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Policy Review Policy Review FAQ and Index

Discussion in 'CAP Policy Review' started by Deck Knight, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Deck Knight

    Deck Knight RIP DryPass Vaporeon
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    May 27, 2005
    Approved in conjunction with Birkal

    Welcome to the brand new CAP Policy Review Forum. You may notice a few things about this forum that are different from what you're used to.

    What is the process?

    The CAP Policy Review Committee will discuss policy changes in an open, transparent manner. Once a general consensus has been reached, if warranted the policy will be sent to the main forum for an up or down vote (minor policy changes such as rewriting site articles may not be put to a general vote). Note this process is fairly new and we're still working on it, but that is the general approach.

    Who can post?

    Only members of the CAP Policy Review Committee can make threads and post in this forum. However, this forum is public and viewable to every Smogon user. Think of it like an open meeting at your town or city hall.

    What if I'm not on the CAP PRC, but want to contribute to a discussion?

    Gather your thoughts in a PM and send it to mod, who will then post it to the relevant thread. Make sure to specify which thread you want the post to go in, and as this forum is intended for serious discussion, do be as thorough and thoughtful as possible.

    What is the policy on holding votes?

    Moderators will occasionally deem a proposal needs a vote of the Policy Review Committee. Not all proposals, even serious ones, will necessarily come to a vote if a general consensus is reached in a thread.

    What is a motion?

    A motion is a summary of language used to alter a certain policy or to make a certain change in procedure. Motions are intended to summarize the intent of supporters as accurately as possible. A motion that receives a majority of votes will pass and become the new policy for that particular portion of the process. Motions are binding, whereas process changes without motions are not.

    How can I participate?

    You'll need to apply for the CAP Policy Review Committee in the respective Applications thread for that CAP. Currently, you can find such a thread here. Read the rules carefully to know what you are getting into.

    Current CAP Policy Review Committee:

    Deck Knight
    Elevator Music

    Committee Members:
    Bull of Heaven

    Policy Review Index:

    Mega Evolution II

    Checks and Counters Update

    Time Factor

    Review TLT System

    Past CAP Revisions

    Update VGM List

    Historically Document CAP Playtests

    Polling Options

    Ability Banlist Update

    Mega Evolution

    Topic Leader Powers

    Campaigning and Flavour Polls

    Build Triangle

    Leadership Structure

    Ability Banlist

    Flavor Steps



    Topic Leadership

    Idea: Best Discussion Nominations

    Pre-evo Poll

    More PRC Application Opportunities

    The Kitchen, mark 2

    A CAP Metagame Suspect System

    CAP Revisions

    A Proposal for Changing the Way Votes are Done

    The Future of the CAP Metagame

    Threats and Counters

    Concept Driver - the Re-envisioned TL

    CAP Mission Discussion

    Policy Review Committee Discussion

    Counters Discussion

    Open Review of Policy Review

    Updating the Process for 5th Gen

    CAP Pre-Evo

    CAPs for metagames other than OU

    Compete Movepool Submission

    Updating the Stats OP

    The "4th Genning" of Create-A-Pokemon Project


    Organizing CAP Analyses


    CAP Cycle Scheduling

    Stat Ratings

    The CAP Mission Statement and its Meaning

    CAP Concepts and "The Moral of the Story"

    Topic Leadership

    The Policy Committee

    The Kitchen

    Playtesting CAPs 1-6

    CAP Analyses

    Poll Slates

    Revamp of the CAP Revision Process

    Attacking / Non-Attacking Move Revisions

    Learning from a CAP

    Concept Submission Requirements

    Polling Process

    Playtesting Ladder

    Movepool Process Changes

    New Attacking Move Submission Changes

    Evolutions of Existing Pokemon

    Splitting the Vote

    Poll Voting vs. Bold Voting

    Name Poll Changes

    Concept Assessment

    Bisecting the Process


    CAP Round Table


    Order of Events


    Art Submissions (2)

    Tiebreaking Procedure

    Project Pace

    Art Submissions

    Voting Process

    Implementing Tutor Moves on CAP Pokemon

    CAP Revision Process

    Server Rules

    Changes to Concept Submission

    Registered Voting in the CaP Projects

    Tutoring the CaP Metagame

    Changes to Bias and Movepool Process

    CAP Clause on the new CAP Ladder

    Original Policy Review Thread
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