XY Pokémon Models

In XY we can still meet almost any pokemon from previous generations at least in the Battle Maison, except for only the cover/event legendaries.
Some of the new models do overthrew my previous impression of the pokemon completely. Rotom formes now finally have the correct size, and on top of that the high frequency vibration fits its flavor much better than the derpy jiggling in BW.
Eelektross gets another mention for the fluid movement, and for being actually levitating.
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Sneasel..It looks like it says...Yo bro,what's your problem?Wanna feel the power of my Ice Shard after a Swords dance?? :P
Also Snorlax looks like he finally got up :P (See previous gen's sprites for snorlax to understand :P)
Tropius looks great. I always wanted to see one flying. The way the leaves ripple as if in wind is really fantastic.

Also I agree with Spinda and Rotom. Rotom's so tiny! <3
I loved the skaromy and ferrothorn models. Skaromy looks way more badass and looks like a jet and ferrothorn actually sticking in the ground instead of floating makes more sense.

Can't wait for Pokebank so I can transfer my Ev, Iv, shinies over though thier sprites will be so cool


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The entire Ralts line is pretty darn good. It really emphasizes how elegant they are.

As for ones I do not like, Eelektross just looks dumb. I get that it is a floating electric eel, but in BW it looked rather mean and beefy. Now it just looks like a tapeworm.
I have to say that while Mawile's 3D model looks great, I was very disappointed to find out that its face is turned completely away from you during battle. One of the things that made Mawile appealing to me in previous generations was that it was one of the very few pokemon (along with Girafarig's tail, and that might be it) whose face was turned toward you in its back sprite. Now it's rotated in such a way that only the boring back of its head is visible.
Mine has to be Grumpig. I've never been a fan, but the way he just waddles back and forth is so funny. I laughed so hard after hitting him with a Fire Blast to the face, when he just marched in place and kept on smiling.

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