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Much better, Fire Blast. Need three more.

The Rules (Part 2):

  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team
  • You obviously can't trade on these games
  • No Wonder mail.
  • I will be asking for 6 extra Pokemon, alongside the current 4 Pokemon, it can be anything, except for those on my banlist at the bottom of this post. I also need a Pokemon that can learn Surf, Waterfall & Dive.
  • Pokemon may now evolve
  • Please refrain from giving me creative challenges unless you are familiar with the Mystery Dungeon series.
  • I do reserve the right to reject challenges for whatever reason, but I will probably accept most challenges due to not many people here being familiar to the series
  • Under no circumstance may you reserve a spot. Do not make a placeholder post or say you're editing in my challenge either. If you get ninja'd, too bad
  • Don't dish out signature challenges that are not yours.
  • At least one attacking option on each Pokemon other than "The Shove"
  • Make them fun
  • Legendaries
  • Magikarp, Gyarados, Lapras, Minun, Aipom (Version Exclusives)
  • The Chansey & Igglybuff lines, for being too hard to get
  • Kecleon...I'm not going to grind to Lv90 just to get some lousy shopkeeper.
  • All Pokemon that are only recruitable in Western Cave unless something evolves into them.
  • Magnemite, Rattata, Nidoran (F) Poochyena, Voltorb, Elekid Plusle, Spearow Zigzagoon, Geodude Tyrogue, Meditite, Beldum Pinsir, Oddish Sudowoodo, Sentret, Shroomish, Ledyba Wooper, Scyther Hoothoot Slakoth, Farfetch'd, Teddiursa, Weedle, Yanma Poliwag, Houndour, Paras Electrike, Stantler, Gligar Dunsparce, Phanpy Doduo, Murkrow, Heracross Tauros, Illumise Tangela Shuckle Azurill, Ditto Rhyhorn, Absol Swablu, Chimecho, Zangoose Seviper, Seedot, Roselia Mankey Shuppet, Duskull Koffing, Tropius: All obtainable pre-game, bolded ones, however, are exempt from this.

And without further ado, fire away!
  • Me: Squirtle (Leader): May only use moves Ash's Squirtle knew, which were Water Gun, Skull Bash, Tackle, Bubblebeam, Withdraw, Hydro Pump, Bubble & Rapid Spin. Team must be named SqrtlSquad (Aditya8081)
  • Partner: Pikachu (Chocapic): Must know & keep Quick Attack & Thunderbolt. Must be fed 5 Yellow Gummis (zdrup15)
  • Spearow (Iceberg): Must have the "Lets go Together" Tactic. At all times, it must either have Exclusive move-user active and only one move picked, or exclusive move-user turned off and no moves set. (auramaster)
  • Phanpy: Must be fed every Gummi in the game except the 5 given to Pikachu (Texas Cloverleaf)
  • Yanma: No Restrictions (lol, Yanma can't evolve in PMD Red) (yaya0)
  • Zigzagoon (Dark Goon): Only attacking move is Headbutt, must clear all the Makuhita dungeons without it dying to evolve (Dark Ray)
  • Qwilfish: In order for Qwilfish to use a non-stab move you must beat the training dojo level of that type with Qwilfish. Qwilfish must eat two seeds in every dungeon he goes to. Qwilfish thinks Oran Berries taste horrible so he cannot eat Oran Berries (Fire Blast)
  • TBA
  • TBA
  • TBA
Reposting because it's a new page.
Nidoran (M) (You only banned F). Iggy, have fun, this guy has no restrictions. Oh wait, it does have one: If it faints due to lack of food (i think that's what the "belly" function is for? Anyways, when that gets to zero.), it's gone. For good. Make do. Bring some apples.
Woo, got all my Pokemon. Starting my Scramble now. Wish me luck!

EDIT: I can't seem to get Charmander, haha. Is it okay if I choose the Pokemon I get for the test and get requirements for that instead? I got Chikorita, by the way. (apparently I'm calm and quiet, lolol)
Treadshot, where have you been? We haven't seen you in ages.

Daww...i feel special. The internet cares about me... XD

And FYI i'm off on holiday in Hong Kong, and wanted out of Competitive pokemon for a while. I'll still hang around, but i'm mainly out of it, once my trades on Wifi are all finished, i'm out of pokemon. I'll just be around to annoy people with increasingly outrageous MEP's.

Also, wow, so many changes since i left. There's no more Firebot... :( :( :(
Emerald Scramble!

1. No trading, even to evolve.
2. All Pokemon must be able to fully evolve except evo-by-trade Pokemon.
3. No nature/EV/IV restrictions.
4. No drudgery. Some grinding is allowed (e.g., solo Roxanne with a Lotad, who pretty much has to evolve to beat Nosepass), but not insane grinding (e.g., solo Roxanne with a Taillow).
5. The only HMs allowed to be taught are Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Fly, and Rock Smash. This means no Pokemon can be required to know Cut, Flash, or Dive.
6. No level or (crazy) move restrictions for solos. You can't expect me to solo Roxanne with a Level 10 Lotad that cannot use STAB.
7. I reserve the right to reject challenges, but I will not do so without explaining my reasoning.
8. Difficulty: Medium-Hard
9. No more than two Pokemon of the same type or three Pokemon weak to the same type.

Have at it!


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Dummy, you get any Pokemon you want, but its moveset must be four HMs. However, it must solo a GLMP with the lowest base power HM move you are going to use, as well as two Pokemon in the Pokemon League.


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I'll reserve for Dummy007.

Iggdrasil, I said NO RESERVATIONS!!!

Treadshot, you're back! I was asking for the challenge, not Iggy. Adding...
@Dummy, you get a walrein named "Wannabe UU". 3 of its moves must be the following, hail, rest, toxic, protect, double team, attract, dive, substitute and swagger. The last move is whatever you want.
Good luck.
Dummy, you get any Pokemon you want, but its moveset must be four HMs. However, it must solo a GLMP with the lowest base power HM move you are going to use, as well as two Pokemon in the Pokemon League.
Partial rejection. It can't use Surf, Flash, or Fly, leaving it with Cut (which only stands a chance at beating Brawly's Makuhita), Rock Smash (which only has a chance at soloing Norman's Slaking), Strength (I don't think it's possible to have Surf / Strength / Waterfall / Fly, except maybe Pelipper, who is terrible), Waterfall (which must solo Juan's Kingdra, which is impossible), and Dive (see Waterfall). Four HM moves = okay. Insane solo requirement = not okay.

EDIT: @Dark Ray: Accepted.


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@Dummy007, you get a Torchic. Due to it being a chicken, it believes that it is flying/fire type, and therefore may not use any fighting moves. It must also know and keep at least one flying move. It may not fight in a Gym that specializes in a type that's super affective against flying. It must also Solo two of the following gyms: Lavaridge, Dewford and Fortree. Have Fun!
Emerald challenge:
Take an Azumarril with the Huge Power ability, it can't use physical attacks with a base power over 60 (60 is ok, 61 is not). If one with Huge Power is not the first Marril that you catch, the Azumarril must land the killing blow on either Solrock or Lunatone belonging to the twin gym leaders (Tate and Lisa). If the first one you catch does have Huge Power, it must at least take part in three gym leader battles. Evolve after defeating team magma at the volcano for the first time (before the 4th gym). I think this will be satisfyingly difficult.
Iggdrasil, I said NO RESERVATIONS!!!
Oh. Poop.

Treadshot's back (yes I'm useing the name you don't like >:p)! So... I guess I'm not stealing his MTPs?... That sucks. Like Texas I also expect you to ruin my next scramble, which I'll loveingly make DPPt just for you (*coughMEPcough*).

@Dummy: You get my third Gyarados in a row I've given out (bar Mystery Dungeon Scrambles). Therefor, I'll give you a challenge based off the number 3. As a Magikarp it has no restrictions, only that it must evolve at a number devisable by three (Hint: Earliest is 21. I think you can manage one more level.). Now as a Gyarados here are his restrictions:
- Must learn and keep the third move Gyarados can learn, which is Dragon Rage.
-It must be the third Pokemon you catch.
-It must learn and keep Water Pulse (TM03)
-It must solo the third Rival battle, as well as the third Pokemon each gym leader after Watson sends out.
-and lastly, it can only participate in a "boss battle" if it's level is devisable by three.

Why, even the amount of challenges is 6! Thats divisable by 3! Isn't 3 a WONDERFUL number?

Random 3 stuff aside, Good Luck, Have Fun!

EDIT: Oh wait, third water type handed out. Your pokemon will now be Doduo! The TM you must learn and keep is now Secret Power (TM43), and your "third move" is now Pursuit. Must evolve level 33. Ignore the third Pokemon caught bit, and replace it with that it must be the third Pokemon you send into battle (except when you need the solos). You may skip soloing Liza + Tate. GL, Have Fun (again)!
Emerald, Dummy?

Fine, you get a Ralts called Ninja. It must always be as fast as possible, so it must have at least 5 of the speed boosting Medicine used on it by the E4.

Also, if you see a Skitty/Delcatty, it must be sent into battle. When they attack, Ninja must be faster than them. If it is not faster, it can't be used until the next pokemon center is reached.

Yes, ninja'ing Lolcat's reservation. Y'know, because i'm so awesome i can do whatever i want. ;)
In my platinum scramble I was battling in Iron Island when I found a shiny Graveler! I was going to catch it but Monferno's Scratch crit. The stupid RNG choose now of all times to give me the crit. Anyways, after spending a long time looking for shards I finally got enough to teach Monferno Thunderpunch. Most of my pokemon are ~lv.40. Update coming soon.
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