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Shurtugal - I don't have time to provide a thorough analysis of your rate, although I already see a major problem - the person who posted that team built it with the intent to utilize Landorus as a late-game revenge-killer. Replacing his Landorus completely ruins the goal of the team, which is not good. Adding Terrakion also opens up a Breloom weakness. I'll add more to this later.
Hi everyone, I want to get back into RMTing!

Rate in this Thread.
Your rate is decent Yonko7, and those Lanturn and Entei suggestions are definitely very good. However, I think that suggestion Clefable and a Defensive Cofagrigus (instead of Rotom or Offensive Cofagrigus) were not good suggestions because his team was mostly offensive, and those changes only made his team to lose offensive pressure, something you should have outlined when suggesting Lanturn (Lanturn is very good on his team because it's a defensive backbone that keeps offensive momentum, something Clefable/Munchlax utterly fail at). Defensive Cofagrigus is on the same boat, and that's why I think suggesting some Rotom set (such as Scarf or SubSplit) would have been a much better suggestion. Or simply suggesting using Offensive Trick Room Cofagrigus, which helped his team to still apply offensive pressure.
Superpowerdude - Your second rate is the one I'm looking at, and you picked a hard team to rate. This is obviously a very well built Sun Teams with few problems, so you will want to try to limit your suggestions. You also have to remember that every member of a team does a particular job, so by replacing a member, you lose the ability to do whatever that team member does, whether it be providing Rapid Spin support, or being able to sweep when it's checks are down.

Looking at your Landorus-I > Genesect suggestion, I'm not too sure that was the greatest change. While it does help with Volcarona, there are other ways you can help to deal with it. You also have to remember the role Genesect has on the team, and the main perks it has over Landorus-I. Genesect is a Dragon resist, and by losing it, he becomes much more susceptible to Dragons. While Heatran can check them, once the Balloon is gone, Heatran cannot successfully deal with Dragons. This is especially important because he is running an Offensive Heatran, not a defensive set. Replacing Genesect with Landorus also opens up his Mamoswine weakness further, and his CM Latias issue. Mamoswine hits everything on his team for super effective damage, and he finds it harder to revenge it when Landorus is weak to Mamoswine's priority. The main perk Genesect has over Landorus is the fact it has a much more powerful U-Turn. Coupled with Download, Genesect can actually hit stuff hard with U-Turn, unlike Landorus. It forces much more switches, and is a lot harder to counter per se, as most of the time it will be U-Turning out. This means it can actually deal with CM Latias, which otherwise 6-0s the OP if it carries Psyshock. A much more simple change would've been to change his Ninetales set to a Specially Defensive version. This allows him to be able to switch into Volcarona / Latias much better, while also being able to deal with Tornadus-T a lot better. The extra bulk matters when taking resisted hits from Tornadus, as his team lacks a much needed Rapid Spinner. As a result of him lacking a Spinner, he has to play very offensive to avoid being beaten by Stall Teams, which is why Genesect is on the team. Like I said earlier, solid teams like this only need some fine tuning to make them better. If anything you'll just want to be changing movesets, items and EV spreads to make the team function better. A small change could be to try Toxic > Hidden Power [Fighting] on Ninetales. This change would be much better if the OP decides to go with the Specially Defensive Ninetales set. I'm really doubting the effectiveness of Hidden Power [Fighting] when he has so many other things to deal with Tyranitar / Heatran, as Tyranitar is mauled by Terrakion, U-Turned out by Genesect and can be put to sleep / used as set up fodder for Lilligant. Heatran on the other hand is beaten by Terrakion, while your own Heatran can Earth Power it and Heatran can Earthquake it.

It was a good effort, but you must realize every member of a team performs a certain role, and the only time you should be replacing team members is if something else does the same role better without opening up any additional weaknesses. Don't be discouraged, this is just my opinion. It is good to learn from your mistakes so you can rate similar teams with much ease next time. Good luck rating!
Thanks for the advice Jimbon! Yeah that was a hard team to rate but there are a lot of good sun teams popping up now so i will get better rating them with practice. Thats a really good tip about when to replace team members i will keep that in mind when ever i consider changing a team member in a team thanks!
Hey, I mainly rate RU, and was hoping to get some feedback on these rates:


Rate #1: well that team was simply terrible so it wasn't easy to rate... Anyway, you failed to recognize the big problem to entry hazards (half his team was Stealth Rock weak) so you should have suggested a spinner (like Kabutops instead of Feraligatr) to fix that. Leftovers Moltres isn't a great suggestion either, as unless running a really defensive set it isn't benefited from leftovers at all, so you should have just suggested to use Hurricane>Air Slash, or a 3 attacks offensive set (Fire Blast/Air Slash/Hidden Power Grass + Roost). Another thing you should have suggested is changing terrible sets like that CB Tangrowth. However, the changes on Galvantula moveset were a good suggestion, though.

Rate #2: This rate was better in my opinion, and the Nidoqueen suggestion was good. However, I feel like Alomomola should have been replaced, since it wasn't doing much for the team and it's usually a huge set up bait, for something like Lanturn. This is specially important due to the huge weakness of this team to Moltres and Water type pokemon (after losing Ludicolo), such as Feraligatr or Slowking, which can both be checked by Lanturn. About the format, it would be a bit more ''clear'' if you put the sets after the description of why using it, and not writing just 1 paragraph with all the suggestions and then putting all the sets at the end. Another idea would be writing separating paragraphs (1 for Nidoqueen and 1 for sandslash for example) and then leaving the sets inside a spoiler.

Rate #3: there wasn't much to rate on that team since it was really good, but I don't think Escavalier was a threat to that team, as Moltres and Absol outrun and OHKO it, Nidoqueen can OHKO it as well and it's a soft Escavalier check. There's not much point on telling you what should have said about that team because there wasn't anything to change really... However, you should have pointed out the slight weakness to Offensive Grass type pokemon like Sceptile or Lilligant, though.

So yeah, all in all your rates are generally decent but I think you should work a bit on the content and recognizing threats in general!
Superpowerdude - I will give my thoughts on the rate you provided for the following team: My Team Suck Pt.2. I don't feel the Acrobat Gliscor is too good of an idea, as it makes his team even weaker to Terrakion in general, Defensive Gliscor being its main counter. Acrobat Gliscor doesn't work too well outside of Sand generally anyways. The Timid Heatran suggestion is a good one, although you forgot to mention that it now outspeeds Adamant Dragonite. Water types aren't that big of a threat to his team, with Gastrodon and Ferrothorn being around. I would have suggested Hidden Power Ice over Hidden Power Grass to deal with Gliscor, Landorus and Dragonite, and keep Stealth Rock on Heatran, who can easily set up Stealth Rock during the game. That frees up a movespot for Jirachi, who can now use Protect over Stealth Rock - this change allows it to scout and gain Leftovers recovery, while insuring that when using Wish, you'll gain your health back instead of sometimes having to die. I don't have much else to say about this rate. Keep it up!
Could I have some feedback on this team rate. It is my first attempt at team rating.
The rate is good, Keiran, but I don't think changing Braviary was necessary if you could just suggest using Ludicolo instead of Torterra, as Ludicolo is already a good Gorebyss check, so there's no reason in using Rotom-S instead of Braviary in that case.

Your rate was solid in general, but you could have explained a bit Ludicolo's set and why you slashed those moves instead of just giving just 4 moves.(remember, the user posting the team may not know what Ludicolo moves are the best for his team). Also, you could have suggested something instead of Butterfree because it's the weak link of the team, and he even said Butterfree didn't do much on most battles as he couldn't switch out due to Stealth Rock.

The format seems good and all, so I think you will improve your rates with some practice :)
@Furai: I'm not as experienced in ubers as on other tiers, but that rate seems very solid, both in the format and content respect. There's not much to say but you could hve suggested a faster spread on Kyogre, since Kyogre is usually better off hitting first to avoid a drop on power of Water Spout, and the bulk provided by the screens should be enough anyway.


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There's not much to say but you could hve suggested a faster spread on Kyogre, since Kyogre is usually better off hitting first to avoid a drop on power of Water Spout, and the bulk provided by the screens should be enough anyway.
I see two situations where Kyogre can be used: Dual Screens effective and ineffective. If they are effective, with the bulk Kyogrea already has, it will take less damage which is super duper awesome to fire off Water Spout which will be stronger. However, if Dual Screens are not up, Kyogre quite needs the bulk to take hits easier. Not to mention that Kyogre is his most reliable check against Kabutops, so it needs to be bulky to tank that Stone Edge.
I see two situations where Kyogre can be used: Dual Screens effective and ineffective. If they are effective, with the bulk Kyogrea already has, it will take less damage which is super duper awesome to fire off Water Spout which will be stronger. However, if Dual Screens are not up, Kyogre quite needs the bulk to take hits easier. Not to mention that Kyogre is his most reliable check against Kabutops, so it needs to be bulky to tank that Stone Edge.
Arceus is probably an ever better check to Kabutops than Kyogre, especially considering Kabutops is never going to be able to set up against that team. Now that I think about it, you could have suggested using Terrakion instead of Mewtwo or simply a different set on Groudon to handle Arceus better, since Mewtwo doesn't look too necessary on the team. You have more experience in Ubers, those are just some ideas you can think about!
Is this a good way to reply to newcomers that lack competitive knowledge?

Hey there, and welcome to Smogon. While many of the pokemon that you have utilized are powerful in their own tier, you are currently running a team that spans RU, UU, and OU. It might not be a bad idea to check out Battling 101, where you can learn that Lucario is better dedicated to hitting off one side of the spectrum, either physical or special. Additionally, your team will have a much easier time functioning in UU if you were to replace Lucario with another powerful attacker like Nasty Plot Togekiss, who is actually UU. Good luck, and check out the forum I suggested for a better look at tiers, movesets, and EVs!
Off of this thread
Hi I'd really like to get into team rating, and I'd really like it if you could critique my post:

Hello there. This seems to be quite a solid team, but I'll try and help you out a bit.

First off, this is not really a momentum based team. Blastoise and Cresselia are two very bulky walls that completely lose momentum gained by your other pokes. Both seem to work quite well on your team(although I find that Cresselia isn't that good)though, and a spinner is quite a good choice if you're going to be using Zapdos. Spikes can really wear down Cobalion as well.

Unfortunately, there really aren't any offensive spinners in UU. Or are there? Kabutops is a great Pokemon, and is what you want to be using over Blastoise. Need a Chandelure counter? 4X resist to Fire, outspeeds and kills with Stone Edge. Or just SD in its face, or just Aqua Jet. With SD, Aqua Jet, Stone Edge and Rapid Spin Kabutops will either spin very well, or spin and then sweep. Cofagrigus? SD on the switch, and Stone Edge. Takes out offensive ones if I'm right. If not, you can Stone Edge again afterwards then Spin.

Secondly-Cresselia. Now as you mentioned Chandelure is a massive threat to you're team-and there's really nothing to stop it switching into Cresselia and crapping all over everything. Cresselia also loses all of you're momentum. However, there is an answer-Togekiss. No need to worry about SR's-Tops has those covered. Togekiss therefore is able to boost itself with Nasty Plot, and annihilate stall teams-as well as having an immunity to Ghost, which takes the burden off Cobalion significantly. Nasty Plot/Air Slash/Roost/Thunder Wave is arguably his best set, and with Flygon covering most of his weaknesses (electric, rock), and Cobalion and Kabutops taking ice attacks, then you don't need to worry that much about upsetting you synergy. Even the fighting resistance you lose doesn't matter much-Scrafty has Crunch for Cresselia, Heracross is going to be spamming Megahorn and Mienshao carries U-turn more often than not. Togekiss resists U-turn, and by running Roar on Zapdos then the Scrafty problem is solved. Not to mention that Zapdos is one of the best Heracross counters in this metagame.

Now with two paralysis supporters, you can stop using crappy CS Flygon, and start using the much more manly Flygon-Choice Band Flygon. Choice Band Flygon makes a much better wallbreaker than Mienshao-largely because pretty much nothing can take it's STAB moves bar Bronzong, who isn't that good in the first place and is countered by Zapdos, and Mienshao's Hi Jump Kick isn't exactly a small amount of damage on him(rather 51%-60%, so a likely 2HKO with a LO-definitely with a Choice Band). Gligar may be able to take two Outrage's, but what is it going to do back? U-turn out for miniscule damage?

Now onto Mienshao. Mienshao and Flygon form a great scouting core-there's no doubt about it. Also, while they are quite similar in that they are both physical sweepers, each do very well at damaging each other's counters. Therefore, Mienshao with a SubPass set would work really well. Basically, the idea is to come in on a Snorlax after a kill(don't come in on a Body Slam-you may be paralysed or dead-either way it's not good), force him out and set up a Substitute. From there on you have gained back momentum-which is what yu're team is designed to do. Baton Pass can either pass the Sub, so you're next poke gets a free switch in basically, or get a poke in unscathed if the opponent hits first which is basically the same thing. With Flygon as you wallbreaker, you no longer need Choice band Mienshao which is very easy to force out and give a free set-up turn to OTR Cofagrigus, a major threat in my opinion or any ghost in particular, such as Sableye. Sub stops Sableye from doing anything though-he has to rely on Foul Play to actually do anything to you.

Finally, use Roar on Zapdos over HP Ice. Only Rhyperior stands in your way now, and HP Ice isn't doing much to him anyway since most run specially defensive spreads now as of PK Gaming's RMT.

So basically, here is a sum up of my points. All of the sets mentioned can be found on the strategy Dex or in the UU analysis's for Mienshao(apart from Togekiss, who is in the 19th issue of the Smog)

Offensive Rapid Spin Kabutops over Blastoise
Hybrid Togekiss over Cresselia
CB Flygon over CS Flygon
SubPass Mienshao over CB Mienshao
Roar over HP Ice on Zapdos

GL and hope I helped.
The team is Keep it Rollin, and it is a UU team. Thanks.

gonna do this actively now

Not much to say about this rate, it seems pretty good and I don't see anything wrong about it, definitely good job, keep on rating :)

So have rated this team. Anything i missed?
First of all, I'm glad to see you're interested on rating teams, the effort is appreciated :)

While I acknowledge that the team you were rating was very poor built and that fixing it would require too much changes, you should have at least explained a bit to the user posting the team some basic changes (for example, getting rid of Aqua Ring, or why he shouldn't focus on ''anti-weather'' because weather is just non-existent in OU. I see you noticed some things were wrong (the Aqua Ring thing or the Hasty nature on Froslass). Mentioning these stuff is right, but remember to suggest the optimal attack or nature in your rate, as the other user may not know what to use instead.

Another thing you should do is trying to expand your descriptions and reasoning when rating. This doesn't mean ''writing a lot = a good rate'', but that you should at least write a bit more supporting the changes you suggest and not simply saying ''Use Hitmontop because its better than Blastoise in my opinion''