Smogon Tournament #5 - Rules and Registration

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I'll like participate. However, I won't have access to a computer from 4th to 16th Jan. Would I be able to play around this?
People keep yelling at me to sign up so I guess I'll sign up. I've never really been into these things but whatever, I'll give it my all!

in (I hope)
I'll join, if I'm allowed (low post count is due to the fact I typically only post on CAP boards, I still keep current with the site tests).
In to win (If i'm allowed, that is. I don't post a lot, but actively participated and won the Apprentice Tourney of Round 33).
I would love to join.

Thanks if I'm accepted.

Although I don't post much, I'm still quite a good battler (Record of 1520 on Smogon Ladder which is pretty good IMO)

I'm active on Shoddy, been playing Since Feb...

Nick Fish-E On Smogon server

If you ask most people here if they have ever played a Fish-E, they'll say Yes.


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I'd like to be in.

I'm pretty active on the forums and on the IRC after my month or so of lurking. I sure would love to take part in this tournament
In if I can
English is not my main language so posting is not very easy for me
I am often on shoddy under "Phyres" and "Moctar
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