ST8 Predictions; Round 1 - post 110 has R1 stats

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Originally Posted by Fat Joeyboy
Phew took a while :)

Tips on How to Win at Predictions:
Step One- Which every player has a Color in their name will win.
Step Two- Which every player has more than one number in their name will win.
Step Three- Which every player has the more 'real' name will win(eg. Taylor, Franky)
Final Step- Which every player has Dragon in their name will lose.
Because M_Dragon loses all his battles.
Didn't quite get the joke then?

And SOMALIA don't be modest; pretty sure you spanked me earlier


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You can bet on something that happens 60% of the time or something that happens 40%. If you are right, you win the same reward. See what I mean ? It's safer to predict Nachos. Even if both could win.
Rooting for Krack. That boy has been at it for a long long time and totally deserves some kind of trophy!

Have a nice day
107 to 106

That one voter should feel proud. (Or wonder if they actually voted for me since they probably picked randomly for all but a dozen or so matches)


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