A New Beginner [Republicans Win]

Welcome to the newest incarnation of Beginner mafia, A New Beginner. This game is designed to help users who are new to the game join and integrate themselves within the mafia community. As such, only people who have been in fewer than 3 games may be considered to join. This is to allow people who are learning how to play some time before they take the full plunge into Smogon mafia.

The game will be fairly simple and will use common roles that everyone in the mafia community is familiar with. My hope is that by the end of this game, you will know what to expect from most games here on Smogon.

You can find a detailed explanation of the game in the signups thread. As always, if you have ANY questions at all, feel free to ask me at any time. Also, billymills, Altair, and theangryscientist are available if you need someone to speak to and I’m not online.

Living players:
Isaac 2.0 -> Honus

Dead players:
Steamroll - Mitt Romney / Backup / Republicans - Died Night 1
Tan - Jon Huntsman / Vanilla / Republicans - Died Night 1

Darkaxis - Keith Olbermann / Hooker / Liberal Media Elite - Godkilled Day 2

Nexus - Newt Gingrich / Hooker / Republicans - Died Night 2
Trollmonchan - Jon Stewart / Silencer / Liberal Media Elite - Died Night 2

Jimera0 - Chewbacca / Inspector / Illegal Aliens - Lynched Day 3
MrcRanger97 - Herman Cain / Rogue / Republicans - Godkilled Day 3

Blackhawk11 - The Doctor / Persuader / Illegal Aliens - Died Night 3
The Royal Guard - Rick Perry / Sheriff / Republicans - Died Night 3

Vix -> ButteredToast - ET / Hooker / Illegal Aliens - Lynched Day 4

YAYtears - Michele Bachmann / Inspector / Republicans - Killed Night 4

Solace - George Stephanopoulos / Inspector / Liberal Media Elite - Lynched Day 5

idiotfrommars - Richard Nixon / Martyr / Republicans - Killed Night 5

Role PMs are going out now. Night 0 will start once everyone has their role PMs.
All role PMs are now out to all of the users in the game. The game officially starts now.

It is now Night 0. You may NOT trade role PMs with other users tonight, unless you are mafia and on the same team.

Additionally, if you have a role that kills a user, you may NOT use it on Night 0.

Night 0 ends exactly 48 hours as of this post
There are new additions to the FAQ!

1. Are roles and alliances revealed after someone dies?
Yes. If a user dies, his entire role PM will be posted in the thread. This includes role name, night action, and alliance.

2. Are people told who targeted them when they are targeted?
No. Unless your role says otherwise, you are never told who targeted you.

3. Do people get told when they are targeted by an action?
You will be notified if your action didn't go as planned that night. For instance, if you were forced to target another user instead of the one you wanted, you would be told. If your role is blocked in any way, you will be told. However, you would NOT be told about any inspections that are done on you because that doesn't interfere with your night action.


If you don't send in an action PM tonight, I will probably sub you out for another person. There is a lot of demand to be in this game. If you show that you won't be an active participant in it, I'll sub you out. SEND IN YOUR PMS!

EDIT: Also, the channel for this game is #congress. Join it for scintillating conversation with your fellow players!


You don't understand, Edgar is the one in the hole!
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Eh, better late than never.

Good Luck, Have Fun! I'm really looking forward to when this really gets started!
It was a largely uneventful night in Washington. No one has died (no surprises there).

Vix has been subbed out of the game for inactivity. His replacement is ButteredToast.

Results are coming out as we speak.

It is now Day 1. Day 1 ends precisely 48 hours as of this post.
All results are out. Get to lynching!!

To remind you: in the daytime, you all vote on whom you think is most likely to be mafia. You cast a vote by posting Vote User in the thread in bold. The user with the most votes will be killed.

If you choose to change votes, please unbold your previous vote so I can tally votes more easily.

Additionally, if you wish to vote for nobody, you may post No Lynch instead of a lynch vote. This will count as one vote NOT to kill anyone that day. If No Lynch wins a plurality of the votes, no user is killed.
Hey guys. Since Vix was subbed out for inactivity this early, I don't think this will be an issue, but if anyone who talked/contacted him could pm me, that would be great. I kind of need to get up to speed on everything that happened outside the thread.

Since I just got subbed in, my vote right now is No Lynch, but this will most likely change.
Im Herman Cain.
askaninjask said:
Dear MrcRanger97,
You are Herman Cain.

You are the eccentric politician who once led polls for the Republican nomination. You became famous for your “9 9 9” policy in which everyone would be taxed the same percentage, and spoke the words to a song from Pokemon 2000 twice.

At night, you may PM the host, askaninjask, “Night X - Recite Pokemon 2000 to <user>.” You will recite the whole movie, line for line, to <user>. <user> will become so endeared by this that if <user> is trying to kill you that night, he will change his mind and you will survive.

You are allied with the Republicans. You win if the Republicans are the last team standing.
Requesting BG and inspect, someone needs to get these republicans organized.