CAP 2 Smogon "Create a Pokemon" Part Deux: Poll 7a

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The Beginning

Typing: Ghost/Fighting
90 HP / 105 Attack / 90 Defense / 65 Sp. Attack / 110 Sp. Defense / 65 Speed
Total = 525 BST
Will not evolve from an already existing Pokemon
Ability: Shed Skin
This Pokémon has a 30% chance of removing Burn, Freeze, Paralysis, Poison, and Sleep at the end of each turn.
Looks like this:

The question for this poll is "What secondary ability do we give our Pokemon?"
Shed Skin won the ability poll without a doubt. It had 61 votes compared to its closest competitior's, Dry Skin, 38 votes. After that we had a cluster of the remaining four abilties, all within 10 votes of each other. This poll with decide the secondary ability, or if we stick with just Shed Skin. Voting will be done with the bolding method and you get only one vote.

Air Lock
While Pokémon with Air Lock are out, the effects of weather are temporarily disabled. Fire and Water moves are at normal power in sun and rain, Rocks have normal Special Defense in sandstorm, SolarBeam has 120 power and takes 2 turns, and Blizzard and Thunder have normal accuracy. The game will report that the weather is still going, however. The weather's effects will return when the Pokémon with Air Lock switches out.

Dry Skin
If Sunny Day is in effect, this Pokémon loses 12.5% HP each turn. If Rain Dance is in effect, this Pokémon heals 12.5% HP each turn. In addition, this Pokémon heals 25% HP when hit with a Water attack, but takes 25% extra damage from Fire attacks.

This Pokémon cannot be put to Sleep. This Pokémon cannot use Rest. If a Pokémon is Sleeping, and then gains Insomnia, it is instantly cured of Sleep.

Snare Trap/Entomb
What if we gave this a special ability that acts like grip claw, making its wrapping moves last for 5 turns every time (and maybe deal 1/8th damage instead of lame 1/16th). It'd be kind of Shadow Tag Lite, but it would neccesitate Wrap (that powerhouse) on a set.

[Deck Knight later posted a better version of Wrap to go along with this ability, we may or may not use it.]

You could call it Snare Trap or something.
No Ability
Self-explanatory. The only option on this Pokemon becomes Shed Skin. Mainly if you don't think any of the remaining abilities fit.
Changed my vote to No Ability. Shed Skin just fits and I don't really like the others, except for Insomnia. But that's not really needed anyway.

eric the espeon

maybe I just misunderstood
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also why did people vote shed skin? its not even a good ability and it doesent fit well, bandeges are NOT skin. oh well can't ague with the votes.

edit: WOOOOHOOO 900th post!!!!

edit: air lock
Air Lock -- Since there isn't an Air Lock pokemon in OU... It's only Rayquaza. And nearly nobody use the Cloud Nine Golduck of UU in OU metagame.


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If nothing else. Air Lock. I'd like to see HaxChomp and possibly that Annoyer Froslass when its lost its Hax Veil. Plus, it doesn't lose Leftovers to Sandstorm. Which is always a plus. I wanted to go with Immunity, but it seems nobody else wants it either.
I'm stuck between Air Lock and Entomb... I'm probably just going to vote for which ever has a better chance of winning because I really don't want Insomnia. They are really redundant in terms of what they do. Dry Skin is iffy too, but not as much as Insomnia.


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Air Lock:I don't see how a mummy controls the weather......

Dry Skin:Its a ghost/mummy, i don't see how this fits. Plus, we dont need to give it a third immunity

Insomnia:Mummies can sleep, besides, this mummy hatched from an egg, so the "it slept for thousands of years" arguments should'nt be vaid

Snare Trap/Entomb:I dont like this ability, choosing what Pokemon your opponent can keep in or not just seems a little broken.

No Ability:Shed Skin fits, I see no need for other abilities.

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No Ability.

Shed Skin is good enough, a mummy shouldn't stop sandstorms, Insomnia stops it of using Rest, Dry Skin's healing abilities under Rain doesn't make much sense, and I don't think we should create anew ability for each pokémon we do.
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