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@Detrot- You can't get Wurmple before Ecruteak

That edit was rather late, but I figured I'd bring it up again for clarity.

All teammates MUST be available by the time I get to Ecruteak. Magnemite, Miltank, Tauros and the like are acceptable, though.
All teammates MUST be available by the time I get to Ecruteak.
MUST be available by time Ecruteak.
Sadly, I cannot get Seel by that time...


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Icay, take a male Ledian & name it Super Bug. You must catch it as a Ledyba & evolve it into Ledian before Ecruteak.

Your Ledian thinks he is a Superhero & can make his teamates around him Superheroes as well, therefore, he must know this moveset before your battle with Lugia:
-Super Support: Agility/Reflect/Light Screen/Safeguard
-Super Pass: Baton Pass
-Super Punch: Mach Punch/Comet Punch
-Super Force: Bug Buzz/Swift

Your Ledian must prove to you he really is a Superhero by Baton Passing against 3 Gym Leader Pokemon & Soloing 2 Gym Leader Pokemon.

Have fun.


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@ Sprocket: I originally meant at least 200, because exactly sounds too hard, just because you will inevitably get to 180 or something and have an impossible challenge. I think it will be that you need at least 200, but if it does not evolve with exactly 200 it gets no STAB movesa as a Nidoking, just to make it possible.

@ icay: You get an Ariados, which must always know String Shot and Poison Sting, and must use both against Lance.

EDIT: Oops, missed a page. Disregard icay's.


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More EDITS: @Sprocket first of all using math in your challenge is evil, secondly iirc to get the LO you need to bring a HO-OH to the ruins and since this is SS Flareon would be itemless for the majority of the game (you might want to give him a diff item)
Good point, I forgot about the Ho-Oh requirement.

Icay4321, instead of a Life Orb, the only items that Flareon can only hold are Berries that cure status (Cheri, Chesto, Pecha, Rawst, Aspear, Persim, Lum).
Alright, about to start. Does anyone have a challenge for my starter?

EDIT: Nvm, I'm just gonna start with Totodile, though movesets are still open.


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Pokemagnificent, post-Elite Four you get Snorlax! Once caught, he must be your lead Pokemon until you either beat Red, or you beat Lance + Clair with your rival (unless you're fulfilling another challenge that someone issued before me). He must also solo Red's Snorlax to prove his superiority.

Regarding my FireRed, the mystical power of a D20 speaks! The numbers rolled are: 3, 7, 4, 2, 9, 17! Therefore my team will consist of:

#3: N/A! Doomvendingmachine forgot to issue a challenge, i'll give him 24 hours to issue one. Please make it a Pokemon obtained before the first gym (otherwise I will take #5, #10, or #18 as determined by a reroll). No Charmander please.
#7: Clefairy named "I'm Random" it must learn Metronome ASAP and once it has it can only use metronome untill it runs out of pp.
#4: Kabuto. Must solo Blaine to evolve into a Kabutops. After evolving, it may only know all physical attacks or all special attacks. Name it Grim.
#2: Farfetch'd you get from Vermilion City. Its moveset must be the Smogon Knock Off set. It must solo 5 Gym Leader Pokemon & 2 E4 Pokemon with this set.
#9: Voltorb. It may evolve after either 1) paralyzing 15 Pokemon with Static, or 2) blocking 10 moves with Soundproof. Upon evolving, it may not learn level-up moves. Name it Ultra Ball.
#17: Weezing. As soon as you catch it, you must teach it Flamethrower and Thunderbolt, as well as two of these four: Smog, Smokescreen, Sludge, Poison Gas, Tackle, and Haze). If it does not meet the criteria after you catch it and teach it the TMs, you must take it to the move relearner ASAP to rectify this. It also must be within five levels of your highest leveled Pokémon at all times. It can be caught as a Koffing, and if that's the case, it must be evolved ASAP.
Alright, so I decided to do a SoulSilver run using a Mamoswine, since I missed out on that for both my HeartGold and SoulSilver. I didn't really care about the rest of the team, so my Scramble Challenge team was born! The team includes:
A Totodile that can only use Water Gun as STAB (Texas Cloverleaf)
A Gastly with no STAB and must solo Morty (Chocolate-Kipp)
An Eevee that evolves based on the amount of Pokemon I've found (Sprocket)
A Magnemite named PowerSurge that needs to learn Rain Dance, Thunder, Lock On and has to beat a Ground-Type owned by a trainer in order to evolve. (Dark Ray)
A Ledian that must know Agility/Reflect/Light Screen/Safeguard, Baton Pass, Mach Punch/Comet Punch, Swift/Bug Buzz and is named Super Bug. (Its A Random)

My story will be in this post.

November 17, 2010 - Currently Waiting for 8:00 to catch my Gastly which I'm going to name Hanz (due to the fact it will stay a Haunter). In the meantime I'm grinding my Totodile, Sentret(filler poke) and Pidgey (also filler poke) to level 10 to get ready for the Sprout Tower
-EDIT: Just caught Hanz on the top level of the Sprout Tower. She proved herself useful until she got put to sleep after missing with her Hypnosis.
Weeellllll, the mini-Gym also known as Sprout Tower has been defeated, and I'm off to Falkner with only two of my necessary Pokemon along for the ride. It's alright, though, because Ledyba wouldn't be able to help much...
--EDIT: Beat Falkner. He's just as broken as I remember. I tried to outsmart his Roost-spamming by using Hanz's Hypnosis, but that didn't work. So, I had to resort to Potion-spamming Totodile. It worked!^_^


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Sapphire Scramble Update #5

Alrightio, here's Update #5 of my Sapphire Scramble for you all...

Update #1
Update #2
Update #3
Update #4

The Pokemon...
  • Wingull (FrostGull): Must Know Mist & One other Ice-Type Move (Bynine)
  • Gyarados: Must know Fire Blast/Thunder/Blizzard & one other Special Move. Must KO 10 E4/Champion Pokemon. (Athenodoros)
  • Pikachu: Cannot Evolve (Sprocket)
  • Torchic (Khan): Solo one Pokemon of each type (except for two, decided before game start (Fire & Ice)) up to 10 levels lower, & solo 2 Fully evolved Pokemon (One from a Gym Leader & Another from the Rival) & solo one of the champion's Pokemon. Complete one half of the challenge to evolve into Combusken & clear Victory Road to evolve into Blaziken.
  • Abra (Lolcat): Must have four different typed moves ASAP & always have moves of four different types. Can never evolve into Alakazam (DetroitLolcat)
  • Absol (Hirador): Pure Special attacker (auramaster)

The adventure so far in text...
So, I've just cleared the Lavaridge Gym, & now I can battle my in-game father. Okay. But first, I make my way back to the moving sands. I go there, deal with the trainers there, & pick up the Claw Fossil. I then go to the Trick House to deal with the challenge there, & then make my way to Petalburg Gym. I deal with the minor trainers there, & challenge my in-game father: Norman, to a battle for Gym Badge #5.

I sent out Khan (Combusken) while Norman sent out a Slaking. Khan wastes no time using his new move: Bulk Up to get to +6 Atk. & +6 Def. while all Slaking could do was loaf around, Yawn Khan to sleep on Turn 1, & Facade Khan. I also rotated between using Soda Pops & Super Potions & a Lava Cookie while Bulking up Khan to said Attack & Defence Levels. After that, Khan let it rip with Double Kick, OHKOing King Kong & Picking up the Gym Leader Fully Evolved Pokemon Solo.
Next was a Vigoroth, & after healing Khan with a Super Potion, Khan survived a Slash & a Facade to OHKO wioth Double Kick.
Last was another Slaking, who was quickly OHKOed by Double Kick while preparing a Focus Punch, winning me the battle, the Balance Badge, & the TM for Facade. On top of that, Khan soloed Norman, that's a good thing.

After that, I picked up the HM for Surf, teach it to Atheno (Gyarados) over Splash, heal up, & get ready for the next leg of the journey. I go to the trick house & see that I need a Pokemon that knows Strength, so I go to the Jagged Pass & catch a Machop & name it chopper. My egg also hatches into a Wynaut & I name it Why Not?. I box Why Not? for Chopper & teach him Strength. I then complete the Trick House Challenge before heading South of Slateport to head out onto the sea to deal with the swimmers from Route 105-109 with a heal up at Dewford. After that, I heal & stock up at Petalburg before continuing on with the adventure.

I go back to Mauville & cash in money for coins, enough for the TM for Ice Beam, which I promptly teach to FrostGull (Pelipper). I then deal with the side quest at New Mauville before heading east of Mauville to Route 118, where I swim over to the other side & continue my adventure. I get a Good Rod from a fisherman & deal with Gabby & Ty, saying Abra to their interview. Next up, I go to the Berry Master's House, pick up a bucketload of berries, then go north of Route 118 to Route 119. I see thick grass, & deal with the trainers on the way, before arriving at the Weather Institute, which was raided by pirates. I go in there & deal with the pirates & get a Castform for my troubles, which was unicknameable. After that, I leave the Institute en route for Fortree, when that May girl shows up & challenges me to a battle.

I sent in FrostGull while May sent in a Shroomish. FrostGull gave me momentum right off the bat, quickly OHKOing Shroomish with Ice Beam.
Next was Numel, & I clicked Wing Attack instead of Water Gun, which halved Numel's health, Numel used Focus Energy in return while FrostGull KOed Numel with Water Gun.
Last was Marshtomp, where FrostGull survived 2 Take Down's to 3HKO with Ice Beam, winning me the battle & the HM for Fly.

After that, I beat the rest of the trainers on the Route & arrive in Fortree. So, Badge #6 is around the corner, so is my 5th Scramblemon, & things are as usual, going smoothly for me. And that's where we leave off...

And the team...

Atheno (Male Gyarados) @ Nothing
-Dragon Rage

Comments: He's being a pain in the neck to level up, due to bad type coverage & low Sp. Atk., despite a Modest Nature...

Khan (Male Combusken) @ Nothing
-Bulk Up
-Double Kick

Types (*Not Soloed, Underlines are omitted): Dark, Normal, Bug, Water, Flying, Grass, Fighting, Ground, Rock, Psychic, Poison, Ghost, Steel, Electric, Dragon*, Gym Leader, Rival*, Champion*, Fire, Ice

Comments: Bulk Up can be a big help at times, Dragon & Rival Pokemon Solos coming up...

Lolcat (Male Kadabra) @ Nothing
-Shock Wave

Comments: Doing well since evolution. Cannot evolve any further, but for now, Lolcat is doing very well for me.

FrostGull (Male Pelipper) @ Nothing
Lv:34/Lonely/Keen Eye
-Water Gun
-Ice Beam
-Wing Attack

Comments: Doing much better since evolution, but time will tell whether his usefulness will remain...

That concludes Update #5, should get my final 2 Scramblemons next update & Badge #6. Just what will happen? Stay tuned.

@Sprocket: Yay, you got my Fatfetch'd. :) If it helps, I'm 100% sure that the traded Farfetch'd has an Adamant Nature with 30 IV's in Attack, & already holds a Stick. Hope that will help you.
@Dex and A1 What do you mean sprocket has nothing untill mt. moon?
#3: N/A! Doomvendingmachine forgot to issue a challenge, i'll give him 24 hours to issue one. Please make it a Pokemon obtained before the first gym (otherwise I will take #5, #10, or #18 as determined by a reroll). No Charmander please.
#5, #10 and #18 are all obtainable before mount moon (atleast i think so) so he will have something.

Also @sprocket have fun getting the most useless moves ever with your clefairy :P
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