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Doug I think that if maybe you added one more "page" it would look a little better. Idk, 3 there just seems like there's an empty area that needs filled, or I really am weird about page numbers. Either way It's a great coloring, and I really like the cover designs.

And I edited the design some more. I think it looks a lil better this way, and I think MAYBE we worked out a good lower body design.

As for now, night.
I've rerouted my idea around and around between the two designs, making a medium between them before quickly discarding it. I fiddled around and ended up with this! (Ah...)

Quite a few people like those eyes, for those who are disappointed on my returning to those. If I take that out, the design loses its charm.

I think I'll finalize the design and get to supplementary sketches.

  • KoA: I just noticed this (because I'm looking less at the design, more at the artistic elements), but the antennae are lopsided. Just a small tip.
  • Matezoide: I do think you need to smooth out the lines. :/ It's all very rough and lacking in detail. Have you tried a bezier line/pen tool?
  • Mafeking: I don't see Bug or Psychic. I'd think Poison or Steel from the idea, as it's very inorganic and deadly looking. I don't suppose you'll do anything around that? :P
  • Leethoof: I think the colors are fine, although perspective and shape of the design could be slightly improved. Perhaps have the eye more visible, as the drawing lacks a focus.
  • Doran Dragon: Oooh, cool. I must say it's one of the most developed of those mantis-based designs. Fancy (remember, ah, sprites will need those details). Did you skip me on purpose on your comments? D:
  • Pokethan: Detail would be nice rather than shapes without definition on the design.
  • akela: Or you can just detach the head entirely. That works, too. Again, copypasting is rather contrived-looking and lacking in artistry. Shading could be blended a little more smoothly and a larger range of values. Does that spider use its legs? Its current pose makes me think it rolls on its abdomen.
  • itsme: The wings can be that assortment of funky colors, but I think you can tone down the eyes to maybe two colors or a gradient. It's meant to look crazy, I'm sure, but that one part is a bit off-putting. I do like your art style, especially the shape of that abdomen.
  • Rocket Grunt: Y'know, the eye slices in your first sketches look like lollipops. That might add to your idea. Personally, I'm inspired to make that design a candy worm or something, even if it's not too Psychic-invoking. You have precedent with dual pokemon working together as Psychic-types in the Slowpoke line, so that's good!
  • nov: I like your use of those two pairs of hands in those positions, reflecting personal and external contemplation! I think the design is fine; don't go overboard! One criticism for the design are those legs. Is there a reason they come up to a cone? Some futuristic outfit of sorts? It seems a bit out of place compared to the rest of the design.
  • Demist: Well. It's quite complicated for a design (mostly the middle totem pole). I'd figure to first whittle that or make the bug's entire body the totem pole. It's a bit fixed-on at the moment compared to its round body.
  • DugoutCanoe: Reminds me of Mienshao, but it's cool and fitting! From a technical standpoint, the left antennae should be slightly shorter than the right.
  • Calad: Yay, you removed those eye wings and changed them into beard wings! I find that strangely amusing and obviously creative. I do feel the design lost a bit of its Bug typing with the change, but it's still obvious enough.
  • Cheeseball504: If you've noticed my other comments on other designs, I'm not a fan of floating wings and body parts (except I'm okay with telepathically levitated crystal balls and such). Those crystals are neat, though I can't say too much without having personal preferences interfere.
  • Chomz: I mostly like that headband/antennae combo. The crystal ball looks forced--does its foreclaws always hold that ball like that? If not, where does it go? The Psychic-typing comes out pretty well, as you don't necessarily need to force designs and colors.
  • Juicy Fruit: I don't see much of the Psychic-typing; those markings work, I suppose, but the rest of the design doesn't follow. If the design was better incorporated, perhaps...
  • Stagnant: Eek, keep a reasonable amount of colors unless your design is Chatot. The large stinger makes me think of Steel-type, but the gem on the head does make me think otherwise. The design'd be nice if the stats came out Physical.
  • BlueConcept: Well, I do feel it's stretching it. :/ I can see it if it was a large, white, cartoon-originated glove, but that might bring ideas from another Nintendo-distributed game.
  • Tin: Most of the design is fine by me, except for the abdomen. While the rest of the bug has waves and stripes, the abdomen has those spirals and tiles that makes it seem quite inorganic. Curving them might lessen that effect. Pretty neat, I must say, though.
  • CBMeadow: Traditional drawings bring a textured feel to that design, which I do appreciate! I like it in general and how it can fit a mixed stat build. I do think the revised one feels a bit too bulky without those legs--sluglike, even. The spectral circles running down the bug's back is neat. Yellow-green, eh? Which parts, the wings? (I didn't fix that eye, sorry. XD Did other stuff around it.)
  • RabidChipmunk: And another design I must comment that I dislike those floating, multiple wings. D: It feels unspectacular otherwise.
  • Yilx: Ah, sun and Egyptian-based design? Well, you heard how I like the anatomy of this one better than that gypsy moth. The colors do reveal the design's intention well!
  • paintseagull: It's quite sparkly like the capes of magicians while drawing references from bugs. The colors changed my opinion on it looking a bit 'eh' and conventional--the proportions helped that change, too! I do think the flavor doesn't do much unless you show us rather than say it, as I can't see how that works.
  • SoIheardyoulikeSENTRET: I'd say to cut the top-heavy, bipedal designs entirely. Variation!
  • Cartoons!: Ah, my, that comic is adorable. :) What a risky duo! On the other hand, I'm not sure what the other design is, really. I thought of Tentacool at first.
  • DougJustDoug: Eh, I don't really like that worm 'merging' with those thin pages there. Still is quite inorganic, in my eyes. If you can, what about making a full spread of pages as to not leave the worm on stilts?
  • YourFavoriteEgyptian: I think the proportions need some work, although the actual design is fine!
So looking at the ability discussion, I thought I'd do a few sketches of my submission to line up with the more popular abilities (i.e. BMB's current working slate) and Weak Armour. If any of these look better to anyone I can work on making that design more refined (these are going to be fairly sketchy). These are going to have legs because only one preferred the legless Glowworm, to my knowledge, though I'll try to put the focus more on its Psychic type.

Basically, Illusion would be see-through with rainbow complements, more "harmless" looking than the other three. No Guard.. I don't actually know about it very much, just that it would be more forward and aggressive, and spikier or something. Colour scheme unknown, so defaulted to page 9's. Moxie would probably be darker, navy blue/black with the rainbow gem complements, and would also look more dangerous and intimidating. Mummy would have rainbow-coloured "bandage armour" of a sort- drawn pretty badly there, but eh.

I've kinda settled on the rainbow theme, but if you prefer the previous theme feel free to call me out on it.

Commentary and critique, you know the drill:

@Quanyails: I didn't actually suggest green/yellow for yours, it was for the one below you. I think your current colour scheme is ideal really, don't see anything I could suggest otherwise.
(PLEASE tell me you didn't somehow, magically, do that hair/fur detail on Paint...)

@Koa: Your new one is better, in my opinion; I think it's fixed all but the most nitpicky of issues (Quanyails brought up the lopsided antennae, but I don't see it as an absolutely vital problem).

@DougJustDoug: I agree with those above me that it might need more pages to balance the design out more, but I think I like the colour scheme as is, and really enjoy the Unown parallel you've got there.

@SENTRET: That crest.. it confuses me. I understand what it is and how it attaches to the body, but it kind of looks odd to me. I think it's the fact the eyes are on the crest, so maybe fit them in between or something like that? I don't think the crest itself is the problem, just the fact the eyes are on it. Apart from that, I like the colour scheme and you've drawn it well, and the concept and execution are also good.

@Doran Dragon: I prefer this version by a lot, and it's now one of my more favourite designs. May I suggest making the orb gold? Most of the "add-on" props and extras are gold, and I think a gold orb would look good here. Try it out and see, could be good but could be not-good. :P

@Cartoons!: That comic single-handedly made me like the lovebugs more. I think it might have just been the realism of the original drawing that made them odd to me, because they look very neat in that comic.
Here is my roughly colored sketch in what I think the color combination will be. Since its design is based off of a luna moth, I thought it best if I kept the shade of green and added some other colors to complement.

I didn't have enough time to shade it or make it look better or anything. I am sorry. I have class 4 days a week and work the other 3. I don't have a whole lot of time to do this. That and I am not the best at digital art either. If someone could help me out with my design I would appreciate it a lot. I am hoping to maybe get some tips or lessons from the other amazing artists that post concepts here nearly every CAP so I hope they will accommodate me. Any suggestions, critiques, or comments will be welcome.
@KoA, that is much better! It looks like you kind of have two different furry parts...if you turned the lower one into part of the abdomen and gave it a second set of stripes, it might look better (match the wings a bit more, since they all have two parallel stripes), but at this point I'm just getting nitpicky. If you stopped there, I would still be happy!

So the gem on the tip of the body: does it glow? Because it looks like it could glow. ^_^
Ok heres some rough sketches of potential directions to take my bug. He felt waaaay to flat so I tried some different angles to make him more dimensional. Tweaked some things to make him maybe more bug like? Maybe less confusing? I'm leaning more towards the thin one. It implies psychic and bug much clearer to me.

Expanding on my magician-glove spider, I've come to this:

So I switched the orientation around, and now his face/head pokes through part of the glove, and one leg pokes through another, with the abdomen/butt sticking out the back where the magicians wrist would otherwise be.

I suppose it looks sufficiently buggy now, but I'm still not so sure that the psychic-ness really presents itself. I think i'll need to draw some action poses to show this spider's magic glove powers. Anyways, tell me what you think!
Sentret's is the one that really catches my attention so far.

Also BlueConcept your glove spider is absolutely adorable.

Mine well be coming shortly. Its sort of a stick-bug looking creature.
SENTRET: Actually, I'm much more leaning towards the top one. I can't quite put my finger on why so hopefully someone better with words will come in behind me and back me up, but I just feel like it has much more "personality" so to speak. Am I making any sense? Specifically, I like the way your top design has legs as long as his arms and no neck; again, i can't say why, but I just prefer them to the newer design. But I'm not a fan of the eye dangling off the arch of his headpiece; it just seems out of place. Maybe try putting it on the arch itself, or maybe even just nix it; it doesn't seem vital.

BlueConcept: You're magician-glove spider is both adorable and horrifying. I love it. But on a critical note, I don't like how the one leg is fully colored in. I get why you did it (he has six legs but hands only have five... er, fingers...), but I think you could make a spider with only five legs and it would still carry the idea. Of course, don't take my word for it if you disagree; I'm just throwing stuff out there, do what you think is best for your spider.

Here is a quick colored sketch. Some differences include bulbs on the end of each antenna. Not to mention the new papyrus scroll in place for the book. It gives off more of an Egyptian feel. One more obvious change is the Unown on the head dress. Also I edited the proportion of the head to the rest of the body and the thickness of the arms to the body. Thanks for your comments and good luck everyone.


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Agreeing that the top design is better Sentret, I like the body more altogether, though I agree the eye is rather misplaced on the arches. Maybe incorporate it into the stomach?

Taking into account all the critique on this bugger, I've got something I think everyone can be satisfied with, this blasted abdomen took forever to get right!

And yes, the gem at the bottom, the "sting", if you will, is capable of glowing and harnessing psychic energies.
Sentret: I much prefer the bottom one. Although, longer legs would look better on it imo.

Quanyails: It's like a mad scientist psychic mosquito, what's not to like? Also, I thought it would be impossible to make a mosquito adorable. You have broken down that preconception of mine.

KoA: I have nothing to add, looks amazing. It's like Shedinja's badass cousin with antlers.

Everyone: Stop being so good. You are all making it hard for me to choose which one I like best.
Agreeing that the top design is better Sentret, I like the body more altogether, though I agree the eye is rather misplaced on the arches. Maybe incorporate it into the stomach?

Taking into account all the critique on this bugger, I've got something I think everyone can be satisfied with, this blasted abdomen took forever to get right!

And yes, the gem at the bottom, the "sting", if you will, is capable of glowing and harnessing psychic energies.
And i liked the ball tail better, this is what you get when you try pleasing everybody. but it's still pretty sexy looking, it'll be a pleasure voting for it
@KoA it looks good! Maybe experiment with thorax colors a bit, I'm not sure the gray really matches the rest of the ensemble...what were the other color picks again? I'd like to see those in this new style!
@KoA: Personally, I think it's perfect. I feel like this design could convincingly pull off any stats and/or ability we slap this CAPmon with. That and I love the inherit power a Seraphim like design holds; those six wings are all kinds of bad-ass.

I know which one I'm voting for, unless something tremendously drastic changes before then. Good luck.

P.S. Was planning on contributing a design, but I wouldn't vote for it myself after seeing KoA's design...maybe next time...
KoA: Your design is getting a lot of love and that's great, I like it too, but I feel like your colour choices are letting you down SO MUCH. Please please please reconsider the colours you're using. That purple-blue you're using is so hard to match with other things, plus those three different neutrals (grey, beige and rust) just do not work. Try to create a unified palette with one or two bright accents. This site might help (this palette for example , which I found by searching colours for blue-purple using the colour slider, then picking a colour, then browsing the palettes using that colour. Personally I don't love this scheme but it works better if you really want to use blue-purple.)

I'll try to find some time to doodle up some suggestions if you want, but I'm not the best colour theorist by a long shot.

edit: OK also I got carried away and made this, as an example of what I'm thinking of. I think having lighter, softer neutrals would work better for the angelic theme.
Finally, I have a thing that I like!

This was what I originally wanted to do, but when the psychic subtype was announced I completely forgot about it, not realising that actually worked well.
So this is essentially an idea pilfered off of Bogleech, i.e. an assassin bug Pokemon that covers itself in the corpses of its prey as camouflage/bait. This particular fellow's body was based on Platymeris biguttatus, and it uses the disturbing eyespots on its wings to hypnotize its poison and fighting-subtyped victims (because lolpsychic), before killing them with its proboscis and digesting their organs. The left-over pieces of shell are fixed together with specially-made fluids to form terrifying chimeric armor! sad that the adhesives used can't actually stand up to battle eh? The weapons it fashions this way allow it to channel more powerful bug and psychic moves as well!
More artwork to display all this coming soon~~

{{}}: Edited the wings to look more hypnosis-y. And adhdtv, the only answer I can give you is "do the venonat and venomoth parts mean nothing to you?!" 8P
@Mos-Quixote Y-y-your bug killed venonat and heracross! D: lol

Anyway, I cannot see the psychic in this at all. If you plan on harnessing the powers of dead heracross and such to boost Psychic powers, I'd actually be pretty creeped out. I'd like this entry more if it had better psychic qualities
I like the assassin bug concept Mos-quitox, looks awesome, but it gives off more of a Dark vibe and not much Psychic. Really digging KoA's design. From what we have on the abilities so far I think some type of bettle would fit nicely.

Hello everyone, Glad to see all the wonderful submissions, I'd thought id give it a go. Given the plate of desiging a bug and psyhic pokemon,I wanted to create a look that didnt typically look like a psychic we're used to seeing. This guy is heavily based off of an egyptian like culture. He has the look of a beetle, with the crown of a pharoh to match. I also was inspired by martians, thus being the reason to why this mon's head is so huge. To stress the fact that this mon is always thinking, the gem placed on it's head glows whenever it uses it's psyhic powers. The antenas are also placed above the eyes as eyebrows. He almost looks like a dark type which could be a bit decieteful. I hope you guys enjoy him and im all ears to any advice or constructive critisims. Thankyou.
Hello! I have some hours lurking and getting to understand the process, I have a submission to post.

It's rather obviously based on a firefly with gemstone/glass qualities, I tried to embody the concept of a glass cannon, a risky Pokemon to use with great potential but requiring quite an amount of strategy to correctly use, so I tried to make it look fragile but powerful like some kind of ancient wizardry object.

The wings are based of papyrus and have symbols I fused from the symbols of the card decks traditionally used to play (but most importantly, to read the fortune) in both Spain and England, these symbols are also colorized to convey the element they represent (Earth, Water, Wind and Fire counter clockwise starting from upper left) to add a psychic feel.

It's supposed to glow stronger while attacking.

Feedback is requested.

On a final note, I'd like to say that I find the bookworm entry ludicrously good, and that the concepts on it are really well fleshed out. Kudos indeed.
It is great to see some new stuff being posted!

Mos-Quixote: Oh god, is that a Venonat and a Weedle on that thing's pike? Why... But seriously, the design is looking good so far. I'm gonna suggest increasing the size of the antennae to round out the design more, feel free to take that advice however you wish. Maybe you should also consider getting rid of the wings. I know they make the design look more fragile, but they also add a lot of weight and clutter to the design, and it may look more agile and assassin-like if they weren't there. Maybe test it out?

Salamachine: Gotta be honest, I'm seeing more Dragon/Psychic or Dragon/Ground than Bug/Psychic here. Part of the problem comes from the head, which looks very much like other dragon types out there. It's mouth, for example, closely resembles that of Bagon and Axew. Fiddling with the textures on the skin to make it look more like a shell might help.
Doran Dragon your's is my favourite so far. I really like how you included the metallic parts on it by adding the blue, before that it looked like earrings came out of nowhere. The color combination is just perfect. However, I personally don't like much the added legs, I think that having no legs gives it more of a psychic vibe, and about the stay-away-from-levitation, I think that the fact that the cape touches the floor is enough excuse. I still really like it if you keep the legs, though.

KoA I love the new glowing sting tail. Maybe add more "angelical" colors to put emphasis on the seraph concept?

Mos-Quitoxe the dead bugs freak me out a little bit, but the concept you chose is great. I can't see a lot of psychic there, though, more like ghost or dark.

Salamanchine Looking great, but maybe you could add more "bug" to it. As for now it looks a bit too reptilian.

Amarquez I really like yours, the floating papyrus wings are a great idea. The only think I would suggest is to add something on that abdomen. The gem looks just too plain in my opinion.
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