Challenge The Scramble Challenge - Mark 2

Alright, so all the reservations are set. Show me what you got. ;3 gonna put my rules up later. Basically, don't make me solo half the game with a Wurmple or Magikarp, and I have the right to ask for changes.

EDIT: Heh, never really used a Pachirisu or Drifloon before, this promises to already be fun!
@User18: Hmm, how about you and KS both post, and I can pick between the two? :3 Well, KS gave me Pokèmon for both of my other scrambles, but if you want, you can instead. :o Let's see what you got. :3
Posted my Drifloon challange. It's not the most sadistic out there, and I have plenty of ways to make it more so if desired, but the potential for the ultimate rage quit is delicious...
StallMandibuzz, I've been told to make this 'Treadshot A1 Hard'

Here we go.

Take Swimmer the male Ponyta.

Swimmer has always wanted to go to the Olympics for the 1500m freestyle, but has never been able to because of his typing. Swimmer wants to prove that he deserves to compete, and so may never use a fire type move.

Swimmer wants to prove his worth to the Olympic Committee, so he must solo 20 Trainers before reaching Pastoria City. If this is not completed without resetting, Swimmer must solo all of the Gym Trainers in Pastoria City Gym.

Once the above requirement is completed, Swimmer must present his case to the member of the Olympic Committee responsible for overseeing aquatic events. Crasher Wake. Solo Wake without X-items to present your case.

After the solo is completed, Swimmer is granted the chance to compete. The happiness from this ruling triggers his evolution. Now, he must go into training. Solo 75 Trainer-owned pokemon within 5 levels of Swimmer to prepare for your competition. Each water type soloed in this manner counts as two pokemon. As a part of your training, you must also solo all of the gym trainers in any gym of your choice.

After you have defeated Sunnyshore gym, Swimmer's real challenge arrives. Deposit all other members of your party in the PC, then catch a pokemon that can be taught Surf and Waterfall. Teach it these moves, then force it to faint immediately in a wild battle. When it is knocked out, run away. This HM slave and Swimmer must be the only two pokemon in your party for the entirety of Route 223.

Once you have entered Route 223, Swimmer's challenge has begun. You must defeat all of the Trainers on this route, as well as any wild pokemon encountered. You may not use a repel, or any item that serves to discourage the wild pokemon encounter rate. Healing items and X-items are unlimited, but may only be used once per battle. Any more, and you will test positive for performance-enhancing drugs, and be disqualified.

Upon the successful completion of this route solo, deposit the slave into the PC box, and return your other scramblemons to the party. You receive the gold medal for your efforts, and are now able to use fire-type moves. When you reach the Pokemon league, solo Barry's fire and water types to prove that you are greater than either type on its own.

- Male Ponyta named Swimmer.
- Solo 20 trainers before reaching Pastoria City, or solo all of the gym trainers in Pastoria Gym.
- Solo Crasher Wake without the use of X-Items.
- Evolve after completion of the solo.
- Solo 75 Trainer-owned pokemon within 5 levels of Swimmer (Each water-type counts as 2 pokemon).
- Solo all of the gym trainers in a gym of your choice (Each pokemon solo'd here counts towards the 75 Trainer-owned pokemon restriction above, so long as it is within 5 levels of Swimmer).
- At some point, catch a pokemon that is able to learn both Surf and Waterfall.
- Upon defeat of Volkner at Sunnyshore Gym, deposit all party members other than Swimmer into the box, and withdraw the HM slave.
- Get into a wild battle, and have the slave get Knocked Out, then flee the battle.
- Using the slave, navigate through Route 223.
- Swimmer must defeat all of the trainers on this route, as well as any wild pokemon encountered.
- While on Route 223, you may not be under the effects of Repel, or anything else that could reduce the encounter rate of wild pokemon.
- Also while on Route 223, you may use X-items and healing items as often as you like, but only once per battle.
- After completing Route 223, Swimmer is able to use moves of any type.
- Solo the fire and water types belonging to Barry in your final encounter at the Pokemon League.

Is this hard enough? I could make it harder...

Trivia: Swimmer has to be male because the 1500m freestyle event is for men only in the Olympic Games. Nobody probably cared about that.

Question, because I haven't had time to read other people's updates for a while: Am I not being nominated for best updates because my writing isn't of the same quality as those of you who have started more recently, or because I haven't updated in over a month? I only ask because I remember being told that it was too bad I started too late for nominations because my story stood a chance of winning. I'm not digging for a nomination here, I'm just curious.
Shadow, your challenge requires Zigzagoon to be switched in for heal fodder, but Zigzagoon may never be switched in EVER except for her E4 solo.
Typographical error, I meant Poochyena. It was only Zigzagoon because that was what the challange was going to be, then I saw you'd reserved one.

QWAZ, did you accept my challange? Just saying, I put a hell of a lot of work into it and had to change the mon twice because of luigiowns and Treadshot.
Reserving for Naix's Red scramble.

Edit: Naix, take an Clefairy called Shopper.

Shopper is obsessed with Poké Marts, especially the Department Store in Celadon. She's constantly dragging you off to buy things - whenever you enter a populated area with a Poké Mart while Shopper is in the party, you must buy an item(s) for her. At first, she'll buy any old item, but as she grows in strength, her tastes grow more expensive. Add up the BP of each of her moves and multiply by ten. The item(s) you buy must cost at least this much.

Shopper is definitely one to keep up with the trends - as soon as possible, all of her moves must be taught by TMs or HMs. Furthermore, while she'll refuse to use the Moon Stones you find lying around, after you've visited Celadon Department Store you can trick her into believing you bought one and she'll agree to use it.

Now, time for the part you've been waiting for. Solos.

1. All Beauty trainers - consider it fighting over a bargain in a sale. They look like
in the overworld.
2. Sabrina
3. Lorelei
Accepted. Remember people, you can reserve another mon if your first one is rejected.
StallMandibuzz, you look like you could seriously use a simple challange. Don't worry, it'll still be ball-crushingly difficult, but you asked for it.

EDIT: Instead of Murkrow, take a Swablu, since Swablu learn it naturally. Name your Swablu Karthus. Karthus is a League of Legends champion who is infamous for is ultimate ability, which deals large amounts of unblockable damage to every enemy champion simultaneously, often resulting in pentakills. So, your Swablu must have Perish Song before the Elite Four, and it must solo an E4 member with Perish Song alone (you can switch out to not kill yourself if you want, but you must switch back in immediately).

Also, since Karthus doesn't have much actual attacking power, Karthus may not learn any physical attacking moves. Special moves are fine, though.

Have fun!
I took waaaaaay too long to write this, but here's my second update for my Pokémon White scramble!

Emily batted around herself with both hands, desperate to keep some space between herself and her assailants. The dogs were small, but had a vicious bite nonetheless. The boy she had rescued seemed to have disappeared, run off at a moment's notice. Nothing for it. She pulled one of the Poké Balls from her belt, tossing it into the air.

Snivy appeared, landing directly on top of one of the dogs. It stumbled under the sudden weight, causing a domino effect that cleared a path for Emily to sprint along. Most of the dogs concentrated on Snivy, but one of them followed her instead. The leader of the pack. It nipped at her heels as she ran, tripping her over and landing unceremoniously on her side.

It climbed onto her, nuzzling at the remaining Poké Ball on her belt. It must have caught the release mechanism, because next thing Emily knew, she had been winded by the appearance of Patrat on her stomach, searching frantically around itself for his sand pile. When none was to be found, he dived at the dog, rolling off Emily and dragging the pair into a bush.

Emily lay there for a moment to catch her breath, surmising the situation. Snivy doing his best to hold off the attacks, surrounded by dogs taking it in turns to snap at him. Patrat seemingly blaming the leader for some missing sand. And her, lying in the dirt looking the fool. She shook her head and pulled herself to her feet.

She retrieved one of the sand bags from her handbag, untying the knot and emptying the contents onto the ground. Patrat ran out, a joyful expression plastered over his face as he dived into the pile. The dog hadn't left the bush, and Emily wasn't sure she wanted to find out why.

"Patrat, go over there and help Snivy!"

Patrat cocked its head, processing the order for a moment before going back to his sand. No good. She grabbed a handful from the pile, tossing it in Snivy's direction.

That did the trick. Patrat scampered after the thrown sand, headbutting the dogs out of the way in his effort to retrieve each grain. The distraction was enough for Snivy to escape to a safe distance, swatting at any Pokémon that came near with long vines extending from his body. The dogs were suddenly fighting a losing battle, and they knew it. Each of them in turn abandoned the fight, and their leader in the process.

Emily couldn't put it off any longer. She pushed aside one branch of the bush, revealing an unconscious dog lying at the base. It had scratches coating its face and neck, but that wasn't what drew her attention. She gingerly picked up the dog and brought it into the light. Patrat seemed to have entirely forgotten about his fight with it, playing happily with his sand right next to it.

The dog wasn't in a good way after its encounter, but the most severe damage didn't seem to be Patrat's doing. An ugly, blackened scar traced out a G shape on its back. That in itself seemed odd. A wound from a previous battle would have been a straight cut. This scar seemed too perfectly rounded to not be deliberately and meticulously inflicted.

Emily fumbled a spare Poké Ball from her bag. It may have attacked her, but the dog was clearly in trouble and she wouldn't have been able to leave it behind in good conscience. The capture went off without a hitch, the dog too weak to even consider fighting back. The digital readout identified the species as a Lillipup.

"Come on, you two," she said, calling back the others and scooping up the sand once more. She really would have to invest in a shovel at this rate; the sand kept getting under her fingernails. "We need to get this little guy healed up."

She made her way down the rest of Route 1. The road here consisted of a simple dirt track, barely half a mile in length. It didn't take long at all before she arrived in Accumula Town. There seemed to be some sort of event taking place in the town square; two people in official-looking uniforms were setting up banners and microphones, and a crowd had begun to gather. She pushed past, making her way into the local Pokémon Centre on the opposite side of the clearing and dropping off her Pokémon for some rest.

Barely a minute had passed before a doctor approached Emily, a nervous look on his face. Nervousness was never a quality you wanted in your doctor, and it put her on edge. All she wanted to do at this point was relax and soothe her frazzled nerves a little.

"Er, hi, Miss Emily Rawling, is it?" he asked, biting his lip. She nodded in reply, awaiting the usual barrage of questions, but it never came. Instead, he merely requested to sit in the seat next to her.

"How can I help?"

"Well, it's your Lillipup," he said. "We're a little concerned about his condition."

"He's only just been captured," she explained. "There was a bit of a scene back on Route 1."

"That's not what I mean. I'm talking about the scar on his back."

"Yes, I noticed that too. It's strange, isn't it? So perfectly formed."

The doctor coughed.

"Miss Rawling, are you familiar with the legend of the Grim?"

The word stirred a memory in Emily's mind. Something from history class back in school. That was twenty years ago now. Emily shook her head.

"Then I suggest you look over the history books. We may be wrong, but the opinion of all our finest say otherwise. You may well very much have your hands full with that Lillipup of yours."

The doctor left, pushing his way through the double doors that led to the hospital proper. It would be a while until the Lillipup could return, so she decided to take a breather outside. Perhaps see what all the fuss was about in the town square.

By the time Emily had fought her way through the crowd enough to see the front, a man wearing an elaborate cloak was walking to the microphone. He had a very formal air about him, somewhat disrupted by what appeared to be half a pair of 3D glasses strapped across his right eye. Perhaps an electronic device of some kind. The crowd fell silent as he began to speak.

"Good day to you all, citizens of Accumula Town," he said, speaking slowly, as if reading from invisible captions in the sky. "My name is Ghetsis, and I am here representing Team Plasma. Today, ladies and gentlemen, I would like to talk to you about Pokémon liberation."

All around her, Emily could hear confused whispers. Liberation?

"I'm sure most of you believe that we humans and Pokémon are partners that have come to live together because we want and need each other," continued Ghetsis, strolling casually about the area. "However… is that really the truth? Have you ever considered that perhaps we humans… only assume that this is the truth?"

More mutters. The man had brought up a heavy issue, and one that people didn't tend to discuss too often. Emily had heard of similar movements in the past, people who felt Pokémon were mere slaves.

"Pokémon are subject to the selfish commands of Trainers… they get pushed around when they are our "partners" at work. I ask you now, can anyone say with confidence that there is no truth in what I am saying?"

Emily had heard enough. She pushed past the last few people, stepping into the open area.

"I can."

Ghetsis frowned, not expecting the interruption. He studied the woman who had dared to contradict him, holding back the glare he so desperately wanted to give her.

"I know you," he said, taking a step towards her. "The Pokémon therapist."

"That's right. And I for one can certainly say Pokémon are not our slaves."

Ghetsis considered her for a moment, then shook his head.

"Pokémon should be their own beings," he said. "I am aware of your work, aware that you help them. This much, at least, is to be commended. But what of their fates afterwards?"

"They are returned to their trainers, if they had one. Released back into the wild if not."

"Precisely. To their trainers. Their owners."

He gave an exaggerated shudder as he spoke the last word, turning to address the audience at large.

"Pokémon are different from humans. Living beings that contain unknown potential. Living beings from whom we humans have much to learn. My question to you today, ladies and gentlemen, is whether it is right for this owner-and-slave relationship to continue."

He paused to surmise the audience's response. Nobody dared speak above a murmur, the crowd giving mixed views on the matter. Eventually, he picked up on a particularly loud 'no' from a green-haired teenager lurking towards the edge of the crowd.

"That's right. The answer to my question is no. People of Accumula, I implore you; liberate the Pokémon! Set them free! Then, and only then, will humans and Pokémon truly be equals. Please spend some time considering the relationship between people and Pokémon… and the correct way to proceed. We sincerely appreciate your attention."

Two of his associates began taking down the banners and packing away the microphone, signalling the end of the presentation. Ghetsis gave a curt nod to Emily before walking off in the opposite direction, promptly swarmed by the rest of his team, all wearing the same official uniform.

The crowd soon dissipated, only a few stragglers left behind. One of them was the green-haired teenager who had called out earlier, who approached Emily and nodded his head in greeting.

"You… help Pokémon?" he asked. He had a weak voice, somewhat unsure of itself.

"That's right. What's your name?"

The boy ignored the question, staring curiously at the Poké Balls attached to Emily's belt, containing the Patrat and Snivy.

"Your Pokémon… just now, it was saying…"

"Excuse me?"

"Oh… so you can't hear it either… how sad."

"Boy," growled Emily. "You're starting to get on my nerves."

"Apologies. As to your question, my name is N. I am like you. I want to help Pokémon."

"Your name is N?"

"I have to wonder…" he muttered, still eyeing the Poké Balls. "Are Pokémon truly happy the way they are? I'm a Trainer too, but-"

He cut himself off, apparently listening to something inaudible to Emily's ears.

"I see. These are not your Pokémon, Miss Rawling?"

"I, ah, no. I'm looking after them for a friend of mine."

"As I thought," he nodded. "They are not happy with you, I feel. Unwilling to be confined to a Poké Ball at your hands."

Emily was taken aback by this statement, the cold words from the boy sounding unnatural, perhaps even forced. Then he whipped a hand forward, wrenching one of the Poké Balls from its slot and running off in the opposite direction.

It took Emily a moment to react, completely taken unawares. By the time she began to move, N had already made it halfway across the town square, headed for the exit to Route 2.

"Stop that boy!" shouted Emily, causing several bystanders to jump. Nobody moved, each person on the way leaving the job for somebody else. N made it clean out of the town, climbing up onto a metre-high ledge with surprising agility.

Emily had no choice but to take after him, leaving the Lillipup behind in the Pokémon Centre. She would have to return back here later to pick it up. For now, there were far more pressing issues at hand. She hauled herself up onto the ledge, taking far longer than she might have liked. She could still see N, though, fighting his way past some trees.

"Stop him!" she called again, hoping somebody would be around to hear her. Fortunately enough, two men happened to be strolling down the path in front of N, and they moved to block his path. Emily caught up just in time for N to send out the stolen Snivy and toss the Poké Ball aside before sprinting off, yelling something about Pokémon imprisonment.

"Are you alright?" asked one of the men, picking up the Poké Ball and handing it to Emily. Snivy was making a little whimpering sound, quietening down slightly once Emily picked him up. Luckily, neither of the men were wearing dark clothing.

"I'll be fine," panted Emily. Physical exertion had never been her forte, not in school and certainly not twenty years later. She had just run the entire length of the Route, a feat she would not have believed herself capable of. Striaton City lay ahead, the buildings climbing much higher than the idyllic structures of Accumula and Twinleaf.

"I think I'll just visit the Pokémon Centre," she said. "I'll need to make some phone calls. Thank you for your help."

"No worries, ma'am, no worries…"

She left the men behind, walking down the wide streets of Striaton. The buildings all had a rickety feel to them, wooden structures clearly built a long time ago. Only two buildings seemed relatively new; the Pokémon Centre and a restaurant just to the right. As she approached, she noticed a sign advertising the city's Pokémon Gym, apparently sharing residence with the restaurant. Interesting.

She entered the Pokémon Centre and took a seat, pulling out her mobile phone. The phone numbers of each Pokémon Centre were provided in a list attached to the noticeboard, and she punched in the digits for Accumula's. The receptionist answered on the second ring.

"Good afternoon, and welcome to Accumula Town Pokémon Centre," came a professional sounding voice, a woman who evidently had to utter the same phrase dozens of times every day. "How may I direct your call?"

"I'd like to check on the status of one of my Pokémon staying with you," said Emily. "Something came up and I had to take off."

She resisted the urge to chuckle over the lame inside joke. Explaining it to the receptionist would take too long.

"Certainly. May I have your name and that of the Pokémon in question?"

"My name is Emily Rawling, and it's a Lillipup."

"One moment."

The phone went silent as the receptionist presumably consulted a computer screen.

"I'm afraid your Lillipup is still being kept under surveillance. Just a precautionary measure."

"When might I be able to collect him?"

"Tomorrow morning at the earliest. I hope that will be acceptable."

"Yes, that will be fine. Thank you."

She hung up the phone and checked the time. Barely even seven; the night was young. She left the Pokémon Centre and made an executive decision. Seven was close enough to her dinner time to merit taking a look at that restaurant, and the accelerated journey here had left her feeling the pangs of hunger. A restaurant that doubled as a Pokémon Gym. Certainly a novel idea, though Emily hadn't visited too many Gyms before and wasn't sure quite what to expect here. She pushed open the double doors, hoping she would be able to get a good meal before being forced into a battle.

The interior design confused Emily even more about the purpose of the building. Only a few tables and chairs were visible, pushed across to the sides. The centre of the room had been cleared out, dominated by what appeared to be a bright red stage curtain, adorned with the image of a flame.

"Welcome to Striaton Gym!" exclaimed a woman dressed in full waitress attire. "May we take your order?"

Soft-Reset / Blackout Count: 7

Six of these were against N's Purrloin, which I had to solo with both of my Pokémon. The solo with Snivy was trivial, but then I SRed and had to solo it with a freshly captured lv3 Patrat that couldn't be healed. I needed a rather specific sequence of events for this solo to come together; I had to Leer, take a Growl in return and then score two critical hits in a row with Tackle. Honestly, I'd expected this to take much longer; I just got lucky.

The seventh blackout was against Bianca at the end of Route 2, embarrassingly enough. I'm counting Bianca and Cheren fights as "major battles", which means Error404 has to solo them. Unfortunately, Error404 had been significantly weakened by the prior battles and I'd forgotten about the Bianca fight. Needless to say, he went down quickly, and I was forced to spam non-damaging moves with the rest of my team until I eventually blacked out. With full HP, the fight was easy.

I won't be doing a full team update for this chapter, if only because I forgot to note down the team statistics at this point and I've already played a little further ahead. For now, I'll just say that the team currently consists of Grim the Lillipup, Error404 the Patrat and BATMAN! the Snivy. Next chapter will have a full team update to go with it. :)
Alright, finally posting up for my Platinum Scramble. :) ON INDEFINITE FREEZE. D:

-Cannot trade (unless it's to evolve a Pokemon)
-The difficulty is insanely hard
-I'd like to see personality in the challenges for the Pokemon (ex, X fears bugs and cannot face bug type Pokemon, est.)
-Pokemon number one must be one of the starters, I don't care which one it is though
-No Legendaries
-No Profane or racist nicknames
-No extremely impossible challenges (i.e: Solo Lance with a Magikarp, or beat Cynthia with a Wurmple.)
-Going 'til I feel like stopping >_> Dunno exactly when I'll end game, but I'll figure it out. :O

Scramblemons so far:

1: Pop! the Drifloon [Hm, this is a relatively straight-forward challange, would make sense that if something Explodes, it dies for good. Gonna have to remember not to let it float away. D:]

2: Swimmer the Ponyta [Oooo, I like this. This will really challenge me. >:P]

3: A1 Inc. the Pachirisu

4: Karthus the Swablu [Can I use Protect to stall out the Perish Song turns, or do I have to go with only Perish Song the entire solo?]

5: The Eigen Crew

6: Red Board the Buizel

I am sooooo going to regret this Scramble. ;) Hahahaha! >:D
Reserving for Mandibuzz, a Budew.

Take Eigen, the Budew. Or actually, Eigen the army of Budews. See, catching one Budew is stupid, it's More likely than not to have crap IVs. So you caught a bunch of them. And you'll keep catching more as you need them.

The thing is, each Budew (Eigen1, Eigen2 and so on) isn't too happy that it has to compete with other Budews for your love. So, each one wants to be unique and make itself as special as possible. To do this, each of your Budews that you catch must have one TM taught to it. Also, choose TWO moves in Budew's moves, and those two moves all your Budews may have. The last move must be unique to each Budew (so that's two shared moves, one TM move and one unique level up move).

First, use one of the Eigens to solo Wake, as a Budew. There is no need to solo the gym trainers as well, but you can if you want.

After that, the other Eigens get jealous, thinking you like this Eigen more than you like them. So they decide to team up. With a party of two Eigens, you must solo one of the battles against a Galactic Admin (Mars, Jupiter, etc).

Then other Eigens get even more jealous, and so with a team of three other Eigens (and only those Eigens, the other slots should be empty), you must solo the Distortion World in its entirety (you may evolve these Eigens beforehand if you deem it necessary).

Finally, the first Eigen gets annoyed that others are stealing it's spotlight and have even evolved. So it's got to smash through Sunyshore Gym (trainers and leader) by itself, and it must have evolved before the battle.

Finally, solo the entirety of Victory Road with a team of all your Eigens (you should have six by now).

By now, they've reconciled, so they decide that frankly since you've shown no love for them at all, they'll show you no love either. They take away all your items just as you entire the E4's chambers, and refuse to even be in your party. Thus, you have to beat the E4 with your other five Pokemon and with NO ITEMS. And you must do it in such a way that you end up using Struggle on your Pokemon to beat 3 of the Champion's Pokemon. You can use however many Pokemon you want, but they must use only Struggle to beat three of the Champion's Pokemon.
Reserving a for madibuzz

Madibuzz, take Steve the starly. Steve has heard tales of horror from his mother about what an evil trainer forced his father Asuka to do. As such he is paranoid (and rightly so) that you will make him fight until death for you pathetic cause. Steve can battle but only if he decides what move to use Shut your eyes and mash buttons until a move is selected every time you send him out. So you and Steve are merrily continuing on your journey, well suddenly all your other pokemon faint and you are fighting roark. SHIT. what do you do well solo roark. Steve develops a taste for blood after his battle rename him hunter. Hunter must solo every major battle not already being solo'd. (this does not include the elite four). After doing this, hunter learns that close up fighting is dangerous, give him all special moves ASAP . Solo 7 Pokemon in the elite four (only one can be Aaron's) and call it a day.

Oh did i mention you can only evolve into staravia after all the major battle solos and staraptor is only allowed once your move-set is all special.

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