, with there being five options similar to the main slates. Pokemon deemed broken will get their best quality rerolled with five new options, be it stats, movepool, abilities, or maybe even typing.

As for miscellaneous notes, there's really not much. This mod will start without a council and I'll gauge peoples' interest and their general competitive knowledge as it goes on to decide who I think would make for a good fit. As I mentioned before, from now until the moves section (assuming this does get good enough reception to be accepted), I will be gathering a list of all people who are going to participate in the moves/abilities/items part of this mod. I'll start here and continue it in the mod's thread when it comes up. The current list is below...
El Cadaver
Mossy Sandwich

DM me if you have any questions, if I didn't explain anything properly, or if you want to be a part of the above list yourself. You're in no rush if you still want to think about being on that list, and you can opt out whenever you'd like.
The original Roulettemons was great, and EXTREME ROULETTEMONS sounds pretty fun as well! Only good things can come of this mod, thus it is approved!

Döppelgangers (Thank you Caionamax)
This mod attempts to make a counter for every pokemon, which will be used by their shiny forms. For example, a non-shiny Blissey would still be the same as the soft-boiling monster that we all know and love. But a shiny Blissey would no longer be a Blissey. It would be a Blissey killer. Probably a guts fighting type.
1. All countermons must have the same BST as their originals.
2. Type changes are allowed, and even encouraged.
3. Calculations are required in submissions, or will not be included during voting.
4. The amount of removed and new moves must be the same.
5. Shiny locking in any shape or form will be ignored, including shiny-exclusive moves (like Extreme Speed Genesect), unobtainable shinies (like Keldeo), and regular-exclusive moves (I can't think of any right now.)
6. There will be specified slates, so please don't post outside of allowed pokemon.
Submission Template:
New Stats:
New Typing:
New Moves:
Removed Moves:
Sounds easy to get into yet pretty innovative and allows for great creativity. Approved!

------------------------------------Bust a Move------------------------------------------
Pet Mod Concept:
Like how ViAbilities seeks to buff all abilities to have some use in singles competitive, this mod seeks to make every move (that is not a weaker version of an already good move) competitively viable in singles on at least one Pokemon.

Explanation: This mod will be based on NatDex because I feel giving the mod access to more move-users will make the stated mission of this Pet Mod easier to achieve. However, we will have an occasional foray into Ubers since there are several moves in need of a buff that are exclusive to mons in that tier (ie Aeroblast, Eternabeam). Not counting a few restrictions, submitters will be free to take the move in any direction they like in order to make it viable. While buffs should try to stick to the generic flavor of the move, we won't be too restrictive about flavor so as to encourage more creativity with buffs (as long as they don't go completely off base). They may choose to either make it generally useful, or may choose to buff it in a way that specifically works in tandem with (a) specific mon(s) (ie making BP just enough to be useful on a Technician mon). Submissions will list the basics of the move [see the example below], highlighting any changes made; submitters do need to clearly state what changes they make. While the bulk of this mod will be focused on moves that see no serious competitive usage, we will be holding votes on "second-place moves", ie moves that see usage due to being a mon's only option or are still underpowered despite actually seeing usage; however, these moves will need to be carefully selected by the competitive council, and as such we probably won't get around to them until later.

1. Submitters may not change the move's designation (physical, special, status).
2. Submitters will only be allowed to change its type if specifically deemed acceptable by the leaders/council.
There are a few cases (such as the 20 or so multi-hit Normal moves) where changing typing may be necessary to differentiate a move or ensure a move doesn't violate Rule 3. This will be determined on a case by case basis, and any type change does still need to reflect the moves' flavor.
3. Moves may not be buffed in a way that would make them a clone of a pre-existing move or make an already good move obsolete. I want to refrain from just copying pre-existing moves, as that may not give the buffed move a chance to really stand out (also I'd find that really boring). This is why we're probably not going to bother with weaker versions of already good moves like Mega Drain, since it'd be hard to buff that without invalidating Giga Drain. I'd also like to avoid making a move "this move but a different type" unless it's already the different-typed counterpart to another move. The latter half of this rule is to prevent the mod from being locked in an eternal cycle where our buffs end up forcing us to buff other moves due to power creep.
4. Moves may not be given a specific effect when used with a particular mon. This would be both arbitrary and basically cheating, so no "x move does this particular thing when Rhyperior uses it" for instance.
5. Moves must be balanced and not involve uncompetitive tactics. Pretty simple. In some cases, users may be expected to nerf certain aspects of moves in order to keep it balanced (for example, the recharge moves will likely end up losing some BP considering recharge will be removed as a factor). An effect like lowering accuracy or freezing is only permissible if the move already does that.
6. Moves can receive wider distribution, but try to show restraint. Moves may be added to new mons if giving those mons the move would make sense flavorwise. However, expanded distribution should make logical sense on any new learners; don't just give mons revised moves because "it would be cool" or "it would be decent coverage". New distribution will be generally limited to 3 mons, although that number may increase/decrease depending on the strength of the move.

Move: X-Scissor
PP: 15 (max 24)
Accuracy: 100%
Secondary Effect: None-> High critical hit ratio. [change highlighted]
New Users:
Viable Users: Must name at least one Pokemon that would use the move in serious competitive play.

Phase 1 will be the submission phase; for the sake of avoiding too much clutter, each slate will focus on buffing three moves that share a common criteria (ie a recharge move slate, a Doubles move slate, an exclusive move slate, a slate of moves that can drop stats), so that players still have a good range of options. After the submission phase, we will have a voting phase wherein submitters can vote for up to 5 submissions per move, in order of favorite to least favorite, with the winning submission for each move being whichever gets the highest collective total (1st would be 5 points, 3rd would be 3, 5th would be 1). Voters may self-vote as high as second place for any move.

I am going to get a council together to have multiple perspectives on the competitive aspect and so things stay on track in case I'm unavailable. Also, I'm not very good at programming, so I will need at least one council member who'd know how to patch these changes in. Any interested in being on the council may contact me on the Pet Mods Discord.
It is highly unique for a Pet Mod to focus on Moves rather than Pokémon themselves, and it is a very neat change of pace. Approved!


Pet Mod Concept: This Mod will aim to create a metagame (with only new Pokemon) with a Pokemon for each Double Type, and every Pokemon should be viable and interesting.


The Mod would work by slates, working in a three phases system:

First Phase: Submission Phase

In that phase, three typings would be announced at the start. There would then be a week or so to submit up to one Fakemon for each of the three typings. Custom elements wouldn't be allowed, except on some slates that would be decided by the council (most likely just for the ??? typing)

Relevant Moves:
Flavor Moves:

(They're not made with the template because they were made before we made that template)

Name: Machinirit (Machinery+Spirit)
Typing: Steel-Ghost
Ability: Levitate
Stats: 155-80-70-105-80-50
Role: Team Support / Mixed Wall
Movepool: Wish, U-Turn, Shdow Ball, Hex, Shadow Claws, Flash Cannon, Metal Sound, Will-O-Wisp, Doom Desire, Psychic, + Universal TMs
Description: This Pokemon would take advantage of the typing because thanks to it's four immunities, allowing it to easily and safely switch-in to support it's team with Wish, U-Turn, Doom Desire, Will-O-Wisp...
Dex Entries:

Dex Entry 1: Those Pokemon are said to exist since the very invention of machines. Despite only being possesed machinery, they are quite mobile.

Dex Entry 2: Machinisprits can look quite hostile at first, but they are actually some of the kindest Pokemon there can be to people that are nice with them.

Weight: 143Kg.

Name: Fafnipede (Fafnir (a mythical dragon)+centipede)
Typing: Bug-Dragon
Ability: Compound Eyes Stats:75-110-80-120-75-80 (BST: 540)
Movepool: Dragon Dance, Quiver Dance, First Impression, Outrage, Draco Meteor, Bug Buzz, Coil, Harden, Leech Life, Hurricane, Fly, Focus Blast, Fire Charge, Flamethrower, Universal TMs, Earthquake, Crunch, Scratch, Megahorn
Roles: Set-Up Sweeper/Revenge Killer/Mixed Wallbreaker
Description: It take advantage of the typing by gaining STABs on some great moves, like First Impression or Draco Meteor. Also, rare moves like Dragon Dance or Quiver Dance count as exploiting the typing if they're STAB, because it is probable the Pokemon wouldn't even gain access to it without that typing, so those counts.
What sets it apart from other mons with the same role: It's access to priority, two of the strongest boosting moves in the game and perfect accuracy on moves much as Megahorn. Also, near perfectly accurate Focus Blast is neat.
Dex Entries:

Dex Entry 1: Fafnipedes have first been discovered in ancient temples. Their fluid movements, which look like a dance of sorts, have inspired many ancient civilizations's art.

Dex Entry 2: Those Pokemon were once feared for their destructive rage. Very few perons can say without lying they tamed a Fafnipede taking it's true form.

Weight: 56 Kg

Also, as a side note for submissions: Remember this is a micrometa, so the power level will be different from regular mons. A base Special Attack of 130 can be handled in regular OU, but maybe not in this. Keep your submissions balanced (I will try to find a coder as soon as possible to avoid the meta becoming broken)

-Transistor, Dragon's Maw, Steely Spirit, Steelworker, Libero, Protean and Color Change are banned. Not that it's not possible to make something balanced and interesting with them (especially Color Change) just that it would feel weird having them in a mod that focuses on exploiting typings.

Phase 2: Voting phase
Nothing particular to say here, except:
Vote separetely for each of the slate's typing, as there will be a winner for every one of them.
You have one self-vote and it can't be in first place.

Phase 3: Discussion Phase
This is where you can discuss the new mons. You can also discuss existing ones. You Can submit sets, discuss problematic mons, propose buffs to less seen ones…

When every single one of the 171 possible typings will be done, the most probable thing to happening would be that we would enter a discussion phase that won't end, kind of like Sylvemons, so the meta can develop.

The Mod will be based on gen8 mechanics. Which means that dexited moves can't be used, and that Z-Moves don't exist.


The mod would be led by a council. Currently the council is:

:groudon-primal: Magmajudis
:marshadow: kakaks
:swampert: ViZar
:duosion: DuoM2

I'll try to give slates a little theme, like Grass/Fire/Water (starter types), Normal-Flying/Bug-Flying/Grass-Poison (the three most common double-types), or Ice-Poison/Bug-Dark/Ground-Fairy (types that don't exist yet)
Very simple concept but that can lead to very interesting new pokémon and a very unique metagame, alongside also having a pretty clear and defined goal with an end, so it is approved!

Name: Hoenn Gaiden
Concept: This is a Gen 3 pet mod that brings Gen 4 and newer Pokemon into Gen 3 mechanics. There are slates and people modify the existing Pokemon to a Gen 3 meta.

Description: What are Gen 3 mechanics?
  • Physical/Special split is GONE
  • Fairy type is GONE
  • Weather is PERMANENT
  • Pivoting moves are GONE (because we know Baton Pass sucks)
  • Team preview is OUT
But beyond modifying old Pokemon, we're also creating brand new:
  • abilities
  • moves
  • items
  • pokemon (including evolutions)

We revert back to early 2000s for what moves, items and abilities exist, and then add to it to create something brand new.

Misc.: This will probably be led by a council but I haven't asked anyone to join it yet.

Type: Water/Steel
Ability: Torrent
Retained Moves: Hydro Pump, Surf, Agility, Substitute, Yawn, Ice Beam, Toxic, Rest
New Moves: Haze
Niche: Bulky Water who doesn't take sand damage, and has a support movepool that emphasizes status spread. Gave it Haze because it gives it a niche compared to Vaporeon/Suicune, which it uses well due to its many resistances). Can also set up with Sub+Agility to activate Torrent.
Considering how well Rose Red Iris Blue did, and how unique this mod is itself, we have decided it to be approved!

Now, if your currently submitted mod is not in this list, do not be alarmed. We simply went for a smaller number of mods to be approved at once so as not to add too many at once. It does not mean your mod has been disqualified unless stated as such.



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:Darmanitan: :Darmanitan-Zen: :Darmanitan-Galar: :Darmanitan-Galar-Zen:
Pet Mod Name: Alternatium
Pet Mod Concept: This Pet Mod seeks to make a metagame where only Pokemon with alternate forms exist, all alternate forms are separate species, and they are all balanced together for one single metagame.
Explanation: No Skarmory, no Clefable, no Hydreigon. But yes to Darmanitan, Toxtricity and Aegislash. As stated, any Pokémon without an alternate form is immediately disqualified from being in this mod. Of course, that means we will need to be creative with how we handle the forms of what we already have, seeing as some roles will possibly straight up disappear from the metagame. Specifically what we mean by alternate forms, are ones that Showdown officially recognizes in the builder. So we will not have 30 differing Alcremie, nor will we have 12 different Vivillon (but we will have three!). To get the most out of this thread I decided to make it National Dex based. Megas and Gigantamax forms not included because Pet Mods exist specifically for them.
Major questions are
- How do we handle the elephants in the room (Arceus, Silvally and Pikachu)?

Ans: Silvally will be dealt with, but for the time being it has been decided that Arceus will be ignored. Due to the sheer number of Pikachu variants, most of which are largely redundant, we will be only focusing on base Pikachu, Starter Pikachu, the Cosplay Pikachu's and a Cap Pikachu.

- Should regional variants be considered under the banner of alternate forms here?

Ans: Yes it has been decided that Regional Variants will count as alternate forms.

Not interested in a council atm, but if I am I will let people know.

Share your tharts.
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