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@Mr.L: Nah, no real story, just a bog-standard challenge, though I could go on & on about YGO...

@RaRe555: Take a Bidoof. It must have the Simple Ability. It must know & keep at least 3 moves that take advantage of Simple, including Charge Beam. It must solo all Trainers on ONE floor of the Victory Road minus the Double Battles. To finish off this Simple Challenge, name your Bidoof Simple.

Have fun.
@talkinglion: I love it, Accepted! Will select my poison tomorrow.

@RaRe555: Take Filling the Ralts. Filling misread his pokedex classification and believes that it's not the Feeling pokemon, but the Filling pokemon (fillings like in teeth). It must know Confusion, for the poor little guy is confused. Filling tries to explain what he believes he is to other pokemon (Use confusion), but all it does is cause pokemon to faint. After fainting 20 different species using only confusion, Filling realizes all he's doing is hurting poor lads with his claims, and decides to become a dancer to pay for everyone's PC Fees (evolve into Kirlia, rename ShwGrl). ShwGrl reads the pokedex again, and is delighted to learn it's the Motion pokemon, and must always stay in motion (Use double Team every time it enters a battle). After showing Byren ShwGrl's amazing dance moves (Evade 5 moves with Double team in the 6th gym battle), ShwGrl decides to spoil herself with shiny stuff (evolve with Dawn Stone, change NN to Barber). Barber is once again disdained to learn that he took a turn for the worse, becoming the Bald pokemon. To show his wrath, Barber must only use moves with Cut in it's name against pokemon with hair-like parts on their body. After showing Flint the power of baldness (solo Flint with Barber), Barber feels confident he is the best bald battler and can finally relax (no using him in major battles after Flint (this means E4 too)).

-Filling the (male) Ralts.
-know confusion
-solo 20 different species with confusion
-Evolve into Kirlia, rename ShwGrl
-Use Double Team every time Kirlia enters a battle
-Evade 5 moves against Byren
-Evolve into Gallade, rename Barber
-Use only moves with cut in the name against pokemon with Hair
-Solo Flint
-No Major battles after Flint

Have Fun =D
Okay RaRe555, use "Burnout" the Aipom. Burnout is a pothead, and the only moves he can use are ones he thinks relates to pot. First off, it cannot be healed outside of pokemon centers by any item except the herbal ones, so no potions or full heals or sodas. It has to keep Double Hit at all times because it likes to take hits of the bong, and it must at all time know a Grass Type move because it reminds him of pot. He must fight in every elite four battle because he believes that the Elite Four is hiding the best pot ever, and must knockout one of Cynthias pokemon by last resort because it is this Aipoms last resort to getting the weed. After defeating the elite four, he may then never be used again so he can live the rest of his life in a haze at the lab.

In short:
1. Must know Double Hit
2. Must know Grass Type move to evolve
3. Must appear in every elite four battle
4. Must knockout one of Cynthias pokemon with Last Resort.
5. Cannot use after the elite four.

Good Luck.
You get LoveSummer the Crogunk. (His Ability must be Dry Skin)
This Crogunk's favorite season is Summer,Therefore must know Sunny Day ASAP (and keep it),and refuses to use moves (apart From Sunny Day) when the Weather isn't Harsh Sunlight.He refuses to go out when Rain or Hail is up and He can't Participate against Crasher Wake and Candice,because his least Favorite season is Winter.He can Evolve after he Solo's The ENTIRE Sunnyshore Gym,because Sunnyshore City is His favorite Hangout Spot and he thinks that Gym is trying to Snatch that away from Him.
He must solo one Pokemon from 2 different E4 Teams.
@RaRe555: You get Chopped the Machop. The only Fighting-type attacks it can use are Karate Chop and Cross Chop, and you must say, "Get chopped!" after defeating a Pokémon with it. It can evolve after soloing Candace with either (or both) of the chop moves (except Froslass, whom you can defeat using another Scramblemon). As a Machoke, it decides that chopping is wrong and it abandons its chopping move in favor of a non-STAB move (in other words, it cannot use STAB anymore). Rename it Ghandi. It must participate in every Galactic battle in Mt. Coronet, as well as soloing Cyrus.
It's another scramble update:
Grinded Grovyle into a Sceptile, beat Flannery after a few tries, went back to the Firey path to get the Toxic TM, grinded Threety for a bit, Did the Trick Room again, Went back to Norman's Gym, defeated him with just Sceptile, Got surf, got my good rod, went and caught my Barboach. Grinded him and Threety for for a bit. Did the New Mauville sidequest, and the Trick Room for the 4th time.

Valor the Sceptile @ Level 37
Leaf Blade
Quick Attack
Rock Smash
Way above everyone else, because Sceptile vs Torkoal is not a good matchup. I had to use Dig Quick Attack Dig again to kill it, and even then I had to avoid Overheats and Attraction. Due to being overleveled, he was the only pokemon that could take on Norman. Trying to use him less now.

Setsuna the Gardevoir @ Level 30
Double Team
Calm Mind
Yay, just evolved! Still only has one attack, but I'll get Hidden Power in Fortree. Which I have to solo. *sigh*

Chum-Li the Makuhita @ Level 28
Arm Thrust
Vital Throw
Rock Tomb
Also evolved now, but requiring him to evolve AFTER Norman meant he was pretty usless in that Gym. Rock Tomb kills me, it has no use whatsoever. I've been using him less, since something needs to be below Threety.

Apology the Illumise @ Level 23
Quick Attack
Yep, I'm using Illumise for support. It works okay, but it gets far less leveling priority then everyone else. I still need to teach it another TM, which will probably be Protect.

Threety the Swablu @ Level 30
Growl (unused)
Now this fellow is annoying. I can't level it up in most places because it can't fight Gen 3 Pokemon, but it needs to be in the exact middle of my levels. Sometimes I find it's almost too high, sometimes it's almost too low, and I need to grind again. Also, Swablu's movepool is TERRIBLE. Peck and Astonish as my only attacks, ugh. At least it's going to get better attacks later.

Banned the Whiscash @ Level 30
Party complete! Just got him, The placement of the Good Rod is the most frustrating thing ever, making me get a surf slave before I could have a Surf pokemon. I just fished until I got the highest leveled Barboach, which was close to 30, then leveled it up quickly so I could use it. Which forced my to train Threety as well. *sigh*
I'm abandoning my SoulSilver scramble in favor of a SoulSilver solo! I want this solo to be medium-hard, and please be creative!
No trading, except to evolve.


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You will be soloing this game with the first Pokemon I ever received on my first Pokemon game, Cyndaquil. It if is male, name it Explosion. If it is female, name it Cindy. It's a real go-getter, and hates fainting, so it punishes itself every time it faints.

1 Faints: It cannot evolve into Typhlosion until after Pryce (If it's already a Typhlosion, then ignore this)
2 Faint: Must have two Fire moves
3 Faints: Sum of BPs of moves must be lower than 240
4 Faints: Kill every Wild Pokemon you see
5 Faints: Only 2 Attacking moves total
6 Faints: Only Fire and Normal moves. At all
7 Faints: No moves with more than 100 Base Power
8 Faints: No more TMs.
9+ Faints: Only Fire moves. At all.

Be verrrry careful!
Smaug, get to Goldenrod with whatever you want, then take the Eevee. Call it "Xenonbine". This Eevee is evil, and it seeks to kill all animal-based Pokemon. That means, things like Growlithe, Staryu, anything based on a real animal. But it refuses to fight anything non-animal based, so run from things like Magnemite, or anything plant-based. If you're in a trainer battle, against such Pokemon you must use your lowest BP move that still works (read: target not immune to).

How it evolves depends on How many non-animal based Pokemon you find. If it's an even number, then you get one of the original three Eeveelutions. If the number is divisible by 3, it's Vaporeon. If it's divisible by 7, Jolteon (in the case both apply, take Vaporeon). If neither of those work, you're stuck with Flareon.

For an odd number, if it's less than 26 you get Espeon. 26 or more, and you get Umbreon.

Oh, and you are required to be eating candy at all times during this challenge, within safe healthy limits of course. ;)


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Smaug, you get a wooper named fanboy. It's a very impressionable pokemon, and will fight to the death to defend whatever it's mildly interested in. Because of this, every time it faints to a pokemon, it must learn a move that that pokemon can learn, and keep it for the rest of the game. If wooper cannot learn a move that that pokemon knows, then keep the next level up move you get. When you faint three times, Wooper must go into a battle and only use amnesia until it faints. When you do faint, Wooper will forget all of the moves it has learned (besides amnesia), causing it to have those three moves replaced for the rest of the game. It must always have Amnesia, in case you didn't realize it. When you die with amnesia, the cycle restarts until you have to use amnesia again. The only difference is that you may not use moves you've used before.
Smaug, nickname a Bellsprout after yourself. It never finishes things, so it evolves to Weepinbell but forgets to evolve into Victreebel. It is also constantly trying to outdo itself defeating Gym Leaders. As a result, every Gym Leader it faces must be defeated in fewer moves than the last, if possible. Lastly, it seems to think it's still in Gen I, meaning it's 4x weak to Bug-type moves. It feels that it must take out the Bugs ASAP to avoid taking a 4x effective hit (or so it thinks). If it is ever hit by a Bug-type move, it gets spooked and may not use direct attacks for the rest of the battle.

GL, HF, etc.
HSCE (finally) gets updated tomorrow.

Get Sunkern, dump in daycare.
Team lols at Morty, Magikarp just lols.
Get Staryu, evolve, rage at grindfest.
Get really, really, really pissed at Magikarp's ineptitude.
Mumbo evolved.


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Alright so the team as of now stands as:

• Simple, the Bidoof.
• Filling, the Ralts (male)
• Burnout, the Aipom
• Rose, the Budew
• LoveSummer, the Croagunk
• Chopped, the Machop

Pokemon Restrictions:

- Named Simple.
- Must have Simple as its ability.
- Must know and keep at least 3 moves that benefit from this ability at all times, including Charge Beam.
- Must solo all trainers in ONE floor of the Victory Road, except for Double Battles.

- Named Filling
- Must know Confusion.
- Must use it to solo 20 Pokemon of different species, and then evolve into Kirlia.
- After evolving, rename it ShwGrl.
- Must know Double Team and use it every time it enters a battle.
- Must evade 5 moves against Byron (6th gym battle).
- Evolve into Gallade, rename Barber.
- Against Pokemon with hair-like parts, must only use moves with Cut in their names.
- Must solo Flint.
- Can’t use in any major battles after Flint.

- Named Burnout.
- Cannot be healed by anything other than Pokemon Centers and herbal items.
- Must know Double Hit and a Grass-type move at all times.
- Must appear in every E4 battle.
- Must KO one of Cynthia’s Pokemon with Last Resort.
- Cannot use after E4.

- Named Rose.
- Must solo 15 Fire-types to evolve.
- Must solo 20 more Fire-types to evolve again.

- Named LoveSummer.
- Ability must be Dry Skin.
- Must know and keep Sunny Day ASAP.
- Cannot use any moves other than Sunny Day when the weather isn’t Sunny.
- Cannot go out when the weather is Hail or Rain.
- Cannot participate in Wake’s and Candace’s battles.
- Can evolve after he solo’s the ENTIRE Sunnyshore Gym.
- Must solo one Pokemon from 2 different E4 Teams.

- Named Chopped.
- Only fighting-type attacks it can use are Karate Chop and Cross Chop.
- I must say “Get chopped!” after defeating a Pokemon with it.
- Can evolve after soloing Candace with the Chop moves, except Froslass for which you can use another Pokemon.
- After evolving, cannot use STAB at all.
- Must be renamed Ghandi.
- Must participate in every Galactic battle in Mt. Coronet.
- Must solo Cyrus in Mt. Coronet.

Let me know if I missed anything.

@Newby n0Ob: the part about saying "Get chopped!" is like, saying it out loud whenever I KO something with it? o.O that's gonna be odd lol.

I like it though. It's gonna be interesting. I'll try to update as often as possible, but my progress might be slow seeing as I got a other stuff to do. Also, if I accidentally forget a restriction and break it (which is pretty likely), what do I do? Just reset the DS?
Oh! Right before I forget it:
@IceBeam: I just realized that the TM for Toxic is only obtainable post-E4. I can either 1) trade it from my SoulSilver, or 2) give me a different restriction.
Edit: Hooray for posting in xx.yy.00 seconds!
HSCE Update #2, 3 week mark!

Yo. Finally got back to playing it, as a particular distraction took me off the challenge for about a week. Anyway, we've come a fair ways since last update. Magikarp sux.
You get Valence the Starmie. If you keep it below level 40 against the E4, it must have Surf and BoltBeam. Otherwise it must know Surf, but it can't learn BoltBeam. it must be the highest levelled member of your team
Plan. Abuse Thunder and Blizzard.

The Pokemon? Pidgey. It must be the first Pidgey you see on the first route you can find it on. It must have Keen Eye. Currently, this is an easy challenge. Next, you may only evolve this Pidgey once, into Pidgeotto. This is now a medium challenge. This Pokemon may only learn one move with greater than 40 base power. This is now a Hard challenge. This is nowhere near where we're getting. It will solo Claire and karen. This is a very hard challenge. We're about halfway there. It will solo Blaine and Blue. Thais is an insane challenge. Have fun. But we're not done yet. It may never know a non-attacking move with the exception of Sand Attack. Holy shit no Roost or Featherdance. But wait, there's more! (Item challenge rescinded) This is fucking impossible. You will cry having to solo Blue with a Pidgeotto who will probably only know Twister, Quick Attack, Steel Wing and Gust. He has a Rhydon. That Rhydon will fuck your shit backwards. I think he has a Gyarados too. That Gyarados has Intimidate, making it that much easier for Rhydon to fuck your shit backwards. If you complete this challenge however, you will undoubtedly be the greatest Scrambler ever.
Plan: Spam Steel Wing, get Defense boosts, pray.

Texas, take Mumbo the Ampharos. This must be the first Ampharos you find. It must evolve straight away, when possible. Its nature will decide its fate: Adamant Tackle (snip), Mild Charge Beam, (snip), Timid Fling. Now you must learn these moves, in order until you get to the move that your nature represents, and it can only use the move it is currently on (eg. Careful nature. Can only use Tackle. Learns Thundershock, can only use Thundershock. Learns Thunderpunch can only use Thunderpunch....Learns Power Gem, can only use Power Gem for the rest of the game.)
Got a Mild nature so I get Charge Beam. No other reqs so I'll use it as I will.

Okay. Firstly, get yourself a Magikarp called Magikrap which can only be changed after it evolves, at which point it can be whatever you want because I think you will need some concession. You catch this Magikarp as soon as you can, because you will want to train it as much as possible. Specifically, you will want to train it until it can solo one of Morty's Pokemon. On the way though, it must be the only pokemon you use on the way to Union Cave to train it up, and you must defeat every Pokemon you get to. If it faints, you must go straight back to the Pokemon Centre without passing go and try again. Eventually you will beat Morty, with one of his pokemon soloed by Magikarp. After this you must head west along the storyline and can ignore Magikrap for a bit if you want. Eventually you will meet the Red Gyarados, and to prove it is not too Magikrap it must solo this as well. it must finish Gyarados using Flail. Then you will go up against Pryce, against whom Magikrapmust Splash five times at which point it must solo a Pokemon again, and then do the same thing again. Finally it can finish its Johto travels by finishing three of Lance's Pokemon. At this point it can evolve. Lucky you. Just in time for some fresh horror in Kanto. COngratulations, first of all, Johto wasn't fun. To celebrate, you must solo every trainer in the Electric type gym without going to the pokemon centre. if you fail... well, we'll get to that later. Then continue until you get to the Fire gym. Here you must Splash against again for every fire type move the trainers use to compensate for the type resistance, You have to solo every trainer again. You may NOW, regardless of success or failure in the gym, delete Tackle or Flail, but never Splash and replace it with a Water move. After the last badge, you can replace the two moveslots that are not the Water type move and Splash. They are now Thunder and Fire Blast, assuming you succeeded at beating the corresponding trainers. If no you only get the one you did succeed at but you must delete the move that isnt Tackle. You must solo three pokemon belonging to Red but you can only use each of the moves over 50 base power once Each. You must also use Splash against Pikachu
Plan: fuck...

Troll the Sunkern
If for some reason Troll fails to complete any of these requirement it must solo Sabrina to evolve
Plan: Abuse the loophole that allows me to ignore a shitload of restrictions in exchange for soloing Sabrina with a Sunkern (oh god).

You get Gatorade the Totodile. It loves Gatorade so much that it may never use any Water moves for fear of spitting out its beloved Gatorade. It is also hyper-competitive, so it must learn and may never forget Rage. It must solo a Johto Gym Leader. Gatorade must have a moveset consisting of Rage, Bite, Swords Dance and a non-water physical move mof your choice by the Johto E4. Have it solo 6 pokemon there, That must be Gatorade's moveset until you beat Red. And it must solo a minimum of 3 gym leaders (including aforementioned solo). As if this wasn't hard enough which it wasn't (Item challenge rescinded) it must hold a berry to use anything other than Rage and it must evolve only at level 30 and level 45. Plan: Kill Falkner, keep up with the team.

Previously, I had just described my journeys to Azalea Town. iirc, Rival was a joke, Bugsy's Scyther proved very diffucly to beat and nothing of consequence happened. Progression to Goldenrod occurred where shit was obtained, shit was trained and Whitney was ignored. Alnog the way I captured Troll the Sunkern who was promptly dropped off in the Day Care centre. Gatorade decided he wasn't taking any shit from a fat cow and so took some steroids against Clefairy and curbstomped Whitney who decided she hates this shitass game.

That ended day one.

A week later progress was resumed. More shit was obtained, more shit was trained and Ecruteak was completed leaving me to square off against Morty. Magikarp lol'd at Gastly 9HKOing (with Hyper Potion) while other stuff was killed. I then forgot to save a turned off the game. Two days later Magikarp lol'd harder by 4HKOing with a crit, Pidgeotto raped Gengar hard, HypnoEater Haunter missed a lot and Morty went down butthurt. Progression then occurred to Olivine where Valence was obtained, taught THunder and Blizzard and evolved, sparking a huge grindfest to catch it up and make it the highest levelled member on the team. Grinding in progress now where in other news the entire team has seen a spark in special abilities (damn psyducks).

So. The team.

Valence the Starmie lv 26, Sassy (Mischievous) @Wide Lens, Natural Cure
Surf, Blizzard, Thunder, Recover

Gogo loophole abuse! no BoltBeam? No problem! So this thing has excellent moves and excellent STAB but is cursed with having to be the strongest member of the team. Goddamn it. At least it trains easily so far.

Magikrap the Magikarp lv 27, Quiet, Swift Swim
Tackle, Splash

Fuck this shitass game. That is all.
*sigh* Christ this thing is annoying to train. Can't do shit for damage takes forever to level up. Considering getting it to level 35, slapping a Scarf on it and relying on Flail to get all remaining kills before evolution. Jeez.

Gatorade the Croconaw lv 30, Hasty, Torrent @Rindo Berry
Bite, Slash, Flail, Rage

Fuck yeah, this sumbitch finally evolved! Berries are in constant supply so no issues with that requirement. Has so far soloed two gym leaders so only one more to go to fulfill. Movepool is annoyingly restricted but serviceable. Swords Dance has been obtained but is so far being restrained from use.

Pidgeotto the Pidgeotto lv 30, Brave, Keen Eye, Everstone
Gust, Twister, Sand-Attack, Quick Attack

Movepool is starting to catch up to him but is still serviceable. Is consistently the go-to-mon for stalling and shit with its excellent defenses. Will likely start to piss me off soon but doesn't have to become ridiculously overlevelled for a while yet.

Mumbo the Ampharos lv 30, Mild, Static
Charge Beam, Growl, Cotton Spore, Strength

Fuck yeah, free HM slave! Having obtained Charge beam Ampharos is now an excellent Choice item user. Utility will be proportional to the frequency of its boosts but the lack of PP shall annoy me.

Troll the Sunkern lv dont know, dont care
couldn't give less of a fuck

Daycare, meet Sunkern. Sunkern, meet daycare. Will toil in obscurity until Sabrina, final moveset will include Seed Bomb so its all good!

Week 3 has concluded. More grinding to come, more insanity to follow, insane ragequits are certain. have fun!

Playtime: 20:29


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Does Valence have a Perfect Sp. Atk IV? If so, then it's ironic, because my Valence also had a Perfect Sp. Atk IV as well...I'd recommend giving it Sp. Atk EV's to it with the help of Macho Brace if that's the case...I did the same with mine, & mine randomly caught Pokerus in the process...
Pimp will take Totodile and call it Jaws. Jaws must solo Bugsy to evolve into Croconaw. It must evolve into Feraligatr after you rid Goldenrod of Team Rocket. It must learn Whirlpool once you get it in Ice Path, and it must be replaced immediately with Waterfall upon obtaining the Rising Badge and leaving Dragon's Den. Jaws must know and keep Bite or Crunch at all times. Because it cannot learn Fly, you must recruit a flyer very early in the game. Pidgey and Hoothoot on Routes 29-31 and Spearow on Route 46 are the ideal candidates.
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