Smogon Tournament #5 - Round 2

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Acinod ehh? I'll PM sometime this weekend as there's no way in hell I can do before that.

GL peoples.
have fun@ everyone, there are very interesting pairings in there
(argh, i'd be happier if my own matchup wasnt this interesting ;< )
i also hope that there will be a few germans in the next rounds (4 left) ;)

Binabik > binabik please =(
Fuck, I have to battle Lady Bug. That dude is good lol. Good luck and you know when I am online.

.Baris. vs. Aeolus
Aeroblacktyl vs. HECTORtu
Articanus vs. Twist of Fate
Brian McCann vs. Mekkah
Earthworm vs. binabik
Gouki vs. tacho
Hipmonlee vs. Antique Roadshow
LonelyNess vs. Seven Deadly Sins
MythTrainerInfinity vs. Nubcho
Philip7086 vs. Mien.
Serenity vs. Veteran In Love
SoT vs. maddog
stone_cold22 vs. Bass
Warthog vs. itachi109
Zak91 vs. SilentEcho
zerowing vs. JabbaTheGriffin

Tons of matches,but only a few standouts to me.

Lol wow. Youre predictions skills suck dude. You made a lot of mistakes =P
well at least I know it won't take too long to get my battle in. I have to say the pairings aren't exactly making this easy on me.....

I'm confident I can spring an upset though. I doubt it will be hard to find darkie either.


I'm not retarded I'm Canadian it's different
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Looking forward to this round!

also jeez this is the round 2 did skarm make it ;o
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