Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Can I ask for a scramble for a Hack, such as Raptor EX?

If so, asking for a Scramble of Raptor EX. Medium (3-6), no trades, would like a starter, or early pokemon. Location of Pokemon here. I also reserve the right to reject any nearly impossible challanges, because I am terrible at these things.

1 Shinyskarmory's Bravia
2 Tetrinity's Boombox
3 The QWAZ's Courage

I realize that this challange is weird. Here is some more info.
Cannot switch between defeating pokemon.
4th gen based.
Any other questions that I know will be answered here.
@Random: Since this is a solo run, the only way Caterpie wouldn't get a move counter would be if it fainted and i had to use an HM slave to heal. If that's what's intended, fine, just letting you know so you can edit it if you want.

@Treadshot: This is a solo run, so its only partners would be HM slaves (who are not meant to battle) and it is almost going to be guaranteed to be of a higher level than its opponents. I'll let you decide if you want to edit/issue a new challenge, if not I'll open it back up.
Reserving something for Obbmud99. Will edit before I go to bed.

EDIT: Obbmud99, take Bravia the Taillow/Swellow. He (doesn't have to be male, but I hate using it) is a member of a strange tribe of bird pokemon whose lineage traces back to the beginning of time. I'll give you a backstory here in case you're writing updates or are interested, but I know some people don't care about that kind of thing.

Bravia's tribe was born shortly after Arceus' creation of Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Groudon, and Kyogre. We know how two of them worked out; Groudon vs. Kyogre was such a clusterfuck that Arceus had to create Rayquaza to get them to stop killing each other. But at least they didn't drag the rest of the world's pokemon into the battle.

There came a time when Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina came to a disagreement, the cause of which is not known. But it was enough to bring Dialga and Palkia, plus their numerous assistants and the pokemon who worshipped them, into a war against Giratina and its supporters. And in the end, Giratina lost. Obviously, Giratina was banished to the Distortion World for its actions, as is well known. But lesser known is the punishments doled out by Dialga (and its assistant Celebi) and Palkia (and its assistants Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf) to every pokemon on the losing side. Most of them were simple oaths of loyalty. Darkrai was banished from the world of light to the world of dreams, and the first dragons who fought on Giratina's side were cursed with a weakness to cold and ice.

Bravia's tribe fought for Giratina, although they were not aware which side they served. They fought fiercely and dealt great wounds to the supporters of Dialga and Palkia. But at the end, they were punished for fighting with Giratina without knowing it. Dialga faced an interesting dilemma; how to punish those who fought for the wrong side without knowing it? How to force them to dwell on their mistakes, yet still keep them sane enough to join his side in a future war. And then it found a solution.

Dialga used its powers to insure that just as Bravia's tribe forgot where its loyalties lay, the world would forget them. It used its powers to lift the tribe out of time, and dropped them 150 years in the future. However, the tribe soon discovered that every few years, they would be lifted out of time and moved to a different point. Any unhatched eggs would be left behind, while all living members of the tribe would be pulled away. Eventually, if in the time the tribe was in the real world, they proved their repentance and their loyalty to Dialga and Palkia, they would be released from their curse.

This is where Bravia comes in-his desire (though gender doesn't really matter) to prove that his tribe is fit to rejoin the world has driven him to action. He has left the tribe and joined you in this quest.

To show his courage, you may not switch him out in battle unless he faints, although you may switch his position in the party in between battles.

To show his determination, you must use the same move twice in a row upon him entering battle, although the particular move does not matter.

To show his repentence, he must be OHKOed by each type he is weak against once, and also die to poison and burn once each.

After he has done these things and you have reached the halfway mark gym wise (not sure how many gyms), he may evolve into Swellow and lose his previous restrictions. Dialga has seen fit to allow him to leave his tribe's curse for the meantime, but while he works, his tribe continues to suffer with never being able to put down roots. No, Dialga demands more sacrifice!

To demonstrate his loyalty, he must switch in for any teammate who falls into red health.

To demonstrate his enduring sanity, he must switch out immediately if Taunted or Tormented.

To demonstrate his continuing strength, he may not switch out if Guts is active.

After you have completed the final gym before the Elite Four, these restrictions are lifted temporarily, and Bravia's tribe is freed from their curse. Unfortunately, now he has become a symbol for them of all of the values that he demonstrated. When you fight the first Elite Four member, he must have the first set of restrictions, when you fight the second, he must have the second set, and so on, alternating. When you fight the Champion, he must have both on.

Have fun, even though this is a hack o_O

EDIT: @King Serperior: Obviously I didn't just change the story to reflect the loser's side or anything like that... ^_^

EDIT 2: Crap, Dunkmaster's out. Oh well, I'll just give that one to someone else who has to use it =D
@Random: Since this is a solo run, the only way Caterpie wouldn't get a move counter would be if it fainted and i had to use an HM slave to heal. If that's what's intended, fine, just letting you know so you can edit it if you want.

@Treadshot: This is a solo run, so its only partners would be HM slaves (who are not meant to battle) and it is almost going to be guaranteed to be of a higher level than its opponents. I'll let you decide if you want to edit/issue a new challenge, if not I'll open it back up.
Keep it. I try not to issue hard things to people on their first foray into this thread. The point of the challenge was simply to make it use moves every two turns. Plus given it is a solo run, you'll have a difficult time evolving Collusion when it's almost always going to be a higher level.

@Birkal: it was obviously a tongue in cheek comment. The name makes about as much difference as nicknames do in game (which isn't much unless youre in the nuzlocke thread I believe).
Ok, so its like an auto truant, thanks for the clarification. Let the games begin!

Round 1
Dunkmaster vs. Spitfire: 8-10 ==> Spitfire
Indebted vs. Thorn: 6-14 ==> Thorn
Fury vs. Elemental: 12-8 ==> Fury
Caterpie vs. Collusion: 10-9 ==> Caterpie
...and now that doesn't matter :P

Round 2
Spitfire vs. Thorn: 8-9 ==> Thorn
Fury vs. Caterpie: 9-16 ==> Caterpie

Final Round
Thorn vs. Caterpie: 11-6 ==> Thorn is the winner!
Don't expect too much from updates, I'm not a very good storyteller.
Fury vs. Elemental: 12-8 ==> Fury
Fury will emerge victorious. You'll see. <3

Currently trying to solo Chili with a Patrat that can't be healed and with no way of gaining further XP that won't result in tons of grinding later on (he's a shade away from hitting lv12). The blackout count is skyrocketing in an attempt to at least scrape some XP from the Lillipup, which already requires a crit to break through without serious repercussions. This is so much fun. I'm not even being sarcastic, I'm loving this run so far and I've barely even started. Prose update when I can; exam season being what it is means I only wrote about 300 words today. D:
Guys, can someone please give Obbmud99 some challenges? I feel bad for him because he posted a scramble at the top of the page and everyone just ignored him, even the people who reserved stuff.

And Chapter 8 of Ruby will be up later tonight, barring a complete failure of the internet. I've been putting it off for too long, but I think this will help to resolve a lot of the issues I've been having with featuring different pokemon then just Ashe. I assure you, I'm using a much greater variety of pokemon then I appear to be in most of the preceding episodes.

But if your pokemon has either a. no reliable attacking move or b. an attacking move that deals no damage that I have to use on Rock types, suffice to say I'm not going to be using it much until it has better moves. That's just common sense. I'll still grind it with switching and EXP share (when I get it), and when it gets good moves it'll get used, but until then it'll have to be on the back burner for major battles so it doesn't get killed.


Chapter 8 of Ruby is up!

In this one, Skarm accidentally leaves his pokemon out and his window open when he goes to bed. And the results are...interesting.

Tell me if you like this kind of thing, because it was a lot of effort to do and I'm not sure how the experiment I did in this update would go over.

I'll give one a try. I think the main reason for the lack of entries is the fact that it's a hack, which most people are unfamiliar with if nothing else. What generation is it based on? Movepools tend to change between generations, so that's important to know.

Reserving either an Ekans or a Venonat, can't decide just yet.

Also, I just beat Chili. :D
Awww, poor Suicidal the Aron. Emo the Seedot seems quite depressed too, but who can blame them, huh? Nice update, Skarm. ^_^ I've been busy, so I haven't been able to update. Hopefully I'll get time soon because I really want to continue with my HG Scramble updates. They're a blast to write, for sure. And once I begin my Black Scramblocke, then my creative, dark side can come out. :O

EDIT: Woah, what the hell? Like 50 of my posts apparently disappeared or something. Maybe when the forums were reformatted, pages I posted on were eradicated. Huh. :S I hope that's all that is, honestly. D: Also, you going to have some backstory for Emo? I really hope that she can pull through with the soloing of Flannery, I wanna see Shiftry on Shiftry battling action. :P


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Good lord Suicidal the Aron had me horrified during the description of his past... only to make me burst out laughing a moment later with his hilariously pathetic suicide attempt. It was pretty cool seeing into the minds of all those Pokemon :P nice for them to finally get some spotlight.

Oh, and yeah what did happen to King? Now I get that you can't really let a Tentacool out in your room at night, but I'm still wondering what's going on with him.

And as for my own update... I... uhhhhhh... yeah. I haven't done anything at all on it, been doing Battle Subway instead (105 win streak so far!) and yeaaaaaaah. I'll get to it soon XD.
Shiny, here are my thoughts:

Soda: Not as hyper as I had imagined, but then again, it hasn't had any in a while and Sprite isn't very carbinated. Great though ^_^

Bounty: Could have had more violence. I have the feeling that the death will be in the news in the next update. I loved that :D

Overall, AWESOME update and I cannot wait for more!!
Hello, and sorry for the lack of updates on my part. My Black Honorary Scramble has progressed to Mistralton City, with an FE team except for Jimera0, who was recently caught.

Struggle is amazing.
Obbmud99, take a Venonat called Boombox.

Boombox loves his music, and could spend all day just chilling out listening to a vinyl if you weren't around to make him actually get some work done. As a compromise, he'll fight as long as he can carry around a portable music player.

Unfortunately, Boombox's taste in music is somewhat... offputting. Every song he plays is a dissonant mess - Boombox must learn and keep Supersonic. His loud music will scare off wild Pokémon, so Boombox may never lead the party through anywhere where you might encounter wild Pokémon. Since there's absolutely no way anybody might sleep with that racket playing, Boombox may not learn Sleep Powder.

To evolve into Venomoth, Boombox must solo any Gym Leader while confusing every one of their Pokémon with Supersonic.
obbmudd, take courage the tyrouge

courage is constantly being picked on by other fighting types solo 20.
Courage wants to prove his power so evolve into himonlee and it loves as much power as possible only use its most powerful move until pp runs out, then use second most powerful move ect.
solo any gym leader with a type advantage and thats it

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