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@Ben: You get "Mr. Fish" the Magikarp. Only evolution restriction is that it must gain it's own battle experience, no Exp. Share, no "bait-switching".

Once it becomes a Gyrados, it believes it's the king of everything. It must always be the highest level pokemon in your party, and must be your Surf and Strength user to show his usefulness. You can chose the rest of his movepool, since Gyra wishes to show off his versitlity. It must solo 150 pokemon to prove it's strength, 10 of them Gym Leader pokes, 20 of them Gym Leader Trainer pokes, 10 of them E4 pokes, and 60 of them trainer pokes. To make the situation fitting, name your trainer "Jarod".

Good Luck, Have Fun!
@benlarson: You get a Bellsprout that must be caught on Route 5. The challenge depends on many different things.

Level 13, Male: Wants to be the best grass type pokemon ever. Must solo 15 trained grass pokemon to evolve. Must solo 35 to evolve again. may not be used in the gym battle against Giovani.

Level 13, Female: Loves the weather when it is sunny. Must know sunny day. Must use sunny day on the first turn of every battle. if you want to get rid of the sunny day challenge you must solo Blaine or Sabrina. Cannot use solarbeam untill evolved into Weepinbell

Level 14, Male: Refuses to accept the fact that poison is not super effective against water. Must always know a poison move and only use it against water types.

Level 14, female: Absolutely loves accesory items. Must always hold items such as silk scarf, brightpowder, color scarfs, blackglasses etc. if you lose an accesory item during a battle, bellsprout cannot participate in the next gym battle.

Level 15, male: Must evolve into Weepinbell ASAP. Weepinbell will be the food hoard of your team. Must always hold leftovers. Must eat/drink all the lava cookies, berries, herbs, and drinks you find.

Level 15, female: Is very scared of ghosts. If she ever battles against one she cannot fight in trainer battles untill she grows a level. If she sees one she must switch out imediately. However, if she ever directly damages a ghost pokemon the challenges are removed (remember: she must switch out imediatley.)

Level 16, male: Very physical. Can only use physical moves.

Level 16, female. She thinks she is very special. Can only use special moves.

If the next pokemon you see in the same route is a...

Pidgey, all your moves must be of different types.
Meowth, you must know a move that has the same number of letters as your hidden power type
Bellsprout, you must roll a dice: 1,2=can't use stun spore or poison powder, 3,4=can't use sleep powder or poison powder, 5,6=can't use sleep powder or stun spore

if you leave the route without seeing a pokemon you must solo all gym leaders. (hint: don't leave the route without seeing another pokemon. :naughty:)

Make sure to tell us your challenge.
What do you mean by Bait switching? And how do I level up a magikarp that is lv 5 or 10 without switching to a different pokemon to get the experience?

Edit: much better bellsprout challenge thank you. I'm thinking of adding my own thing in there to make it more interesting. Yes, I will not use super-effective moves with this bellsprout.
What do you mean by Bait switching? And how do I level up a magikarp that is lv 5 or 10 without switching to a different pokemon to get the experience?
That there is bait switching. As for leveling him up, it's definitely possible, it just requires some patience and battling average leveled pokes, thats all.

EDIT: Ninja'd. Dang it Random!

Ok, I'll change the rule. You can level Magikarp up anyway you want, but as a Gyrados the only moves it can use in battle are TM or HM moves.


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@Benlarson, you get a Tentacool, it must know and keep 2 non-damaging moves. The other two moves are a STAB move and one move of your choice. It must solo both Koga and Misty to prove itself as the ultimate water and poison type. It's name is Genocide
@Benlarson, you get a Tentacool, it must know and keep 2 non-damaging moves. The other two moves are a STAB move and one move of your choice. It must solo both Koga and Misty to prove itself as the ultimate water and poison type. It's name is Genocide
I'm unsure, but can you get a Tentacool before Misty?
ok how about AntiPointy the Charizard? Charizard is mad that he takes half damage to stealth rock but is also scared of them. Therefore he must switch out on any rock type (or any pokemon with pointy stuff) switch ins. Also as a charizard he can't have two moves of the same type.
Guess what, everybody? I completed my FireRed Scramble! I'll post a full conclusion later, but here's what the final team looked like:

Gen5Rules!, male Level 52 Charizard
4sh 5ux, male Level 53 Pikachu
The Great Butterfree, male Level 55 Butterfree
Dumbledore, male Level 54 Hypno
Coverage, female Level 53 Golduck
Turkish, male Level 11 Meowth
Ok cool thanks on the magikarp. I'll follow your original rules as close as possible (switching to get to lv 15 then using only magikarp's tackle to get to lv 20) and I can only take one of charizard or tentacool and I'm leaning towards tentacool because I have never used one and it was offered first.


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Alright, I'm doing Explorers of Darkness. My starter Pokemon will be Charmander, Bulbasaur or Cyndaquil, and everything else can be chosen. I need a partner Pokemon and four others. Everything must be obtainable before I get transported to the future (although I don't remember when this is as I haven't played through in a long time, sorry!).
I was hoping for a challenge involving the Dojo, haha. Will do! Adding all my challenges into this post.

  • You get "KABOOM!" the Charmander as the leader (which is you). He can only learn fire type moves with the exception of Smokescreen and Rock Slide. Must hold a Blast Seed at all times, and must use 3 Blast seeds in every dungeon. If you lose the Blast Seed you are holding, you can only use one attack of choice and "the nudge" untill you get it back. Just for kicks, it must solo one of the Luxios at the Luxray boss fight, one of the Sableyes at the Dusknoir boss fight, and one of the extra pokemon in the Darkrai boss fight (If your going that far). -Iggdrasil
  • Okay, Recruit yourself a Vibrava during your first trip to Quicksand Cave (Its base Recruitment rate is 0.5%) & name it Shaker.
    It must know & keep Screech & Dragonbreath & may not evolve. Have it lead the party through Aegis Cave & there it must solo 3 Pokemon in the Regigigas battle. Failure to do this will result in it having all its IQ abilities turned off. -Its_A_Random
  • since it seems noone else is going to give you a partner, I will. Your partner is a totodile named Dark Odile. Before it can use any water attacks you must clear either the electric or grass dungeon in the training dojo without Dark fainting.
    Good luck. -Dark Ray
  • Recruit a Bagon. It is an Amish Bagon, so it cannot eat man made foodstuffs like Gummis or Vitamins, and cannot use fancy technologies like TMs. It's angry for living in places like Treasure Town, so take to Electivire and give it Rage. It lived by creating fire, so it must always know Ember. -DetroitLolcat
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  • n/a
Still need three more recruits.
Reposting chocolate-kipp's challenge (If she doesn't mind), she needs two more for her PMD Explorers of Darkness Scramble.
Good idea IAR.

@chocolate-kipp, take a Tangela named Knott. If it uses any move besides "The Shove" (Looks more like Tackle to me), it must keep that move forever.
Bjay you get "Penis" the sexually ambitious male Weedle. To evolve into kakuna it needs to land at least 1 attack on brocks onix but also stay alive. After watching the rock hard pokemon Penis will evolve and learn a new technique from watchimg rock pokemon. This technique is called harden and also must be retained forever. Penis is only allowed to evolve once you have gone through mount moon and defeated misty. Penis will realise it cannot always stay rock solid and after this it may evolve into a beedrill. After this it must learn sludge bomb and twineedle as soon as physically possible. Beedrill then will want to prove that what he shoots out is the best, he must fight koga's venomoth in a one vs one battle. Penis also must defeat over half of erikas team. After this beedrill will become cocky and will want to fight the champion and beat 2 of his pokemon, one of brunos onix (to prove that he is the hardest) and one of agathas arbok (i think it was) to prove that Beedril is the most snaky and gives the best sludge bombs. If you dont want this to happen, beedril musy defeat 2 of loreleis pokemon to cool down a little. However beedril still must defeat the onix.
Bjay, take "Wimpy" the hydrophobic Squirtle. It cannot use water moves. It must solo Brock. To be able to learn water moves it must solo Misty's gym to prove its triumph over water. Medicines are too liquid so it can only use berries etc. It can only evolve into Wartorle after learning a water move after soloing Misty's gym. It can only evolve into Blastoise after it kills 30 trainer pokemon with just water moves as a Wartorle
Soul Silver Scramble Challenge!!

There will be no trading.
Battle style will be "Set".

Shrub the Bellsprout.
-Limited to one attack move.
-Must solo Falkner or Bugsy to evolve.
+Bush the Weepinbell.
-Limited to two attack moves.
-Two of three requirements must be met to evolve:
1) Reach Lv. 35.
2) Solo one Pokemon each from Whitney, Morty & Chuck.
3) Must solo thirty Trainers using only one attack.
+Hedge the Victreebel.
-Limited to three attack moves; one of which must be related to cutting/slicing/etc.
-Must solo five E4 Pokemon & Red's Blastoise.

MixDos the Gyarados.
-Must know two Physical attacks & two Special attacks.
1) Dragon Dance may be used instead of a Physical attack.
2) Hyper Beam must be used as one of it's Special attacks.
-Must solo Clair, seven E4 Pokemon, Lt. Surge OR Blue & one of Red's Pokemon (NOT Charizard).
1) If Hyper Beam scores ten Critical Hits, from that point forward, all of MixDos' Gym challenges may be skipped.

PedoBear the Drowzee.
-Must meet the following requirements to evolve:
1) Solo Pryce.
2) K.O. two of Janine's Pokemon with a Physical attack.
+PedoBear the Hypno.
- Must be used against all first-stage Trainer Pokemon.

LowBST the Sunkern.
-Limited to attacks at or below 50 BP.
-Must solo three of Whitney's Gym Trainers to evolve.
+KaPOW the Sunflora.
-Must know Solarbeam & Sunny Day; no other attack moves.

Hothead the Vulpix.
-Limited to one Fire-type attack move; must know Roar & Frustration.
1) Must use the Fire-type attack until Burn status is inflicted.
2) Must use Roar or Frustration five straight times after fainting.
-Must solo Jasmine to evolve.
1) Must evolve before learning Grudge (Lv. 41), or it must wait until learning Extrasensory.
+Tails the Ninetales.
-Replace Frustration with Hidden Power.
-Must use Roar once after fainting.
-Must Burn one Pokemon from each even-numbered Gym Leader OR solo two of their Pokemon.
-Must solo Blaine and Red's Charizard.

•I used the original RNG for my final Pokemon... A DICE!! I rolled a five, which yielded a Lapras.
-Must know Hail/Blizzard, Rain Dance/Thunder OR Hypnosis/Dream Eater.
1) Ice Beam cannot be learned without Hail/Blizzard.
2) Thunderbolt cannot be learned without Rain Dance/Thunder.
3) Thunder or Blizzard can be learned with Hypnosis/Dream Eater.
-Must know an HM that is not Surf.
startin fr scramble
I assume people thought that this meant he was collecting challenges 8/.

EDIT: @Critical: You get "MixMence" the Gyarados. This Gyrarados wishes to advertise the most underrated set ever; Mixed Gyarados. Therefor, it must know two Physical moves and two Special Moves at all times (no Status :p). You are permitted to use Dragon Dance, but it must be in place of a Physical move. To prove it's viability, it must solo Clair, 7 E4 Pokemon, Lt. Surge/Blue (your choice) and one of Red's pokes (NOT Charizard). In your name's honer, it must learn and keep Hyper Beam.

EDIT2: For the lolz, if Hyper Beam get a critical hit 10 times, the gym solos past that point are skipped XD.

Good Luck, Have Fun!
@Critical: Take a Bellsprout from Sprout Tower and name it Shrub. As a Bellsprout, it is very lazy, so it must know only one attacking move. It must solo either Falkner or Bugsy's Scyther to evolve. After seeing the energy of the Pokemon it soloed, Bellsprout can evolve into Weepinbell! You must rename it Bush ASAP. It must now learn a second attacking move. It may evolve into Victreebel upon meeting two of the following conditions: 1) solo one Pokemon each from Whitney, Morty, and Chuck, 2) reach Level 35, and 3) solo thirty Trainers using only one move. It doesn't have to evolve at any time, but if it does, rename it Hedge ASAP. Now it has tons of energy and can use the hedge clippers, so it must know three attacking moves at all times, one of which must be a slicing move (Vine Whip, Leaf Blade, Cut, etc.). It must solo five Pokemon from the Elite Four, as well as Red's Blastoise. (Remember, ignore that part if you choose to keep it as a Weepinbell forever.) Enjoy!
@Crit Hyper Beam, use the RNG to get a number between one to five. Your Pokemon depends on what number you get on the first try.

-If the number is one, you get a male Wooper. Wooper hates Bellsprout, and f it faints, it cannot be switched out for Bellsprout and vice versa. If it enters into a double battle with Bellsprout, it must KO Bellsprout first in order to attack. Wooper may only evolve if it can solo Whitney's Miltank, without using STAB moves. It may only use one attacking move against Miltank and one non-attacking move, and must keep them forever. As a Quagsire, it no longer hates Bellsprout. In fact, they become good friends. To show this, Quagsire must always have a move that Bellsprout also has when you reach the E4.
-If it is two, you get a Politoed (assuming you can trade). It wants Drizzle badly, and doesn't like the fact that it has Water Absorb. For this reason, it must always have Rain Dance. It must have one physical move and one status/non-attacking move in its other moveslots. If its ability is ever activated, it may only use the non-attacking moves or faint itself by Perish Song. Whenever it enters a trainer battle, it must set up Rain Dance in order to attack or even switch.
-If the number is three, you get a Slowbro. Slowbro is lazy, and to show this, must always have Yawn. It is calm (ie, it has a Calm nature), and must learn and keep Calm Mind. It's third move must be one of Flamethrower/Slack Off. If it outspeeds any Gym Leader Pokemon, it must use Calm Mind six times. Have it solo Misty.
-If the number is four, you get a Dewgong. Dewgong must have one of its STAB priority moves. It must also learn and keep Hail and Blizzard. It may only use one of its STABs in battle. This restriction is removed if it solos Misty's Lapras and Pryce's Dewgong in the rematch.
-If the number is five, you get a Lapras. Lapras must have Hypnosis, Dream Eater OR Rain Dance/Thunder OR Hail/Blizzard. It's third move cannot be Ice Beam unless it uses Hail/Blizzard, cannot be Thunderbolt unless it uses RD/Thunder. If it uses Hypnosis/Dream Eater, it can learn one of Thunder or Blizzard.

Irrespective of the Pokemon, they must learn one HM move that is not Surf.

EDIT: If you can't trade, then take a number from one to four.

EDIT: Also, for my FR scramble, I need a Flier, because Flying type HM slaves are useless. Charizard can Fly, but it can't learn any physical moves, so I can't teach it the HM.
@CHB: Take a Sunkern named "LowBST". It takes pride in the fact that it has the lowest base stats of any Pokemon (even lower than Magikarp). As a result it may not know moves of a higher Base Power than 50. When it accidentally solos Whitney, it finds a Leaf Stone and evolves into Sunflora. It must immediately learn Sunny Day and Solarbeam, and it cannot have an attacking move other than Solarbeam. Also, after it evolves, change its name to "KaPOW!".
@CHB: Take a Sunkern named "LowBST". It takes pride in the fact that it has the lowest base stats of any Pokemon (even lower than Magikarp). As a result it may not know moves of a higher Base Power than 50. When it accidentally solos Whitney, it finds a Leaf Stone and evolves into Sunflora. It must immediately learn Sunny Day and Solarbeam, and it cannot have an attacking move other than Solarbeam. Also, after it evolves, change its name to "KaPOW!".
If Critical gets my Wooper, it has to solo Whitney's Miltank. Also, Sunkern evolves via the Sun Stone, not the Leaf Stone. :P
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