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reserving altaria, thinks it deserves an analysis due to cloud nine
I think Tropius deserves an analysis. Its annoying as trash and Harvest + SubSeed + Air Slash flinching all the time is super annoying to face


this is the first battle i used it in ^^^

RESERVING if it deserves the analysis

tell me wut u think
Talked with QC, going to veto both of these things.

Also Harvest only works 100% of the time in the sun, and there's better things to do with sun.
I hope you don't take it personally, but if you're asking us what to change on Magneton, then you're probably not suited to write an updated analysis for it ;x Only assign yourself analysis if you are convinced that you can write something better than the original version
see what you mean, i don't have enough time to review the old analysis as of yet. I'll probably drop it until i test with more mons


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I'll reserve Durant, if that's ok.

I'll see if the current (only set) is still viable, if it is, I'll just update. If not, the ill try to create a new one.


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I can take over Donphan once I'm done with Darmanitan. Looks like no one wants to finish it, so I might as well take it over if that's okay.
Reserving Anti-Lead Dragonite. Featured in the OU Leads Smog, i think it has potential to be it's own set. amazing coverage, mixed capabilities and functioning like Bulky MixMence who is already deadly is awesome. A simple set of Draco Meteor / Extreme Speed / Outrage / Superpower can wreck havoc teams, especially with LO. Multiscale makes this even better. Roost can be used for longevity and Fire Blast provides the same role as well and is definitely worthy of its own set. Face the new MixMence. What should I call it? MixNite sounds best. Tell me what you think.

Thanks to AccidentalGreed, Crustle is up for grabs as it has a nice niche and replacement for Deo-D with Custap Berry. Crustle also has been featured on the Smog #25. Feel free to reserve. I am not reserving this just MixNite so yea.
Shifty, Volbeat, Victreebel, Sigilyph, and Medicham should have an OU Revamp right? They are the only leftover viable Pokemon so far so should they go into unreserved? Just checking because they are still being used