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The new scattergun was shit, the new SMG was shit. The new Scout pistol is awesome, as are the new rocket launcher (so OP) and sniper rifle. Sad that they nerfed the Equalizer, Concheror, and Tomislav (though tbh Tomislav nerf was deserved). I got a Strange Quick-Fix just so I could rocket jump with Soldiers XD Overall, really nice update. Valve doesn't disappoint.

Haha, oh god.. That was friggin' hilarious.

"He's not here is he? HOW DO I GET THIS THING OFF?!"
If you put captions on, the Scout says "He's not here, is she?"

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This is seriously the gayest thing on earth (my Hearts Merryweather doesn't help either)

in other news, I kinda feel sorry for Pyro having only reskins and the only new weapon being the shittiest of all.
Well, some of the new weps were kinda bad, but some were really nice.
-Beggars bazooka: hmm, good on defense camping @sentry nest, bad when you have a pocket medic, roaming around, it's fun as hell though.

-Baby faces blaster: cool idea, badly executed, no jumping makes scouts sitting ducks for any class that snipes, and that horrible speed. >_>

-Pretty boys pocket pistol: definitely an upgrade to the stock pistol, +15hp makes a difference, and the 50% fire damage vulnerability is negligable imo. Also, dat sound <3

-Hitmans Heatmaker: Definitely a good weapon, the ability to not have to scope out is really nice, a nice alt. to the stock sniper rifle

-Cleaners Carbine: yay, a new SMG!, to bad it sucks, slower firing speed, less clip size, no random crits, meh, could've been better.

-Pyro weps: reskins of stock flamethrower/fire axe, Rainblower is nice, but degreaser is still the best, Lollichop is not worth it over Pyro's other melee weps, no one uses the stock fire axe right? v_v

This update was kinda mixed imo, the hats/misc that were released is hellanice, but the weps was hit or miss.

/i will miss you pre-nerf equalizer ;_;
Maybe I'm missing something having not used it, but the new rifle seems pretty bad lol, no unscoping should definitely not be construed as anything other than a downside. That's the option everybody unchecks on the stock rifle.

Not that happy about the CaC buffs and pistol as a scout player either lol
You can still unscope, it just means after each shot you don't exit the scope to pull the bolt action. It's actually very useful.


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That's good to know, I also thought it sounded like a downside. That said, fuck less body shot damage for a benefit that only comes about after way too many kills/assists to make up for it.
i'm not happy that in a pyro update, pyro got one (useless) flaregun and 2 reskins, do not understand why they put in a weapon for soldiers to spam even more, liberty launcher was hard enough to dodge.
the liberty launcher makes your job of catching scouts even easier but it has it's counters, a more skilled soldier will always beat you with the DH or RL and you won't be able to spam out heavies or sentries as easily -- the latter two especially relevant in pubs. you're obviously not alone in hating the weapon though

imo the bazooka is a decent shot at an alternate playstyle for soldier -- I'd never take him as a pocket healing target because he has no self defense, but if you can manage a good ambush with it, maybe with a kritzkrieg, the damage is devastating. I think it's sad that it's probably going to be banned in comp because people are fed up with testing things anymore.
I'd imagine it'll probably be allowed in Highlander, but not 6s.

My favourite buff/additiojn of the update has been to the Crusader's Crossbow and Quick Fix. 40% faster reload actually makes it 100% viable, and can actually out heal just using the medigun. Quick Fix slingshot.... so much fun. Not entirely useful, especially once the opposing team has uber... but I BELIEVE I CAN FLY

PS today is the Grand Final of ESEA LAN 11, between Mix^ and Leviathan Gaming (formerly Quantic). Basically the best TF2 teams in the game facing off. You can watch it here
meet the pyro is easily the best meet the vid, im not to fond of the new weapons other than the rifle, and has anyone else got the source film maker, or is it only me
I am actually installing it right now, although I'll probably never use it.
I have actually managed to get my hands on a strange rainblower, and I have to say, I don't like it. Pyrovision gives me headaches.


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I like pyrovision. The squeaky voices make me laugh every time.

If you don't want that smelly Rainblower Penguin, I'd be happy to take that useless thing off your hands. :D
Hey does anyone here have the hats/misc equipments from the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier pre-order? I'll be willing to give a lot of stuff for it.

Also, does anyone want to give me crates or stuff they don't need? My username on Steam is comatthew6

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I think I have some spare crates, my Steam laptop is dead at the moment but I'll trade you when I get it fixed. Steam account is Condemnation Wings.

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