Returning to Our Roots NOC Mafia - GAME OVER: The Mafia Wins

You don't seem to get it:
Aura plays scummy -> we think he is scum-> you sub in for him -> you get his role pm -> if he was scum, then you are too. You personally may not be playing like scum, but that may be because you are a good player. None the less AG gave plenty of reasons to suspect him as scum, and that naturally falls on to you as his sub. And it's funny you say "you haven't given any though to another lynch target" when you quoted a post where he LYNCHED SOMEONE ELSE.

EDIT: And activity does not necessarily equal cleanliness. Inactivity may be a scum tell however since it implies someone trying to avoid attention.
Thanks for clearing up the first part I was really confused as to how role PMs worked. I hate to bring experience into this, but I wouldn't consider me to be a "good player" (imo). This is my fourth mafia ever, and my first NOC one. Of course, that doesn't mean anything but if you want to bring up experience there ya go. That last sentence you posted is hilarious btw because you know why he lynched someone else. Oh wait, it can't have been beacuse OD posted telling everyone that Quagsires was confirmed scum! I was talking about before, you know, OD posted that Quagsires was scum. So don't really know what you were trying to prove there. And yes, I realize that activity =/= town, don't you think maybe voting inactives to put some pressure on them is a good idea too? Oh and you completely contradicted yourself with your edit. Activity does not equal cleanliness, but inactivity can be a scum tell? I'm not sure what you mean, but if you're trying to say that activity shouldn't be used to decide scum or town then I guess that makes a little more sense.

All I'm saying is that it appeared to me that pokemaniac didn't consider anybody else but me before OD posted that bit on Quagsires.


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Vote Tally
Quagsires (5) - pokemaniac 212, auramaster, Jalmont, khz, Flamestrike
Pernicious (1) - New World Order

Please don't forget to unbold previous votes when casting a new one, it makes it a whole lot easier on me.


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I define majority as the number of votes it takes to make lynching the primary option the only possible outcome. This means that 50% is NOT majority, as the lynch can still be tied.

Orcinus Duo

Banned deucer.
Once again, we vig pernicious, correct?

Also someone hammer please.

Noteworthy: mithril has been reading this thread a while back (when I claimed I beleve) yet he hasn't said anything
Was on phone and didn't feel like posting from it. Not much to say. I agree with your vig target and agree with the quags lynch. If he comes up village, lynch od. What else is there to say?


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Way to hit majority at 4:30 in the morning.


Orcinus Duo screams "GET QUAGSIRES!!!"

And you do.

Dear nEsp Quagsires,
You are a villager.

Just an average member of Mafiatown, you’re not really anyone extraordinary. However, you will try to help the village as best you can.

You don’t have a night role.

You are allied with the Village.
You win if the Village wins.
Puzzled, you all just go home for the night.

It is now Night 4. Night 4 ends 34 (not a typo) hours from this post. No more talking.


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Thank you tas.

All actions in

A quick morning headcount reveals that only one person is missing. However, the aura of red pandas has disappeared from the town.

This is how you discover that Empoof had fallen.

You find him in his home, battered, bruised, and shot once between the eyes. His precious pandas lay dead around him. One of them has a slip of paper clutched in its mouth, which you read.


For some reason, you can't find his paper. Odd.

Yelling boy is yelling.

Yelling Boy said:
Well, it seems pretty obvious who we should be lynching after that pretty clear betrayal by OD. Crush him.
Will the town heed his advice? Who knows. It's up to you.

I am shifting to 4-day deadlines from now on. Day 5 will end on December 7 at 6:00 PM GMT-6

Also I'm sick of subbing people but I really need another one.

Also, results are going out don't talk yet.

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