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01:34 <Lou> fuck have I really wasted 1000 posts of my time on asb

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usand Challenge

[box]This very eve but a fortnight ago, man in a billowing alabaster coat approached you with a key and a sphere, parting thereafter with not a word instructing you how these objects were to be used.

Puzzled and intrigued, you examined the items with great interest. You read and researched, asked and inquired, but to little avail. After some time and a great deal of frustration, you set them aside as refuse amidst the other, more mundane items in your home.

Then, and only then, did the items function as intended.

Upon waking you find yourself in front of a low white seat in the center of what appears to be a wide, ankle-deep pool. Rays of light trace the air overhead, and spires litter the area. More importantly, however, is the white-clad figure on the shallow throne: the very same man who gave you the curious items that presumedly brought you here.

He looks at you and speaks, "Are you prepared?"

This challenge consists of fifteen sequential one-versus-one matches, each in a more outlandish arena than the last. I want one challenger per match. The challenger will PM the referee three mons of the strength declared in the challenge herein. I will sent out my mon first, then the acceptor will counter-release and order, and then I shall order.

Upon the completion of each match, I will post the next challenge, with the next arena and the desired strength of mon, in the Battle Tower. It will be open to whoever desires to take the challenge, regardless of past participation.

  • Harmony - Order's Sanctuary [unfought]
  • I - Old Chaos Shrine [unfought]
  • II - Castle Pandemonium [unfought]
  • III - World of Darkness [unfought]
  • IV - Lunar Subterrane [unfought]
  • V - The Rift [unfought]
  • VI - Kefka's Tower [unfought]
  • VII - The Planet's Core [unfought]
  • VIII - Ultimecia's Castle [unfought]
  • IX - Crystal World [unfought]
  • X - Dream's End [unfought]
  • XI - Empyreal Paradox [unfought]
  • XII - Sky Fortress Bahamut [unfought]
  • XIII - Orphan's Cradle [unfought]
  • Discord - Edge of Madness [unfought]

All of these battles, regardless of arena, will be of the following format:

1v1 Singles
2 Day DQ
2 Substitutions
All Abilities
2 Recoveries / 5 Chills

Without further ado, here is the first challenge!

Order's Sanctuary

Field Type: Neutral
Complexity: Moderate
Format: All
Traits: Artificial Field, No Digging, No Swimming, No Seismic Attacks

A simple arena, consisting of a flat, ankle-deep water plain with large arching grind beams players can Quickmove on. In the center is a large, white, low-sitting chair flanked by two shell like structures.

Omega Cosmos - Instead of dealing additional damage, Critical Hits (other than Frost Breath/Storm Throw) restore HP to the attacker equal to the damage dealt.

First-Stage NFE Mons
Training Items

A note to referees: I'd like to post the OP of the thread, as I'd like to keep all fifteen matches in the same thread to avoid flooding the forum.
You have a ref for these 15!
You ready for this?

Issuing an OPEN Challenge!

3v3 NFE Singles
3 Day DQ/5 Day Ref DQ
5 Chills/5 Recovers per team
The battlers have been transported to the world of movies! Out of nowhere, each trainer has been granted a V-Watch to use in their coming conflict. At the start of their orders, the trainer may declare the use of a VFX Power in addition to their pokemon's attacks. VFX Powers have a Priority Level of 9001, and each Trainer can use each power once before the watch needs to be recharged. (By having your pokemon give up an action to charge the watch.)

VFX Slow: Your pokemon begins to move slower, while the attack power of their moves seem to increase. When under the effects of VFX Slow, your pokemon will have a priority drop of (2) in all of their moves in exchange for any attack they use this turn to have a flat increase in damage. (Attacks will always do 5 more damage than what is calculated.) VFX slow can also be used once in the round where it is activated to dodge an attack without fail. If this dodge ability is used, the effects of the user's VFX slow will disappear for the rest of that round.

Mach Speed: Using the power of the watch, your pokemon begins to move at increased speeds, increasing the priority level of any move they use by (2) for the duration of this round. In addition, any physical hits incurred under the effects of Mach Speed have a 30% Chance to burn the target.

Zoom In: The camera zooms in to catch the exact moment when your pokemon's attacks make contact, causing each move used this round to result in a Critical Hit. In addition, moves with secondary effects have a 100% chance of those effects occurring under the Zoom In power.
For my debut, I shall accept this challenge! 2 things:
1. Vegeta loves the VFX powers
2. I apologize in advance for mistakes I might make

EDIT: hey look, mistake #1
Switch = KO
Abilities = All
Items = none

Still need a ref for my match against VFXCross (see post 7612, iPhone's a bitch with this)
I'll ref this. PM me the teams
I accept the challenge
No Items
All Abilities
Library of Abilities

Field Type- Neutral
Complexity- Moderate
Format- Singles/Doubles/Triples
Restrictions- Artificial arena, low ceiling, no seismic acitivity, always all abilities

Library of Abilites:
Somewhere deep in the empirical city (no not the famous one, the lesser known empirical city), lies a forgotten place of magical literature, The Etheral Libraries. This majestic palace of a place is getting older due to no one taking care of it, but it still holds a pwerful secret; The books! they hold descriptive passages of every known ability of man and pokemon. and since this place is magic, when you battle here the books come alive! they miss being used (refer to the kitchen ware fom beauty and the beast), and they will willignly let you use their power! As you send a pokemon in, two random books will soar straight into your pokemon, and with a flash of power, they will be incapable of using their original abilites! but fret not, they will have two new abilites! weather its for good or worse, we know not, but it sure does make for an intersting battle!

Ref RNGs two abilites for each pokemon. If a pokemon is FE then they get 3 RNG'd abilities.

The arena is 200 feet by 200 feet, square shaped. the walls of this arena are tall and dusty book shelves, and the floor is covered in a deep pruple and gold carpet, giving the place an old but magical feel. there are some lights, not too much though. every pokemon can see just fine though
Dropping my previous challenge with yarnus and challenging Texas to a flashmatch!

2v2 Doubles NFE+FE
1 Hour DQ
ASB Arena
All abilities
Rest is up to him

EDIT: Oh and here are my mons:

Nature: Naughty (+1 Atk, -1 SpD)
Type: Electric
Electric: Electric STAB; 50% reduction in paralysis chance from other electrical attacks, perfect accuracy and 30% chance of Protect breaking Thunder during Rain. Superior senses in power plant environments.

Static (Innate): This Pokemon’s body is surrounded by an electric field that has a 30% chance of paralyzing opponents that use contact moves on this Pokemon.
Vital Spirit(DW) (Can be enabled): This Pokemon has a high vitality and alertness making it immune to sleep induced by other Pokemon. Its normal state of sleeplessness makes it take 1 less damage/action from Ghost Curse. If it is put to sleep by a Pokemon with Mold Breaker it will wake up the next action.

HP: 100
Atk: Rank 4 (+)
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 3
SpD: Rank 2 (-)
Spe: 105
Size Class: 2
Weight Class: 3
Base Rank Total: 18

EC: 7/9
MC: 2
DC: 5/5

Attacks: (19)
Quick Attack(*)
Low Kick(*)
Shock Wave(*)
Light Screen(*)

Ice Punch(*)
Fire Punch(*)

Thunder Wave(*)
Charge Beam(*)
Volt Switch
Wild Charge

Nature: Bashful (No effect on stats)
Type: Ice
Ice: Ice STAB; immune to freezing and Sheer Cold, no vision loss or damage in Hail or snowstorm conditions, perfectly accurate and 30% Protect breaking Blizzard in Hail. Superior senses and mobility in frozen caves and other frigid arenas.

Inner Focus
(Innate):When an opponent attempts to flinch this Pokemon, it stands firm and continues its attack. If it has another ability that would be activated by flinching, that ability activates.
Ice Body (Innate):This Pokemon thrives in Icy conditions and can absorb energy from Hailstones to recover two (2) HP/action in Hail.
Moody(DW) (Can be enabled):This Pokemon's traits are always fluctuating from one strength to another. At the end of each round, one of the Pokemon's stats (Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed, Accuracy, Evasion) will be boosted by two (2) stages and another will be reduced by one (1) stage. This stat change lasts until the end of that round, where Moody is re-applied, overwriting the boosted and dropped stats. This stat boost/drop occurs outside the normal boosts/drops.

HP: 90
Atk: Rank 2
Def: Rank 2
SpA: Rank 2
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 50
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 2
Base Rank Total: 12

EC: 3/6
MC: 0
DC: 5/5

Powder Snow
Double Team
Icy Wind
Ice Shard


Frost Breath
Shadow Ball
Water Pulse
Light Screen
Training items. Accepting.

I'ma edit my mons in in a second.

Syclar gets a Exp. Share

Syclar, IceBug (M)
Nature: Hasty (+15% Speed, +25% Accuracy, -1 Def)
Height: 1'7"
Weight: 44 lbs / 20 kg
Evolution: Syclar --> Level 40 --> Syclant
Type: Ice/Bug
Ice: Ice STAB; immune to freezing and Sheer Cold, no vision loss or damage in Hail or snowstorm conditions, perfectly accurate and 30% Protect breaking Blizzard in Hail. Superior senses and mobility in frozen caves and other frigid arenas.
Bug: Bug STAB; More mobility in dense brush or forest conditions. Gain an extra guaranteed attack on multi-hit moves.

Compoundeyes: (Innate) This Pokemon’s complex eyes give it a comprehensive view of the field, making its attack 30% (x1.3) more accurate.
Mountaineer: (Innate) This Pokemon is used to scaling and avoiding rocks. It can avoid damage from Stealth Rock when it switches in, and all Rock-type attacks the round it switches in. In subsequent rounds Mountaineer will not evade Rock-type attacks.
Technician (DW): (Innate) This Pokemon is more skilled at performing weaker moves, causing any of their attacks that normally deal 6 or below base damage to have their base damage multiplied by 1.5. (e.g. Aerial Ace goes from 6 to 9, Mach Punch goes from 4 to 6, etc.) The Energy Cost for a one-hit or two-hit attack is increased by one (1). Each hit in a multi-hit move is boosted by one (1) damage, and the Energy Cost for mutli-hit attacks is increased by two (2).

HP: 90
Atk: Rank 3
Def: Rank 1 (-)
SpA: Rank 3
SpD: Rank 2
Spe: 105 (+)
Size Class: 1
Weight Class: 2
Base Rank Total: 15

EC: 3/6
MC: 7
DC: 3/5

Leech Life
Focus Energy
Ice Shard
Icy Wind
Bug Bite
Icicle Spear

Tail Glow
Earth Power

Double Team
Total Moves: 15

Ancientflower - Cradily (F)
Nature: Sassy (+1 SpD, -15% Speed, -10% Evasion)

Rock STAB; Take 2 less damage from all special attacks during Sandstorm. Able to use Sand Tomb without losing focus.
Grass:Grass STAB; Immunity to Leech Seed and Worry Seed. 50% reduction in status effect chance of oncoming "powder" attacks. More mobile in areas with strong natural light sources. Superior senses in tall grass and forest areas. Able to use Wrap and Bind without losing focus.

Suction Cups:
(Innate) This Pokemon has sticky suction cups that anchor down to prevent it from being moved or scared away by Roar or Whirlwind. It will hold its ground against Dragon Tail and Overhead Throw and will not be forced out in a switch battle.
Storm Drain (DW): (Innate) This Pokemon lures all water attacks to itself, altering their course away from partner Pokemon. It absorbs the water and increases its Special Attack by one (1) stage. A boost gained this way by an opponent's attack will be maintained at the end of each round. Self-targeted attacks do not maintain boosts.


HP: 100
Atk: Rank 3
Def: Rank 4
SpA: Rank 3
SpD: Rank 5 (+)
Spe: 38 (43/1.15 ^)
Size Class: 3
Weight Class: 4
Base Rank Total: 19

EC: 6/6

Attacks (14):
Confuse Ray
Energy Ball
Gastro Acid

Mirror Coat

Rock Slide
Double Team
Need a ref for this quick battle.


heralds disaster.
Open Challenge
2v2 NFE Doubles
1 Day DQ
2 Subs
3 Recovories/3 chills
Field Type: Flying
Complexity: Intense
Format: All

Restrictions: No water source, No digging, No rain or hail, No Grass Knot

Description: About 20m in diameter, this battlefield is the aerie of the Tower of Heaven, a colossus that extends high into the atmosphere, and home to an entity simply known as the Deity. Golden blocks litter the battlefield, about two to three meters apart, and are both a size and weight class of 1. The battlefield is so high up that it pierces the clouds, which makes rain and hail impossible, but the open sky and all the dust atop the tower make sun and sandstorms viable. The floor is made of tough, thick stone, and is thus impossible to dig through. It's also devoid of water or vegetation, so Grass Knot or certain water moves like surf are impossible. While a pokemon that can fly or levitate can return to the battlefield if s/he is thrown off the tower, those who can't will fall to their deaths (translation: instant KO). Seismic moves are allowed, as the tower somehow repairs damage to it by itself. Finally, since the Deity does run this tower, you must adhere to whatever law He dictates, or else He's gonna smite ya.

The Book of Laws: At the end of each round, the ref will rng d20. Whatever number it hits, the corresponding law in the list below will be in effect for the following round. If a law is explicitly defined to take place on a certain round (e.g. "thou shalt not waste my time" in round 20), then that law will be in effect instead. Only one law will be in effect at a time.

Each pokemon involved in the battle has an individual smite counter, which is set to 1. At the end of each round, if a pokemon at some point in the round has broken the law currently in effect, the deity will smite the offending pokemon, dealing a typeless (10 * smite counter) in damage. Following penalty, the offending pokemon's smite counter will be increased by 1, to a maximum of 5. Switching the pokemon out will reset its smite counter to 1.

The potential laws are as follows:

1: The Book of Laws is blank - No law is in effect this round. Go nuts! By default, this law will be in effect during the first round of battle.
2: Thou shalt not touch the golden blocks - The pokemon may not touch any of the golden blocks littered on the battlefield. If a pokemon is knocked to the ground or hit with a critical, the ref will rng d6. If a 6 is rolled, the pokemon accidentally touches a golden block and will be penalized. Moves that employ telekinesis to throw golden blocks at a foe will not result in a penalty - in fact, connecting such an attack will penalize the enemy!
3: Thou shalt not shake the earth - The pokemon may not use any seismic moves.
4: Thou shalt not touch another living being - The pokemon may not make physical contact with each other or any other living being (e.g. bullet seed, leech seed). If one pokemon touches the other, both will be penalized.
5: Thou shalt not leave the ground - The pokemon may not fly, levitate, jump, or otherwise be in the air. If a pokemon is knocked away or hit with a critical, the ref will rng d6. If a 6 is rolled, the pokemon is lifted from the ground briefly and will be penalized.
6: Thou shalt not walk - The pokemon may not walk, run or slither across the ground. The pokemon may, however, jump across the ground, fly or otherwise travel through the air, provided it doesn't need to walk or run to get momentum going.
7: Thou shalt not tamper with the weather - The pokemon may not use any weather-changing moves or abilities, like sunny day, sand stream or the weather-clearing command of cloud nine. Any current weather in play will not be affected.
8: Thou shalt not incapacitate - The pokemon may not use moves that induce status ailments. Any status inducing moves (e.g. toxic spikes) that were in play before this law came into effect are excluded.
9: Thou shalt not flee - Switching pokemon is prohibited in this round. If a pokemon does switch out, the deity will smite it before the switch takes effect, rather than at the end of the round like usual. If the ref rngs this law in a battle where switching out results in a KO, then s/he will treat it as if s/he rolled a 1 instead.
10: Thou shalt not invoke [type] - Moves of the type specified by the law are prohibited. The ref will rng d17 to determine the type:
1: Normal
2: Fire
3: Water
4: Electric
5: Grass
6: Ice
7: Fighting
8: Poison
9: Ground
10: Flying
11: Psychic
12: Bug
13: Rock
14: Ghost
15: Dragon
16: Dark
17: Steel
11: Thou shalt not be a coward - The pokemon may only use damaging moves. You may use non-damaging moves in a combo attack, provided the combined attack does damage (e.g. Weather Ball with Will-o-wisp). Moreover, the cooldown that follows a combo move will not result in a penalty.
12: Thou shalt not kill - The pokemon may not directly KO the opponent. KOing a pokemon through indirect damage (e.g. Toxic, Leech Seed) will not result in a penalty.
13: Thou shalt not heal - The pokemon may not use recovery or chills. If the ref rngs this law in a battle where recovery is prohibited to begin with, then s/he will treat it as if s/he rolled a 1 instead.
14: Thou shalt not harm - The pokemon may only use non-damaging moves. Indirect damaging moves like toxic or leech seed are allowed.
15: Thou shalt not protect thyself - The pokemon may not dodge or otherwise attempt to prevent damage done to itself (e.g. using barrier to deflect contact moves).
16: Thou shalt not employ thine talents - The pokemon may not use ablilties that can be activated or enabled. If an ability can be disabled, it must be disabled before the end of the round to avoid penalty. Traits and innate abilities will not be penalized.
17: Thou shalt not overpower thine foe - If the percentage of the pokemon's HP exceeds the percentage of its foe's HP by at least 40% by the end of the round (e.g. yours is at 90% HP while your foe's is at 12%), the pokemon will suffer a penalty.
18: Thou shalt not be a weakling - If the percentage of the pokemon's HP is less than the percentage of its foe's HP by at least 40% by the end of the round (e.g. yours is at 12% HP while your foe's is at 90%), the pokemon will suffer a penalty.
19: Thou shalt not speak - Sound-based moves are prohibited.
20: Thou shalt not inflict grievous damage - If a pokemon's attack lands a critical hit, it suffers a penalty.

There's also a law that always takes effect on the 20th round, and again every additional ten rounds:

Thou shalt not waste my time
- The deity is pissed at how long the fight's taking, and smites both pokemon at the end of the round. What an asshole!
OK, I'm interested in that arena so I will ref MogRunner vs yarns-stuff. Apologies to those others waiting but as I said, want to see how the arena goes.

Mog, please include the remainder of the match conditions in your PM to me or else I will decide on them myself.
Sending out a request for a battle!
2v2 Doubles
1 Middlemon 1 FE
2 Recovers 5 Chills
3 Day DQ
1 Substitution
This arena is a doozy.

In a dark, damp cave underneath the Misty Mountains, a strange creature lurks with a treasure beyond compare...Two Trainers have come to battle here, in the hopes of finding it, and using it to their advantage...but its current owner has issues with that...

Arena: Dark, damp cave. Low visibility unless Flash is used. Defog also helps, to a lesser degree. There is a large pond surrounded by rock, and Gollum's makeshift home(as well as The Ring)lie in the center. Gollum's raft is also here, for those who cannot swim. Attacks such as Energy Ball will fail.

Special Conditions: The big draw here is the One Ring. The first battler to reach the center of the pond can use an action to grab the Ring, gaining its powers of invisibility for four actions. The Pokemon can the move as it pleases, as well as attack. Nothing can hit it in this state. The Ring's powers of corruption are incredibly strong, so the Pokemon must take it off and leave it where the Pokemon currently is at that moment. However, the Ring is loath to leave a Master, so the Pokemon will suffer 25 flat damage upon taking it off. This does not cost an action, and the Pokemon will be so terrified of its power that it cannot pick it up again for another eight actions.

Gollum, however, lurks in the area, and is not very happy that two humans and their Pokemon have intruded on his territory. There is an equal chance for each Pokemon that Gollum will deal 15 flat damage at that Pokemon at the end of each round. However, Gollum does NOT like when someone snatches his Precious. He also has superior senses in the area, so it will be a fifty percent chance, with the other half divided among the other Pokemon, that Gollum will strike the wearer of the Ring.

The boat starts out on the players' side of the pond, and it takes an action to paddle/swim across. It is possible for the Ring to fall in the water. If Flash is used, Gollum will be paralyzed by the light and be unable to act that round. For Heat Rock Sunny Day, Gollum will do nothing as long as it is in play.

Any takers?
I need another 1v1 Singles!
Strongmon FE Mons
Arena: Unown Soup
1 Recovery Move (Offensive healing moves can turn their healing property off when attacking)
2 Chills
1 Day DQ
Switch = KO
Items = ON
All Abilities
It's a dog
It's a fish
No, it's...

For phil cup thing

4 VS 4 Doubles
3 day DQ
All Abilities
No items
Max 2 subs per team.
Switch = OK
Unown Soup (:-D)
Can I have some refs please?
Open Challenge
6v6 Singles
1 Day DQ
2 Subs
Unlimited Recoveries/chills
Training Items requested
This arena functions like the ASB Arena.
If the air at the ASB Arena were thick with a swarm of all-devouring insects.
The insects will damage all Pokemon at the end of each action but can deterred by movement and attacks.
A Pokemon will take 3 Damage at the end of every action if it used an attacking move, even if it misses or is blocked; the swarm will be more or less put off by the attack. Hitting yourself in confusion also counts for this.
If the Pokemon uses a non-attacking move, the swarm will be less deterred and they will take 7 damage. Again, even if the attack misses it will still deter the swarm.
However the Pokemon does not use an attack at all (eg Flinching, sleeping, failing to use a move due to Disable or Taunt etc, Cooling Down, chilling, full para) they will take a whopping 15 damage.
The arena itself however has no restrictions, go nuts.

Repost of an earlier challenge. Anyone game?
I'll ref Lord Jesseus' battle once it gets an opponent.

EDIT: And I am going to issue a challenge to UllarWarlord.

1v2 brawl. Yes, you read that right, 1v2.
Fully evolved mons
2 recoveries/5 chills
3-day DQ
Arena: The Battle Colosseum. Basically the typical ASB arena. However, each pokemon on the team of 2 has its max HP and energy halved.

Ullar can decide whether to play as the soloist or the team of two.

EDIT: <+Engineer> i call reffing
As Objection will be the beginning ref of this, I choose to fly solo.

1 Sub
No Switch
Items = On
Abilities = All

Ohyeah. dropping my Gollum challenge to do this.
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