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  • turns out cress doesn't have ro be cloned, and have fun with it. Also I'd love sometime to have a practice gbu battle if your up for it sometime.
    ok vm me when you get on so I can hop on. Also is the ev's version 252hp, 252 atk, or 180 hp, 252 atk, 72 sp.def. If its that spread than the ev'd version. If not UT version.
    if I recall your want is cresselia? Also as I told everyone i traded with, I currently don't have ahold of my AR, so can you clone copy of my cresselia, and send it back.
    Hey ashenlocke, when will you be available to trade. Also can i change my want(again) to your adamant metagross/beldum.(Im like a little child when it comes to trading, always changing up what i really want haha).
    lol it probably was me and I just don't remember
    I will have been dressed in orange by the way and I'm pretty small
    Ahahahahaha what are you serious I don't remember this, but if it was me I was the very sexy with longish blonde hair and glasses. I was in the LCQ line for a time but not long, are you sure you weren't talking to bharmalm. He looks nothing like me lol.
    Its ok, we can trade later on. Right now I have to ev my terrakion. It's almost midnight for that tournament.
    *poke* Have you guy's tried hard resteting your game/ actually contact while in the wifi room, instead of one of you's put the looking for trade sign.
    My wifi has been good, and I traded with someone a few hours ago. Although I do have a strict NAT type which may also be your problem.
    Just to make sure, is everything good on both of your sides? It's not likely that both of you are having problems, but I want to make sure.
    Although I'm 99% sure my firewalls don't have anything to do with it, I'll turn them off and see if it changes anything.
    I don't have a router really, just a MiFi hotspot, which I've turned off several times before and nothing's gotten better. I'm about to take a hammer to it.
    To the guys trying to trade with me right now: I have no idea why my hotspot isn't "working" as everything looks fine, nothing's changed since I was able to trade a few days ago, but it just isn't letting me connect to y'all, even if I can go online.
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