Data Prize Claiming Thread (Update 5-09-13)

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Claiming 8UC from here and 7UC from here.

That's a total of 15UC. I'ma spend one real quick to purchase Super Fang (LU) for my Bidoof.

Now for some smeargle fun. Smeargle has 4 Sketch Slots, and I'ma spend 4UC to buy 4 more, giving him 8 Sketch Slots and me 10UC. I'ma now spend 10 to replace 5 of those slots with the following moves:
Encore (Samurott)
Mirror Coat (Snivy)
Glare (Snivy)
Heal Bell (Monohm)
Super Fang (Bidoof)

This leaves me with no UC. That is all.

EDIT: Claiming from here.

Mr. L gets 2 CC.
Pwnemon gets 2 CC.
Gliscor gets 3 MC and 1 KOC.
Smeargle gets 4 MC (EXP Share) and 1 KOC. Smeargle also learns Agility, U-Turn, and Torment.
Yep. Smeargle replaces his last 3 sketch slots with those 3 moves. I'm going to also use the 4MC from the match to buy 4 new Sketch Slots (Go Figure). I'll use his KOC in MC, and with his stockpiled MC, I'll replace one of the 4 sketch slots with Flamethrower (Chimchar), leaving him with 3 Sketch Slots and no MC. If it'll help the approvers, here's how he looks now:

Smeargle [Picasso] (Male)
Nature: Hasty (+15% Spe, +9% Acc boost, -1 Def)
Type: Normal
Normal: Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.

Own Tempo: (Innate) This Pokemon moves at its own pace and when confused, it will never harm itself in confusion. If the Pokemon also has Tangled Feet, it will raise Accuracy by one (1) Stage.
Technician: (Innate) This Pokemon is more skilled at performing weaker moves, causing any of their attacks that normally have 6 or less Base Attack Power to have their Base Attack Power multiplied by 1.5. (e.g. Aerial Ace goes from 6 to 9, Mach Punch goes from 4 to 6, etc.) The Energy Cost for a one-hit or two-hit attack is increased by one (1). Each hit in a multi-hit move is boosted by one (1) Base Attack Power, and the Energy Cost for multi-hit attacks is increased by two (2). Because Technician is a multiplier on single hit moves, its effect is applied to Base Attack Power before any additive effects.
Moody (DW): (Innate) This Pokemon's traits are always fluctuating from one strength to another. At the end of each round, one of the Pokemon's stats (Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, Accuracy, Evasion) will be boosted by two (2) stages and another will be reduced by one (1) stage. This stat change lasts until the end of that round, where Moody is re-applied, overwriting the boosted and dropped stats. This stat boost/drop occurs outside the normal boosts/drops.


HP: 90
Atk: Rank 1
Def: Rank 1 (-)
SpA: Rank 1
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 87 (+)
Size Class: 2
Weight Class: 4
Base Rank Total: 11

MC: 0
DC: 5/5

-Fake Out
-Heal Bell
-Hi Jump Kick
-Light Screen
-Magic Coat
-Mirror Coat
-Power Split
-Sleep Powder
-Super Fang

Total Moves: 34

EDIT2: Oh yeah, my CC goes to 9.


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Okay, spending 7 CC to Nature Change my Hippowdon to become Sassy.

Hippowdon(*) [Stortamus] (M)
NATURE: Sassy (-10% Evasion) (NC)

Ground: Ground STAB; Immune to all electrical attacks, can Dig through almost any substance, Evasive Digging reduced from 6 per action Energy Cost to 5 per action, superior senses in darkened cave surroundings.

Sand Stream: (Innate) When entering into battle, this Pokemon summons a massive Sandstorm that does not end, expending 10% of its energy to do so. It can re-summon the effect mid-battle for 9% Energy with a command.
Sand Force (DW Unlocked): (Innate) This Pokemon thrives in Sandstorm conditions, using the power of the swirling sand to augment its Rock, Ground, and Steel-typed attacks. Each of this Pokemon's Rock, Ground, and Steel-typed attacks will have two (2) added to their Base Attack Power. Pokemon with this ability are immune to Sandstorm damage.

HP: 110
Atk: Rank 4
Def: Rank 4
SpA: Rank 3
SpD: Rank 4 (+)
Spe: 40 (-)
Size Class: 4
Weight Class: 7
Base Rank Total: 20

EC: 6/6
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Body Slam*
Fire Fang
Giga Impact
Ice Fang
Iron Head
Rock Slide*
Rock Smash
Sand Tomb*
Stone Edge
Take Down*
Thunder Fang

Earth Power
Spit Up


Double Team
Slack Off*
Sleep Talk
Stealth Rock

EDIT: Third Time's the Charm!

4 CC, & a victory in the Gulch!

Sunflora [Flowra] (F)
EC: 6/6
MC: 10 (+6 MC, +4 KO Counters) > 0
DC: 5/5
-Learns Toxic, Hyper Beam, Frustration, Return, & Attract (All BW TM)

Ludicolo [Poncho] (M)
EC: 9/9
MC: 10 (+6 MC, +4 KO Counters) > 0
DC: 5/5
-Learns Hone Claws, Toxic, Hail, Hidden Power (Ground, 7), & Blizzard (All BW TM)
That's all.

14-7+4=14-3=11 CC


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Claiming from here.
MrL said:
Alchemator: 2CC
Stevenson: 3MC/1KOC
Diana: 3MC/1KOC
Zeke: 3MC/1KOC
I'll allocate those and approve the above stuff a bit later.

E: Actually, I'm just going to horde everything.

Glacier, Wobbanaut, Argetlam, Glacier, TheWolfe, waterwarrior, Ziposaki, Pwnemon, MrL, Yarnus, Complications, IAR, MB, approved. That brings me to 1.5 UC, and I'm approving myself.

StarmieLazer: not approved. You can't use that amount of HC for both EC and moves.

CC: 6->8

EC: 0->1
MC: 0->2->0
DC: 0->1
Moves: Mach Punch (LU), Focus Punch (LU)

EC: 0->1
MC: 0->2
DC: 0->1

That will be all.

EDIT: Since Argetlam got approved...

I guess...

EC: 0->1->3 (KOC)
MC: 2->4->0
Moves: Sheer Cold (LU), Bug Buzz (LU), Blizzard (TM)

EC: 1->2
MC: 2->4
Moves: Counter (LU), Endure (Past Gen TM)

And that will be all.
Arcade. I get 6 CC.

Excadrill gets 12 MC and 6 KOC, and will learn Hidden Power (Fire 7), Hyper Beam, Sludge Bomb, Round, and Focus Blast, for a total of 10 MC. That completes its movepool, so I guess those 2 extra MC can be ignored and the 6 KOC go to my CC.

Aerodactyl gets 12 MC and 3 KOC, and it has learned Earthquake twice, so it gets another 2 MC. It will learn Torment (2 MC), Fly (2 MC), Whirlwind (3 MC), Endure (3 MC), Double-Edge (3 MC), Double Team (1 MC + 1 KOC), and Bulldoze (2 KOC).

Regirock gets 12 MC and 1 KOC, and has 4 MC stored. Dynamic Punch (3 MC), Focus Punch (3 MC), Smack Down (2 MC), Dig (2 MC), Giga Impact (2 MC), Thunder Wave (2 MC), Stealth Rock (2 MC + 1 KOC).

Swampert gets 3 MC and 1 KOC. It learns Wide Guard (3 MC) and stores 1 MC.

Krillowatt gets 2 MC, 1 DC, and 1 KOC. It finally unlocks Shell Armor, and learns Signal Beam (2 MC + 1 KOC).

Regice gets 3 MC, and learns Mimic (3 MC).
Training Battle showing I still can't beat Alch

Temperantia: 2CC
Marina: 1EC/2MC/1DC
Black Swan: 3MC/1KOC
Eclipse: 3MC
Marina unlocks her DW ability with the DC. Then, I add 3 UC to her EC so that she evolves and another UC as MC to give her 3 MC. She then gets Fire Punch (Tutor)

Black Swan puts her KOC into MC, then gets Spikes (Egg) and Substitute with this 4 and her 1 reserve MC.

Eclipse gets Beat Up (Event) with its 3 MC

Ludicolo- Marina (F)
Nature: Quiet (SpA increased by 1; Spe decreased by 15% and evasion decreased by a flat 10%)
Type: Water/Grass
Water: Water STAB; Can breathe and have excellent mobility when underwater, are less capable on land unless they are entirely amphibious.
Grass: Grass STAB; immunity to Leech Seed and Worry Seed. 50% reduction in status effect chance of oncoming "powder" attacks. More mobile in areas with strong natural light sources. Superior senses in tall grass and forest areas. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus.

Swift Swim: (Innate) The Pokemon with this ability moves extremely fast in slick, rainy conditions, doubling (x2) its Speed in the rain.
Rain Dish: (Innate) This Pokemon collects water in the rain and absorbs it into its body, healing two (2) HP/action.
Own Tempo (DW=Unlocked): (Innate) This Pokemon moves at its own pace and when confused, it will never harm itself in confusion. If the Pokemon also has Tangled Feet, it will raise Accuracy by one (1) Stage.

Hp: 100
Atk: 3
Def: 3
SpA(+): 4
SpD: 4
Spe(-): 61 (70/1.15=60.86)
SC: 3
WC: 4
BRT: 19

EC: 9/9
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Nature Power
Natural Gift
Mega Drain
Fake Out
Fury Swipes
Water Sport
Hydro Pump

Leech Seed
Giga Drain
Teeter Dance

Fire Punch

Rain Dance
Ice Beam

Total Moves: 21

Froslass- Black Swan (F)
Nature: Modest (Sp Atk increases by *, Atk decreases by *)
Type: Ice/Ghost
Ice: Ice STAB; immune to freezing and Sheer Cold, no vision loss or damage in Hail or snowstorm conditions, perfectly accurate and 30% Protect breaking Blizzard in Hail. Superior senses and mobility in frozen caves and other frigid arenas.
Ghost: Ghost STAB; brief intangibility that nullifies Normal and Fighting-type attacks. Can move through walls for a brief period of time but must remain in motion. Superior senses in low light and inside dark buildings. Have no vision reduction in hazes.

Snow Cloak: (Innate) This Pokemon is used to snowy blizzard conditions and gains a 20% evasion boost during Hail. Pokemon with this ability are immune to Hail damage.
Cursed Body (DW=Unlocked): (Innate) When this Pokemon is struck by an opponent's attack that makes contact, there is a 30% chance that attack will be disabled. Only one of the opponent's attacks can be disabled at a time due to Cursed Body.

Hp: 100
Atk(-): 2
Def: 3
SpA(+): 4
SpD: 3
Spe: 110
SC: 3
WC: 3
BRT: 19

EC: 6/6
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Powder Snow
Double Team
Icy Wind
Confuse Ray
Ominous Wind
Destiny Bond

Fake Tears

Pain Split

Ice Beam
Shadow Ball
Thunder Wave
Water Pulse

Total Moves: 26

Honchkrow- Eclipse (M)
Nature: Lonely (Adds * to Attack, Subtracts * from Defense)
Type: Dark/Flying
Dark: Dark STAB; Immunity to all telepathic and telekinetic attacks, better performance in all darkened and especially twilight conditions. Can use any Dark-type attack regardless of Attraction.
Flying: Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks except under the effects of Smack Down and Gravity, even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Will always hit foes with Dig (except other Flying types) and Dive. Cannot be hit by Dive unless the attacking Pokemon has a size class greater than four (4). Immune to Spikes and Toxic Spikes. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.

Insomnia: (Innate) This Pokemon is immune to sleep induced by other Pokemon. It's normal state of sleeplessness makes it take 1 less damage/action from Ghost Curse. If it is put to sleep by a Pokemon with Mold Breaker it will wake up the next action.
Super Luck: (Innate) This Pokemon’s natural skill doubles (x2) its critical hit levels above other Pokemon, making its normal moves inflict critical hits 12.5% of the time and its high critical hit moves inflict critical hits 1/3rd of the time.
Moxie (DW=Unlocked): (Innate) This Pokemon gets psyched after it earns a KO on an opposing Pokemon, increasing its attack by one (1) stage. This boost is maintained at the end of each round.

HP: 110
Atk(+): 6
Def(-): 1
SpA: 4
SpD: 2
Spe: 71
SC: 2
WC: 3
BRT: 20

EC: 6/6
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Wing Attack
Night Shade
Sucker Punch
Nasty Plot
Dark Pulse

Sky Attack
Psycho Shift

Beat Up

Heat Wave

Thunder Wave

Total Moves: 23
Claiming from here.

I get 2 CC

Hippopotas gets 1EC, 2MC, 1DC, and 1KOC (MC)
Nohface gets 1EC, 2MC, and 1DC

Also claiming from here.

I get 2 CC

Nohface gets 2HC (MC)

I'll be using the 4MC for nohface to get
ShadowStrike (LU)
Fake Out (LU)
Rock Slide (BWTM)
From the same battle as Ziposaki and Aweshucks:
Waterwarrior gets 3 CC (Amulet Coin).
Riolu gets 1 EC, 3 MC (EXP Share), and 1 DC.
Anorith gets 1 EC, 2 MC, 1 DC, and 2 KOC.
Stockpiling the 3 CC, bringing me up to 3.

Phoenix the Riolu:
EC: 3 -> 4
MC: 0 -> 3 -> 0
DC: 2 -> 3
+Past-gen tutor move Magic Coat

Godot the Anorith buts both of his KOC into MC:
EC: 0 -> 1
MC: 0 -> 4 -> 0
DC: 0 -> 1
+BW LU moves Fury Cutter, Slash, Rock Blast, and Crush Claw
Claiming from here.

2 CC
4 MC
My CC goes to 11, and my Smeargle's MC goes to 4. I'ma spend 1 to buy a Sketch Slot, then use 2 more to replace the new sketch slot with Roar (Scratchet). My Smeargle's current 3 Sketch Slots are replaced with Thunderbolt/Ice Beam/Swift from the match as well. The remaining UC is used to purchase another Sketch, even if just to have a Psuedo-Mimic during his hall. Smeargle now has 0MC.
From here.
2 CC
Magmortar: 3 MC and 3(!) KOC
Darmanitan: 3 MC
Pyroak: 3 MC​
Magmortar will pick up Mach Punch and Bulldoze, tossing it's last KOC into MC.
Darmanitan will pick up Toxic (2) and Sunny Day (2), using it's one stored MC.
Pyroak will pick up Grass Knot (2) and Roar (2), using it's stored MC.

From here
3 CC
Shelgon: 1 EC, 1 DC, 2 MC and 1 KOC
Slowpoke: 1 EC, 1 DC, 2 MC and 1 KOC
Rufflet: 1 EC, 1 DC, 2 MC and 1 KOC
Ralts: 1 EC, 1 DC and 2 MC​
Shelgon will put his KOC into EC and pick up Protect (1).
Slowpoke's KOC will go into EC and it will learn Psychic (1) and Slack Off (1).
Ralts will learn Psychic (1).
Rufflet evolves and unlocks his DW Ability. His KOC will go into MC and he learns Brave Bird (1), Slash (1) and Superpower (1).

Tibarn - Braviary (M)
Nature: Adamant (+1 Atk, -1 SpA)

Types: Normal/Flying
Normal: Normal STAB; adapt comfortably to any surrounding after 3 actions. Able to use Outrage without losing focus.
Flying: Flying STAB; immunity to Ground attacks outside extremely odd circumstances even for ground-based flying Pokemon. Enhanced aerial mobility. Superior senses in open air arenas.

Keen Eye: (Innate) This Pokemon has extremely good vision and cannot have its accuracy lowered by an opponent through any means (including accuracy lowering attacks, Smogs, Hazes, Fog, etc.). Its attacks are still affected by an opponent’s evasion and the Pokemon's own accuracy.
Sheer Force: (Can be Enabled) This Pokemon can energize all its attacks with secondary effect chances less than 100%. When Enabled, the Base Attack Power of every move with an effect chance less than 100% increases by two (2), but they will never have a secondary effect.
Defiant (DW Unlocked): (Can be Enabled) This Pokemon puts immense force and speed in its physical attacks, increasing the Base Attack Power of all its physical attacks by three (3), but the haste used lowers their accuracy to 80% of normal.

HP: 110
Atk: Rank 6 (+)
Def: Rank 3
SpA: Rank 1 (-)
SpD: Rank 3
Spe: 80

Size Class: 3
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 20

EC: 6/6
MC: 3
DC: 5/5

Moves (15):
Fury Attack
Wing Attack
Hone Claws
Scary Face
Aerial Ace
Crush Claw
Sky Drop
Brave Bird

Rock Slide
Rock Smash
Shadow Claw

My CC now becomes 17.

Edit: hi mk!!
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