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after the heracross revelation is mine still rejected? If your aversion to the honey trees is the main thing...

in SS Catch a Ponyta by use of the Pokewalker. It must solo Bugsy. It must evolve inside of ice path and may only know Normal or Fire type attacks (including non-attacking moves). Name it Fan Club
And my team is done.

To recap:

Turtwig: "MapleLeafs", must solo rival's Chimchar everytime, and must solo entire ice gym except candice

Ambipom: "MacGuyver", must have Pickup, must use last resort at least once against every gym leader/E4 member

Glameow: "Purrdy", must solo a team galatic Purugly too evolve

Sneasel: "Sneaky", only one stab move and must be non-attacking, can only evolve after soloing Candice's Sneasel and Medicham

Bidoof: "HM Whore" must know rock smash, cut, surf/waterfall and strength, and can only learn surf/waterfall and strength after it evolves.

Misdreavus: "Crearoh", no stab moves.
Pearl run.

Soulsilver run [So Far]

Staryu, Instantly involve too starmie, must know 2 of Surf/Waterfall/Dive, and the other two must be non-attacking moves

Chickorita: Nickname starts with a-p, must switch in against anything that starts with q-z

Gyarados: "RAEP" must know Sub, Flail, DD, and Waterfall.

Chinchou: "Negative" must know Charge, Discharge, and confuse ray. OR "Positive", must know Charge, Signal Beam, and Aqua Ring

Ponyta: "Fan Club" Caught by pokewalker, must solo bugsy, must evolve inside of ice path and may know only normal or fire type attacks (including non-attacking moves)

I rejected DetroitLolcat because i want all my pokemon fully evolved; sorry, i should've mentioned it earlier.

I also will trade in from games, so you can request basically anything.
in SS Catch a Ponyta by use of the Pokewalker. It must solo Bugsy. It must evolve inside of ice path and may only know Normal or Fire type attacks (including non-attacking moves). Name it Fan Club
you missed mah pony brah
point of reference: if you don't HAVE a pokewalker, trade that sucker in

p.s. by sucker I meant the Ponyta itself and not the pokewalker


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@Gecko: (SoulSilver)

You get Nyteshade, the emo Weezing. He's mad at the conformist society and wants to hurt both himself and others. Therefore, the moveset consists of Frustration, Pain Split, Explosion and Payback. He must wear the BlackGlasses when acquired.
@chocolate-kipp: Take a Cranidos & name it Run'N'BAM! (No Spaces)

Your Pokemon must know & keep the Smogon Rock Polish Moveset with Zen Headbutt as the fourth move before the E4. Your Pokemon must KO 6 E4 Pokemon with this moveset.

Have fun.

@Texas: What Jolteon? There's no Jolteon in Diamond...

@Geckoboy: Take a Chinchou & name it either Positive or Negative.

If you name it Positive, It must know & Keep Signal Beam & Aqua Ring.
If you name it Negative, It must know & Keep Discharge & Confuse Ray.
Either way, It must know & keep Charge.

Have Fun.
You get Earthquake in Wayward Cave, and without Flash I'm not even going to bother. You also get the TM for Stone Edge at the Fight Area, so that won't work.

@Vratix: If the Rival still has Heracross after you choose Infernape/Empoleon, then yes.

Now, I need a starter and two others. :> One must learn Fly by the way.
@chocolate-kipp: Take an Infernape. It must have a move that is super-effective against every type that gets it super-effective. It must also solo at least one pokemon of each of those types with its super-effective move. It can't evolve before beating Roark, and must solo Roark.


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Okay then, same Pokemon (Cranidos), same name (Run'N'BAM!), but it must know & keep Rock Polish, Rock Slide (Rock Slide is obtainable in Victory Road), Zen Headbutt & a move of your choice. The 6 E4 Pokemon Solo requirement Remains.
@choc-kipp: You get a Starly. It's only attacking move (as soon as you get it) is Fly. Name it "42", because it is the answer to what you wanted! (cookie for the person that gets my badly done reference!) No other restrictions. Have fun!
Finished my Diamond scramble, so now i would like a Heart Gold scramble please. I would prefer a starting 6 until after the first E4 then i'll sub in 2 when i reach Kanto.

I'd quite like to be given ethier a Elekid or a Magby.
pokemagnificent, take a Mailtank. It must always hold Mail with the message "I'm Spechial!". It can only use Noral type moves during battle, having other typed moves like Surf is fine as long as you don't use it in battle.
Pokemagnificent, take a Poliwag. The first battle you get into with this Poliwag, the first move it must use is Hypnosis. If it hits, Poliwag must eventually evolve into Politoed and keep Hypnosis. If it misses, it must eventually evolve into Poliwrath and forget Hypnosis. Either way, you must also teach it Focus Punch. It must have a nickname of your choosing.

Edit: Texas, that is really wierd because I almost gave him a Miltank o.O
@pokemag Your wish is my command, flip a coin if heads you get a magby, tails elekid.
Now thats a bit too easy so whatever you get can't have any STAB moves and assuming you can trade must have atleast 1 attack of the others type (electric on magby and vice-versa) Also since you asked for a magby/elekid they cant evolve untill after victory road and can never evolve into magmorter/electivire. Oh and name it "Magkid" if elekid and "Eleby if magby.
Have fun.
Take an Unown named Cast Lots. You must determine its Hidden Power type. That is your new team member's type. To figure out exactly which Pokemon, get a list of that type's Pokemon (including dual-types), the first Pokemon alphabetically on that list that you can obtain, is yours. However, instead of A being the first letter, you must start at the letter of your Unown.

For example, say you get an F Unown with a Dark type Hidden Power. You look for a Dark Pokemon starting with the letter F (there is none), then G (nope), then H. Your Pokemon would be Honchkrow. You must do this with the first Unown you find, and you can't use any calculators or formula's to determine its typing. You can evolve the Pokemon you get, and you can skip it if it's not in HG, or is unobtainable before the Elite Four. Your Pokemon must know at least two moves of whatever type you got, and you must tell us what you got :)


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Pokemagnificent, Catch a Scyther from the Bug Catching Contest & name it Ninja'd. Its restrictions depend on how well you fare with it.

If you come 1st Place, It may only know one attacking move.
If you come 2nd Place, It may only know two attacking moves.
If you come 3rd Place, It may only know three attacking moves.
If you don't get a placing, It may not evolve.

Have fun.


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Bah, too easy to get a Scizor w/ SD and three attacking moves, just get it into the red zone and sleep it.
Oh, well, If I give him the MVP, then so be it...The challenge is pretty much based on luck anyways, for all we know he could win the Bug Catching Contest with a Scyther in that condition...
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