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Posting to say that there is something worse the Chansey.

Next person that pisses me off by using MTP's without my permission gets this:

MCB: Mono Crap Bidoof! It's an Unaware, no stat boosting moves, only attack is Surf, called zdrup15.
No Treadshot, that Chansey is pure evil. At least Surf as a Bibarel will do some damage. Chansey will hurt nothing with its attack stat.


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Pearl Scramble Update #FINAL

Hi all, to celebrate my 100th post here, I'm going to post my final update on my Pearl Scramble.

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4
Update #5

Update #6
Update #7
Update #8
Update #9

The Pokemon...
  • Pachirisu: Electric attacks only, Discharge by E4 (Treadshot A1)
  • Misdreavus: Can't come out in bright areas unless last one left (Ungulateman)
  • Kricketune (Faricimo): Use at least one sound move when sent out against a trainer, must be caught as one (Auramaster)
  • Drifloon: Solo a Gym depending on nature to evolve, level up, teach Frustration & use it upon entry until beating E4 (BuddyBlueBomber)
  • Burmy (Metapod): If Female, Evolve to Wormadam-S, learning Protect, Psychic*, Hidden Power & Fissure Before Palkia. If Male, Evolve into Mothim, learning Protect, U-Turn*, Hidden Power & Camoflauge before Palkia (Sprocket)
  • Piplup (Big O): Moveset is Aqua Jet/Drill Peck, Hydro Pump/Flash Cannon, Flash Cannon/Hyper Beam/Ice Beam, & Protect/Double Team. Moveset Obtained before Invasion of The Galactic Building in Veilstone. Solo 3 Gym Leader Main Pokemon as Prinplup to Evolve (Paradox808)
*: Was initially Bug Bite, but later changed after it was discovered that neither Burmy, Wormadam or Mothim learn Bug Bite in Pearl. Bug Bite was replaced with Psychic (Wormadam-S) & U-Turn (Mothim) respectively.

The final battles of the Scramble...
After spending ages grinding, I am finally ready for the E4. So, what's changed? Apart from the obvious (Levels), I also changed some moves in preperation for the E4. Ungulate (Mismagius) had Psybeam & Payback replaced with Psychic & Thunderbolt respectively, while BlueBomber (Drifblim) got Thunderbolt as a replacement for Payback.
Also, all of the team had been uhhh..."Pseudo EV-Trained" (Boring part ahead).

Big O (Empoleon) was at such a high level already that he had already maxed out EV's, so I trained him in Victory Road until he reached his desired level. I equipped him with a Splash plate to boost Hydro Pump's Power.
Treadshot (Pachirisu) was the next to reach her desired level. I initially trained it by beating the Gentleman with the Chatot on Route 212, before switching to beating a Psychic on Route 214 who had a Lv38 Haunter & a Lv 42 Kadabra to boost its low Sp. Atk. stat. Despite maxing out her EV's, her Sp. Atk. is the lowest stat (Thank goodness for Choice Specs).
Next was Ungulate who trained in the night, beating the Socialite on Route 212 with a Roselia & the same Psychic on Route 214. She also had some EV's invested into speed by beating a Trainer I forgot where. Because of its low experience requirements compared to the others, she reached the desired level, but still has EV's to spare. She also recieved a Spooky Plate to further boost her Shadow Ball attack.
Fourth was Faricimo (Kricketune), who was the last to max out EV's (Of those that did max out). I raised her Attack by beating the P.I. on Route 214 & raised Speed by beating Wild Pokemon (Left Snover & Machoke alone while Faricimo dealt with anything named Meditite, Medicham & Sneasel) on the Acuity Lakefront. Faricimo recieved a Wide Lens to boost the poor accuracies that Sing & Screech has.
Fifth was BlueBomber, who was ideally, the most frustrating of the six to train up. So frustrating, that after maxing its EV's, I put an Exp. Share on her to get her to the desired level. She was EV Trained in Sp. Attack by beating a Scientist on Route 212 with two Kadabra in tow, while Speed was upped while EV training Metapod's (Mothim) Speed. BlueBomber got a Razor Claw to boost her critical hit ratio.
Last was Metapod, who had raises in Attack, Sp. Attack, & Speed. Attack was via a couple of Blackbelts, Speed via a Cyclist on Route 206 with a Pikachu, which Metapod abused Camoflauge, before dealing with the rodent with HP Fighting. Sp. Attack was raised by beating a Picnicker on Route 205 with a Prinplup. Metapod was equipped with a Silver Powder to boost the strength of U-Turn.

(Boring Part finished)
After that, I got myself 50 Max Potions, 50 Full Heals & 50 Revives (I had the money) & headed in to take on the E4.

My team at this point:
BlueBomber: Lv62
Ungulate: Lv60
Faricimo: Lv61
Metapod: Lv61
Treadshot: Lv61
Big O: Lv63

Okay, so the first room & there was a guy with green hair waiting for me. I approached him, & challenged him to a battle. Random vs. Aaron.

I sent in BlueBomber while Aaron sent in Dustox. Due to requirements, BlueBomber goes through "The Frustration Phase" by Frustrating on Dustox, doing predictably pathetic damage. Dustox replied with a Sp. Defence lowering Bug Buzz in return. BlueBomber then sent a Shadow Ball Dustox's way as Dustox decided to be sneaky & Badly Poison BlueBomber with Toxic. Crafty. I then used a Full Heal on BlueBomer to cure the Poison while Dustox found an opportunity to raise its Evasion with Double Team. It wasn't enough, as BlueBomber landed a KO on Dustox with Shadow Ball.
Next in was Aaron's Main Pokemon, Drapion. Drifblim outran the Pink creature & managed to paralyse it with Thunderbolt, while Drapion sent an Ice Fang at BlueBomber in return. BlueBomber peppered another Shadow Ball, while Drapion Cross Poisoned BlueBomber (Which didn't poison). BlueBomber then Shadow Balled Drapion again to put it in KO range (Stupid Sitrus Berry), while Drapion himself put BlueBomber in KO range, this time with Aerial Ace. No potions were used as BlueBomber romped Drapion with Thunderbolt.
Next was a Beautifly, who was quickly OHKOed by BlueBomber's Thunderbolt.
Vespiquen was next in the firing line, surviving a BlueBomber Thunderbolt to raise her defences with Defend Order. Then came the expected Full Restore as BlueBomber sent Vespiquen a Shadow Ball, sending her Sp. Defence back to normal, before killing her with a Thunderbolt.
Last was a Heracross, whom BlueBomber flew up high, avoiding a Stone Edge, before crashing into it, OHKOing it, & winning me the battle.

So, Battle #1 complete, & BlueBomber gives me the best possible start to the E4 challenge by soloing Aaron without breaking a sweat. I heal up BlueBomber & decide that for the next member (Who was a Ground Type Trainer) Big O will be the lead for the party. So I approach the old granny & challenger her to a battle. Random vs. Bertha.
Item Supply: 50 Revives, 49 Full Heals, & 49 Max Potions.

I sent in Big O while Bertha sent in Quagsire. Quagsire kicks off the battle by blocking off Big O's Chrome Buster (Ice Beam) with Protect. Big O then hit Quagsire with Chrome Buster while the dumb fish sets up Sandstorm with said move. Quagsire Protects again to block Big O's Sudden Impact (Drill Peck), & before she burroed her way underground, she had to deal with another Sudden Impact from Big O. Big O then decided to play Quagsire's game blocking Dig with Plasma Gimmick (Protect). After that, Big O used Chrome Buster to KO Quagsire.
Next up was Bertha's Hippowdon, who put up a permanent Sandstorm, before being quickly sent into oblivion with Cannon Party (Hydro Pump).
Golem was third, & Big O survived a Brick Break to KO with two Chrome Busters.
I decided to give Metapod a shot against Whiscash, who quickly U-Turned back to Big O, who took the oncoming Rock Slide, before attacking with Chrome Buster, shrugging off another Rock Slide. Bertha then used a Full Restore while Big O then KOed Whiscash with a combination of a Sudden Impact & a critical hit Cannon Party.
Last was Sudowoodo, whom Big O shrugged off a Sucker Punch to OHKO with Cannon Party, winning me the battle.

So Battle #2 was won with a decisive victory. after healing up I head towards the third member, Flint with Treadshot in the lead & challenge him to a battle. Random vs. Flint.
Item Supply: 50 Revives, 49 Full Heals, & 48 Max Potions.

I sent in Treadshot while Flint sent in a Rapidash. Flint got the upper-hand from the get go, dodging a Treadshot Discharge before critting & paralysing the squirrel with Bounce. After taking a bit of damage from another Treadshot Discharge, Rapidash moved in for the kill, KOing with Flare Blitz.
After that, I sent in Big O, who shrugged off the oncoming Flare Blitz to KO with Cannon Party.
Next up was Infernape & I sent Metapod in (And I don't know why I did it) to deal with it. So Metapod scouted the oncoming move with Protect, blocking a Thunderpunch. I then revived my dead squirrel while Metapod took a Mach Punch. Metapod then blocked the incoming Flare Blitz with Protect, before being KOed by said move.
I sent in Treadshot & used a Max Potion on her, before she got burned by Flare Blitz, before being KOed by Earthquake.
I sent in BlueBomber who was burned by Flare Blitz while Frustrating on the Ape. I used a Max Potion on BlueBomber, while Infernape put himself in the red zone with Flare Blitz, putting BlueBomber in KO range for Burn damage. Flint then abused a Full Restore while BlueBomber sent a Shadow Ball Infernapes way, before being killed due to Burn damage.
So it was up to Big O to deal with the monkey. I topped up Big O's health with a Max Potion while Infernape Earthquaked Big O, doing a great chunk of damage. Big O then blocked the incoming Flare Blitz with Plasma Gimmick, before having his health topped up again with another Max Potion. Big O then shrugged of a Thunderpunch & Mach Punch to finally send the cursed monkey into oblivion with Cannon Party.
I sent in Faricimo to deal with Lopunny. After being Charmed, Faricimo lulled the rabbit to sleep with her "beautiful voice" Faricimo wasn't pleased with this, & Screeched at her twice (One of which missed) before the sleeping beauty roused from his slumber to put sunshine onto the battle field. Faricimo then screeched again after being Charmed, before using her voice to put Lopunny into an eternal slumber. Unhappy with this Faricimo Screeched again before 2HKOing with X-Scissor.
Next was Drifblim, who wasn't roused by Faricimo's voice, Double Teaming before being roused to sleep by Faricimo's voice. I then sent in Big O, as Drifblim woke up from his slumber to Baton Pass a Double Team to a Steelix. Big O wanted none of that, using his last Cannon Party to KO Steelix.
Drifblim came back out, & Big O shrugged off an Ominous Wind to 2HKO with Chrome Buster, winning me the battle.

So Battle #3 complete & it was a hard-fought win. The survivors being Ungulate who hasn't seen any action (Stupid Light), Faricimo who was unscathed, & a badly wounded Big O. So I revived the fallen, healed up the party & put Metapod at the head of the party. So I went into the next room, approached the bookworm that was waiting for me, & challenged him to a battle. Random vs. Lucian.
Item Supply: 46 Revives, 49 Full Heals, & 40 Max Potions.

I sent in Metapod while Lucian sent in Mr. Mime. The MJ lookalike gets the jump & does a massive amount of damage to Metapod with Psychic. Metapod barely survives & U-Turns to Treadshot, OHKOing Mr. Mime in the process.
Lucian sends in Bronzong & I send in Faricimo to deal with it. Faricimo unleashes her beautiful voice on Bronzong & lulls it to sleep. Unhappy with this, Faricimo Screeches twice at Bronzong (One Screech missed) before Bronzong roused from its slumber to crit OHKO with Psychic. Bloody hax.
I sent in BlueBomber, who Frustrated at Bronzong while it Calmed its Mind. Then came two turns worth of BlueBomber Shadow Balling & Bronzong Psychicing. At this point, BlueBomber was in KO range & Bronzong wasn't, thanks to a Sitrus Berry. Then came two turns worth of BlueBomber Shadow Balling while Bronzong calmed its mind further. BlueBomber then put Bronzong in KO range with a fifth Shadow Ball while Bronzong KOed BlueBomber with Gyro Ball...which resulted in Bronzong KOing itself due to Aftermath damage.
I sent Treadshot in while Lucian sent in Girafarig. Treadshot survived a Crunch to crit OHKO with Discharge. Hooray for the MEP!
Lucian wasn't happy that the MEP killed his Girafarig & sent in Alakazam *Gulp*. Alakazam used Psychic on Treadshot, which she actually survived & spammed Choice Specs Discharge. Alakazam Recovered off the damage before taking another Discharge. Alakazam had had enough of the MEP's antics & KOed Treadshot with Discharge. Whew! Lucian thought. Finally got rid of that darn squirrel that I keep seeing.
I sent in Metapod for revenge, but he was quickly KOed by Focus Blast.
I then sent in Big O (Who had ran out of Cannon Party PP) who shrugged off a Sp. Defence lowering Energy Ball to do a lot of damage with Chrome Buster. Lucian then used a Full Restore on Alakazam as Big O successfully froze Alakazam with his last Chrome Buster. As Alakazam remained an Ice Cube Big O mad two Sudden Impacts to KO Alakazam.
Lucian's last Pokemon was a Medicham, & Medicham managed to crit with Fire Punch while Big O made a Sudden Impact. I then used a Max Potion on Big O as Medicham managed to crit OHKO with Drain Punch. That was Big O's first KO since becoming an Empoleon & that was due to bloody hax.
That meant I was down to my last Pokemon & it was Ungulate the Mismagius, who for the first time, saw some the light...yes, light. That meant Ungulate's fear of light came into play & she ran to the corner. >_<
So I told her that she was the last one left & that I needed her to battle. Half an hour later, Ungulate finally floated up & joined the fight, & Ungulate's time was short, but sweet, outspeeding & KOing with Shadow Ball, winning me the battle.

So, Battle #4 was complete & it was the most hard-fought battle of the scramble to date. Hardly any Items used and shitloads of hax. So I healed my party & replenished Big O's PP with an Elixir & BlueBomber's Shadow Ball PP with an Ether. I then put BlueBomber inthe lead position & head to the final room for the final battle. In the middle was a woman who was waiting for me. It was Cynthia, the chick that helped me out with my adventure. After the pre-battle conversation, the battle was ready to start (Cue the epic battle tune). Random vs. Cynthia.
Item supply: 41 Revives, 49 Full Heals, & 34 Max Potions.

I sent in BlueBomber while Cynthia sent in a Spiritomb. The first turn wasn't really a turn, with BlueBomber Frustrating for no damage while Spiritomb put BlueBomber in an Embargo. BlueBomber then Shadow Balled while Spiritomb critted with Psychic. BlueBomber then flew up high, dodging a Dark Pulse, before crashing into Spiritomg, taking a Psychic. Cynthia then used a Full Restore on Spiritomb while BlueBomber Thunderbolted, then Shadow Balled Spiritomb. BlueBomber then survived a Sp. Defence lowering Psychic, which put BlueBomber in critical health, before KOing Spiritomb with Shadow Ball.
Next up was Milotic. Milotic shrugged off a Thunderbolt to KO BlueBomber with Ice Beam.
I sent in Big O, & I misclicked, using Chrome Buster instead of a Sudden Impact. Luckily, Milotic used Aqua Ring instead of Mirror Coat. Whew. Big O then KOed Milotic with 4 Sudden Impacts, shrugging off a Surf & laughing at Milotic's two attempts to Mirror Coat a Special Attack.
Gastrodon was next & Gastrodon got lucky, dodging a Cannon Party to lower Big O's accuracy with Muddy Water. That seemingly made Big O's Cannon Party's more accurate, dodging a Stone Edge to 2HKO with Cannon Party.
Next was her main Pokemon, Garchomp, & I had a strategy. The strategy was to try & get Big O in on a Giga Impact, shrugging it off & kill it with Chrome Buster while it was recharging. So I switch Big O out into Metapod, predicting a Earthquake or Brick Break, only for it to use Giga Impact, which Metapod miraculously survives with 28HP remaining. So during the recharge, instead of heaing Metapod, I command Metapod to U-Turn back to Big O, which does a fair chunk of damage, enough to comfortably 3HKO. I switch in Metapod again, only for it to be crit KOed by Brick Break.
So I send in Treadshot to use it as Death fodder so I can bring Metapod back. "Hey, is that a MEP?" Cynthia asks me. "Hell yeah." I reply. Cynthia laughs upon hearing me say that I had a MEP. So, In the time it takes for Garchomp to 3HKO Treadshot with Brick Break, I had revived Metapod & topped up his & Big O's health.
So I send in Metapod. Garchomp then hits Metapod with a Giga Impact as he U-Turns to Big O. Yes! Exactly what I wanted. Big O was safely in & Garchomp needs to recharge, & he has half health remaining (Thanks to Sitrus Berry). So Big O moves in for the kill & KOes Garchomp with Chrome Buster.
Metapod comes back out to deal with Lucario. I heal Metapods health as Lucario blasts two Aura Spheres, the first one critting. Metapod gets in a HP Fighting after the second Sphere & then has his health topped up by another Max Potion, taking the incoming Dragon Pulse. I then revive Treadshot as Lucario blasts another Sphere. I then topped up Metapod's health as Lucario blasted two more spheres. Metapod then got in another HP Fighting. Cynthia then used another Full Restore as Metapod used another HP Fighting. I then topped up Treadshot's health as a Lucario Dragon Pulse left Metapod with 1HP. I topped up Metapod's health, & Metapod shrugged off 3 Aura Spheres to KO in two turns with HP Fighting, the second being an irrelevant crit.
So, Cynthia's final Pokemon came out & it was Roserade. Metapod took the incoming Energy Ball to U-Turn to Treadshot, leaving Roserade with roughly 1HP. Barring Hax or a Full Restore, the battle was over. Roserade uses Extrasensory in an attempt to Flinch-Hax Treadshot to death, but it fails to flinch & Treadshot delivers the Final Blow with Discharge, winning me the battle & the Scramble.

After the battle, there was a cutscene & I rolled through the credits, becoming the Champion of Sinnoh. Treadshot, BlueBomber, Ungulate, Faricimo, Metapod, & Big O. All six of them contributed to the victory & they shall be remembered.


And the final team, in order from the LVP to the MVP

Faricimo (Female Kricketune) @ Wide Lens
174 HP/142 ATK/74 DEF/82 SP ATK/95 SP DEF/118 SPD
Comments: Oh Faricimo, the best voice around on the team gets the LVP for being very underwhelming all scramble long. She's struggled a lot with inferior attack & was only really good for incapacitating an opponent & lowering their Defence, but apart from that, was very underwhelming. Faricimo, to that matter, was effectively outclassed by Metapod. Sorry auramaster, but the Kricketune you gave me was the LVP.

BlueBomber (Female Drifblim) @ Razor Claw
264 HP/110 ATK/ 68 DEF/166 SP ATK/96 SP DEF/142 SPD
-Shadow Ball
Comments: This balloon came out of a very creative challenge from user BuddyBlueBomber. When I caught it as a Drifloon, it was very lonely as it was taken away from her home. As a Drifloon, despite the NFE Status, it was a very powerful member. Then it became a Drifblim following a Fantina solo & it became a problem child. Being forced to use Frustration upon entry sucks. It does pathetic damage & it essentially gives the opponent a "free turn", & that could mean the difference between a win & a loss. At least BlueBomber actually contributed a lot to the team, unlike Faricimo.

Ungulate (Female Mismagius) @ Spooky Plate
154 HP/89 ATK/82 DEF/173 SP ATK/141 SP DEF/164 SPD
-Pain Split
-Shadow Ball
Comments: The true, never revealed powerhouse of the team. Thanks to Unguateman giving her a fear of the light, it only saw any real action in the night time & in dark caves. It was a last resort sweeper that could devestate the opponent if only the other members fell. Without the fear of light, Ungulate could've very well been the MVP, but no.

Metapod (Male Mothim) @Silver Powder
171 HP/154 ATK/88 DEF/155 SP ATK/72 SP DEF/122 SPD
-HP Fighting
Comments: Given by Sprocket as a basic move restriction challenge, this Bug was quite underrated. He wasn't very useful throughout the scramble, but his true colours shined through during the E4. HP Fighting, despite not being very powerful, allowed it to take on enemies it would normally take on, like Bastiodon. U-Turn was a great move, as it gave me a lot of momentum. Camoflauge was seldom used, as it wasn't going to achieve much, but the E4 performance was enough to increase its value.

Treadshot (Female Pachirisu) @Choice Specs
Lv:61/Relaxed/Run Away
152 HP/101 ATK/127 DEF/94 SP ATK/118 SP DEF/131 SPD
-Quick Attack
Comments: Given by Treadshot A1 in an attempt to "Keep me off his turf", the Bane of Scramblers everywhere was put on a team that needed it, & it surprisingly shined. When she got Choice Specs, her Discharge became a really powerful mid-late scramble tool & Treadshot became the prime revenge killer on the team. Come the E4, it was sadly outclassed by the other special attackers, but its fine stint pre-E4 was enough to make it the 2nd MVP on the team. Thank you Treadshot for this dreaded challenge, now make sure your MEP's don't appear on a team that needs it next time. =P


Big O (Male Empoleon) @ Splash Plate
208 HP/150 ATK/134 DEF/162 SP ATK/147 SP DEF/117 SPD
-Plasma Gimmick (Protect)
-Chrome Buster (Ice Beam)
-Cannon Party (Hydro Pump)
-Sudden Impact (Drill Peck)
Comments: Right from the get go this Pokemon was a powerhouse, capable of decimating the opposition without too much trouble. Given to me by Paradox808, this challenge, inspied by the anime of the same name as this Empoleon was absolutely epic, so epic, that I called his moves the names Paradox gave me in the original challenge post. He was deliberately overlevelled compared to his teamates "Just so I could get Hydro Pump", & Big O only fainted once since becoming an Empoleon, & that was only due to petty hax. All in all, it was little surprise that Big O would be the MVP of the scramble, & he was rarely challenged for that position.

Total Game Time: 44:23
# Blackouts: 0


  • MEP is epic.
  • AI is dumb.
  • Scrambles are fun.
  • Grinding is boring.
  • Hax ruins battles.
  • Items easy-mode the game.
So that's all for this scramble, will be starting a Pearl No-Evo Scramble (Which I already have the Pokemon for) soon, & continue with my Sapphire Scramble.



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Just happened:

Me: "Hey, look, a ninja boy. Plusle's up first, so I hope he doesn't send out a Nincada..."
NINJA BOY whatshisname sent out NINCADA!

I proceeded to rape with Zangoose. Thanks, Dexington XD

Another note, I found a Tropius, brought it to red (fuck you Fake Tears not doing enough) and caught it out of nostalgia. I won't be using it unless I really need a Fly slave (unlikely) and will probably migrate it or something. Anyone want to name it or something?
Hey guys i'm finally gonna start my ruby scramble from forever ago. The thing is I was looking through my listed pokemon, and the only ones I get before the first gym are tailow and nincada/shedinja. Sooo.... yeah. about that. I'll ask you guys; can I use my starter for that battle, or not? Im sure i could grind high enough with tailow to pull it off, but I did request little to no grinding... what do you guys think? If you allow me to use my starter for this gym only, you can choose the starter I get. If not.. I don't know.


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I think it is okay. People often have to use their starter until they get their mains. Just pick one which is strong against the gym, so you keep it a low level and can then discard it, I'd have thought.


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@doom: Yeah, It's what happens when it gets given to a team that "needs it" I was surprised myself that it was so effective...It may never happen again, as long as Treadshot doesn't give MEP's to teams that benefit from the bane of scramblers everywhere.

@Sprocket: Same, It was very underwhelming (But more useful than some), but the E4 performance was very good.

@Texas: Thank you. Grinding takes forever, took me about three weeks (And I'm not exactly fast in terms of playing through the game), & yes it was a shitload.

Looking forward to continuing my Sapphire Scramble & starting my next Pearl Scramble which will feature LC mons! :)
Whoever gave me the 123 Hippopotas challenge, I just noticed that Toxic is post-E4, and therefore I can't get it. Either change the Pokemon or the TM requirements. The first TMs it gets that I have are Roar, Sunny Day and Protect, so can I go with those? :o


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I'm going to do a Platinum scramble challenge.
Standard rules, but...
-No overly complicated or incredibly difficult restrictions
-No move tutor restrictions
-No MEPs
-I reserve the right to refuse your challenge.
-No trading to obtain challenge Pokemon.

1. Take a Starly. Can't ever learn Close Combat or Brave Bird. -chocolate-kipp
2. take a Bidoof. Only restiction is that it can never exceed Level 30. Call it GoBeaver! -Treadshot A1
3. a Gligar it must know Swords Dance, Rock Polish, Baton Pass and a non-STAB move of your choice. It must solo Candace to evolve -Texas Cloverleaf
4. you get a sudowoodo that acutally thinks its a tree. It may only learn moves that a grass type that you own could learn (the grass type doenst have to have the move, just be able to learn it). No trading over. -doomvendingmachine
5. Take a Male Piplup & name it Agent Bird, It may not evolve, It must land the KO on your Rival's main Pokemon (Turtwig/Grotle/Torterra) at every encounter, Before your battles at Spear Pillar, Piplup must know & keep the following moveset: Super Pecker: Drill Peck, Hydro Pistol: Hydro Pump, Mist Bomb: Mist, Freeze Ray: Ice Beam
6. Take a Pachirisu named NotMEP. By the fourth gym, it must know two Physical moves, two Special moves, and it cannot know two moves of the same type. Also, it can only use Super Effective moves unless it's your last Pokemon and you don't have a choice. -auramaster


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Arctic Blast, you get a Lapras. You can only get one after the League, but you must breed to get Dragon Dance on it (I recommend Gyara) and it must keep Dragon Dance. The only other restriction is that it must take part in the double battle with your Rival after the league.
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