CAP 12 CAP1 - Part 9 - (Sprite Submissions)

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Final Submission

Final Submission
The Sprite Submission Thread's Warning appeared!
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Ice-cold Claws used Submission!

I, like DougJustDoug, did not make alternate gender sprites, since BW pokemon that do have them have really different designs and, you know, "drastic deviation from the selected art design is discouraged".

So...that's it! A really big thanks to all of you who supported me on my way, I swear I never would have made it here without the help. :toast:
To all the other spriters, great job. Every single one of you. I look forward to watching the voting.
Doran Dragon, your sprite is really nice but I don't understand why you chose to ignore the patterning and colouring of Tomohawk's design:
a) wing colour is wrong, yours are red but they should be rusty orange
b) you left out the purple patches on the white parts on his wings and head. They're not all white, they're not all purple either.
c) the tail feathers are the same colour as the wings


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In response to Paintseagull's statements:
A) in this peice of support art The wing color is red like my sprite.
B) I left that out at Oglemi's suggestion, and i found it to be more aesthetically pleasing.
C) I had no way to show gender difference in the back sprites, so that was what i did to help distinquish the male from female.

also, note that there is the "artistic license" Clause ;)

I really didnt think I would be participating in this CAP, but the allure of it all just drew me back into doing it.


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I meant get rid of the huge purple tufts of the front, I didn't like them nor think they were a part of the design seeing as how nobody else sprited them like that. You definitely could have left the purple design on the back sprite, though. Course I'm not making you do any of this, they are just my suggestions.
Okay, thanks for everyone's suggestions again. I tried to take them all into consideration when finishing up. I'm still not 100% satisfied but I rarely am with pixel art and the deadline's fast approaching. Oh well. :> I chose not to do separate male/female sprites. This is the right file format, right?

Final Submission

Animated sprites:

@steampowered: first page says it has to be transparent backgrounds, if you don't have a program that can do that I can help you but you have to say so quickly!
Final Submission

I didn't notice the 24hour notice and now I'm scrambling
Good thing I did notice though. Anyways, lets get down to business

Well thank god I'm in time. Anyways you may be thinking that this is kind of weird. Seeing that almost all the fifth gen pokes have no gender differences it is a little bizarre. Well with fifth gen you either have big gender differences (Jellicient, Unfezant) or none at all and I decided to do big gender differences. Well go big or go home. Seeing as the gender difference is my big selling point I should probably explain the meaning behind them.
Tomohawk is a lion, male and female lions have some of the largest gender differences in the animal kingdom. Male lions have manes whereas females do not. But because Tomohawk has no mane, I decided to take off feathers from the chest instead.
Now I was told to possibly make the female have some sort of marking on the belly but it didn't look good

Thats all I can think of and may the best sprite win!
ps please ignore prev post
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