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Sorry Espeon,he is right.

The problem here is that Pawniard is faster and neither moves have priority,so he manages to grab the Unown before your pokemon can.

Thats why it is wise to make subs in case someone steals your Unown.
When applying the STAB Bonus of +1 base damage given by the rare candy, during a multi-hit move, does it add and additional point to each individual hit or to the sum of the hits?
Does a Pokemon with Frisk ignore all item effects from the opponent or just increases to BAP? The description is a little ambiguous. I'm wondering more specifically if a the frisker is immune to damage from a Rocky Helmet.
In regards of Frisk, my interpretation is that it removes any property of an item that directly causes your pokemon some damage or status (like Expert Belt or Destiny Knot). If the item fit into this criteria then it's allowed, even if some part of it does, for example, against Rare Candy Suicune you would still have to deal with 5/5 defenses, but the +2 BAP on water attacks is negated


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Just spitballing here, but if a Pokemon where to be rank 17 and have two stats tie for the highest, would both of those stats be raise by 2 ranks?
Abomasnow's Threat List Entry (Abomasnow has a BRT of 17) said:
Rare Candy buffs both of Abomasnow's offenses to Rank 5, augmenting its offensive presence immensely and letting it take full advantage of its coverage options from two very different STABs.
I am pretty sure you are correct there... ;)
Pretty much everything is viable in ASB, and a lot of things have the potential to be really good. However, if I were to guide you more specifically, Steel mons and CAP's are quite strong; therefore, Kitsunoh is probably the best Pokemon ever.
Quick question:

In a battle I'm reffing, one trainer has used Sucker Punch (well, actually a sucker punch combo) while his opponent had to cooldown from a combo. What I want to know is, does the trainer who's Pokemon used sucker punch expend energy?
Will Flash Fire, motor Drive, Volt Absorb, and similar abilities draw in all attacks, or just those directed at them? (I am aware that Storm Drain/Lightning Rod draw in attacks, so don't count those.)

IAR EDIT: No re-direct, i.e. They do not draw in attacks.
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