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All right, I've done a lot for my game, might as well type up an update. Hope I did it right, but whatever...

Trial of Beginnings: Littleroot Starting with the basic name, gender, everything process, I'm obviously a guy. As for a name, to conceal my real name, and to stick with the challenge, I went with "Psych", short for "Psychic", I guess... I dunno, it just came to me. Anyway, poor kid... He started in a moving truck, then got yelled at to come in and mess with a clock. Set the time, did all the basic things, and my dad, AKA Norman, was apparently on TV. Whoops, I missed him, I guess. Anyway, went to May's, ran back out to see some dude being chased by a Poochyena. Wasn't smart enough to grab one of the THREE SUPER RARE STARTERS in his bag, so he yells at a random kid to do it. Well, I did. I quickly snatched out one, and out came a Treeko, which I named Thief, because it's fast, and once I got started,it'd vanish like a thief. KO'd the Poochy, then started blabbering to the prof. He tells me to go meet May up in a route, so I run off to her.

Town of peace: Oldale Of course, once I get to her, she forces me into a trainer battle. Of course, since I still have no psychic types, normally I'd smack her on the head and say "Not now", but shouldn't be rude... Well, too rude. My Thief uses the dagger of pound to finish off her Torchic, and then she dashes off, pretty much making me follow her. I go back to the lab, get a pokedex, and 5 pokeballs. And there I rush off, only to be stopped by mom. At least I get new shoes, but I do wonder whatever happened to my old ones... Wonder if she took them.

Town of Normal: Petalburg Anyway, I dash off toward Petalburg, dodging trainers who have flames in their eyes to battle until I find a Ralts! RALTS! I weaken it a bit, throw a pokeball, SCORE! Now, check stats... nature... OH SNAP! I CAUGHT A BOY RALLLLLLLTSSSS! AND NAMED IT GIRLIA! Someone's going to be mad at me later. I run around more, and after many wild encounters, end up catching a female Ralts and naming it Girlia. Well, crisis averted, so go help Wally. He, the lucky nut, finds a Ralts first try. Easy catch for him, whatever. I go off onto the next route, training my Girlia up on trainers, then vanishing into the woods. By the woods, I mean Petalburg woods. Running... fighting... Oh, it's some dude who needs help. Might as well go help. Some grunt, who is obviously just a weirdo, sends out... A POOCHYENA?! Where's that pokedoll again? ...Crud, I'm out of them. Well, I hate to do this, but Thief, go on ahead and take care of it. Guy thanks me, gives me a Great Ball, and runs off.

City of Stone and School: Rustboro Finishing through the woods, I find myself in Rustboro town. After some exploration around and more level grinding/trainer fighting, I go into Rustboro gym with my level 15 Ralts, and pound at Roxanne(After beating her minions, of course,which got him to level 17, along with more grinding.)

Battle of Stone: Psych Vs. Roxanne

She tosses forth a Geodude, and I send in Girlia. I laugh at her as I Confusion to take out a nice chunk of it's HP. It... Defense curls? I blast it again, KOing the Geodude. Now, for the Nosepass. I blink at it a bit, then shrug it off. After a few Double Teams, I pelt it with Confusions while it hopelessly Harden's. Once it gets the idea, it tries to Rock Tomb, but it's too late. Good game, Roxanne, and learn to throw rocks better.

Winner: Psych.

With one badge down, time to head north, and use Confusion on those rocks! ...Okay, maybe not. Well, might as well go in the cave... OH COME ON, YOU AGAIN WITH YOUR POOCHY! This one, I angrily PP stall down to struggling... in which the recoil does about nothing to it. I switch out, and let it kill all my extras (I caught a few Zigzagoon back before, and still had Thief with me.), which drained it's HP down to nothing. Snatched the papers and the birdy he had, and returned the birdy to some sea man. The papers, I got word I had to deliver to someone... and some letter to a person on Dewford. I go talk to May, who tells me about that sea man, so I go talk to him near Petalburg. He gives me a ride to Dewford.

Island of Fighting: Dewford Dewford's quite... small. I talk around, snatch an Old Rod and Silk Scarf and head off into a cave... It's dark, and I can't use Flash, so I feel my way through, catching Lucky Ball(Named due to hoping for luck on the roulette ball), my Zubat, and Incnsstent, my Abra. Met up with Steven, gave him a letter, and he gave me Steel Wing... And what can learn that again? Why can't he give Psychic or Shadow Ball or something? Oh well. Exitting the cave, I talk to the sea man again, and he gives me another ride.

Port of Mystery: Slateport Arriving on the beach of Slateport, and cracking my game playing knuckles, I pound through the trainers with Girlia, then go into Slateport and heal up. I head just north and catch Kirby(Gulpin is purely stomach, just like kirby), my Gulpin, then return to pounding trainers. In this, my Girlia turns into Kirlia, so it sounds better then Girlia the Ralts And, well, here I am.

I'm in a good mood, I just won my ST7 matches for the round (am I the last Scrambler in the ST7?).

Take a Zubat. It cannot evolve into Crobat, but may evolve into Golbat.

No restrictions until you get to Mauville. Once you get to Mauville, play ONE round of roulette in the Game Corner. You may either bet on x3 odds, x4 odds, or x12 odds.

If you lose the one ball, you must solo three full Gym Leaders
If you win on x3, you must solo one full Gym Leader
If you win on x4, you must solo three Pokemon belonging to one Gym Leader
If you win on x12, you don't have to solo anything, and you may lift the restriction on evolution.

This could be your easiest challenge or your worst nightmare. Have fun.
@kirby, you get a meditite named "peace man". Hey man, this meditite don't like fighting, so it can only have 1 attack at a time, it must also keep calm mind because it's so calm dude. But, whoa man, once it evolves it aint calm at all, infact, it becomes a fighting machine and must have 4 attacks ASAP. But thats not all man, this meditite is also paranoid, it thinks the big pharmaceutical companies are trying to kill us so the only medicine items it will use are berries and herbs.
Peace out bro.
@loudkirbyking (Kirby is awesome): You get "Incnsstent" the Abra. It can only learn moves that are physical is Gen4, but Special in Gen3, with with exception of the move Psychic (that means NO status moves :p). It must solo 3 rooms of Norman's gym to evolve, and then solo Liza and Tate's Gym to evolve again (you don't need to solo the leader themselves).

Good Luck, have fun, and watch out for Shadow Ball users at Norman's Gym! (I know their there due to using Shedinja ingame once... *shudder*)

EDIT: Nice try, but I'm pretty sure Jirachi counts and a legendary Pokemon, which is banned in Scramble Challenges. Just saying ;p.
You get a Gulpin. Add all the digits in your trainer ID. 1=a, 2=b, 3=c...27=a, 28=b etc. Take that letter and find a type that starts with that letter. If one doesn't exist go the next one in alphabetical order and so on. If their is an E4 member or gym leader for that type, you must solo that gym leader/E4 member. if there is not, you must solo 20 trained pokemon of that type. (Ex: Trainer ID=26896, Total=31, Letter=E, Type=Electric, Challenge=solo electric gym) If there are two possible types, then you get to choose which type. If you choose to evolve Gulpin he can only use moves that he learns from TMs or HM and his STAB.
@lkk: Take Topher the Baltoy. It cannot learn Earthquake and must solo Winona. (If Winona is taken by either lolcat or FB's challenges, pick the leader you solo.)
Take Girlia the Ralts. It must evolve into Kirlia as soon as possible. Girlia is very girly. She must be next to a male pokemon in your party at all times. Additionally, whenever you enter a double battle, Girlia, for fear of embarrassing herself in front of all the good looking guys, cannot participate. Girlia does not realize that being girly is for low leveled pokemon until she wins a super rank tough contest. When Girlia finally evolves into a Gardevoir, she wants to prove herself to all the other men. Therefore, from then on, she must be the highest level pokemon in your party at all times. Good luck!
*Pictures to be added... whenever I find some... maybe.

Girlia ~ Kirlia
Level 20
Ability: Synchronize
Lax nature
Double Team

Lucky Ball ~ Zubat
Level 11
Ability: Inner Focus
Careful nature
Leech Life

Incnsstent ~ Abra
Level 9
Ability: Inner Focus
Hasty nature
Teleport (Haven't traded to get the punches yet, and truly, need to grind in emerald to get the BP to get the punches.)

Kirby ~ Gulpin
Level 14
Ability: Sticky Hold
Hasty nature
Poison Gas


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@SemiFatal, you get slaking with the ability pure power(get a level 1 huge power Slaking). It's prayed to by all Slaking and Slakoth for it's great strength and not having to recharge. However, your Slaking doesn't want to be powerful, it wants to become the most intellegent Slaking in the world, so it may only use Special Attacks. It's nature is Modest, with a 31 IV in special attack and attack and a zero in everything else. It must also prove to itself that Slaking's can be intellegent, much to the disbelief of all other Normal types. So, in order to prove itself, it must solo Witney and KO at least one of every normal type encountered in Johto. (You only have to kill 1 of each species of normal type) Also, the only special moves he can know are moves learnt by the following pokemon chosen by a random number generator: (Pelipper, Magmar, Geodude, Mismagius and Ludicolo) It's nickname is Brainiac
SemiFatal, here you go

-Tail Glow
-Ice Beam
-Magnet Rise
Ability:Wonder Guard
EV'S:Max Satk and Spe
IVS:What the hey, PERFECT IV'S
Trainer Number:16044
Trainer Name:DBJ
Oh and even if i did want it i wouldnt be able to get it., ENJOY!
@SemiFatal: I'll give you:

Pokemon: Zapdos
Nickname: 5GenRotomF
-Magnet Rise
-Air Slash
Ability: Levitate
Nature: Timid
EV's: Anything from Rotom-F's Smogon Analysis
IV's: 31, 0, 31, 0, 31, 0
Trainer ID: 12345
Trainer Name: Iggy

Have Fun!

EDIT: Your Zapdos must have Magnet Rise set up to attack, it also must "take" 100 ground moves (also under MR). Meh, that'll do.
Phone Post=Double Post
As much as i HATE to do this i might be putting my emerald scramble on hold for a long time, maybe forever.
Anyway with that behind me, lets start off with a Hard FireRed Scramble, BRING IT!
-All pokes must be able to evolve
-no 'no good moves'/'no stab' challenges
-there are quite a few pokes i will reject and i cant list them all so try your luck
-my starter cannot be bulbasaur
Now Bring It!
@Semi-Fatal (stolen from Iggdrasil/Bjay/anyone else):

Pokemon: Spiritomb
Nickname: InYourFace
-Nasty Plot
-Shadow Ball
-Aura Sphere
Ability: Wonder Guard (AWWWW, YEAAAAAAH)
Nature: Modest
EV's: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SpA
IV's: 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31 / 31
Trainer ID: 86753
Trainer Name: Broken

@Bjay: Take a Shellder named Hidden. It must learn and keep Protect and Clamp forever as a Shellder. It may only evolve after successfully using Protect five times in a row. As a Cloyster, rename it Pwnage. It must know four attacking moves at all times and they must all be of different types by the E4. It must solo every E4 Pokemon weak to Ice.
@bjay: You get "ZuZu" the Zubat. It can only learn moves that have a secondary effect (flinch, poison etc.). To evolve, it must activate these move's secondary effect 10 times each, or get passed 3 Wishes in one battle (if someone is generous enough to give him a poke with wish that is ;P.) It must solo Koga and 10 Elite Four Pokemon. If you get a poke with Wish, your Trainer's name is "Farnsworth", if not his name is "Fry".

Good Luck, Have fun!
@bjay: Take "EggTimer" the Abra. Its challenge depends on how long it takes you to catch it.

If you catch an Abra on your first wild encounter: Must solo 5 Gym Leader Pokemon.
Second encounter: Must solo ten Gym Leader/E4 Pokemon.
Third encounter: Must solo two Gym Leaders.
Fourth encounter: Must solo two Gym Leaders AND an E4 member.
Fifth encounter: Must solo three Gym Leaders.
Sixth or later encounter: Must solo four Gym Leaders AND an E4 member.
@Semi-Fatal, I don't think you will get 48 pokemon for your scramble (people have had trouble getting 24 in the past), so I would suggest switching every 4 gyms (gives you 4 teams, a total of 24 pokemon) or just having seperate teams for the johto and kanto parts (total of 12). It's up to you, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in.
That makes sense. I think I'll switch after every fourth gym. Keep 'em coming guys! I started my adventure last night. I already am seeing that forretress is going to be hard to train...though he already had gone boom on someone.
@ bj you get Timmy the poliwag. Timmy is constantly getting distracted by the swirling on his stomach. When he is in battle, he can only use 3 moves before he gets distracted. After that, you must decide his move using a dice. 1 is move 1, 2 is move 2 etc., 5 is your choice between 1 and 2, 6 is your choice between 3 and 4. After he evolves, he gets even more distracted by the swirling becuase it switches directions. Now he can only make 2 moves before getting distracted. However, he has better instinct so now 5 is roll again and 6 is your choice. To evolve he must solo all the gym trainers of one gym without going back out or he must solo the 6th, 7th, or 8th gym leader. When he evolves again he learns the martial arts and stops getting distracted. To prove that he doesn't get distracted he must solo an E4 member.
So BJ, you want hard do you? Very well. You get a clefairy named "WishOnStar". Unfortuneately wish is an egg move and nothing learns wish pre-E4 in FR so you don't get wish, but what you do get is something completely random, a metronome to decide who you solo challange! Let me explain, you must first teach clefairy metronome, then you must use it until you get a move whose type is the same as an upcoming gym leader/E4 member who you don't have to battle with someone else, if it's a gym leader solo that gym leader, if it's an E4 solo atleast 3 of that E4 members pokemon. Now since you don't want a "no good moves" or "no stab" you get 1 good attack (anything you want) and 1 stab attack under 71 bp, the last move is any non-damaging move you want.
-Clefairy named "WishOnStar"
-Use metronome to figure out which gym leader/E4 you must solo.
-Moveset must be 1 attack of your choice, 1 stab attack 70 bp or lower, 1 non-damaging move of your choice, and of course the almighty metronome.
Good luck.
BJ, you get the amazing stalling Charizard. Nickname him Distraction. He must solo Brock, using Metal claw only once.

His Moveset:
Toxic (put scratch here until you get Toxic)
Protect/Fly (put Metal Claw here until you get Protect/Fly)
Smokescreen (put growl here until you learn Smokescreen)

He cannot evolve until he learns smokescreen

BUT: If his nature is Brave (no soft reseting), you can take out all of the above restrictions including the nickname for the one below:

He must solo every gym leader that you do not have to solo with another pokemon.

*Edit* Good luck
I'm going to put the HG Scramble on hold for now, and will do an FR/LG scramble in its place instead (and do HG after FR/LG is complete). This is slightly different from normal scrambles, in the sense that I will only accept Pokemon I have never used in my final team in Gen 3 (I'm posting a list of what I have used). The other rules are:

- I expect creativity in this one, so I reserve the right to reject a challenge I think is not creative.
- No impossible challenges/level restrictions
- No no-evolution Magikarp, Caterpie etc.
- No "No good moves" challenge
- No MEPs
- The list of Pokemon I've used in Gen 3 and are thus banned are: Blastoise, Venusaur, Pidgeot, Fearow, Primeape, Vaporeon, Magneton, Dragonite, Aerodactyl, Starmie, Raichu, Dugtrio, Arcanine, Kadabra/Alakazam, Tentacruel, Graveler/Golem, Snorlax, Golbat, Tentacruel
- No Pokemon that need trading to evolve
- I will take 5 Pokemon till the end of Kanto, and one post-game, preferably a Johto exclusive.
Update Post Number 1! Here's the rules.

I started off my journey, naming my character Scrambl. Picking Cyndaquil for my starter, I rushed through the game so that I could get to the point where I could trade Pokemon. After destroying my rival and naming him Smogon, I quickly finished up the early stages and got my first team of six:

Mew, Syncronize
Sketch, Sketch, Sketch, Sketch

Magikarp, Water Absorb, must solo two gyms before being able to evolve
Hydro Pump, Energy Ball, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam

Charizard, Air Lock
Aerial Ace, Dragon Dance, Feather Dance, Whirlwind

Forretress, Flash Fire
Explosion, Memento, Healing Wish, Destiny Bond

Feraligatr, Volt Absorb
Waterfall, Flare Blitz, Night Slash, Dynamicpunch

Drowzee, Klutz
Head Smash, Payday, Twister, Disable

Forretress and Mew are a PAIN to train. I'm waiting for a good move for Mew to sketch. Oh well. After some grinding against trainers and demolishing the Sprout Tower, I head to the first Gym. I decide that this should be one of the gyms Magikarp solos. First attempt. Fail. Second Attempt. Fail. Next 10 attempts. Fail. Finally, I get a lucky crit, and pull off the solo! Next up, the trip to Azalea!
@ Qwertyuiop, you get Stephen the Nidoking. As a Nidoran, he must be called Prince. This nidoran will become the most epic Nidoking ever. He wil be the king of poison types, and must solo all poison types. He rules through Sheer Force, so he can only use moves that would be sheer force boosted. Give him a Kings Rock for his Kingliness.

In the beginning, he thinks he is the king of your team, so he must be the first slot and never faint. He also must be the highest level. If he faints, you must immediately catch another Nidoran as a replacement and level him up to be the highest level. This restriction can be undone by soloing an entire gym, when he realizes what true power is. This restriction is then lifted. He may evolve into a Nidorino only after this stage

In the middle, he tries to learn as much as he can from the gym battles. He must solo one Pokemon per gym (can be leader or not). He then practices after each gym. After each gym, he must solo the next 5 pokemon of the same type (ie. after misty, he must solo the next 5 water types). He must do this after EVERY gym, even after evolving. Once he sees how awesome poison types are from Koga, he may finally hit his final stage to be a Nidoking.

As a Nidoking, he is a beast and does whatever he wants. However, all of his moves must be over 70 base power for him to use them.

Nidoking must learn and keep one move based on his nature

+Atk- Dig
+Def- Poison Sting
+ SpAtk- Sludge Bomb
+ SpDef- Protect
+ Spd- Shock Wave

Have fun!

*Edit* Just realized that the nature-based moves violate the over 70 base power. As such, all nature based moves are exempt from other restrictions
@qwertyuiop, you get a muk whose mind is full of... erm... muk! Anyways, it can't figure out how a pokemon can be different types in different generations so it must take out this frustration on all magnemites/magnetons you encounter, but it can't figure out how magnemite/ton doesn't have levitate so it can't use any ground moves against them. Also, it can't figure out what pokemon in the "indeterminate" egg group are supposed to be (go figure) so it must get revenge on this nonsense by soloing all trainer owned pokemon in the "indeterminate" egg group (list is, grimer, gastly, koffing, misdreavus, wobbufett, slugma, ralts, gulpin, castform, shuppet, duskull, chimecho and ditto lines). Lastly, name this muk "MukBakwrds".
Good luck. EDIT: didn't see the part in aditya's post about soloing all poison types so you don't have to solo any poison types with muk.

@bjay, what awards? The scramble awards were put off until page 300 last I checked.
Bring a voltorb, it may only evolve inside of the saffron city gym. And it must solo Blaine as an electrode. Name it Atheno after the person who is most likely to steal my throne of best Scrambler
Original Post

Athenodoros's Gyarados: Magikarp that cannot learn Tackle or Bounce. Once evolved, it must learn Surf but not Thunder, Blizzard or Fire Blast. It must KO two of the Champion's Pokemon

Its_A_Randoms Miltank: Must know Body Slam, Substitute, and Milk Drink. Has to KO 150 pokemon, at least 1/10 owned by gym leaders by the Kanto's 8th gym. NN Milky Cow. (I didn't see that until the next post. I have changed the nickname)

Sprocket's Typhlosion: Must learn only Special Attacks. Cannot be used in a boss battle with a type advantage except Elite Four. Must KO one Dragonite of Lance. Can only evolve into a Quilava if taught the TM Flamethrower (lol Celadon city or 10k coins in Game Corner).

Texas Cloverleaf's Nidoqueen: Can only use Sheer Force boosted moves

auramaster's Crobat: May only know one move per type.

DetroitLolCat's Eevee: Must be Bill's eevee
Cannot learn Return, Quick Attack, Bite, Hidden Power, or Baton Pass as an eevee.
Cannot learn Mean Look, Taunt, Baton Pass, Wish, Yawn, Protect, Moonlight, Toxic, Substitute, Curse, Rest, Pursuit, Charm, or Confuse Ray as an Umbreon
Cannot learn Substitute, Psychic, Hidden Power, Grass Knot, Shadow Ball, Baton Pass, Signal Beam, Trick, Substitute, Bite, or Morning Sun as an Espeon
Must solo one of Lance’s, Red’s and Blue’s Pokemon.

I get on the boat with my shiny new National dex and start battling for the heck of it, completely forgetting finding that granddaughter. Once I find her, I get to Vermillion and immediately decide to challenge the gym leader. I mean, how hard can it be?

Lt. Surge
Milky Cow vs. Raichu: He thunder waves before I can sub and fully paralyzes me. He double teams, but body slam gets him to 25% left. He shock waves for 25% while I KO him.
Toxin vs. Electabuzz: He light screens, making Earth power a 3hko. He quick attacks for 9%, while Earth power puts him in red and gets a SpDef drop, but his berry heals him. Another quick attack, and I ko.
Luna vs. Electrode: He double teams, while I dig (what is up with bosses and evasion?) His shock wave misses while dig puts him in red. I faint attack for 40% on the heal. He screeches while I miscklick sand attack. His charge beam misses, while faint attack puts him in red again. He self-destructs and misses (lol)
Luna vs. Electrode: I heal Milky to solo his Magneton. He double teams. He sets up light screen, while faint attack does 40%. Shock wave does 10% and he goes to red on another faint attack. Another faint attack on a heal. He double teams again as I faint attack. Static paralyzes me, but synchronize paralyzes him. Shock wave does 10%, while I KO him.
Milky Cow vs. Magneton: I sub as he double teams (come ON!) Another double team, and I miss with a focus punch. Where is the evasion clause when I need it? Another double team (that’s 3 for those who can’t count) but FOCUS PAWNCH for the game

I rush to saffron and solo the gym with Milky Cow and get ready for Sabrina.

Milky Cow vs. Espeon: Psychic takes off half of my health as I sub. I body slam and take off over half health (speed tie what?). I switch to Luna
Luna vs. Espeon: Luna takes a psychic. Shadow ball does 10% while Faint attack KO’s
Fuego vs. Alakazam: Flamethrower does 60%, but a sitrus berry puts him at 70%. Sabrina sets up reflect(crap). Psychic does 70% while flamethrower puts him in the red. I flamethrower for 60% on the heal and burn him. Another flamethrower for the win.
Milky Cow vs. Mr. Mime: I switch to Luna to take the psychic
Luna vs. Mr. Mime: Reflect wears off. He mimics, but is too fast and fails. Faint attack does 50%. He mimics faint attack, but Luna KO’s.

Great. I have 5 gyms to get 9 solos for Milky Cow. Fun… I go to Cerulean then the Power plant, catch the thief and go back. I’m only training Milky Cow for her solos. Only ~20 more non-gym leader pokemon to go
I get through Nugget bridge, leaving 2 pokemon to beat, none gym and 12 gym to beat. I walk in on Misty’s date that runs off. She calls me a pest, so I go the gym to whoop her a**. The first trainer ends Milky Cow’s solos. YES. Now to pwn Misty.

Milky cow vs. Golduck: I sub, taking a water pulse. Body slam is a 2hko and I paralyze. Psychic breaks my sub. Body slam KO’s.
Milky Cow vs. Lapras: I sub on a sing. Focus punch barely misses the KO as ice beam breaks the sub. I body slam as she heals, which barely misses a 2hko. I sub on another sing. Focus punch for the KO as ice beam breaks the sub.
Luna vs. Starmie: He confuses me, but faint attack lands for 60%. A sitrus berry takes her out of ko range. Ice beam + confuse hax does 15% to Luna. Her ice beam leaves me with 70% while faint attack takes her to the red. I heal Milky Cow as she heals starmie. Ice beam crits to 40%, then to 25%, but faint attack leaves her 1%. Ice beam leaves me 6%, but headbutt KO’s.
Milky Cow vs. Quagsire: I sub, but it is broken by a critical earthquake. I sub again as she amnesias. I focus punch on another amnesia for 75%. My sub survives an earthquake and FOCUS PAWNCH for the KO.

And that is 3 badges in about 2 hours.

-Fuego the Typhlosion (Female)
Level 46
Focus Blast
Hidden Power[Ice]

Epicosity on legs. This guy can KO so much with his varied moveset. Unfortunately, his low base power makes up for his great power

-Kraken the Gyarados(Female)
Level 45
Dragon Dance
Ice Fang

MVP by far. Did you guys see that he swept Lance 4-0 with only one item used. You can’t get more beastly than that

-XeRxEn the Crobat(Male)
Level 46
Cross Poison
Confuse Ray

Crazy beast thanks to great speed and STAB on fly. Confuse ray had it’s utility as well. I am thinking of putting U-turn on there somewhere.

-Toxin the Nidoqueen
Level 46
Ice Beam
Earth Power

Epic type coverage is epic. Nothing could get close to an OHKO on this beast, while the typing gave her so many super-effective acts to mess around with it wasn’t even funny

-Milky Cow the Miltank (135 soloes+ 8 gym+ 3 E4)
Level 46
Focus Punch
Body Slam
Milk Drink

Fairly good, but the insane power of some of the Pokemon prevented her from sub-punching very well.

-Luna the Umbreon
Level 46
Faint Attack

Great outside of battle, with Dig and headbutt. In battle, she was very underwhelming power-wise but an effective tank (seriously, 5hko STAB waterfall from Lance’s Gyarados) which gave her some props. Unfortunately, she is the LVP by process of elimination
@Qwerty: Take Butterfly the Charizard. It may only know special moves, and cannot know Flamethrower or Fire Blast. It may only have two non-attacking moves. Have it solo Sabrina and Giovanni at Silph. No restrictions on evolution. Have fun!
I think I only counted 5 so:

Bring a name it Galladiatr. It may not evolve until it solos Koga. It may not learn any Psychic type moves unless it solos another Gym Leader or Elite 4 member as Venomoth. At any point when you are battling with a pokemon other than Galladiatr: if its health drops into the the red zone you must switch in Galladiatr to "rescue" the other pokemon. If this instance occurs and Galladiatr is fainted you must revive Galladiatr before you take any other action and if your pokemon faints on the turn of revival Galladiatr must be the next pokemon you send out.

Also, @ Semi-Fatal
Nickname:Beach Boy
Moves:Aqua Ring, Calm Mind, Hydro Cannon, Blizzard
Ability:Water Absorb
Nature: Rash
EV's:252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 HP
IV's:(in order: HP/Atk/Def/Sp.Atk/Sp.Def/Speed) 12/3/0/31/0/31
Trainer Number: 11111
Trainer Name: Stygwyr


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The Awards Are Coming!
I put them off till Page 300. Sorry to break the news.

@Qwertyuiop: I'll reserve a spot. Give me a few minutes & I'll have a challenge.

EDIT: Since aditya8081 took my Nidoking Take a Tyranitar & name it Rexosaur. It must know the on-site Tyrani-Boah moveset. It must be second highest leveled Pokemon on your team when you take on the E4 for the second time. Have it solo 8 Pokemon duing that round, including your Rival's Tyranitar.

Have fun.
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