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maybe I just misunderstood
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When I search Light Ball, it redirects to Mist Ball. =/

Also, why is it that when I type in Rotom-H (or any Rotom forme) and Soul Dew (and im sure theres a few more), it redirects to the Google Search rather than the actual analysis page?
The items have not yet been added to the custom search and it has not yet been updated with Pt changes, I made a post in the database with all the desirable changes.

If I understand correctly, badged users make the change on the SCMS, but this does not instantly update - it has to be first checked by the site staff.
It had actually been cached pretty quickly but there was some sort of error (possibly to do with the server move) which caused the new version not to show up. I asked RBG to recache and it's showing up fine now.
Literally the very last sentence of the Gliscor analysis has multiple glaring grammatical issues.

Try to concentrate on exploiting Gliscor's weaker Special Defense, as it will usually fall to those in just a couple of hits, or even less.
I would replace the entire sentence with:

Try to concentrate on exploiting Gliscor's weaker Special Defense; Gliscor will usually fall to special attacks within a couple of turns.


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I would like to point out that there is an error in this section of the "Third Gen Tips and Tricks" article. It states that 99 of each item carried at the Boon Island market is necessary to be able to purchase Repeat and Timer Balls, while only one of each is necessary.

<&Vader> why is there a picture of milotic
<+iss> for duskull
<+iss> and missy needs to be removed
<+iss> and there is a picture of p2
<+iss> for remoraid
<+iss> and voltorb is in staryu's place
Some minor picture errors.
Here, it is written "The 132 Speed EVs give Rhyperior the ability to comfortably outpace base 50s, such as Azumarill and Donphan, while also outrunning minimum Speed base 55s such as Omastar", while the EV spread given is 136 HP / 244 Atk / 128 Spe. Another one: Here, it is written in Ludicolo's UU overview: "Ludicolo is often an underrated Pokémon. It does an efficient job of handling Starmie and performs adequately against any Gyarados without Stone Edge. It can switch with ease into all other standard Water Pokémon, in particular Swampert, but beware of Milotic's Hypnosis. Overall, Ludicolo is a solid choice on most teams, capable of providing good support and even makes a surprisingly decent sweeper."
Magma Armor Flame Body

For the in-game steps to hatch chart, the third one down on the right for both should be 2295, not 2298. I've tested it and can show you video or picture proof if you really want.
Somebody has to have already said this, but the search engine doesn't work if a word is misspelled or if the word you typed is not an ability, move, or pokemon.

Not many Pokémon can Baton Pass the move Nasty Plot, so this set is one of Minun’s claims to fame. The Focus Sash ensures you manage to use Nasty Plot or Agility at least once, then Baton Pass to another Pokémon. Sing can be used to eliminate a counter, an although the accuracy is very shaky, it’s your best bet to take special walls out of the game. If you’d prefer to have a chance at taking a few Pokémon down with Minun before passing your stat boosts, Hidden Power Ice or Grass Knot can be used for more coverage. Maximum Speed is needed to have a chance of making a swift escape when using Baton Pass.
This is the very first set. I believe the "an" is supposed to be "and".
Not sure if this one belongs here but Smog issue #7 Battle of the Week (http://www.smogon.com/smog/issue7/botw):

Eo then sent out Drapion, having little choice but to attempt to outspeed and finish the slower, crippled. Raikou.
A punctuation fault here.


LonelyNess chose to conserve it and revealed his final Pokémon: Hitmontop, a Pokémon walled by Eo's Weezing.
LN couldn't "reveal" his Hitmontop because he'd already used it before in the first double switch.
Found a typo in the Firebot rules thread.

10. (NEW!) If your post is just "this _____ sucks/rules/is good/bad/average" (where _____ can be a user, a post, a series of posts, a page, a thread, the whole forum and everything else), you are better off not posting it or Gormenghasting it immediatly. Come up with something that helps, saves or at least adds to a thread.
On Cloyster's RBY page, in the second paragraph, it is implied that Blizzard has a higher chance to freeze than Ice Beam. In fact, both moves have a 10% chance to freeze, as is stated on the respective move pages.