Smogon Grand Slam - Introduction

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Talked to Bloo earlier, I'm currently unable to close out R1 of the UU slam tonight, so it'll be done tomorrow as soon as possible (unless someone wants to do it for me, though that's a ton of work and all you guys are lazy :P). Not sure if that means we're waiting to put RU signups up or not.
Not gonna lie I'm just really excited for all of Zracknel's art for the Grand Slam. Which Pokemon will represent each metagame?
So far it's Swampert and Sceptile. Will it be Charizard for NU and Blaziken for Ubers and maintain a starter theme?

This shouldn't intrigue me as much as it does.
I have a question, why does the logo include baseball bats if it's based on the grand slam of tennis
This was a silly oversight, haha. Haven't changed it yet mostly due to time constraints; I'm hoping to revise the identity to be more tennis-themed when I can

Thank you for the feedback
when is ubers already!!! (at least i have background knowledge there)
After RU Open Round 1 ends. The deadline for that tour's 1st Round is today, so I expect Ubers to start very soon.

EDIT: If you read the first post, it says will probably signups will open tonight. I wouldn't be surprised if it starts tomorrow though.
so is there going to be a running tally of the point totals or are we going to have to keep track of it ourselves?
If the latter, I'll probably go through and make a thread (assuming the moderators let me)
now that kokoloko has been eliminated from the LC open, the playoffs are almost set. the top 6 spots have been filled, but heist, malekith, and nelson-x are all tied for 7th place. to break this tie, the three of them will have a bo5 in the five grand slam tiers. the top two will move on to the playoffs. i'm announcing this now to give them plenty of time to get their teams ready. good luck fellas
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